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It was 4 pm and I was on the bus. My leg rocked up and down because I was excited. Very excited. I had planned something today. A masturbation marathon. Yes, every man is a wanker and occasionally culls himself. But I was a professional in it. If it were a sport, I would be the world champion in it. I perfected it by taking enough time to choose the right pages and even doping. That’s why I didn’t eat anything, for example. Sometimes I jerked for hours until my glans was completely red and my skin on the penis was so swollen that it only subsided after three days. It was going to get this far again today, I was sure.

“Hello honey, how was the school?” my mother smiled at me when I came in. “It’s okay,” I replied, taking off my shoes and jacket. “Are you hungry? There are macaroni and cheese”.

“No thanks. Just had a kebab,” I said and lied. “I’ll lie down straight away,” I said, making sure that my mother didn’t surprise me when I wanked. I went to my room and started my computer. Last night I had carefully prepared links to great videos. Ascending from softcore porn from women stripping and masturbating to hardcore gangbangs and Bukakke. Because I knew: the hotter I got, the more blatant porn I needed. I took off my jeans and my cozy sweatpants. I couldn’t be naked because I still had to expect my mother to burst in at any moment. Everything was ready. Everything was perfect. All that was missing was my doping agent. I sneaked out of my room and quietly went into the kitchen, without my mother noticing. I took a glass, put ice cubes in it, and filled it three-quarters with Pepsi. Back in my room, I took an iced tea bottle out of my closet. Only there was no iced tea there, but rum, which I bottled secretly. I finished my drink and sat down comfortably. I sipped my rum and cola mix and let the show begin.

The alcohol shot into my head very quickly because I had nothing in my stomach. After one glass I was drunk and got myself down at a fast pace. The time flew by. I kept sneaking down to secretly make myself a cocktail and watched dozens of porn. I never saw them completely, always in part. After three hours of porn consumption, I decided to finally peak. My penis was already completely red and I was getting very tired from the alcohol. So I got myself down for a fucking porn. A thick-breasted Asian girl was fucked in all holes by tentacles and covered with white slime. It was one of that porn where you end up wondering why you could jerk off to something like that and feel a little ashamed of it. I didn’t care at the time. I just wanted to jerk off and jerked my load into a handkerchief. I leaned back and closed the website. I was ready.

I thought. It usually took less than two minutes after I came and my tail was flatter than the macaroni my mother made. But this time I waited 15 minutes and my cock was harder than ever. Well, I thought to myself. Then just one more round. Next, I saw a 3D porn in which a woman (with naturally big boobs) was being noodles by a guy with two (!) Cocks. I splashed into a handkerchief again. I closed all the windows again. Again I waited longer than I was used to. 30 minutes. My tail was red, swollen, but still hard like Krupp steel. I was getting worried. I decided to start my computer again and this time pulled in a clip in which a woman in suspenders did it with a non-human being (I’m not proud of it). I injected a load into a handkerchief again. I was amazed at the amount that came out of my glans after the third orgasm. It was thinner but not less than the first. I lay on my back in my bed for 45 minutes. Nothing moved. My cock was still hard. Now I panicked. In retrospect, I may write it very soberly, but at the time I was still well intoxicated and very paranoid. Was it because of the alcohol that I just couldn’t get it soft again? How long should you worry about it? It was already 9 p.m. and my tail had been in continuous operation for over 5 hours. Should I see a doctor? To the hospital? that came out of my glans after the third orgasm. It was thinner but not less than the first. I lay on my back in my bed for 45 minutes. Nothing moved. My cock was still hard. Now I panicked. In retrospect, I may write it very soberly, but at the time I was still well intoxicated and very paranoid. Was it because of the alcohol that I just couldn’t get it soft again? How long should you worry about it?

For the time being there was only one possible, but very, very unpleasant alternative. I stowed my latte in my pants, tied it to the waistband of my shorts, and knocked on my mother’s bedroom.

“Mummy?” I asked.

“I’m down” she called from the living room.

“What’s up?” she asked when I arrived in the living room. “I have … a problem,” I explained shyly.

“Which one?” she asked.

“I have an erection that won’t go away.” God, that was embarrassing.

“What?” she asked. “Have you tried to get one down?”

“Yes. Three times,” I replied.

“3 TIMES?” she asked, startled. “Come on, show here!”

“How else am I supposed to help you?” she asked and came closer to me. “I can’t show you my penis,” I called.

“Did you drink?” she asked. I felt caught. I was silent as my mother knelt before me.

