My Boss Banged Me


My Boss Banged me the Whole Night

My name is Priya and I am a lawyer. I am going to narrate a story about my secret sex with my boss Sanjay.

I joined a law firm 4 years ago. It was a good job and the environment was very friendly. I joined as a law associate and my boss was a senior partner in the firm. He was a good man and was a founder member of the firm.

He was the best lawyer in the city and had international recognition.

He had rarely lost any cases.

He occasionally flirted with me but it never lasted long. He was always work-oriented and had worked as his priority over other things.

He was rather a serious man.

I had caught him many times staring at my figure. But I always ignored it.

He was tall, in his 40s but still handsome.

I was 23 years old and had no luck so far. I had an affair but it was long gone. I had huge breasts and sexy booty.

All my cousins were jealous of my hotness as I was a feast to the eyes.

He used to hand me little and easy tasks and I always completed them for him.

He helped me make my reputation in the firm.

There was a guy in my office named Vishal.

He always showed keen interest in me.

He flirted around and get my things done.

He had asked me out one time before but I was busy that day. He took that answer as a no and was reluctant now.

His interest in me was not hidden from anyone. Everybody in the office knew that he had something for me.

He asked me out again and my lonely and un-used pussy was begging me to accept.

I instantly said yes and he was over the moon.

“I’ll pick you up at 8.” He said before leaving.

I had become horny and was making imaginary scenarios in my mind.

I went home from work, took a bath, and got ready.

I wore a mini skirt with a deep cut showing my cleavage, with jeans firmly fitting my thighs and hardly containing my ass in it.

I chose a black push-up bra and pink panties.

I was looking for the sexiest version of myself after a long time.

I did makeup, put a scent on, and was looking at the clock continuously.

As it struck 8, my heart started racing. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

His car gave a beep and I got outside, locked my home, and sat beside him on the front seat.

He was wearing a black shirt and grey pants. His scent was amazing and my desperate ass was smelling the testosterone in the air.

He took me to a lavish restaurant, we had dinner.

His eyes were blazing at my cleavage.

He wanted to fall in between those mountains.

I could see the hunger. I was flaunting my boobs. I was making him crazy. We then went to the adjacent bar and had drinks.


We were sitting at the table very closely.

He made his first move and placed his hand on my thigh.

I was so high and this tingling of his hand moving on my thigh was driving me crazy.

I took his hand went to the dance bar. We started dancing. He put his hands around me and I placed mine around his shoulders, his cold hands were on my naked back and he was moving with my feats. We were dancing hugging and holding each other like lovebirds. I kissed him hard on his lips. His grip got tighter on my hips and he pressed himself on me.

This was the time to get laid and we couldn’t wait.

We rushed to the car and he started flying his car.

We reached his colony, he parked the car hold my hand, and started walking towards his apartment.

As we were running towards his apartment, we got bumped by Sanjay.

“Hi, sir.”

Vishal said to him.

“Hey Priya, what are you doing here?” he inquired me.

I was still in shock that he saw us together.

I mumbled and was speechless.

Vishal stepped in and handle the situation.

“We met at the bar sir and I asked her to watch the movie at my apartment tonight. Come join us.”

“No, I am busy,” Sanjay said refusing his offer, and left.

I was numb and couldn’t even move.

Vishal then again grabbed my hand and took me to his apartment.

I was coming to my senses now.

“What was he doing here?” I asked Vishal.

“Sanjay? Oh, he lives here.” He replied abruptly.

I was embarrassed as hell and my mood had gone off.

“What will he think about us?” I raised a question.

“Don’t worry about him.” He said as he pressed his lips on mine.

His tongue started exploring my mouth and his hands were squeezing my half-naked boobs.

I wasn’t feeling comfortable and he was losing his mind now.

His hungry mouth went for my deep cleavage and started licking it.

He kept on licking and was pressing and pinching my boobs harder.

I stood up.

“I am sorry Vishal. I can’t do this.” I told him.

He was furious.

“So this is about Sanjay.” He said in anger.

“I don’t know myself,” I told him and left running.

I took a cab and went home.

I was having mixed thoughts, but I certainly wasn’t in the mood of fucking.

Sanjay’s face was continuously popping out in my head.

The anger, the mistrust, and the feeling of un happened cheating was crossing my mind. I was angry at myself too.

I had broken two hearts in one night and couldn’t sleep the whole night.

The next day was normal. Nobody talked.

