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I was still young when I was 20, but I was no longer inexperienced. I had already experienced a lot sexually, so I thought at the time. My girlfriend at the time was two years younger than me, we met at a friend’s party. Our sex was nice, we loved trying new things. But we lacked experience and so some attempts ended more in laughter than in orgasm.

She still lived with her mother, her parents had been divorced for years. They lived in a house in one of the most distinguished parts of the city, with a large secluded garden and a great swimming pool, which could be seen as a smaller version of a pool in a hotel complex in the Caribbean. I got on well with the mother, who was just 37 years old, so she had become an early mother. She was a handsome woman who made a career out of her job and loved life.

In the summer of the year in question, we often used the pool due to the great heat. I enjoyed lying in the sun, cooling off in the pool now and then, and watching my girlfriend in her skimpy bikini. Her light skin was slowly getting a darker color and she was simply beautiful to look at. Sometimes her mother came to the pool too, and she always wore short shorts and a simple top. I had already imagined what she would look like in a bikini, but I had never had the opportunity until then.

Until this Sunday, when my girlfriend was out with some friends. She had given me the key to the house, I should calmly use the pool. Her mother would probably not be there anyway and she would come back in the late afternoon. So I drove to the house shortly before noon, parked in front of it, and opened the door of the house. My path led me purposefully into the living room and from there to the terrace. I paused just outside the patio door. Your mother was at home. She lay by the pool and sunbathed. And not in the usual top with shorts, but a bikini just as tight as her daughter. A white bikini that went wonderfully with her dark, probably sun-tanned skin and dark long hair. Hair now protruding almost over the head of the bed to the floor. I stood there and could barely see my eyes as she moved. I flinched first, but I was certain she hadn’t noticed me yet. She lifted her upper body from the couch, reached with her hands behind her, and opened the bikini top. Put it aside and let yourself sink back onto the couch. I saw her breasts, which were not very big, but well-shaped.

They weren’t a little to one side and I saw big dark nipples. The same nipples as her daughter, which I loved to put in my mouth and felt growing inside me. I was getting warmer. I wondered what to do now. And then opened the patio door with as many noises as possible. She jumped up, reached for her top, and held it up to her chest. I apologized and explained the matter with the key. It was hard for me not to let my eyes wander over her body. She said there was enough space, I should come closer and keep her company. So I did just that, took off my shoes, jeans and T-shirt and dropped onto the lounger in my swimming trunks. She looked at me and asked if I would mind that she was topless in the sun.

What should I have answered? She dropped the top, lay back on the lounger, and closed her eyes against the blinding sun. I could now look at her closely, she had the same breasts as her daughter, I admired the flat stomach and long legs. Through her tight bikini bottoms, I could see her labia and I got hot. And it wasn’t just the sun that was to blame. It was tight in my pants, my tail was visible through my swimming trunks. She opened her eyes, looked at me and I had no chance to hide my excitement. She smiled at me and her eyes focused on the bulge in my pants.

With her tongue, she played around her lips and she asked: “Do you like what you see?”. I could only nod. She put a finger to her mouth, licked it, and touched one of her nipples with it. She caressed her gently, in a circular motion, until she straightened up. Meanwhile, she spread her legs a little and touched her labia with the other hand. She traced them with her fingers and I thought I would have to explode. Her pants got wet and therefore transparent.

“Have you ever seen a woman do it herself?” – I said no with big eyes. She grabbed the edge of her panties and slowly pulled them over her thighs, knees, and ankles, and brushed them off with her feet. She put her legs to the right and left of the couch and showed me her pussy. It was shaved, perfectly smooth. My friend had tried it once but left a thick line of hair in the middle. With her mother, I could now see every detail. She stroked her index finger, ran her finger up and down her labia. She opened her labia, pressed them apart, and showed me her clit.

“So I caress myself when I’m horny and there is no man.” The waistband of my swimming trunks stood out now, my cock had grown so big. She slowly pushed her middle finger in and pushed herself with it. I couldn’t help it and put my hand on my pants. She looked at me and said: “Show me your cock. And then you will do it yourself.” I pulled my swimming trunks down and my cock jumped out. I took his hand, turned my hand into a fist, and slowly moved it up and down. Pulled the foreskin back and showed her the red-purple acorn.

She rubbed faster, pushed her middle finger inside until it stopped. I was always horny and jerked like a wild one. “I want you to squirt on me. I want to see and feel it.” I took a step closer to her, she moaned softly. And when I saw her pussy so close in front of me, it came to me. I splashed my juice on her pussy and legs. And with my juice, she pushed hard and violently. And with a loud groan and “I’m coming too” she came to orgasm. I stood in front of her, watching her slowly relax. She got up, took my hand, and led me to the shower, which was built on one side of the pool. The cold water brought me back to reality, it was the first time that I had masturbated in front of a woman.