“Come on,” she said impatiently. Ashamed, I pulled down my sweatpants along with my underwear until my hard bar stretched out to my mother in all its glory.

“Oh wow,” she said. “Is it normal for it to be that big?”

I nodded. Gosh, that was embarrassing and uncomfortable. Somewhere I was pleased that a woman said that my penis was large, but hearing it from my mother’s mouth was more than strange.

“May I?” she asked and before I even understood what she meant, I felt her hand on my penis. I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes. My mother started getting one down on me and I would have to lie if I said it didn’t feel good. I was a master of masturbation, but an unwritten page about sex. My mother was the first woman to touch my penis. And I didn’t say anything, I didn’t respond. I should have stopped it because it was anything but normal for my mother to get me down. I wasn’t even sure if she was even aware of how strange it was. But as I know my mother, she just wanted to help me. I looked down and couldn’t help but find it kind of arousing. In addition to her hand on my cock, I could look directly into her neckline. Her breasts shook with every movement and she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra. It was a black V-neck top and although it was my mother’s breasts, I found it kind of awesome.


When she grabbed her second hand, I couldn’t hold it for long. I groaned and hosed – for the fourth time today – but this time straight into my mother’s neckline. Only after the last volley of sperm did she stop jerking off on me and straightened up.

“I hope it helped,” she said, reaching for her top to take it off. “Before it gets soaked …” she said.

I just stood speechless in the middle of the living room and looked at my mother’s bare breast, which was covered with my sperm. Like after porn, I was ashamed of what I had done. How did it get so far that I sprayed my own mother’s tits?

But I was certain of one thing: my erection would stay. Not because I had noticed this after the last three times of cumshots, but simply because the sight of my mother’s breasts pumped my blood into my cock. It was the first breast I saw live. Literally, after all, she nursed me with the things. My mother wasn’t the youngest, of course, and her breasts were sagging, but that, oddly, only made her more attractive. And then the sperm on her breasts. My sperm. I stood petrified in the room.

“It didn’t help, did it?” she asked.

I shook my head. “I have an idea. Sit on the armchair”

I sat down, completely perplexed (and still drunk). My mother came to me and crouched between my legs. She bent her upper body over her so that I felt her breasts on my thigh and my penis. I didn’t believe it. She pressed her breasts together with her hands and moved her torso up and down. My cock was trapped between her breasts and was milked by them. My red acorn flashed again and again between her hot tits. My mother gave me a titty fuck. Incomprehensible! Before I could even think about how wrong it was, I was too absorbed in her breasts – just like my cock was! My cum on her breasts was the lubricant between her tits and it felt incredible! What was my mother’s hand job compared to her tit job? When she looked me in the eye, she gave me the rest.

“Is it a good thing?” she asked me.

“Yes, mom,” I groaned, unable to hold it. I fired my fifth batch that day. The juice spurted between my mother’s breasts up to her neck and chin. It ran down again and moistened her beautiful bells. My mother leaned back and looked at the mess I was making. She rubbed the sperm with her fingers and looked at it admiringly. I was also surprised at the amount that came out of me. And excited about the sight I created. My mother with a naked torso, full of my sperm. Crazy, perverse, exciting, forbidden.

But my cock was steadfast. When he stopped pulsing, he was not a millimeter smaller and not a bit harder. My mother put her finger on her nipple and tasted my sperm with her eyes closed. I didn’t know why, but I loved the sight, the idea, everything somehow. Yes, it was my mother who tasted my cum, but I was awesome! I only wished that she could come back to me and put my fat cock in her mouth!

“He’s still tough!” she called surprised when she looked at him again. Then she came closer again. Falling stars must have passed over our house because my wishes came true. Shortly afterward my cock found itself again in the firm grip of my mother and my acorn disappeared between her soft lips. I clutched my armchair and enjoyed the fireworks of emotions on my acorn. My mom went deeper and deeper and deeper into my mouth. I saw her head move up and down and felt her tongue play on my glans. Forget the tit job! The blowjob is the winner and made me dream further – would there be an increase? Would I be ready for it? My mother looked into my eyes again – in one moment I realized: it was my mother who sucked my cock there. My mother! It was the mouth that occasionally kissed me on the cheek. And the same lips sucked on what was probably the only part of the body where a mother’s mouth didn’t belong. Only now was I aware of the incest we had. And he excited me. Without warning and the slightest movement, I sprayed. It was as surprising for mom as it was for me when I suddenly sprayed the sixth load of the day. With high pressure, I filled my mother’s mouth with my sperm. She opened it and took out my cock. My slimy semen ran from her mouth onto my dick and her breasts. What had I done there My mother was full of cum. It came out of her mouth, ran along her chin and her breasts had already got three loads! She let go of my cock and stretched out her arms – what a sight! I couldn’t take my eyes off her wet, shiny breasts. I was a pig, but I loved it.

