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Hello there, my name is Ravi. I’ll continue my narrative with my dream aunt Soumya. I massaged my aunt the last time she called, and I’m waiting for her to call again. Please give me your thoughts on my story.

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Soumya contacted my mother a month later and asked me to assist her with home chores. Soumya received me inside her house after I complied and went to her house. I asked her, “What assistance do you require, aunt?” She replied, “Another massage therapy.” I was pleased, so I accepted and washed my hands. She was dressed in a blouse and leggings, and she appeared to be a homely lady. She summoned me to her room with a bashful expression. I accompanied her and instructed her to change into a bikini outfit.

She said (can you remove my clothes, my son). I was overjoyed and began carefully removing her top, which was a dark-colored bra. I knelt down and yanked her leggings off; they were too tight, and she was dressed in a bikini. My cock was suddenly rocking, and it was slamming into my underwear.


I attempted to keep my cock in check, but Soumya observed me and smiled lustfully. I placed oil on her back and massaged it in the direction she requested. I made her feel at ease by gently massaging her meaty thighs, which she described as I then moved on to her belly, which was soft and shining. I could massage her all day if I wanted to, but she was keeping a close eye on me.

I finished massaging her and was about to move on to her legs when she purposefully stroked my cock with her soft hands, and I froze. She said, (what happened to your brother is extremely difficult). If I’m aroused, I inform her, that’s what occurs.


Soumya was a gentlewoman who understood my emotions and asked, (if you see my pussy, your cock will be fine), and she removed my shorts and saw my underwear in a tent posture, kissed my dickhead, and pressed my cock over my underwear,”aaahhhh….aunty….hhmmmm” She liked my moan, then she took off my vests and saw my large dark cock, so I took off my shirt.

She sucks my cock like a lollipop

In front of her, I stood naked. She kissed my cock and sucked it like a lollipop into her mouth; my cock was bigger than her mouth, so she barely got it in; I pushed it deep, and Soumya sucked my dick like a lollipop. She sucked it for 5 minutes while I was calm. I stood her up and unhooked her brown bra; her nipples were firm by this point, so I bit them and Soumya released a gentle moan; I was loving her nipples and moans when her milk began to pour from her hard nipples. I swallowed her milk from her breast and said, (take my milk kindly son). It was time to make her nude, so I took off her panty and revealed her pussy, which was meaty and delicious, and smelled like little sweat a perfume. I carefully placed her on the bed and slowly opened her pussy lips, which were meaty on the inside. “Aaahhhhhh….mmmmm….” she murmured as I placed my tongue to the tip of her pussy. I licked her pussy and inserted my finger into her very tight hole. She hadn’t been fucked in a long time, and as she yelled, “aaahhhh…”, I pressed my finger farther into her vagina. I sucked her pussy as rubbed it with my finger.

“aaahhhh….aaammmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu For the next ten minutes, I fingered her pussy. Then I jumped on top of her and kissed her, to which she reacted angrily. I asked her when she was last fucked because her pussy was really tight. She said (my husband did not correctly fuck me and did not satisfy me), I said and rubbed my cock over her pussy lips, she was enjoying it, “please fuck me, just fuck my pussy hard”. I followed her instructions and cautiously inserted my mamba inside her white forest. She let out a scream as I added more thrust and forced my rock-hard penis within her tightened pussy.“aaaaaaahh I got my penis stuck in her hole, which was being pressed against my penis by her pussy walls. She was letting her groans “aahhhh….yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I bit her lips and slowly moved inside her penis, freeing up my momentum, I stroked her at a medium speed while holding on to her pineapple-sized knockers. I was having a good time with her pussy, and she was having a good time as well. After 10 minutes, I lifted her and stroked her more quickly, phat, phat…pluch…phuch…plath…phat, phat…pluch…phuch…plath…phat, .. My cock and her pussy were setting the tone in the room; we kissed and fucked her in unison, and 10 minutes later I laid her on the bed, slept on her, and rode inside her sluty hole “aahhh…hh”.

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I was more excited by her moaning, so I slowed down and smacked her as hard as I could……, I love you,  she said. Her sex desires were visible on her face. She was a lovely lady who relished every one of my strokes. I was envious of her husband. I put my cock to her lips and made her taste her own juices, she murmured her juices were still streaming from her wet pussy, I swallowed it all and emptied her pussy, It became dry after she cummed, so I poured oil on my dark long rod and inserted it into her hole of love, throbbing for 10 minutes in the doggy style, wow Soumya was looking like a bitch in that style,”yyaaa…aahhhh…..sshhh” she moaned, my testicles were hitting her pussy lips “Oohhhh….fuck… you aunt,” I grumbled as she grinned and rubbed her clit, and I gently stroked her, saying, “aunty,” (your cunt is so nice and very hot aunt), and she liked me for respecting her.I was loving her when she asked, “is it son, then please keep fucking my pussy all day, and I answered, I continued for 10 minutes and claimed I was about to cum.

I cummed on her face

I let go of my cock and released my load on her lovely face and enormous knockers; I had a tremendous load of cum, so she was drenched in it; I cummed the rest of the load on her thighs and ass; she exclaimed  (you had more load inside you, its tasty son). After unloading, my cock lost erection, and I faced the ceiling while she sucked my dark testicles, which felt like massage to my balls, and I collapsed straight on the bed. I asked her,” and she obliged right away, sucking my cock for 5 minutes before falling asleep. While she was rubbing my shaft and pressing my testicles, I led her to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower. I applied soap to her back and massaged her while she rubbed my shaft and pressed my testicles. I rubbed her boobs with soap, and she seemed to enjoy it. The woman had been left unsatisfied by her husband for a long time, and a young man turned her into a true woman. Soumya kissed me and I kissed her back, I bent down and sucked her pussy while she rubbed my head, I stood and she sat and sucked my dick like a pro, after 5 minutes, I lifted her one leg up and pointed my wet meat to her flesh pussy, Soumya pulled my cock inside her pussy and I stroked her under a hot shower, what a sequence, I throbbed her.

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We took a long shower together, during which I washed her and she cleaned myself, and we emerged naked. Soumya cleaned the room and came to offer me lunch nudely while I sat on the sofa naked rubbing my cock. Soumya took up the phone and said, “I have more work, so I’ll send my son tomorrow.”, do you like my body, do whatever you want son, each time she called me son I felt very pampered, she went to the kitchen, she was cooking while I was fingering her clit, “mmm…it is so relaxed, she finished cooking and IShe saw my cum, pushed my cock, and massaged the cum with her fingertip. She was sucking the cum when she saw me, so I swallowed her fingers and we both smooched like lovers for 10 minutes. I carried her to her room kissing her and putting her on her bed and licking her anal, and she knew what I was up to next. I poured oil on my hot rod and slid into her anal at a glacial pace. It was tight, of course, she wasn’t into anal, “aaahhhhhh……..” she murmured, and I came to a halt in her asshole. She was in pain but didn’t scream, she was sobbing, and I caressed her gently. It ended 10 minutes after I was taken out of the planet. We came in cowgirl posture and stroked for 15 minutes, I pressed her boobs and sucked her milk oozing out continuously, yes aunt, it’s tasty and delicious, she created an awesome momentum while riding my meatpole, I was kissing her uncontrollably, then I put her in missionary posture and stroked her faster, I was licking her legs and thighs, which aroused her. Every woman has an enticing feature. My girlfriend is aroused when she is licked on her legs, she had more flesh in her legs, and I was scared she would get pregnant when she said, “I cummed within her,” she kissed me again and thanked me, and we fucked until nightfall in various postures and locations.


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