Losing her Virginity


Farin, during losing her Virginity

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Farin stood in front of the house on the street and checked her parents’ packed car. Together with Farin’s little sister, they had just left for the Alps, where they would spend their vacation. Farin naturally had no desire for such a family vacation and would therefore stay at home. Her parents would be gone for two weeks. That meant two weeks without a storm and two weeks of fun.

Because yesterday the summer vacation had started and so Farin had enough time to do what she wanted.

Farin couldn’t feel better right now. The weather was fine, there was no cloud in the sky. On this wonderful summer day invited to an extensive sunbath.

The thought tingled in Farin’s stomach. It was that strange feeling that she had suddenly had when she undressed in the locker room after the physical education.

But like then, Farin immediately replaced it.

Now she felt like ice cream. And she saw no reason to just dismiss this lust. Rather, Farin ran cheerfully down the street. There was an ice cream shop just 10 minutes away selling probably the best stracciatella ice cream in the world.

While Farin was walking through the housing estate, she looked around. The dark blue sky, the green trees, the bright, almost shining houses … it was just a wonderful world. Farin loved summer. Everything was so warm and bright.

Farin involuntarily gave everyone who came towards her a smile. And with almost everyone, whether old man, young woman, or small child, she received a warm smile. No wonder, because you just had to like this girl with the incredibly pretty face, the bright, straw-blonde hair, and the mischievous smile. Usually, Farin was not so open, in fact, she was sometimes quite shy, but today on this wonderful day everyone was her friend.

In the meantime, Farin had reached the queue in front of the ice cream parlor and was standing in the back. Right on the other side of the street was the lake promenade, where the small town was located. Of course, quite a lot of people were traveling there in this weather and this time of year, which made the queue in front of the ice cream parlor grow quite quickly. So Farin had to wait a while, but she had no problem with that. On the contrary. She stretched her face into the sun and enjoyed the warmth and bustle around her.

Everywhere happy and lightly dressed people were running around, children were romping around and cars with boat trailers stowed on the street.

Finally, it was Farin’s turn. She ordered two scoops of stracciatella and the sweaty but friendly seller handed her an ice cream. She licked it a few times and let it melt on her tongue. It was wonderful. Then Farin discovered an empty bench on the bank. She pranced across the street and sat down.


Farin looked over the lake. Everywhere people and boats were swimming in the water. Ducks swam and flew past. A sports plane whirred in circles, and the forested hills on the other side of the lake were greener than ever.

Farin happily licked her ice cream and enjoyed the atmosphere. Some ice cream dripped from the waffle and ends up right in its neckline. Farin winced briefly when the cold drop hit her right breast, just that her top was not fully lubricated. She looked at the white-brown stain on her warm skin. Then Farin pressed a finger on her chest and slowly wiped the ice off. Somehow it felt good. She pushed her finger a little deeper into the supple skin. Of course, Farin’s breasts were very firm and perfectly shaped at the age of 18, but she had never touched them in public as they do now.

And there was that tingling again.


Farin quickly wiped away the rest of the ice cream and licked it off her finger. She looked around ashamedly. But apparently, no one had watched her fiddle with her chest for seconds.

Too bad.

A pity?! She didn’t really think that now, did she?

Farin looked out at the lake again and continued to lick her ice cream. It worked. The strange thoughts and the strange feeling in her stomach were gone. Farin could return to her joy over the summer.

Soon there was nothing left of ice cream and waffles. Satisfied, Farin got up and strolled along the busy promenade. Just when she was wondering what she would do with the rest of this wonderful summer day, her cell phone rang. It was Rajib, her best friend. She asked if Farin didn’t want to go to the outdoor pool with her. Of course, she felt like it.

“Ok, but I can only in an hour, we’ll meet there. See you then,” said Rajib and hung up. Farin was standing on the shore now and was already looking out over the lake.

And there was that feeling in her stomach again. But it was stronger than before, and Farin knew that it had something to do with the outdoor pool.

She made her way home. Farin was now running faster than before, driven by the tingling sensation that warmed her from the inside even more than the sun already did from the outside.

Farin was soon at home, ran into her room, and hastily stuffed her bikini, towel, and sunscreen into her backpack. The outdoor pool where she wanted to meet Rajib was a meadow by the lake. The changing rooms there were pretty dirty and run down, so you usually wore your bikini under your clothes so you didn’t have to change.

But Farin didn’t think about that. Or rather, she didn’t want to think about it. Because deep down inside, exactly where this wonderful tingling came from, she knew exactly why she didn’t put the bikini on straight away but took it with her in the backpack.

She got on her bike and drove off. It normally took Farin a quarter of an hour to get to the bathroom. But today she cycled a lot faster and was thereafter 10 minutes. She put her bike to the many others in front of the entrance and went inside. Farin looked at the clock. Rajib would be there in about 40 minutes.


Farin’s heart was pounding faster and faster, and the tingling got stronger as she ran across the lawn. There were quite a few people here too. Families, pensioners, and some young people.

Farin looked for a suitable place. The feeling in her stomach had spread all over her body. Her hands were shaking a little. Incense no longer bothered Farin to displace it.

She just loved it.

Now she had reached a place she liked. There was a lot of space here, considering that there was quite a lot of activity in the outdoor pool, but it was still easy to see from anywhere. There were a couple of younger families and two other girls about Farin’s age nearby.

Now it was time.

Farin opened her backpack, spread out the towel, and put her flip-flops next to it. Now she was standing barefoot in the grass. Nobody really seemed to notice her.

