My Tuition Bhabhi


My Tuition Bhabhi

I am Nehal and I belong to Uttar Pradesh. This is my story when I was 19 years old. I was a bit weak in my studies so I used to take tuition classes in the evening from my neighborhood bhabhi. She was our tuition teacher but we used to call her bhabhi because she told us to call her bhabhi, not miss or madam.

We used to stay at her home from 5 PM till 10 PM. She used to teach us all the subjects. She was a 30-32 years old woman, but with a very beautiful complexion and very prominent features. Her figure was 34-32-36. All the boys in our tuition were having a crush on her. She used to wear low-cut kameez salwar and her hips used to sway from left to right when she used to walk or move. We used to stare at her hips and her boobs a lot.

I used to masturbate a lot in the bathroom when I used to feel so sexually aroused after seeing her cleavage or boobs. She gave me the hottest sexual fantasies which I used to imagine with her.

My mother had good relations with her as well. She used to come to our home sometimes too. One fine day, she came to our home and I opened the door. She was wearing a lime-colored suit which had a low cut and her cleavage was very prominent in that. It was 10 AM in the morning and I was feeling hot already. She smiled at me and asked where my mom is? I told her that my mom is away for a few days and she will return on Sunday. She asked me, ” won’t you offer me juice or something?” I looked at her and she started laughing. I got so confused because I was feeling hot in my knickers while focusing on her big round boobs. I asked her to come inside.

It was a hot day, and her sweat was on her forehead and a few drops of sweat were falling on her deep cleavage. I brought her juice and sat beside her. She was looking so gorgeous even in such heat. I wanted to lick that sweat off of her body, but I came back to reality when she emptied the glass of juice and snapped her fingers in front of my face.

She said, “What happened? Where are you lost?” I got scared and said, “nothing, I was just thinking that you are so beautiful…. Bhabhi….”

She smiled and me, and sat a little closer to me. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“ bhabhi….”

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“Why not? You are a handsome guy. You have such a hot body. Why wouldn’t you make a girlfriend han?” She said while rubbing my arm with her fingers.

I blushed and started looking down.

She came even closer to me and said, “Do you watch movies? Let’s watch a movie?”

I asked her, “What kind of movie would you watch bhabhi?”
“Any kind, but romantic would work,” She said in a double-meaning tone.

We started watching the movie and then after 30 minutes, a smooching scene came. I blushed and turned my face away. She was looking straight on my lips. I ignored that at first but she said, “Do you like this?” I said, “who doesn’t?”

The scene became even more romantic where the actor was pulling up the pants of the girl and he started banging her fast. I looked at bhabi and she was making moaning faces like she was enjoying the moment. So it gave me some courage and I put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t resist but she put her hand on top of mine.

It gave me a hint and I came closer to her face and put my lips on top of her lips. Her lips were as soft as a rose petal. I started smooching her like the actor was doing in the movie. I kissed her bottom lip and sucked her upper lip. Our smooching sounds were making a loud melody in the room.

Her soft boobs were pressing against my body and we were madly kissing and smooching each other.

I lowered her salwar a little and my finger started rubbing on her wet clitoris. Her clit was dripping wet. I started rubbing three fingers on her pussy. My fingers were running vigorously on her wet pussy and she was making loud moans which made me rub her pussy even harder than I was doing earlier.

Now I took off her salwar and her pussy was naked in front of me. I went down on her, opened up her legs are my tongue was softly kissing her dripping wet pussy. Then she started pressing my head on her cunt and I started to suck her pussy lips even hard. Her cunt was buttery soft and I was sucking her cunt juices, eating her cunt like a hungry fucking dog. My tongue was going inside her cunt and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. My tongue kept going inside and out of her cunt and I was tongue fucking her pussy harder and harder.

“ahhh nehal harder nehallllllll ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh uhhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh my pussy is so wet for uuuuu ahhhhhhh”.

Sexual Therapy

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After twenty minutes of me fucking her pussy, I came on top.

She laid me on her chest and I put my hands on her breasts and stroked them. She got into a very horny and excited state and we both went to the Bedroom leaving the TV. Now she lay down on the bed and I was lying next to bhabhi, and I was stroking her breasts from the top! Our tongues were closed, and we both were sucking each other’s tongue and it was spit dripping on each other! My hands gently stroked the boobs and this time, I completely stripped her of her kameez and now she was only in her nude bra. Her pussy was wet already due to my sucking and I could her nipples being erect from the top of her bra… Then she began to unbutton my shirt and began to stroke my dick with her hands. I said to her, “I want to fuck you hard, bhabhi”.

Then, again, we smooched wildly at each other for 10-15 minutes! She now let my jeans off as well, and I put her bra away! Now we both were naked and it was time for the actual fuckingShe looked at my 6’’ cock and her mouth was filled with water. “Come in 69” I readily agreed, and we were in 69 positions in minutes! Now we were in 69 and she sucked my cock so hard and I licked her cunt once again! This time I was going to lick her pussy to drink her cum! Within minutes of me sucking her hot pussy, she came with a very loud “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and I drank her cum and I wanted her to make me cum so I can spit all it over her face and make her swallow all my cum!

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Then, the two of us were in that position for another 5 minutes and changed the position to normal. Now I wanted to fuck her so I sat on top of her and I put my dick head on top of her cunt. I was biting her boobs and sucking her nipples while my dick was pushed inside her pussy. Her boobs were so soft and her nipples were so erect. I kept on sucking her boobs while stroking my dick from beneath!

I kept on fucking her faster and faster and she was moaning loudly. Her hands were on my back and her fingernails were engraved on my spine. I increased my speed of fucking her and I was about to cum after 15 minutes of fucking her pussy. I took out my dick and pushed it onto her lips and asked her to suck it. “AHHHHH AHHHHH BHABHIIIIIIII ZORR SE CHUSS AHHHHH SUCKKKK FAST AHHHH FASTERRRRR AHHHHHHH AHHHH AHH AHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And I came all inside her mouth. She swallowed all the thick cum within a second and I wiped the rest off of her face. We laid down together.

Interracial Loveliness

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My finger playing with her pussy still. I told her, I would like to suck her pussy again. So, I just went down. She just opened his legs and showed me the way to heaven! Bhabhi again grabbed my hand and I started with Clitoris… One of bhabhi’s hands was in my other hand stroking her beautiful pink nipples! I continued to suck her for another 15 minutes and she came all over my mouth again and I sucked all of her cum again!!.

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