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Milk and cookies for Kabir and his Fellow

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“So you’re going to university again?” Said Maria to the young man who was painting her house.

“In a few weeks, Frau Peters,” Kabir replied between two brush strokes.

“My god, my god,” she murmured, fanning herself with a folded newspaper. “It nearly feels like yesterday when I held you on my lap and fed you milk and cookies.”

“Yes,” he answered with a nod. “I remember it was chocolate chips.”

She grinned to herself, and after a time she added, “Tell me, what do you think if I just bake a couple cookies now?”

His mouth watered if he merely thought of these warm, fresh biscuits.

“That sounds excellent, Frau Peters!” Replied the nineteen-year-old eagerly. “And I hope you have some ice-cold milk with that.”

“I’m sure I have,” she said, and ran back to the home. “It’ll take approximately an hour and I’ll phone you when they’re done.”

The next hour Kabir moved on to paint the space under the roof overhang.

He had nearly forgotten about the milk and the cookies when Maria opened the front door and called: “Come and grab them, fresh from the oven!”

Kabir got down from his ladder and after drying his hands he went inside and made his way back to the kitchen. He was barely entered the home when the wonderful scent of the nicest chocolate cookies that could be imagined rose in his nostrils. He came barely around the corner into the living room and then halted when he spotted Maria seated in her large recliner. Next to her chair on the end of the table was a dish of cookies and a glass of milk.

“I imagined we’d do it like you did when you were a small boy,” she added quietly. “What do you mean?” He asked a bit cautiously.

“Get on my lap!” She ordered.

“I believe I’m a bit too large for that now,” he said.

“Nonsense!” She shot back. ‘You’ll always be a young boy to me. Hop on me now. ”

She extended out her arms and waited for him, and for some reason he felt a touch of sensuality that blew across the room.

“Come on,” she flattered. “Be a nice little guy and come to Auntie Maria.” Almost desperate, he made one final try.

“My clothing are full of color,” he remarked quite confidently. “I don’t want to get your nice dress filthy.”

“Well, we’ll simply have to do something about it. Right? ” She answered. “What?” He answered gently.

“I advise you simply take off your shirt and jeans,” she answered.

“S-are you kidding?” He asked frantically. “No, certainly not!”

What the heck is going on here, he pondered when Maria calmly \sopened his belt and slipped his pants down to his ankles.

When he had taken off his shirt, he was merely standing in front of her in his socks and white cotton shorts.

“My God, you’ve grown,” she muttered, reaching her hands casually to rub the front of his shorts.

His whole body tightened as her beautiful fingers massaged the tip of his fast- developing cock. He urgently wanted to be somewhere else, but it was too late now.

The fifty-five-year-old widow put her hand inside his shorts and gripped his firm cock on his big shaft.

“You’re an extremely well-developed young man!” She gushed, squeezing his stand very hard. “Do you know what I’m about to do?” She whispered.

He knew perfectly well that she wasn’t going to offer him the cookies and the milk.

“I’ll take those shorts off to you shortly,” she said. “And then I’ll put you in my mouth.”

“D-You are not serious!” He gasped as his spanking shot out into the air.

“Yes, I’m sure of it!” She answered, her head sliding towards his groin. “Certainly.”

Kabir’s slender legs weakened a bit in the knees, and a loud, deep sigh from his throat when the tremendously hot older lady allowed her warm, moist lips

slip over the purple acorn of his thick stand.

“M-my gosh!” He gasped. “N-never in my whole life …”

“You mean I’m the first?” She inquired sweetly, fiddling about with his manhood.

“Y-yes, I have certainly always dreamt about, but I’ve never had a true girlfriend.”

She swirled her tongue over his silky glans and whispered softly: “Have you ever seen a lady naked?”

No. He answered gently. “Never.”

“Good,” she observed lightly. “I think we have to fix it very rapidly.”

“What? What do we have to change? ” He grumbled.

“I have really enormous breasts,” she said, dismissing his query.

His eyes almost flew out of his head as he looked down and found that Maria had likewise ripped out of the upper part of her dress.

“Do you see my bra?” She inquired gently. “He’s 105DD cup size. Do you think I should take it off? ”

“ Oh yahhhhhhh! ”

He snarled as he caressed his erect organ with his hand. “B- please, take it off and show me your tits!”

“My last husband used to nickname her tits,” whispered Maria quietly, reaching back to open the four hooks. “It’s good to hear a man speak about her again.”

“I’ll be right there!” He groaned as the two enormous boobs dropped from the big cups. “I can’t go on… Ohhhhh, I’ll be right there!”

It was a long time since the elder woman had seen a firm cock spew its contents out. She rapidly positioned her breasts perfectly around Kabir’s one-eyed serpent.

“You’re a nice kid,” she cooed softly as his hand literally flew over his thick chunk of cartilage. “Spray everything on the auntie’s enormous tits!”

