Lesbian Sleepover Part-1


Lesbian Sleepover and Uncle Part 1

My name is Heer and I’m a school-going girl. I’m 16 and my biggest obsession is watching porn.

I live with my uncle and he’s in his late 50s. I live with him so I can continue my studies in this city.

I am obsessed with watching porn and I have a whole collection of porn on my laptop.

My porn collection isn’t just limited to my taste but I also share it with my friends. I often invite my friends over and we have a sleepover. My uncle has no issues with me having my friends over and he encourages me when I have a sleepover with friends.

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So after my exams, I was getting bored at home so I decided to have my friends over.

I have two friends named Sicha and Ruhi. Sicha is 16 years old with a chubby body. and Ruhi is 17 years old with a lean body.

So when they came over at night, we had snacks and we did each other’s makeup and had girly fun. When it was time to sleep, Ruhi said to me: “Let’s watch something?”

We all started laughing because we knew what she was talking about.

I switched on my laptop and we got under our blankets.

Now we played a porn movie on the laptop and started steaming up the mood.

Ruhi was the first one to get in the mood so she started to kiss Sicha on her neck.

“Uhhhmmmhhhh ahhhh ahhhh…. Ummmhhhhahhhh ummmahhhhh…. Ahhhh…. Ahhhhh”

They both were kissing like pornstars.

Sicha was moaning while they kissed. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Sicha grabbed some popcorn and she stuffed them into Ruhi’s mouth.

“Ew,” I complained because of course I didn’t want food in my mouth.

“Don’t be an Aunty. You know you like it. Come on I need to go to the bathroom”

She walked away.

Now it was me and Ruhi in the room. I held Ruhi from her shoulders and started biting her neck.

“Oh god, you’re gonna suck that pretty neck of mine right now.” She moaned.

I started sucking on her neck and then she bit me.

I pulled away from her and I started sucking on her neck again.

“Uhmmmhhh uhhh ahhh… ahhh uhhhmmm ahhhh”

The porn movie continued and so did we. Now we both were getting wet down there.

I put my hand inside Ruhi Pj’s and rubbed her clit.

She screamed out loud.

She started grinding onto me.

I moved her legs to make it easier for me.

“Ahhh… Ohh…. Ummmmm….” You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Now we were kissing and rubbing each other’s clit.

“Fuck…” she groaned.

I came on top of her and took off her top.

I kissed her neck and sucked her boobs.

Then she reached down and gave me a hickey.

I went back to her neck and sucked her boobs again. I pulled away from her and I started licking the hickey.

“Ugh… ah! Mmh mmh mhm mhmm.”

I started to lick her pussy again as well as suck some liquid of hers.

I pulled away from her and I licked my lips. Then I bit her nipples.

She moaned loudly. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

As I was sucking her, I felt my clit start to throb.

“Fuuuck!” I yelled.

I pulled away from her and I looked at myself in the mirror.

I had my underwear off and I was dripping wet.

I started rubbing my clit with my fingers. Sicha came from the washroom and saw us doing the act. She threw her clothes off and jumped onto us.

I tried to pull up my panties but they weren’t going to come off.

I was trying not to cum all over my clothes but it seemed impossible. I had a hard time stopping myself from coming.

“Ahhh… ahhhhh ummm… ahhhhhhhh”

I couldn’t stop myself and it was driving me insane.

I could feel the juices leaking out of me and I started to sob.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed as I came all over the bed.

Now we opened Sicha’s legs and I started sucking her pussy while Ruhi started sucking her boobs.

“Mmmhhmmm ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk”

Sicha was squirming around and screaming. Ruhi sucked harder than ever and I could hear her nails scratching on the sheets.

Sicha was moaning and whimpering.

“Oh god Ruhi… ummm…”

I started to thrust my tongue into her.


I was still pumping my tongue and suc king.

When she started to cum, I kept pumping my tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Oh god Ruhi… umm… ahhhhh… ummmmmmm…”

I could tell she was close too cause I was starting to get excited too.

Ruhi pulled her head back and she looked at me with a smile on her face.

Ruhi pulled me off of her and rolled us over so that she was on top.

Sicha was still cumming.

She started moaning and whimpering louder.

“You guys are so fucking hot. I love it when you do this.”

After they stopped cumming and getting wet, I turned off the laptop and laid down next to Ruhi on the bed. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Sicha was sleeping between us. I wrapped my arms around Ruhi and smiled.

We fell asleep soon after that.

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