Lesbian Adventure


The Great Lesbian Adventure

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Anita struggled to explain the complicated Latin terms that, for some reason, are the standard in her field. No one knew more about the Neolithic Mayan temples than her, but it was hard relating that information to the students.

Everything was convoluted and boring, written by scholars with zero experience in the actual field. How was she supposed to teach those dry texts to the students, when she herself found them boring? In her years as an explorer and adventurer, she had learned a lot more than what was in the books, but the university expected her to teach by academic literature. She would have much preferred to tell her students about the wild and crazy things she had seen with her own eyes, while exploring South America and the Yucatan, but it wasn’t how the system worked. Academia and teaching were never Anita’s thing, but she had to pay the bills somehow, and expeditions only came about once in a blue moon. The college provided her with some stability in her otherwise unorthodox life and despite the crushing bureaucracy, she enjoyed working with the students.


They loved her too. Every single young adult in that room had their eyes on her. Students could not help but stare at her beautiful face and body, checking out her ass, every time she wrote something on the blackboard. Anita knew that the reason most of those students were in her class, was that they wanted to fuck her. She was quite the celebrity in the university and especially in the archeology field. Most of the other professors were dusty, old, and dull, which made her stand out from the crowd. It was against university policy for her to hook up with students, but Anita did not like playing by the rules. Besides, who could resist the sexy 19-year-old girls that passed her notes after class?


After a few awkward attempts, she figured it would be best to just fuck her fangirls so that they would leave her alone. There was a particularly self-confident girl, sitting in the first roll, that wasn’t wearing any panties in today’s lecture. She was distracting, but hot, and Anita intended to call her to her office after class. She had to deal with those admirers, or they would disrupt the class too much, or at least that is the excuse she gave herself. The truth was that Anita was just as girl-crazy, as her students.

Just as she was trying to explain the Mayan burial practices to her class, her door opened. I walked in a man she had never seen before and the dean of the university. Whenever the dean was involved, things were serious, so she stopped what she was saying and waited for them to say something.

“Professor, may we have a word in your office?” – the dean said.

“I was actually just in the middle of a class.” – she knew resistance was futile but liked to give some attitude whenever the chance arose.

“It will only be a few minutes and what we need to discuss will interest you very much. Besides, it is of the university and perhaps national importance.” – that sounded interesting.

Anita walked over to her office with the two men, which were just next door. She sat behind her desk and they shut the door behind them. The unknown man was the first to speak.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Sourav Harris, the minister of internal affairs of Peru.” – he had a distinct accent, which Anita recognized from her travels. – “We need your expertise, Professor.”

The minister then proceeded to take out a cloth bag, which he placed on Anita’s desk. When he unraveled it, a few golden ornaments were inside. It took her a few seconds to recognize what exactly was in front of her. Then, all of a sudden, with intense vigor and curiosity, Anita got up and walked over to the other side of her office, where her library was. She produced an old, dusty book and slammed it on the desk, next to the golden fragments. It took her a few more seconds to find what she was looking for.

“It looks like a Preclassic golden ornament. Similar ones were found in Tikal, in the 1950s.” – she pointed to a drawing in her book. – “These are in great condition, where did you get them?”

“They belonged to a native tribe and were found by loggers, as you probably know yourself, that treasure does not originate in Peru.”

“No, it belongs in the Yucatan. Do you know how it got all of the ways to Peru?” – Anita was perplexed.

“From what we understood, the tribes traded with the Maya thousands of years ago, and still seem to have kept some of the treasures.” – the minister said.

“That is fascinating, and the ornaments here seem to be in great condition. Do you know if there are similar treasures out there, kept somewhere?”

“That is why we are here Professor. We think that a neighboring tribe might also pose some Mayan gold treasures. The problem is, we have very little experience with those people. And that is where we need your help.”

“I wrote my doctoral thesis on the indigenous peoples of Peru and lived among them for three months. Let me see if I understand you correctly, you want me to go and ask them for the gold?”

