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This is a sex story about a lady I met on the Delhi metro. We ended up having a three-day sexual experience. This is a true tale from two weeks ago. I’ll be in the metro for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to work. On a Monday morning, I took my blue line metro at 9 p.m. as usual for my office. It was quite crowded, with very little breathing room. I was sleepy as well after a late night of partying with friends the night before.

I carefully boarded the metro and proceeded towards the center, pushing and agitating some of the passengers. Finally, I got to the middle and stood next to the pole, which provided stability. In front of me, I observed a lady who appeared to be in her late twenties standing, she was very fair, had a really good body structure, the proper body weight was in the right spot, was around 5’6 tall, was wearing a yellow salwar, green leggings, and was listening to music through a headset.

In that gown, she looked gorgeous. I gave her a good look, just like any other guy would. She also gave me some space to stand after looking at me. I also began listening to music and became immersed in reading news, Instagram, and other activities. However, at the next stop, there was such a large crowd entering the metro that people were obstructing the gate from closing. It was so crowded that when she moved back and walked in my shoes, she turned around and apologized.

However, a couple of ladies approached her and stood in front of her, forcing her to back up a little. Her ass just touched my dick as she pushed herself back. Wow, that was a weird sensation; when I was sleeping, my dick was already in a violent mood, and it was flowing out of my mouth. And the way she inserted it, it exactly fits into her ass crack. She realized where she had been hit, turned back, looked at it, and smiled as if she couldn’t help herself. I, too, answered with a smile.

As the metro began to move my dick, I began rubbing around her ass crack. It wasn’t on purpose; it was simply a result of the metro’s motion. I was enjoying how near she was to me that I could smell her perfume aroma from her back and she could feel my breath on her shoulders. My dick began to become stronger, bigger, and harder. She was loving the motion as well, and she was gradually adding some extra pushes in between.

She kept her hand on the pole directly above mine and bent a little, which others would not have noticed. My entire dick area was all over her ass. She looked back as if she was trying to figure out which station was next, and then she looked at me. So that others don’t notice. I had that amusement expression on my face, and she turned back without a reaction.

Then she moved her hand from the pole to the back, made space, and kept her fingers in front of her ass crack like half-folded fingers to capture my dick. She gradually touched and felt my dick. At one point, she grasped my dick and began slowly squeezing it from top to bottom to assess its size. My dick was in full swing at the time (7 Inches). I was on Cloud 9 as she squeezed and rubbed it from top to bottom.

The next station was an interconnecting metro station, where only a few people were excited but many more attempted to enter. More people stood in front of her, so she turned to face me and stood in such a way that she knew exactly who I was. While one of her hands was holding the pole and the other was holding her bag and lunch placed in front of her, which was directly in front of my dick.

She gave me a pleasant look, indicating that she was having a wonderful time with my dick. She started slowly pounding my dick with her hand again, and I could see her breast right in front of me, and I was getting slow soft touches of it on my chest. With my previous expertise, I was confident that it would be a 34. She was giving me small mischievous smiles in between, giving me the green light all the time.

The train was getting close to Mandi House, where I needed to change metros. I gave a little smile, implying that I needed to come down here. She got it, and the next thing I saw was her walking towards the door. In my mind, I was thinking that today might be my fortunate day. We descended gently and proceeded towards the violent line; she was also following me, which piqued my interest. Que, I went and stood near the violent line.

She was also approaching me, so I gave her room and motioned for her to stand in front of me like a gentleman. We boarded the subway, she took a seat in the ladies’ section, and I stood just in front of her. In between, we made brief eye contact. Within two stops, the person next to him stood up, so he leaped up and sat near her.

I badly wanted to chat with her and get her phone number. But I could see the same expression on her face. Then I devised a strategy. I took out some of my cards, looked at them, pretended to put them in my jeans pocket, and unintentionally dropped one on my seat. She got what I was trying to say. She took the visiting card that was lying on her like a pro and held it in her hand. At the time, I was quite delighted. She rose and exited the metro after a few stops, not even looking back at me. My heart was racing because my office was only two stations away.

After lunch, I received a WhatsApp message with my name and designation. I knew exactly who it was. The DP, on the other hand, had a small 3-year-old male child image. I realized she was the child’s mother. But, to be honest, she had kept herself in good shape. I returned to the message Hello, unidentified mum. I received an instant reply stating that the mother’s name is Swetha (Name changed for the privacy of the lady).

So, how have you been?

Swetha: It was a wonderful morning. So, how about you?

Me: I’m at a loss for words to describe the morning since I’m still shaken. But it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Swetha: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Your dick was full-swinging on my a$$. He must have liked the location.

True, my dick thanked me for the wonderful opportunity and asked me to convey the same to the owner of the sexiest ass in the world.

We started talking, and I discovered that she was only three stations ahead of me. As a result, she was mostly focused on me. She said she was staying with her husband, son, and mother-in-law. She was 29 years old. She married five years ago in an arranged marriage.

That day, we talked till late at night. We were so open to one other that we could ask each other everything we wanted. Then we promised each other that we would be emotional buddies for each other, that we would listen to each other, and that we would respect each other’s privacy. We started discussing our sex lives the next day. I told her one of my stories, and she enjoyed it. She informed me that her sex life stinks and that it’s not much fun because her husband doesn’t like oral sex.

He merely likes to pull her panty down, insert his dick, fuck for 2-3 minutes, and cum. Then he sleeps quietly, without displaying much affection. She believes she was nothing more than a sex toy for him. He used to fuck her once a week for a week after his son was born. On the other hand, she admitted to having a boyfriend for two years before getting married. She was having a great time with him fucking her every 2-3 days. She was missing that day, and then she felt the adventure while riding the subway with me. That made me really happy.

