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Me and my photographer

Hello readers. I’m Mahi. I’m 24 years old, a social media content creator, and I have over 100k followers on all my accounts. So I love to travel to different places and usually I keep my managers and photographer with me at all times. You are reading this story at

This was back in December when I had to take a solo trip to Paris for a fashion week event. I brought my photographer along. His name is Sahil. He’s 22 years old. He’s younger than me and we share quite a friendly bond. He’s young, lively, and a talkative person.

So when we went to the airport, I casually told him that I’m afraid of flying and heights. He told me not to worry and he kept holding my hand throughout.

When we were seated, I leaned my head over his shoulder and closed my eyes. He couldn’t stop patting my head and giving me softback rubs to make me feel better.

I was loving the feeling of being cared for and having him by my side.

As we were in the air, I fell asleep. I could feel his hands in my hair to make me fall asleep better.

After a while, I noticed something while being sleepy. His hands were softly patting my back and his fingers were tapping on my behind. I was liking that seldom touches.

I ignored them and didn’t say anything to him.

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We landed in Paris and stayed at a hotel. We had a shoot in the evening so we went for that. I was wearing a two-piece crop top and shorts and we were supposed to start our shoot at 5 pm. But the rest of the team wasn’t there so we were getting bored while waiting for them. I asked Sahil,” What makes you happy?”.

It was such a spontaneous question and he replied without even thinking for a second. “You.”

I looked at him in shock and surprise and *click*! He clicked me in that blushing and surprising moment. You are reading this story at

I started laughing at this gesture and he clicked so many pictures of me while I was laughing candidly.

We kept laughing and clicking pictures and he held me by my shoulder while laughing and I stopped laughing at that moment. I looked at his hands and his eyes were telling me a romantic love story.

We were in our apartment on the 10th floor and the view was making everything even more romantic.

I got an idea.

In the blink of an eye, I removed my crop top. Now I was in my bra and shorts.

I laid down on the floor, with my back facing up. And I told him to capture me.

He clicked a few shots.

Then I asked him to come closer.

As he did, I pulled him on top of me, and with a jerk, I took my bra off. Now I was bare from the torso.

I gave him an eye look and told him to click my bare shots.

He clicked some insane nude shots.

Then came the shorts. I wanted him to take them off. So I pulled myself close to him and raised my ass in a way that was right up in his face. He got the lead and put his camera aside.

With the help of his teeth, engraved in my ass, he took off my shorts.

I was getting wet and horny by his touches and he was seductively holding my body.

“Naked shoot? What do you say?”

I bit my lower lip and agreed to that. You are reading this story at

Now I was completely bare in front of him. He held his camera and started capturing me naked. While posing for the naked photoshoot, I made sure to pose sexy.

After the photo shoot, he was already turned on. His pants were getting bulgy and he wanted to get on top of me as soon as possible.

I opened up my body for him and he threw his pants off. He opened my legs with his hands and started licking my bottom with his lips.

He was putting on saliva on my pussy and the warm saliva dripping on my pussy along with the wet liquid of my pussy, made me super turned on.

“Ah.!!! Sahilllllll. Ahhhhh!!!!”

I pushed his head into my pussy and he started licking my pussy with his tongue.

His teeth held my pussy and sucked the pussy lips one by one.

“Ahhhhhh ohhhhhh Saaaaaaahil!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!”

I was moaning hard and hard.

“Ahhhhhh God!!!!!!!!!! Saaaaaaaahil. ”

He started rolling his tongue in my pussy and his tongue was pushing inside my clit!

He was tongue fucking me.

“Ahhhhhh Fuck Saaaaaahil. You are too good!!!!! Ahhhhhh fuck!!!”

Now his tongue was thrusting inside my pussy and I was jerking my body up and down with pleasure!

I was on the peaks of pleasure and his tongue kept thrusting inside out of my pussy. I was pushing his head with my hands engraved in his hair.

Now he started spitting on my pussy once again and now he started pushing his fingers inside my pussy hole and I wasn’t expecting it at first.

He started fucking my pussy with his 3 fingers and his fingers were fucking my pussy very quickly. His pace of pushing his fingers inside out was very fast and I was breathing heavily as he was doing me! You are reading this story at

He increased his speed and suddenly my whole body became stiff as I reached the climax.

“Saaaaaaahil. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”

I dropped myself on my back as I orgasmed heavily.

Now it was his turn to get his piece of cake. I came on top of him and my boobs were right on his face.

He was sucking my nipples and I was trying to touch every inch of his body with my hands. My pussy was still pulsating and my heart was beating like crazy. I was breathing heavily and panting.

Now, he was looking deep into my eyes and slowly moving his hips. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too.

My pussy was still pulsing and throbbing with his movements. Slowly he moved on top of me, pushing himself inside my pussy.

He lifted himself and sat next to me on the couch. He was kissing me gently and then he slowly began moving. His dick was 7″ long and it was as hard as an iron rod. He was ready to give me the taste of the heavens.

My breath was ragged and I felt hot all over.

Now he started pushing his dick inside me at a faster pace.

“Sahillllll ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Saaaaaahilll fastttt ahhhhhh fast ahhhh ahhhh ahhh!!!!!” You are reading this story at

Our bodies were touching and I can feel my pussy starting to tighten around him. As he kissed me passionately and my pussy was contracting, we both moaned at the same time. Our chests hit each other.

Soon, we felt a little tightness around his dick like it was getting stiffer and I felt my pussy tightening also. I started moaning loudly at the feeling.

We were both moaning loudly and panting as we both felt how horny we were for each other.

His dick was almost completely buried inside my pussy and he was grunting loudly as well. My juices were leaking out from me but I don’t care. I just want more. I wanted more and I wanted him more!

His dick was getting harder and we both were going crazy in front of each other. I grabbed onto his arms and squeezed them tightly.

He gripped my waist tighter in response. I heard a moan coming out of his mouth and I knew he was about to cum.


And he cum.

All his juices were pouring inside me and I continued moaning louder in satisfaction. Afterward, we both were gasping for air and sweat was running down our faces. We were both still sweaty and covered in lube and semen.

“Yeah..yeah. I liked it a lot. It was amazing and I think it will never be forgotten.”

We both were sitting up and wiping ourselves off.

“I’ll never forget this one.”

The sound of his voice brought happiness to my heart and I couldn’t help but smile at him. Then I hugged him and he embraced me back.

“Thank you.”

Then I looked into his eyes and saw his smile.

“What do you mean thank you?”

“Thank you for giving me something I wanted.”

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