Morning Sex – Part 2


The Regular Morning pleasure

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


A few minutes ago, we woke up feeling rested. We haven’t dressed yet because it’s a beautiful, sunny morning. Because you are faster than me, you got up earlier than me, went to the restroom, took a shower, and put on some moisturizer before I could even get a coffee.

Now that you’re lying on your stomach next to me, purring away in all your glorious nudity, I can see you. You’ve tilted your head slightly to the side and your hair is still a bit wet. This frees up your neck, which is where your exquisitely sensitive nature can be found! I breathe in your aroma and let your fingertips caress my spine.

In between your shoulder blades, I gently kiss you, then move up to kiss you on the neck with my tongue dancing over the tender spot! You experience goose bumps all over your body, from your thighs to your buttocks…. You inhale and exhale.

I gently kiss you behind the ear, just enough to make you feel my lips on yours. Infinitely tenderly and moisturizingly my tongue licks your neck, ear, and skin behind it. Afterward, I whisper, “I love you.” You inhale and exhale, your shoulders contract and relax. There are goose bumps on your body as I dance here with the tip of my tongue and slowly kiss your neck.

Afterward, I crouch down next to you and gently massage both hands over your buttocks and the back of your thighs, which twitch for a brief moment. In between your legs, I give you a gentle stroking motion. To reach your Poritze and the top of your backbone, I gradually ascend through this valley and up to the point where your legs meet your buttocks.

My eggs and tail hang over your neck as I lean over your body and stroke this sensitive place with my full body. So you can even feel the goose bumps, I shaved it all off! It’s a pleasure to caress your skin. Yes, this causes my cockatoo to inflate and get increasingly pressed against your back! You’re able to put your feet up….

I kneel down and kiss your back as we crouch together again. I’m in love with your skin’s suppleness! It has a pleasant scent and a silky texture. In addition to kissing you on the lips, I gently lightly brush my tongue across your buttocks, just nibbling your lips through the crack, up and down your thighs, and down to your feet.

So that I can lick your sole and between your toes with ease, I bend one of your legs. My big toe was in my mouth, and I sucked and sucked on it for quite some time. Suddenly, your foot begins to jerk! Sucking on the big toe, I also suck on your instep, toes, and sole with my other foot lifted up.

It’s a pleasure for me to place my erect penis on the soles of your feet and rub it. I then allow it slide between your feet and rub my stiff in between. Wow, that’s interesting…

I gently reposition your lower legs on the bed and give them a gentle massage. So far, I’ve been able to predict your gorgeous pussy from the ground up. It bathes me in light.

I have no problem continuing to touch your lovely skin, stroking the backs of your legs, the buttocks, and the top of your back. My firm cock slowly slides upwards between your thighs toward your vagina as I slowly raise myself higher. Taking my time, I slowly lean forward and kiss your buttocks. Gently stroking your cheeks, I slowly and delicately slide my tongue over your Poritze.

I’m able to get a better look at your anus now that I’ve softly separated your buttocks. He has no hair, and his skin is a little darker and wrinkled. He is a gorgeous man. Using a spittle-soaked finger, I stroke the ring that encircles your buttocks You bring him together for a short while, but then you let go. Then I gently trace over your dam toward your pleasure grotto, lightly circling and pressing with my fingertip.

As your thighs widen apart as if on their own, the aroma of your cunt fills my nostrils with increased intensity. Your smooth buttocks slowly glide across your buttocks, perineum, and finally into your labia, creating an awe-inspiring sight. They’re flushed scarlet, and their short, moist hair gleams.

You already have a swollen and gaping mouth on the inside. They’re covered in glitter and scented cunt slime, too.

Your clit has now fully opened, and it is clearly visible. I spin and rub two fingers between your labia all the way up to your clitus. Your love grotto is further opened and the middle and index fingers of the other hand are placed in your love grotto by me.

You let out a loud groan as you realize this.

Your lovely butt is in front of my eyes as my hands slither around your clit in an alternating mild and strong motion.

The new cream is much more arousing for both of us, so I reach beneath the covers and spread it all over my cock, from the glans to the eggs. Also, I apply cream to your vagina, then finger it deep inside you once more.

My cock slides back up between your legs as I massage and stroke your buttocks even higher. Beyond the knee. Up ahead. My glans is like an arrowhead aimed for your cunt. I caress your shoulders, neck, and the area behind your ears as I rub them.

In this position, my acorn rubs against your labia, irritates it, and then gently pushes in between. I slowly raise my pelvis and massage my chest against your back before lowering it once more. Consequently, my acorn once again rests between your lips, at the opening of your love grotto. This is an invitation to press myself into your pelvis, you’re doing it!

Having fulfilled a long-held desire, I lower my pool and enjoy the moment!


My swelling cock, which is already firm and erect, pierces your artery. Your skin is being rubbed by my incredibly sensitive wreath furrow, and my shaft pushes in and out of your amazing, wonderful, cherished cunt, deeper and deeper! I remove my cock and re-insert it a few times. We’re both ecstatic at the prospect of this new adventure!

Pulling your pelvis with each small step backward, I slowly increase the distance between us. This gets you to a kneeling position, still with my limb inside of you, in your vagina. I press my hands firmly on the right and left sides of your pelvis and draw myself closer to you. As of right now, my acorn is landing in your G-spot. First, I’m slow and steady, but soon I can’t keep my excitement in check and I’m growing more and more aggressive.

You drive with one hand between your legs while rubbing your clitoris quicker and faster. Your pussy muscles tense and spasm on my cock, and I can feel it. I lean forward and grip your tits as I watch you from a distance. Squeezing and kneading it, I twist and pull on the tight nipples between my fingers.

It appears that you are getting closer to the climax since your groans are becoming louder and your cunt is cramping faster. Once in a while, I’m unable to keep my hands off you. Suddenly my cock explodes, sending my sperm flying out of my testicles and into your pussy through my urethra. You’ve arrived as well, with a vengeance and a roar! Wonderful! That’s exactly how I feel about it!

Our orgasms fade as I continue to press my penis into yours, but we’re still having sex. My cock is still in you as we slowly drop into the bed. I continue to lay on you until he slackens and glides out of you, satisfied and redeemed. My gaze falls on your lovely features, which, as usually after the birds, have such beautifully red cheeks as I roll down from you to your side.

I whisper “I love you, my angel” and give you a deep kiss. This morning’s passion was wonderful…

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