Then she put her hands on the bottom of her top. She hesitantly tugged at it. Now!

Farin pulled her top over her head and placed it next to her towel. Her flat stomach was now exposed and her beautiful breasts were only covered by her bra.

Farin quickly unbuttoned her shorts. The tingling in her became stronger and more beautiful. Before Farin pulled her pants down, she hesitated briefly. But then she did it anyway and put it on the floor next to her top.

Farin now stood in his underwear among all these people. It was an indescribable feeling, and it was just the beginning.

Now Farin fiddled with the closure of her bra and looked around unobtrusively. A middle-aged man sat a few feet away and seemed to look at her again and again, but he didn’t look really interested. It is quite different, however, from a girl who was sitting alone on a towel. She was probably at most 12 or 13 because there were only tiny elevations under her bikini top. With a half-open mouth and big eyes, she studied Farin’s body closely.

Finally, the fastener opened and Farin slowly let her bra slide down. She was shaking even more now and an incredible excitement shot through her body. Farin took the bra away completely and felt the warm sun and a few curious glances hit her bare breasts.

The man also looked at her again, as did a woman and one of the teenagers. The girl, in turn, was still staring at her as before.

It was no wonder because Farin’s breasts were perfect. They weren’t too big,

but they stood for and were well-shaped. Her light-colored nipples were quite small and showed something upwards.


In short, Farin’s breasts were a beautiful sight. She was well aware of that, but she had never simply shown it. Usually, she was rather shameful, and apart from in the locker room, Farin had only bared her breasts in front of the mirror at home before taking a shower – or when she was touching.

And now she was standing half-naked on the lawn and everyone could see her breast. It was a new and wonderful feeling. Farin was briefly tempted to touch her breasts, to stroke, to weigh them in her hands. But she didn’t. It would have attracted too much attention. Farin just wanted to pretend that she was changing normally and didn’t mind that strangers were looking at her naked body.

Now the most difficult thing came.

Farin hesitated again briefly, but then she brushed her hands over her hips, pushing her panties down and taking them off.

The pure excitement flicked through Farin’s body.

She was now standing naked and revealing every part of her body, no matter how intimate. Her vagina looked beautiful and fresh. Only a small slit was visible under her completely hairless venus mound. Farin was still a virgin, which is why her labia looked so tight.

7 or 8 people were looking at Farin, who was still pretending to just change clothes and didn’t care who was watching her. Most of them peeked at her unobtrusively.

Only the teenage girl looked at her openly and there was a kind of recognition in her eyes about Farin’s courage and her feminine forms.

The younger girl kept looking at her too. She looked intrigued and probably wished that she would have such a beautiful body in a few years.

Farin stood there for a few seconds, enjoying her excitement and nudity. She pushed her shoulders back, causing her breasts to rise and her stomach to become tighter. She felt the warm air all over her body, it was just beautiful.

Farin noticed that it was time to put on the bikini. Because nobody should

realize that she really wanted to enjoy her nudity.

She bent down for her bikini bottoms and put them on. Then she realized that she really didn’t need the top. It happened now and then that women sunbathed up here, why shouldn’t Farin do that too?

Still very excited, Farin sat down on her towel and grabbed the sunscreen.

She leaned back and made a few splashes on her stomach. The cold cream-filled wonderfully on her warm skin, which was heated by the excitement and the sun. Farin slowly rubbed the white liquid on her body. Again and again, she stroked her belly button gently. Farin still felt a few glances and tried not to show how much she got it going. But that became more and more difficult because Farin breathed very deep with excitement, and her bare breasts rose and fell.

In the meantime, Farin’s belly shone seductively and she rubbed her legs and arms as well.

Then she put some sunscreen in her palm and put it directly on her left breast. It felt so great that Farin could barely suppress a moan.

She rubbed the sunscreen on her chest, which moved smoothly under her hand. The sensitive nipple felt harder and harder.

Farin wanted to close her eyes now and enjoy this feeling, but that would have been noticed too much.

Now she rubbed the other breast as well, which felt just as nice. Then Farin lay down on her towel and stretched out. She had never felt so comfortable. Her beautiful breasts shone in the sun and everyone could admire her.

Farin had suppressed it so many times, but now she had finally become aware of the beauty of her body and wanted to show it.

With this cozy feeling, Farin closed her eyes and let the sunshine on her skin. She lounged in the warm summer air and finally dozed off.


Farin started. Rajib stood over her and smiled at her.

Farin looked down at herself. Her breasts were still bare. Actually, she had wanted to put her top on before Rajib came, but stupidly she fell asleep. She blushed and smiled back slightly.


“You’re brave today. I don’t know you like that,” said Rajib briskly and began to undress.

“Well …” Farin didn’t know what to say. She actually thought it was nice that her best friend saw her breast. It was just embarrassing that she, this otherwise so shy girl, just showed him in the outdoor pool.

Rajib was already wearing her bikini under her clothes, but Farin was perplexed to find that she was now taking her top off, too. Her breasts were almost as beautiful as Farin’s and the rest of her body left nothing to be desired.

Rajib now lay next to Farin and beamed at her. “Well, have your parents left already?” She didn’t seem to have a problem with nudity, but it didn’t seem to excite her either.

Farin had recovered from her shock and is now turning aside. She felt her breasts move a little.

“Yep, they’re gone,” she said as if she found the situation just as normal.

The two talked, laughed, and enjoyed this perfect summer day, and again and again, Farin stealthily looked at her best friend’s breasts.

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