“That is correct. We have one of our own top scholars, ready to aid you. We were hoping that the two of you could help. We are ready to financially reward you, and the academic community will be more than thankful if we manage to find more of this gold. So, what do you say Professor?” – there was no doubt in Anita’s mind.

“I’ll do it!”

Once the two men left, she returned to her class. Too excited to teach, she apologized to the students and let them go home early. Calling only the naughty girl from the first roll, back to her office. America needed to release the pressure and this girl, was the perfect way to do that.

“So, I noticed you were trying to get my attention, during the class.” – Anita said, as she closed the door to her office.

“Yeah Professor, I am a really big fan of your body, of work. I was hoping you could give me a private lesson.” – the girl was pretty, petite, and young.

“I think I can give you something, sure.”

When she said that, Anita walked over to the student, grabbed her by the shoulders, and began kissing her. It was pretty clear, from the get-go, that the girl was into it. They kissed and stumbled towards the couch, that was in the office precisely for fucking students.

Their tongues were swirling around as they collapsed onto the couch. Anita was a good kisser and knew how to take care of a girl. She moved her hands all over the younger girl’s body, groping the student’s perky tits. The student herself did not lack any confidence and her hands were roaming all over Anita’s body. She was like a teenage boy, that had never touched a girl before. It was up to Anita to take the lead, as usual. The Professor took her own sweater off and quickly discarded the student’s short black dress. Once it was laying on the floor, with one swift move, Anita took off her bra and threw it down as well. In front of her, the teacher found a pair of well-shaped, perky tits, there certainly were perks to this job. Anita also got naked quickly, she herself had quite a rack. Now that both of them were half-naked, it was time to introduce the sweet, innocent college girl to the pleasures of being with another woman. With sensual kisses, Anita moved on, down.

The naughty student wasn’t wearing any panties, to begin with, which made things a little quicker. Anita gave her a little kiss and a lick on the inner tight, which made the girl groan. Then, gently she slid her middle finger, along the slit. After doing this a couple of times, she substituted her finger for her tongue. Anita could taste her student’s juices, a familiar and arousing taste.

She loved doing it with inexperienced girls. This was a fun semester. By the 4th stroke, the 19-year-old was soaking wet, with saliva and her own juices, so it was time to fuck her good.

She had a pretty pussy, waxed and young. It looked soft and inviting and the adventurous professor wasted no time and buried her head down there. She continued her long, slow strokes along the slit. Finally, she decided to settle on the clit and began teasing it too. A lick on one side then the other. The girl was berating heavily and moaning with pleasure. Anita then moved on to the clit itself. Licking it, slightly sucking on it, and even biting a little, while doing this, she inserted one finger in her friend. This caused the student, once again to moan. She started fingering and licking, slowly building up the pace. Soon it was clear, by the hand on Anita’s head and the intensive moans, that the other girl was about to cum. She kept up the same rhythm and could feel the orgasm as the young girl’s vagina started contracting, her back arched and she moaned loudly. It was loud and wild; the professor was a little scared someone might hear them. Luckily, that did not seem to happen. Now that the younger girl saw how it’s done, it was time for her to pleasure her professor.



On the plane to Peru, Anita could not stop wondering, what she was getting herself into. It had been a while she had been in the field. It was her calling, but things could get dangerous and she was getting too old for that. Academic life wasn’t that bad. She had a stable income and she got to bang chicks whenever she wanted to. But it was hard for her to miss an opportunity. Ever since she was a kid, Anita had loved reading about explorers and adventurers, pushing the boundary to science. She did not want to be some bookworm, she wanted to be in the thick of it all. Nothing compared to the feeling of being the first person to see an ancient and forgotten city or to hold a long-lost artifact. She lived for that sort of stuff but also knew things could get messy. More than once, she had walked a tightrope, between life and death, once literally. As she grew up and started getting more mature, writing a book and teaching in a university seemed more and more enticing. But today, she was still an adventurer.

