Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

Look at me. Look at me. At me.

So large, so hard. Every single morning, I raise my finger to the heavens! I look forward to the mornings. I am the focus of everyone’s attention. When he comes to, he realises he has a decision to make. What option will he go with today? Oh, here we go. His hand is about to go down the elastic on his underwear when it appears. Oh, hell yeah, he’s caressing me with his large rough hand right now. I can feel it. Oh my goodness, you’re absolutely right, please give me a hug.

oh… no, don’t go. oh, crap.

Now try doing it when you have an erection.

What are you talking about, brain? I’m in command here. Brain, please refrain from thinking about the job…


Permit me to begin by introducing myself. I serve as his cock. His penis, dick, cock, banana, bat, Johnson, manhood, dick, cock, tail, wood, tool, wiener, member, or any other affectionate term that comes to his mind at the time.

I share my home with two nut jobs! Literally. They don’t actually accomplish all that much. Hold on, and try to get some exercise. A gentle rattling or chattering sound is produced by the teeth. You don’t say much. The real estate market in this area is distinct. On sometimes they are trimmed short, making them appear dishevelled, while on other occasions they are somewhat overgrown. The majority of the time, I am suffocated by this horrible polyester. Oh, these two balls are dripping with sweat! It does not feel good.

This morning was much like any other. Sometimes he’ll jerk off before everyone else. Next comes the cleanup. I gotta admit, I like a nice wank. Not today; either he’s really busy or he’s just a little bit behind schedule.

Oh, yes. Erections. Permit me to explain what takes place.

I’ll take over. I’ll take over. I’ll take over. Put all other aspects of your body out of your mind. I quickly became the focal point of his entire universe. When I feel enthusiastic, it’s hard for me to contain my enthusiasm. It gives me a new appreciation for how powerful I am while having a very little muscle. Ha-ha-ha. Put that bicep to good use. If he is unable to command my thoughts, and there is no necessity for there to be.

After a whiff, a short glimpse, or a momentary recollection, my blood flow returns to normal. Oh guy! I simply keep on becoming bigger and bigger until I’m as tough as nails and ready for… well, anything. When it happens, I’m at my wit’s end. I’ll take one hand, one mouth, one foot, and one pussy all by myself, please. As long as it gives me a throbbing and buzzing sensation and rubs, caresses, sucks, and licks me, I will enjoy it.

Let me tell you about today. You are familiar with the dawn already. Therefore, we will proceed in that manner.

Take a quick shower. It’s wonderful to get extremely fresh, but after a time these two testicles tend to grow heated and smell a little bit. It’s nice to get fresh. After getting a great lather, give it a quick massage and squeeze, and then rinse off with some lovely warm water. Holy crap, I despise taking ice baths and showers. I immediately become much smaller, much like a turtle’s head does when it spots a trawler. The towel is nice and plush and fluffy. Just one more shaky little touch, please. I adore having my body caressed! Then, ugh, it’s time for the briefs. I give thanks to God that he began purchasing some supportive underwear for me that does not suffocate me. When I pull my pants up over my head, I am concealed yet constantly present. Driving may be an unpleasant experience. My body is forced into an uncomfortable posture that causes me pain.

Oh…oh yes…mmm I can feel this warm blood that fills me to the brim Oh my goodness, I like this sensation. I can feel myself getting puffy. What exactly is going on here? The eyes, right? That sultry secretary Steph is at it again, donning another one of her low-cut tops. Oh no, he glanced once more! Her enormous breasts. What a charming couple they make. The delicate complexion is quite alluring to the eyes. Nice deep cleavage. Don’t forget the day we caught her biting forcefully through her clothes. Oh, that turned out to be a wonderful day. After that, he went to the bathroom and wanked there for a while. Oh, we have a thing for breasts. Mmmm keep watching. Let me get nice and hard.

Hey there, Brain, that’s not fair. Put an end to ruminating about the invoice that has to be written. Put a halt to that. Fuck!

