My Cousin Fucked Me


My cousin fucked me on his birthday

My cousin took my virginity and fucked me the whole night.

My name is Rhea, my friend. I am going to tell you a story of my first sexual experience.

I am 5’7 and have a chubby and curvy body.

My boobs are erect and my booty is perfectly peach-shaped.


I always had a crush on Rahul but I never give him a sign.

He was my maternal cousin. He was my favorite since childhood.

He had dark black hair and was 6’2. All my cousins and friends had a crush on him.

He was the hero and charismatic character of our school and then college.

Even teachers were fans of him.

He was a complete package.

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He was the captain of his football team and very athletic.

The story begins when all our cousins were gathered at Rahul’s house for his birthday party.

I was wearing a small skirt with tight jeans, my creamy navel was shining, and I could feel my butts bouncing.

All my cousins were staring at me. I was enjoying it to the peak.

Rahul was killing it in a tux. It was his 23rd birthday.

The birthday started and the cake was cut. Everybody was dancing and having the time of their lives. Music was loud and the night was in full swing.

I had cake and my hands got dirty.

I went to the kitchen to wash my hands and as I was washing them, two hands grabbed me from my navel and his monster cock rubbed against my butt.

A wave of electricity went down from my spine.

Time seemed to stop. It was the first time someone had touched me and that too was on my bare navel and curves.

The warmth of his hands was giving me goosebumps.

It was Rahul.

“Shhhhhhhhhh”  he whispered in my ear to calm me down.

I tried to get away but he was grabbing me so firmly from the back. He had his hands on my navel and was rubbing them on the sides.

My navel got his hands printed on it.

His hard cock was trying to rip apart my jeans.


“Come to my room at 12,” he said in a low voice.

I was stunned and furious at the offer first.

“What do you mean?”

I said in anger.

“You know very well darling, are you down?” he inquired.

I kept thinking about his offer but I was scared of the outcomes.

“I will not come.”

I told him in anger.


But soon I became horny by thinking of Rahul rocking my pussy.

“But I’ll think about your offer.” I continued.

“The offer is on the table.” He said and smiled.

We then joined the party. He kept staring at me the whole party.

I had very fun making all my cousins jealous. He asked me for the dance and I joined him.

Every eye was set on us.

I was very nervous at first but he made me dance so efficiently.

His hands were moving and touching my belly and booty and I was getting aroused.

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At 11, the party concluded and everybody started settling down. We all were so tired.

Our aunt came and told us about the sleeping pattern.  All our female cousins got into one room and started talking. They were all talking about Rahul.

I felt so jealous and now my plan of going into his room was final. I acted that I am sleeping. I was waiting impatiently for the time to pass and Rahul to fuck me.

I was already getting wet.

At 12:15, I peaked at everybody and they all were sleeping.

I sneaked out and started walking towards Rahul’s room.

My legs were trembling with fear and I was breathing heavily.

As I knocked on the room door opened and Rahul was standing in his shorts. He had a very muscular but lean body. His six-packs were visible and those shorts were barely holding the package under them.

He smiled and said

“Look who’s here, my sexiest cousin.”

I smiled.

He took me in and closed the door.

I was so shy of him all my life and now I was drooling and my eyes were fixed on his shorts.


मैडम का चुत


He grabbed my hand kissed it and asked me to sit down. I sat down on a sofa and he asked me if I wanted a drink.

I said yes and he went to grab the drinks.

My boobs were sweating and I was so horny already by just looking at him in shorts. His monstrous cock was bulging out from his shorts.

He had a very long and fat cock. He was in his best shape. I noticed back dimples above his ass too. He was an angel.

He came back with the drinks and sat behind me.

“Hey, beautiful” Rahul said handing me the drink.

I smiled confusingly.

“Are you afraid?”

“No” I managed to say.

“Don’t be afraid. Tonight you’ll become a woman and I’ll become your man.” He said.


He started talking to me about the old times and made me comfortable.

He was such a gentleman.

He was also staring at my cleavage, who was by now shining with my sweat. I managed to hide it but he took my hand down.

“I like it like this.” He casually said.

He told me that he had a confession to make.

“I have always fantasized you, Rhea. I have loved you since childhood but didn’t dare to ask you out. You are my dream girl and I can never think of any girl other than you. Tonight marks my 23rd birthday and I want to lose my virginity to you”

My heart was filled with joy, I was listening to my crush that he had a crush on me.