Peru felt like her second home by now. She had not only written her doctoral thesis here, back in the day but also had a wild adventure in search of a lost city. The interior minister did not need to know the last part. By now, Anita was fluent in Spanish and knew the local dialect well. The country seemed to have developed a lot, since the last time she was here. That was great news for the people in the cities but was often done at the expense of the indigenous peoples, she had once studied. Countless artifacts had been lost to bulldozers and she had to have this one. The golden treasure Anita and the other researcher were trying to get, could really help solve the puzzle that the early Yucatan civilizations were. There wasn’t much left to discover after all of the pillagings and discovering that had happened in those parts of the world and she was excited to be the one who gets it. But in the end, Anita simply loved the rush, the feeling of being out there, exploring and uncovering new things. She was on her way to meet the local researcher and as soon as they met up, the real fun was going to begin.

Just like her, the other professor worked in a university. It was always a gamble, exploring with another person, but Anita did not have much of a choice. The Peruvian authorities demanded that the other professor came, besides another person could always be of help. Anita made her way inside the university and began walking the long hallways. There were countless doors, classrooms, and offices. After a few minutes, she finally made it to the right door and knocked.

“Come in.” – came from the other side of the door, with a thick accent.

“Hello, I am Professor Indiana Anita, but I go by Anita.” – she told to her fellow adventurer.

“And I am Dr. Anamika Velasquez. Nice to meet you Anita.”

Anamika was shorter than Anita, with olive skin and long black hair. Her face had soft features, and it was beautiful. Her large, eyes brow looked inviting and her smile was reassuring. Overall, she seemed like a really nice person, that was also quite beautiful. She got up, to shake Anita’s hand. It was then that the American noticed that her Peruvian counterpart also had quite the curvy figure. A nice ass and tits, something you do not see in universities very often.

“From what I heard you have already been to Peru, but I would prefer to talk English. I do not get the chance to practice very often.” – her accent was strong and sexy. – “I was just reading up on some literature, but we can leave if you want. There is a long ride, towards the village.”

“How long do you think this expedition will take?” – Anita asked.

“It is hard to tell. No one can really communicate with the indigenous people. It could be a day, or we might need weeks. We have sent people to talk to them before, but no one seems to understand the other party.”

That wasn’t very uncommon. In her research, Anita had learned that the natives did not like foreigners very much, but she herself did manage to integrate with the tribe she was writing about. Currently, she was probably the most knowledgeable person, when it came to these tribes, which is probably why they sent her. It was going to be interesting returning to the indigenous peoples, after so many years. Anita also wondered who exactly her cute companion was.

“So, is this the first time you will be working in the field?”

“Yeah, it actually is. I just got my Ph.D. three months ago and I feel like doing something more exciting than literature reviews. When the government asked someone from the university staff to join the expedition, I could not resist.”– Anamika was probably around 25, but Anita thought it would be inappropriate to ask. – “I hear that you have quite the experience with fieldwork.”

“I guess you can say that. Let me tell you about my first expedition…”



The drive towards the native tribe was long and tedious. The roads were good for a while, but as they entered deeper into the rainforest, things started to get worse. A big part of exploring and traveling was actually made up of boring and tiresome traveling. There wasn’t much to do and see on the side of the road. The two women had talked quite a bit and now the car had fallen silent. From their conversation, Anita learned that the younger professor was a keen historian with some interest in anthropology. She seemed like a very bright girl and was surely going to be a good companion. Through the years Anita had learned that another person, especially a native, can mean the difference between life and death. It was great having someone that seemed trustworthy on her side. It was also great having such a sexy chick, sitting next to her.

Anita planned on behaving professionally for the duration of the trip, but she had to make a move at some point. There was nothing better than hooking up with your fellow professor during an expedition. The two of them would likely never see each other again, and that made it even sexier. But for now, Anita had to focus on the work ahead of her.

“Are we close to where we have to be?” – she asked Anamika.