She reached around him, grabbed his small ass and pushed his dick directly into her enormous breast. The instant his silky glans met her spongy breasts, his cock shook before he released torrents of his hot sperm deep into the valley between her big Mollies. She grasped his ass like a vice of a piece of metal to retain his still pulsing member in the space between her massive sagging breasts.

“My goodness, I hope you left some more for my pussy,” she murmured, relaxing her grasp on his ass.

When he heard her remark that she wanted him inside, it was enough to bring his semi-rigid member back to life.

“Oh, Kabir!” She sighed. “I’m sure I’ll miss it when you go back to university.”

“W-really?” He asked.

“Oh yahhhhhhhhhh!” She grumbled and lay back in her chair before sliding out of her dress and utilitarian white cotton underwear. “Was that how you pictured it?” She asked, brushing her fingers swiftly through the fur of her pubic hair.

She opened her legs wide apart, giving him a nice view of her sheath covered with gray hair.

He glanced at it carefully and remarked quietly: “She is much hairier than I thought.”

“My spouse always wanted me to leave her natural,” she replied, flicking her firm clit. “Some ladies shave them, but I’ve had no cause to do so yet. Do you like her? ”

” Jesus, you ‘re hugging me. Right? ” He asked with a moan. “I can’t believe how amazing she looks!”

“Then you can do me a really tremendous favor?” She begged imploringly. “Anyone you want,” he said swiftly.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she moaned. “Now go on your knees and use your tongue \son me.”

“S-they want me to stick my tongue in your …?” He concluded right.

“Yes, in my pussy,” she said. “Don’t you want to do it?” She asked a little regretfully.

“Oh no. I mean, I’ll do it right away, ”he mumbled.

“You’ve always been a really sweet kid,” she murmured again, taking his spot between her thick thighs.

“I’m not sure how …” he whispered, sniffing about her open gap. “Here!” She answered, clutching his neck by the back. “I’ll show you.”

It was nearly like bringing a duck to water! Almost immediately Kabir’s \stongue went up and down in Maria’s pubic hair.

“My God!” She gasped. “I nearly forgot how lovely it can be to suck a cunt nicely!”

Even if it was only the first time that Kabir was sucking a pussy, he knew that this experience would haunt him all his life. He sank into a state of sexual insanity that could only be topped by the amazing taste and aroma of the fresh, hot cunt.

“Okay, young man,” she moaned. “Now you have to find my ‘little man on the boat’.”

“What’s that intended to be?” He inquired gently, digging his nose in her steaming cunt.

“This is the small protrusion just at the top of my column,” she added. “Yes, that is him. Snap your tongue over it. Ohhhhhhh, darn it! Is that nice! ”

“ It feels incredibly good? ”

He asked suspiciously.

“It feels dang surreal!” She gasped, arching her back and thrusting her lap forward. “You lick me so good!”

“II am pleased you enjoy it,” he mumbled between the licks. “It’s better than everything I’ve tasted so far!”

She slumped back in her chair and swayed her large boobs with her hands, waiting anxiously for her oncoming climax.

“II am almost ready …” she sighed. “Sure, yes, tighten it up. Oh yes, exactly there! ”

Kabir had never seen or heard when a woman climaxed, and he was a bit astonished when her body practically got out of control out of the blue as her cunt pumped rapidly in his open mouth.

“My goddamned god, you little cunt!” She shouted. “I’m coming over your tongue sucking the hot cunt.”

“S-are you all right, Ms. Peters?” He questioned, truly worried, as she gasped like an overworked steam engine.

She moved her head to one side, with a smile on her face like that of a Persian cat, and responded, “I’ve never felt better in my life. But do you know what would make me more fun? ” \s” No. He asked quietly.

“The auntie wants a huge hard cock inside,” she murmured hoarsely.

“Ohhhhh, you’re so wet and tight!” He gasped as the first few inches of the youthful cock slipped into her dripping organ.

“And you’re as big as a fucking horse!” She sighed. “Oh god, I need a nice fuck now!”

“II don’t know how long I can keep it back!” He gasped.

“It’s okay, baby,” she said softly. “But make it hard and rapid till it comes to you.”

“About like that?” He questioned as he started slamming in and out of her open pussy.

“Oh yeahhhhh, just like that!” She grumbled.

She couldn’t believe the size of this tiny nineteen-year-stick old’s in proportion to the rest of his physique. It appeared like half of his bodily weight was centered in his thick, rigid erection.


A few little college students would be the happiest girls on campus, she murmured to herself as her pussy began to constrict around the hefty intruder.

When the poor lad felt her cunt quiver around his spanking, he couldn’t keep back. With her eyes closed, each of her genitals was driven into a violently pleasurable orgasm, which led poor Kabir to fall as a heap over the massive boobs on Maria’s upper torso.

“W-wow!” He sighed. “So that’s why we were so excited.”

She kissed his mouth and then handed him a firm nipple as she said, “That’s why we were so happy!”

A few minutes later, she felt himself tense in her well-fucked cunt and said, “And I guess we’ll be thrilled again!”

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