I remained silent and just smiled at him.

I wanted to tell him right there that how much I had wanted him my whole life too but I couldn’t speak a word.

My eyes were shining with the brightness his words had given me.

I was staring deep down at his eyes and I was lost in my imaginations.

He spilled his drink on me purposely and said sorry. I looked at him deep in his eyes.

“Can I clean this?” he asked.

I smiled and he kissed on my wet navel, a soft moan came out of my mouth.

“Are you ok with this?” he asked.

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I just tilt my head. It was a green signal to him and he started licking my belly pretending to suck the spilled-over drink.

I was in heaven. His tongue was creating a tingling sensation in my belly.

I couldn’t take it anymore and removed his face from my navel.

He came for my lips and we started kissing madly. Our tongues were inter-mingling and lip-sucking.

His hands started exploring me. He was caressing my whole body. His hands got under my skirt to reach for my boobs.

He started caressing them, making me madder. I kissed his neck and removed my skirt.

I was wearing a blue bra and his eyes were wide open by looking at my big and erect boobs barely fitting in the bra.

He started kissing on my neck, licking down to my cleavage. I had become so horny by now and there was no coming back. He unhooked my bra and as he saw my dark brown nipples he lunged onto them like a mad dog.

The feeling of that sucking set me on heavy fire and I was looking at his face sucking on my boobs.

He kept on sucking for half an hour and all I could do was just moan.

I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his 7 inches cock. It was solid like metal.

He got up and removed his shorts.

I lost my mind by looking at that beautiful ripped cock standing proud.

I got on my knees and took it in my mouth. I started sucking it and gulping it. I just couldn’t get enough.

I had never seen a cock and this experience of holding a real one in my hands was magical.

I was sucking and gulping it.

I also took his beautifully shaved balls in my mouth and licked them. I sucked his dick for a long time until he made me stand up.

He took out my jeans and panties and sat me down on the sofa.

He reached directly for my pussy and put his mouth on my vagina. I spread my legs and let him do the wonders.

He inserted his tongue in my pussy and a loud moan came out of my mouth.

He asked me to remain silent and started again. He kept on sucking and licking and I had my first orgasm right there, I grabbed his hair removed his mouth and my body started shaking.

The romance was just getting started.

He picked me up and took me to his bed. Our naked bodies were glowing with sweat and heat.

We started kissing again and our naked bodies meshed with each other. He went for his drawer and took out a condom and wore it. He then came upon me and started rubbing it on my legs. I spread my legs for him and he entered slowly.

I was scared as hell.

I asked him that will it hurt and he gave me support and told me that he is here with me.

As he started entering, only his cap was going inside and my tight pussy was making it unable to penetrate.

He tried his best and made lighter strokes.

Once he was inside me completely a tear fell from my left eye. It hurt but the pleasure was taking over.


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He started gently and his strokes were lighter, lubrication was enough and he started thumping at once.

I dug my nails on his back and put my lips on his neck to stop moaning and screaming.

He kept on thrusting hard and hard and I was over the moon.

He put my legs on his shoulders and started going deep. I couldn’t help myself now and gave a loud moan.

”Fuck me, Rahul.”

He smiled and continued.

My tummy was making waves from his strokes and I was having multiple orgasms by now. He fucked me like a horse, he was breathing heavily but wasn’t ready to let go. He was just getting started.

He then made me the doggie and entered from behind and started fucking me, he spanked my big booty.

“I have always imagined this booty swinging.” He said loudly.

His thrusting increased and he came with the last few thumps and fell on my back.

We were so exhausted and kept there lying naked on his bed for some time talking and laughing.

It was 5 in the morning. I gave him a goodbye kiss and sneaked back into my room.

I was so happy like I have achieved a milestone in my life.

We all woke up at 10 and had breakfast.

My chuut was still swollen and was hurting a little.

Rahul’s sister Arshi asked me to stay on more days which later turned over that was asked by Rahul.

I sought permission from my parents and they said okay.

My dear cousin joined me at the dinner table and winked at me.

He wanted another night and I was dying for it.

I had lost my virginity and wasn’t scared of sex at all now.

We repeated the routine but this time, he sneaked into my room.

We had a blast that night.

I was getting along with his pace and he truly fucked my brains out. We tried every position. I even ride on him taking the charge.

I bit on his neck and gave him a hickey.

He left many marks on my boobs for me to look in the shower and masturbate.


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