Vishal was angry but Sanjay was as usual, with just his usual work stuff.


But soon he started putting pressure on me with work.

Long assignments, extensive and never-ending research, I couldn’t always meet his demands.

He always appreciated but I wanted to complete my work. But he always gave me the most difficult assignment. Then suddenly he started shouting at me one day for not fulfilling my duty.

I started working very hard but the work was increasing day by day and I was failing.

I didn’t have any idea that the only thing he wanted was my chut.

One day he came up to me with a case file and asked me to reopen all the files related to the case if I could find something.

We had a record room in the basement. I went there and started searching for the files.

After some time as I turned around, I was shocked to see him behind me.

He was so close that I could smell his breathing.

“Good work, keep on searching and I want those files on my table first thing in the morning or you are fired.” He said in anger.

I said, “ok sir.”

He gazed at my cleavage and left.



I started looking for the files but the record room was full of stacks of files. I kept on searching till midnight but had no luck. The office was empty and everybody had gone to their homes.

I lost my hope and started crying because I thought my job was over, but little did I know that something big is coming for me.


The door creaked open and there appeared Sanjay with a bottle of champagne.

He started laughing and I became confused.

“What’s going on?” I asked him.

“Oh you are so dumb, you thought I need those files?”

He said laughing.

“What?” I shouted.

“There are no such files Priya” He replied.

“Then why you send me there?” I asked him.

“Because I wanted you here Priya’’ he whispered in my ear and opened the bottle.

But I have something to ask you about, “Did Vishal fuck you that night?”

I was getting everything now. Why he was so hard and furious to me, it all made sense.

“No, I mean, he was about to but I left.”

I replied.

“And why you leave?”

He asked.

“I was thinking about you and something wasn’t quite good. I was embarrassed and don’t know what.” I replied in a lower tone.

‘Oh, thank God.” He said easing his breath.

“I am sorry Priya but I drank that night till dawn and was cursing you and that fucking bastard.”

“I am not understanding anything. It had nothing to do with you. Why were you mad?”

He offered me a drink and said “I have always wanted you Priya, the first day I laid my eyes on you, I knew I want you.”

I was stunned at his words.

He continued smiling” Now you have two choices either you go now and you’ll be fired tomorrow or you stay here and become senior law associate.”

I was confused, my legs were trembling.

I took my drink and took it in one shot. I had been lonely for a long time and I wanted to be fucked very badly. I didn’t give it a second thought and went straight to him.

“What do you want?” I asked with masti in my eyes.

He smiled” I want you sexy.”

He took me in his arms and kissed my lips gently.

His hands were on my naked back. I was feeling hot and ready. I was wearing a black saree.

I kissed him again and started removing his coat. He took off his shirt and there he was solid as stone.

He grabbed my pallu and throw it away, my blouse with deep cleavage cut was in front of him. Without wasting time he started kissing me on my cleavage navel and arms.

He opened the straps of the blouse and I was braless under.

As the blouse fell on the ground, I was standing there naked with my boobs ripened to be harvested.

He took my left boob in his mouth and started sucking. He was biting licking kissing and I was so aroused.

He removed my panties and now I was naked.

By black nipples on white skin were making him crazy. He wanted to eat me.

I grabbed his belt and open his pants, he was in his boxers and the gem he was hiding was visible to the eyes.

I was taking off his shorts when his erect shaft came upwards and hit me on the chin.

I looked up at him and he winked.

I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking and kissing.

I gave him a good blowjob and when he couldn’t contain it, he brought me up.

He grabbed me from my hips and made me sit down on a table, he started kissing on my thighs and slowly move upwards. When he was right at my chest, he smiled and went for it.

He started sucking my vagina and I started moaning loudly.

“Oh Priya, you hottie” he exclaimed.

He stood up and started kissing my body. He was licking and sucking madly and I was becoming hornier.

He spread my legs on the table and enter.

My juicy pussy was filled and I moaned.

“Fuck me Sanjay.”

Sanjay started giving me strokes, the flappy sound was going miles.

He fucked me harder and harder and I had orgasms one after other, but that moron was still hard.

I asked him to stop but he made me doggy on the floor and started thumping from the back.

The night of sex


I was enjoying every bit of it, but my knees were hurting. He picked me up and put me on his shoulder like a winning trophy and the bottle in the other hand.

He took me to his office where I sat on him and ride him till he came. We then took a shower together and he dropped me home.


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