“Nothing helps, does it?” she said disappointed. I shook my head but thought: just don’t give up, mom! Is there a shooting star above us? I still have a wish. Shooting star, plane, ISS, don’t give a shit! After a hand, tit, and a blowjob I had only one wish …

“There is only one thing we could do …” she said. At this point, a big thank you to the universe. Thanks for this chance. Thank you for allowing me to have this woman as a mother!

“Do you mean …” I groaned.

“Only if you want, of course,” she explained.

“If it helps …” I answered reluctantly. My inside and my penis screamed: Yes, man! Fuck me, mom!

My mother, soiled with sperm, straightened up and took off her pants. I saw my mother’s pussy. “Have you done it before?” I shook my head.

“So I’m your first?” she asked. I nodded as she sat on my legs. “Do we want to do that?”

She took my cock and led it to her pussy. I already felt her inner labia, which look something out of the outer, on my glans. “A mother shouldn’t be the first woman to have sex with her son,” she said. I became active for the first time and touched her thighs. With gentle pressure, I pulled her towards me and pressed her hip down so that I entered her. In my mother! My cock! In my mother’s pussy! It was amazing! It felt so damn good and we had a winner. Forget all the nonsense we did before! That was just foreplay. Sex is the real thing! And the fact that it was sex with my mother was the icing on the cake! I had already seen some incest porn and got one for it, but nothing comes close to it. Knowing that it was my mother, my birth mother, who gave birth to me made it incredible. Felt her wet pussy with my cock that I was at home for nine months. It was so perverse, sick, and awesome.

Incomprehensible. I have never been as excited as at this moment. And I showed that more and more confidently. I took what I wanted – and that was my mother. I pulled her closer to me so that I got deeper into it and pressed my face into her breasts. I started sucking her cum-smeared nipple and licked my juice. It didn’t bother me – on the contrary, it turned me on. I sucked like a baby on her hot long nipple while she was riding me. I licked her breasts, grabbed her tightly, and grabbed her behind. I did everything I had always imagined sex to be. My mother did not leave me alone with the moaning and added to the sounds I made.

“Wow, that’s big,” she moaned proudly when I was almost completely in her.

“I love your breasts, mom,” I commented as I rubbed my face into them. My face was now also covered with a thin film of sperm and it was the most perverse picture I could imagine. Mother and son, wedged into each other, with the son’s sperm, spread over their upper bodies. It reads like an ultimate list of things a mother and son shouldn’t do. Whereby … one thing would be at the top of the list: cum in his mother. My cum was in her pussy. As much as I loved how she rode me, I couldn’t get rid of this thought. I had to do it as soon as possible. Hardly thought of it, it shot out of my cock straight into my mother’s birth canal. I was sure, that the seventh load tonight was at least as big as the others. My cum in my mother’s pussy. I was overjoyed and not a bit less horny. I looked at my mother with a smile who felt it exactly.

“Did you come?” she asked me even though she already knew the answer. “Yeah, mom” I moaned while my cock was still pulsing in her.

“You know I don’t take the pill anymore, do you?”

I hadn’t even thought about that. My mother was 42 years old and therefore may be still fertile.

“I’m sorry,” I said and couldn’t help but smile when I imagined that it would have been possible to have my mother pregnant. A new top 1 on the list!

“You are not getting smaller in me,” said my mother, smiling. “I know. What should we do?”

My mother got off me and took a few steps to crouch on the carpet. She stretched her butt out wide and asked, “Do you want to fuck your mother?”

I strongly believe that it was a rhetorical question. I immediately jumped up and crouched behind her. I took my hands on her butt and looked at him more closely before I would push my hard cock in. I had to take a look at my workspace before I started working on that bum. As I said: my mother was 42 years old and you could see it a little here and there. She even had little cellulite on her thigh, but I swear to you that if she leaned forward she would have the ass of a twenty-year-old! My mother gave me the most intimate sight you could have with a woman. I saw her little asshole and her wet pussy.

Everything shaved squeaky clean as if she was getting ready for me. When I pushed her buttocks apart a little, her pussy made a little “pfft” noise. My sperm oozed and dripped from her cunt onto our beautiful blue carpet.

