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The amazing Morning Pleasure

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

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We woke to calm a little time ago. We haven’t dressed yet because it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny morning. You were already in the bathroom and on the toilet, taking a shower and putting on the cream before you brought us coffee and returned to bed with me.

I can gaze at you now that you’re lying comfortably purring in all your gorgeous nudity on your stomach next to me. Your hair is still slightly damp, and it is adjacent to your head, which has been turned slightly to the side. This frees up your neck, where you are so delicately sensitive! I inhale your aroma and gently trace your backbone with your fingertips.

I gently kiss the area between your shoulder blades, continue kissing up to your neck, and dance the tip of my tongue over the sensitive area! You immediately get goosebumps all over your body, all the way down to your lovely buttocks… You take a long, deep breath.

I gently kiss you behind your ear. My tongue licks the flesh behind it, the neck, the back, via your ear, and it does so infinitely tenderly and moistly! I whisper “I love you” into your ear, you take a long breath and purr again, your shoulders clench slightly, and then relax. Slowly, I kiss your neck again and dance here with the tip of my tongue, goose bumps covering your entire body!

Now I crouch next to you and gently brush the back of your fingers with both hands’ fingertips, gently with your hand over your buttocks, which twitch briefly, and then continue on the back of your thighs. I stroke up between your legs, right where they meet. I softly glide up through this valley, to where your legs meet your buttocks, to your Prioritize, and up your backbone to your shoulders.

I lean far over your body, my eggs and tail dangling from your neck, I lower myself a little and stroke my entire body over this sensitive place. I shaved it so cleanly that I can feel your goosebumps! It’s a fantastic feeling to delicately massage your skin. Yes, this causes my cock to expand and become increasingly heavy on your back! You unwind comfortably…

I crouch again close to you and kiss your back. I adore your smooth skin! It has a pleasant aroma and is quite smooth. I kiss you further down, delicately brushing my tongue over you, nibbling your buttocks with your lips, through the crack, over your thighs, and down to your feet.

I bend one of your legs so I may lick your sole and between your toes more readily. Then I stuck my big toe in my mouth and sucked and sucked. Your foot starts twitching! I also lift your other foot and kiss your instep, toes, and sole, as well as sucking on your big toe.

I enjoy rubbing my hard penis on the soles of your feet, letting it glide between your feet, rubbing my stiff in between, and making jerking movements from the glans down the entire shaft and back again. Hmm, interesting…

I gently place your lower legs back on the bed and rub them. I spread it quickly, so I can already tell who your lovely pussy is from down here. It casts a brilliant light on me.

I effortlessly stroke over your lovely skin, the back of your legs, your buttocks, and your back. I rise higher, one leg to your left, one to your right, so that my firm cock slowly glides upwards between your thighs towards the vagina. Slowly, I lean nearer, smelling your cunt and kissing your butt. I gently caress your cheeks and run your tongue through your Poritze slowly and tenderly.

I gently separate your buttocks so I may examine your anus. He is really attractive, bald, with slightly darker and wrinkled skin. I spit on my little finger and stroke the ring around your butthole. You bring him together briefly before letting him go. I delicately circle my finger around the hole, lightly press with my fingertip, and then stroke down over your dam toward your pleasure grotto.

More of the aroma of your cunt rises in my nose as your thighs stretch apart as if on their own. Your gorgeous silky buttocks slowly go around your buttocks, perineum, and finally into your labia, which is an amazing sight. They are flushed, and their short, cropped hair glistens damply.

Your inner lips are puffy and open already. They, too, glisten and are covered with your deliciously scented cunt slime.

Your flower is now fully opened, and your clit is protruding. I twirl two fingers between your labia up to your clit and rub over it. I open your labia even further and place the middle and index fingers of my other hand in your love grotto.

You sigh.

I touch over your clit alternately gentle and firm, fast and slow, while you move your pelvis more and more, your gorgeous butt in front of my eyes.

I reach beneath the covers momentarily, remove the new cream, which is even more arousing for both of us, and rub it all over my cock, from the glans to the eggs. I also apply lotion to your vagina and rub it in deeply.

I knead your buttocks and stroke your back farther up, allowing my cock to slide back between your legs. Above the knees. Higher up. My glans are pointing directly at your cunt, like an arrowhead. I massage your shoulder blades, stroke your neck, and stroke behind your ears.

My acorn now brushes against your labia, slides up to your clit, and my shaft grinds against it, irritating it. Slowly, I raise my pelvis and brush my chest down across your back, then back up. As a result, my acorn is once again resting between your now completely slick lips, at the entrance to your love grotto. You patiently raise your pelvis, wanting me to push myself into you!

I am overjoyed to be able to grant this dream; I lower my pool; the magical moment has arrived!

My now extremely hard, erect, and swollen cock enters your canal. My incredibly sensitive wreath furrow scrapes against your skin as the acorn enters you, my shaft pushes in and out in you, in your amazing, wonderful, darling cunt, deep and ever deeper! I’ve pulled my cock out of your pussy a few times and pushed it back in. We’re both so excited right now!

Slowly, I slide back a little further, always pulling your pelvis with me. This places you in a kneeling position, still with my limb in you, in your vagina. I place my hands firmly on the right and left sides of your pelvis and draw myself deeper into you. My acorn has now landed on your G-spot. I fuck you slowly at first, but I can’t hold back my enthusiasm and am getting faster and quicker.

You drive with one hand between your thighs and touch your clitoris quicker and faster now that your arms are free. I can feel your pussy muscles tightening and twitching on my cock. I lean forward, reach around you, and grab your tits as I bird you deeper. I grasp and massage it, twisting and pulling on the tight nipples between my fingers.

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As you get closer to the climax, you groan louder and louder, cramping your cunt more and more swiftly. I thrust deep into you a couple of times and then I can’t stop myself. My cock explodes, and my sperm streams out of my testicles and into your pussy through my shaft! You arrive as well, hard and loud! Wonderful! That’s the way I like it!

I keep rubbing my penis against you, but our orgasms fade slowly. My cock is still in you as we slide slowly into the bed. I still lie on you till he slackens and glides out of you, redeemed and fulfilled. Then I roll down from you to your side and smile into your gorgeous face, which has such gloriously red cheeks after the birds, as it always does.

“I love you, my angel,” I say softly, and give you a long kiss. This morning lust is fantastic…

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