“It is just a few kilometers away. Do you have a plan on how we are going to approach this?”

“I don’t usually have a plan. Let’s just go there and ask. It is what usually works for me.”

“Really? I thought that there was a lot of work and research that went into being an adventurer like you. I mean from what you have told me, I would guess that you have read a lot of books.”

“The reading comes first, before the auction. But now that we are here, nothing can help us, but ourselves.” – Anita liked being overly dramatic when it came to adventuring.

After a few more minutes the two women reached the end of the road. From there on, it was a short walk towards the village. The tribe wasn’t totally cut from civilization, as other researchers had visited them, but it was still risky and unclear how to properly deal with them. The two professors were authorized to do whatever it was in their power to get the art facts, but the tribe did not seem to want money or other resources. The forest they had to walk through was lush and green, unlike anything back in the states. It was exciting being back for Anita. She loved interacting with those civilizations, that was different than hers, especially in a place like this, that wasn’t touched by industrialization. There were less and fewer such tribes around the world and interacting with them was always fascinating.

“So, no plan whatsoever. I mean, is there something we absolutely shouldn’t do?” – the younger professor was getting anxious.

“The only way to know that is doing that thing. But don’t worry. It is generally pretty safe to deal with those tribes. They are just people after all. They wear different clothes and speak a different language, but when you strip that away, we are all the same. My biggest worry is not artifacts. I have a perfect track record so far, and I would like to keep it that way”

A few yards further, the two women saw the village for the first time. They had a few houses, along the riverbank that looked remarkably similar to normal houses. There was a roof, as well as a door-shaped hole and windows. The only difference to a normal house was that these were made out of what appeared to be straw and mud. Anita had lived in a very similar-looking village and felt reassured. For Anamika, it was fascinating seeing one of those villages, she had only read about in the books. It looked dirty and muddy, but also idyllic. The two researchers were spotted, and a group of twenty people began walking towards them.

“Should we be scared?” – the Peruvian professor asked. “It is too early to tell.” – Anita seemed confident.

There were men and women in the group. The indigenous people were dark-skinned and small, shorter than Anamika. Some of them were wearing traditional garb, that was made of something that looked like straw, but they also seemed to have a skirt-like cloth, wrapped around their private parts. As the group approached them, they began yelling at the two researchers.

“Do, you have a clue what they are saying?” – Anamika asked.

“It sounds like a different dialect to the language I know, but I will give it a shot.”

Anita began answering back, to the surprise of the natives. There were very few people that spoke those languages and Anita was probably the only American to be able to do that. Two women separated from the larger group, which stood still, and approached the researchers. They continued talking to Anita and did not seem hostile at all. It sounded awkward and it was unlikely that the professor had the right interpretation, but there seemed to be a conversation going, some communication. After a couple of minutes back and forth, the two women signaled the professors to follow them.

“What is going on? Where are they taking us?”- Anamika was feeling scared, excited, and curious.

“Don’t worry. I can understand the gist of what they are saying. I told them about the gold and they are willing to give it to us, it is in a temple or something. And we need to go through some kind of a ritual to get it. Pretty standard stuff really.”

“So, I shouldn’t be scared?” “Not sure yet.”



The two professors followed the natives into the so-called temple. In reality, it was a bigger building, but it was also made out of straw and mud. Inside, there were all kinds of carved wooden shrines. Everything looked beautiful and the design was amazing. Besides the two women, about two dozen of indigenous women walked into the building. Anita and Anamika stayed in the middle, while the rest of the women circled them. The two, Anita had talked to earlier stood in front and continued talking to the American researcher. It was clear that they had some trouble understanding each other and the two native women had to use some sign language, to better illustrate their point. After a few minutes of discussion, Anita turned to her companion.

“Ok, I think I know what they want from us.” “It is some kind of a ceremony, right?”

“Yeah, something like that. It looks like this is a matriarchalAmazonian tribe. They want us to have sex, in front of them, to please their gods.”