“Sorry,” she said ashamedly, but already had my acorn in her before she could say it. I immediately grabbed her butt and gave her firm thrusts. I accelerated my pace faster than a Maserati and worked my mother’s pussy like a combined harvester. She immediately began to groan loudly “yes, yes, oh yes, yes, yes!”

I gratefully accepted my mother’s gift and fucked her as hard as I could with only one goal: to place another load deep inside her.

I don’t know how long I took my mother from behind, but it took a while before I could finally come because after seven orgasms my cock probably needed a little break. Breaks that I denied him and in which I had him serviced by my mother. The reward for this came in the form of my mother’s moans and maybe even orgasms (I could identify it better if I had more experience). Finally, I grabbed my mother even harder, pulled her closer to me, and pushed my cock completely into her even though it was too big. At the lowest point in my mother, I did what I liked best: I hosed down. Salvo by salvo pressed into my mother’s pussy, where there was hardly any space. She groaned with every shot as if it were a mixture of pain and excitement. It was only when my cock stopped twitching that I pulled it out and looked at the artwork that I created. I proudly looked back at my mother’s hot ass and watched my sperm drip from her cunt. I was proud of mom and proud of myself and I knew that mom was proud of her boy too.

I looked down at myself: my tail was red and already swollen. As I knew him after a wank marathon. But he was still tough. So it wasn’t over yet. And when I looked at my mother’s wet, oh what I say, soaking wet pussy, I immediately knew what I wanted to do next.

I crouched behind her, pressed her buttocks apart, and started licking her. Again, I tasted my juice, but it didn’t bother me. The taste of her pussy was still dominant. My mother moaned wildly as I shoved two fingers into her pussy and licked her butt. Even in front of her asshole I didn’t stop and licked it until my mother made my whole body tremble.

“I can’t go on,” she moaned and lurched. She turned on her back and opened her thighs for me.

“You made Mommy come,” she grinned proudly like Bolle. “And now come and fuck me, my son”

I looked down at my cock. Would he make another round without falling off? Then I looked back at my mother, who was smiling and waiting for me to finally come back into her. I had to do it. I put it back in and fucked her. I took her legs up on my shoulders and penetrated them as deeply as possible. She groaned and contorted her face. My cock was still steel hard, but the skin was already swollen. It was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. The nice feeling of her more than just wet pussy outweighed.

When my mother saw that I was just about to come again, she groaned: “Spray on my tits, boy”

So I pulled it out and jerked it over my mother’s body. She squeezed her breasts together, which made them look much bigger and I spread my load over her nice tits. The ninth load was much smaller this time. It was more like a few small splashes and could not be compared to the mass of the first orgasms. My cock was red like giant chili pepper and started to burn. Still, I put it in my mother’s pussy again. Somehow it was more pleasant than air drying it. I leaned over and caressed her tits again. I hardly moved my hip anymore, but only “parked” my cock in her pussy. Despite all these orgasms and the slight pain that ran through my penis, I was still aroused.

“You’re fond of my breasts, aren’t you?” she asked me.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I said, mumbling, with her nipple in her mouth.

“On the contrary. I had completely forgotten how nice it feels when you suck on them.”

I continued to suck on her breasts and my mother groaned. She pulled my face to her and enjoyed it, while I was just stuck in it. We hardly move, but my mother tensed her pelvic floor muscles, which after a while made my cock come a tenth time.

I pulled it out of my mother and lay down next to her.

“I can’t go on,” I explained, pointing to my red pulsating cock.

“Neither do I,” Mama said, exhausted. She sat up straight and put my head on her lap. I looked up at her and couldn’t resist the sight of her big breasts. I put her nipple in my mouth again and sucked on it like a baby.

“I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she explained. “Oh yes, mom,” I replied.

Looking at my still hard cock, I asked, “But what are we going to do about

my penis?”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” she explained. “I have to confess something to you …”

I looked up at her breast, sucking.

“When you were down in the kitchen, I secretly put Viagra in your drink.

That explained a lot. But I wasn’t kind of shocked like I should have been. Even if I had something of my swollen tail for two more days: I would have that after a wanking marathon too.

“I hope you’re not angry with me,” she explained.

“Are you kidding? I’m grateful to you, mom. That was the best day of my life!”

“I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know otherwise how I could get you to do it with me …”

She was right. If she had asked me, I would have thought she was crazy. So I found out that it is a real sex bomb.

“Would you like to repeat that sometime?” she asked cautiously. “Anytime,” I said. ”

She smiled contentedly and pulled me tight to her chest. I continued to suckle heartily.

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