She turned the water off, turned, went to the pool, and carefully slid into the water. I sat on the edge and let my legs dangle in the water. She swam across the pool and approached me with powerful arms. She stopped just in front of me, lifted her head out of the water, and put her arms on my legs. Her fingers caressed my limb and testicles. The reaction didn’t fail, my cock started to twitch and straighten up. Her mouth came closer, she opened her lips and took me in. She sucked on my cock; I felt her wet tongue as she licked my glans. Now she moved her hand and pushed her mouth up and down. My cock got bigger and bigger. She let go of me, leaned on the ledge next to me, and rose with a swing from the water.

“Come on, let’s go inside.” She gave me her hand, I got up and we went side by side into the living room where I had been watching her some time ago. She turned, put her arms around my neck, and pressed her mouth to mine. Our tongues met, played with each other. My cock pressed against her stomach. I dropped to my knees, covered her body with kisses. Took her nipples in her mouth and sucked on them. I dropped to my knees, had her shaved pussy right in front of my face. My tongue licked her labia, opened it. She groaned and her knees gave way. She slid onto the floor in front of me and spread her legs as far as she could. I saw her innermost, could see her pink and wet pussy. I kept licking

My tongue continued to go down, lifting her lower body. My hands reached under her buttocks and I licked the gap between her buttocks. She groaned louder and louder. “Take me now. Put him in there.” I slid up between her legs, she helped me and inserted my cock inside. It was a great feeling, she wasn’t as tight as her daughter, but her vaginal muscles encompassed and massaged my cock. I pushed into her, slowly at first, then faster. “I want to ride on you,” came out of her mouth. I pulled back, lay down on my back.

She knelt over me and my cock disappeared into her again. Since there was no pubic hair in the way, I had a wonderful view. I saw my cock as it was in her, recognized her wetness,

She rode me and I could only concentrate on her bumps. She let go of me, rose again. She turns, now had her face turned away from me. Now she crouched over me, I saw her bottom in front of me. She squatted on her feet and put my cock back in her hot pussy. I pushed my lower body off the floor, pushed my cock in as far as it would go. “I want to take you from behind now. Kneel!” She let herself sink forward, her breasts on the ground, her buttocks stretched high in the air. I knelt behind it, put my cock on her labia, and pushed it deep into her with a single jerk. She cried out.

“Yes, yes, do it to me. Fuck me!” And I joined, firm and uninhibited. My hands were on her bottom, pulling her buttocks apart. I saw her rosette in front of me, played with one finger, and finally slowly pushed it into her buttock. “Yes, push me in both holes. Tighten up.” And I kept going. I was more excited than ever. She moaned loudly, making incomprehensible sounds out of her mouth. I paused, hugging her tightly. She turns her head to me.

“And now put your cock in my butt.” It was the first time for me, I had never tried anal. I pulled my cock out of her, all wet with her pussy juice. I pressed it to her rosette and after a slight resistance, I disappeared into her bottom. And I started

“Make it stronger, I want to feel it.” And I pushed harder, faster and faster.

My mouth opened: “I’ll be right there, I’ll inject right away.” She let herself fall forward, my cock slid out of her with a smacking sound. She turns to me, kneeling in front of me. I grabbed her breasts, pinched her nipples. She groaned. Then she lowered her head down and put my cock in her mouth again. Her hands were on my buttocks and I noticed her fingers between my buttocks. She sucked on me more and more and when she shoved her index finger into my buttocks, I came. I splashed her mouth, face, and hair full.

Everywhere was my juice, which ran hot down her body. I lay aside, wanting to relax.

She got up. “I want to come too.” With these words, she opened a closet and took out a dildo. A big dildo. She stood next to me, spread her legs. And then she pushed the dildo into her pussy by the centimeter. Always deeper. Until it stops. And then she fucked herself with that artificial cock. She had closed her eyes and was moaning. She buckled her knees and straddled the dildo.

She touched her clit with her fingers and rubbed it. Her lower body trembled and she dropped back onto her back. She pulled out the dildo and took my hand.

“Put my fingers in, push me.” I put a finger in her, added the second and third. “More, I want more. Fuck my fingers until I come.” The fourth finger followed. My hand was all wet. And when I added my thumb, she cried out.

“Put your hand in me, go ahead.” And I pushed on, I couldn’t believe it when my hand disappeared into it. She bumped into it and I now fucked her with my whole hand. Suddenly she cried out, long and persistent. She had her orgasm. Her pussy contracted and I pulled my hand out of her. A hand that was completely wet from her juices. Minutes later, she got up and said that she had to go now, that she had an appointment. I stayed behind

It was the only time with my girlfriend’s mother, but it was an unforgettable experience.

The End.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “Evening with Rana

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