I told her how I felt when I saw her and asked what she expected from me. She said she didn’t know, but she enjoyed my company. So we talked for a few days, had sex, made each other masturbate, and cum.

I didn’t have to wait long to spend some time with her because she invited me to meet again on Thursday during office hours. After all, she was going to skip the workplace and requested me to do the same. But I was more than willing to do so. I offered to meet at my house because my mother will be away for a month. She gladly consented because she felt it would be safer than meeting at the hotel, Oyo, or any other restaurant. We agreed to meet at my house the next day at 10 a.m. I also requested leave from the office and informed my supervisor that I was not feeling well.

I prepared some food, purchased a wine bottle, and a full condom package because I knew what was going to happen when we met. She dialed my number when she entered my compound, and I directed her to my house. I greeted her with a bear embrace and a huge smile. That day, she donned a crimson sari and looked lovely. When I saw her, all I wanted to do was jump over her. I had the impression that the sari was tailor-made for her.

The sari’s folds were so exquisite that I could see her navel and side breast. We had become so close these days, yet meeting and chatting with each other was the first time. It was a completely different sensation. I led her to my bedroom because I had air conditioning and thought it would be more comfortable for both of us. She gave me a sly look and asked, “Are you that hungry?” I also returned her smile. Then I went to get some coffee and smiled back.

I sat next to her on the bed and we started talking about usual things. Then she started talking about her sex life again, about how she is trying to meet her sexual requirements. I inquired about her fantasies. She told me she wanted to roam around naked at home and get fucked in every room. I told her that this was her lucky day and that she could do whatever she wanted, and that I would assist her in meeting her demands.

She slid down onto my bed, her hand hovering above my head. I likewise lied next to her, slowly turning towards her and resting my palm on her tummy, my hands moving up and down as she breathed hard. We were both starving. In our opinion, it was quite clear. We began to kiss one other passionately. I put my tongue over her mouth and vice versa. We were making some amusing noises.

I was putting my hands on her back and pubbing from head to toe. It lasted 3-4 minutes. Now I lowered my head back and began dragging my nose and tongue towards her neck and away from her earlobes. I knew she’d appreciate it, and she began yanking my hair with delight. In the meantime, I began pressing her hips.

We were already in a fucking motion, moving our bodies along with the flow. She stood up and took off her sari, which she had worn previously. By then, I had also removed my tracksuit and t-shirt. With my teeth, I longed to rip off her blouse and petticoat. She cheerfully consented. She liked it when my nose touched her stomach. I pressed my nose towards her tummy and thigh area. Her body was sleek, and she had a great figure. She was moaning and slowly ripping her hair out. I was looking at her face, which was full of sexual expressions.

I slowly took her panties down with my teeth and went to her pussy, which was waxed and looked extremely clean. She was already drenched. Without further ado, I smelt it, and it gave me a good kick. I gave my pussy some hot breath. I slowly began sucking her pussy from the outside…rolled my tongue around her pussy lips.

Then I slowly entered her wall with my tongue and began going through and fro. She was so taken with it that she lifted her hips and moved her head around. She was exhausted after only a few minutes. I took another sip of her juice. She sprang up and kissed me passionately, saying she had never felt anything like this before in her life. She now urged me to come in. But I stated that I want to have more pleasure.

I kissed her lips and began to descend to her 34-size breast over her black bra…

I sucked it up with my entire mouth. Slowly twisted her and made her lie on her stomach, then climbed on top of her and began rubbing my nose over her back, then slowly pulled her bra with my teeth once more. When I turned around, I saw magnificent boobs in front of me. Nipples that were the right shape and could be gripped with my full hands.

Again, I began sucking and, side by side directed my right hand towards her pussy and began entering slowly. Meanwhile, she took hold of my dick over my brief and began stroking slowly. We were both in a good swing at the time.

She immediately came down, removed my brief, and began to suck. Wow, what a sensation. She’d been wanting to do this for a long time, and she was an expert at sucking. She used to push the entire top of my dick in her mouth, and I could feel the top of my dick stroking her throat. My pre-juice and her saliva had combined effectively, and I could hear an energetic sound while sucking.

Now that I was in power, I ordered her to lie on her back and pulled out a condom. She assisted me in inserting it, and then I entered her wonderful pink pussy hole. It was easy for me to enter her pussy, but she was in discomfort and requested me to take it slowly at first because her husbands aren’t this big. We had slow and passionate strokes in the missionary position back then.

In a quiet voice, she moaned. I was constantly sucking her boobs, eating her lips, and rubbing my nose over her neck. After a while, I requested a doggy style. She smiled as she turned around. From behind, she appeared hotter. A body with a white tone and a good form. I licked her and her ass crack, again and again, putting my dick in from behind. I was more excited to see her again this time. As a result, my speed was doubled. I began rubbing her vigorously and quickly. This time she screamed. Because the doors were shut, there was no danger of the voice being heard outside.

We were in a different universe entirely at the time, with nothing else on our minds but to enjoy ourselves. I realized I was ready to cum, so I increased my speed and came. I was exhausted, and she was as well. We lay down for a while. Even though the air conditioner was on all the time, we sweated profusely, and my bed was damp. She kissed my cheeks and said it was the nicest fuck she’d ever had. We both laughed. We cuddled for quite some time.

We walked around my house naked for 7 hours, fucked each other on the kitchen slab, dining table, and bathroom floor. Finally, she invited me to her home the next day because her husband, son, and in-law were getting married. We fucked in every part of her house for the following two days. After those two days, we agreed that anytime she contacted me, we will only plan for sex, as we didn’t want our family to know and wanted to keep it as quiet as possible.

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