The narrative of my entire existence.

The following hour is spent with no response being given. Either everyone is paying attention to me or they have completely forgotten about me. On the other hand, I am armed with the power to act at any time. After all, I’m the muscle with the most strength.

“I lick pussy,” said the tongue. “I lick pussy,” said the tongue.

“Oh, you pussy,” said the brain.

Oh, I see what you mean, brain. Don’t stop thinking about the pussycat. How fantastic it is. “How delicious it is,” said the tongue.

Okay, yes, fine. Just give some thought to pussy. That is very delicious, mmmm—some further thoughts. Oh my God, this is going to be a tough approach now!

Oh, yes! Fuck, yes! Take a good look at me, all strained and pulsating! Oh sure, he’s got it, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, mmmm, he’s grinding me up against the front of his pants. Oh yeah! Even though this is only a little triumph, I’m going to celebrate it as such.

Wait… no… To hell with the air, just keep it in the guy. What the heck are you, a child of three? Oh, crap. Being surrounded by a bunch of fools

Therefore, by those individuals who may still read. That most likely takes place four or five times every single day. It can be triggered by anything.

Yawn, I’m bored. Not much occurs. The remainder of the day is going to be relatively uneventful… until.

Something doesn’t seem quite right. I’m getting an inflow. Oh, I haven’t made it all the way, but I’m doing my best. The brain, right? Brain? What exactly is going on here? Oh, she’s right here! He just walked in on her reading in the bedroom. Oh, his eyes were lingering on the silkiness of her legs. He moves closer to her in order to kiss her. I need you to take action, Brain. Step it up. Encourage him to start a conversation with her.

Oh my goodness, that’s incredible. That will be sufficient. Indeed, she appears to be staring at him. She stops reading and puts the book down. She leans in, and the two of them kiss. Mmm, I like the flow. Oh, God. I’m becoming quite intense. Oh, yeah, that’s it. Yeah, her cheeky breast; feel it, press it. I feel her hand on top of mine. I adore her smooth palm and fingers. Fuck, yes. This pain is so severe and constant. Mmm, oh, God, yeah. Stroke my baby. The gentle ups and downs of these hands. Oh my God, I have a crush on her. She makes me feel so much better than his touch ever could have, which is saying a lot. Oh, sure, the ascent and descent.

Oh, yeah, darn it! Her oral cavity. Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God! What the hell. She is so gorgeous that it’s not even funny. Those moist, smooth lips of theirs. Oh my God, she has such a warm mouth. Oh baby, oh yes, more, oh God, lick more of me. Suck more of me. Oh God, absolutely.

Harder, darling, suck me harder. Mmmm, you’re fantastic. So skilled. Oh mmmm, that tongue circling my skull, it’s very delicate there, but I really enjoy it. Lick the haft of it now. When it comes to kissing, the Lord, are those lips tender? Mmmm yeah, take me back. Oh my God, she is going through with it. Yes, you can feel my throbbing as well as my pulse. Fuck yeah. Oh my God, I am such a pain.

Oh, these balls are getting more difficult to control. They are actively trying to expel the sperm, and I can feel it. What the hell, that’s awesome. Come on, sweetie, mmm, your mouth is so delicious. Oh, God… Keep on, don’t stop. Oh yes, mmm yeah. Oh my goodness, here she is. It is about to arrive. It has a pounding sound. Oh yeah!!! The best sensation whenever I come. My muscles are causing the sticky and warm sperm to shoot out as my pulses continue. That is the most amazing sensation. The sperm will first shoot out, and then it will trickle out. My entire torso is giving me a dull ache.

Such moments are among of my favourites. I have total control. The remainder of the body reacts to my every command. I can flex his toes. I can make him groan. I have the power to make him stifle his breathing. I am so powerful that I can even coerce him into saying silly things like “I love you.” I am in control of everything. I enjoy being king. But power is fleeting.

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