“Wait, what? Here? In front of everyone?” – Anamika was baffled.

“It appears so yeah.” – Anita was ready, but she wasn’t sure if her fellow researcher was into that kind of stuff. She did not have to wonder for long, however.

The girls looked at each other but knew they had no choice. They were ready to do anything to retrieve the ancient ornaments. They began kissing each other, passionately, as their lives depended upon it. As this was happening, the native women formed a tighter circle around the professors and watched. Anita could feel the sexy Latina’s soft, warm hands caressing her body. They were soon undressing each other, first the shirt, the pants, and finally the underwear. Anita could not help but enjoy fondling her curvy partner’s tits. Her own perky breasts were out, and Anamika began kissing and playing with her nipples. Anita also began licking and sucking on her nipples for a few seconds, before she went back in for a kiss on the lips. A lot was going on, all around them Anita could hear girls moaning and groaning, as well as the sounds of kissing. It looked like the natives enjoyed the show so much they had started to play with each other. The two professors seemed determined on getting the ancient Maya gold, whatever it took. Together they gently moved to the floor. Anita was on top. She liked being in charge and wanted to show her curvy companion, some of the tricks she had learned during the years.

Then Anita’s hand began rubbing Anamika’s clit passionately as the two of them were making out. Once the Peruvian professor was wet and aroused enough, Anita began moving south. She started with a lick along her slit. Her wet, slippery tongue moved in slow strokes along the Latin professor’s pussy. There was something sexy and kinky, about fucking your fellow academic, especially in an indigenous temple, surrounded by native women that were also fucking. Even for a well-traveled adventurer like Indiana Anitathis was a first. There was so much moaning and groaning going on, it was hard to tell who exactly was doing it, but when Anita’s tongue penetrated Anamika’s vagina, the curvy professor defiantly let out a loud moan. She was very wet by now clearly just as aroused as everyone else in the temple.

It did not take long for the Peruvian professor to start feeling it. She was going to cum. Her legs were trembling with each touch of Anita’s tongue. Her clit was being massaged, and her vagina penetrated with such amazing rhythm and skill, it made her think about how many other women Anita had to have pleasure before learning how to do it. All-round Anamika, there were girls, fucking, moaning, and climaxing. The native women liked it rough and the sex they were having was much more primitive and less sensual than the cunilingusAnamika was receiving. It took Anita just a few minutes, to bring her fellow professor to the tipping point. It was a strong orgasm. The Peruvian’s back arched, and her legs and arms began to jerk uncontrollably. She was almost screaming with pleasure, while Anita, who was working on her pussy and clit, went on for a few more seconds.

“Wow, this was amazing!” – Anamika exclaimed.

“We are not done yet. The ceremony ends, when everybody cums.”

All of the native girls were kissing, undressing, and fingering each other. Everyone was crazy and into it. There were so many naked, and beautiful bodies it was hard to distinguish what exactly was going on. It was wild and hectic, but Anita still managed to find herself another cute girl, this time, she intended to get pleasured herself. She did not know how to communicate her desires in the native language, but she managed to relay her message with some suggestive body language.

The girls began kissing and the native rolled on top of Anita. She seemed determined to get the American professor to cum. This was going to be the first time Anita ever fucked with a girl from an indigenous civilization, a great addition to her collection. The girls were kissing, while the native’s hands moved all over the American’s body. The Peruvian was amazed at how different and perky the professor’s breasts were. They were much different from those of the women in the tribe and her own. It was a great trade-off. Anita loved the big tits everyone here had, and they seemed to love her smaller, more exotic breast. The indigenous girl alternated between kissing the professor’s lips, neck, and breast while pinching, twisting, and playing with nipples. She was doing everything hard but Anita wasn’t afraid.

After a few minutes of this teasing, the native decided it was time for her to go down. She gave Anita’s pussy a little lick. The initial lick was followed by a larger stroke and then a few more. Afterward, the strong indigenous girl put her two fingers inside the explorer’s pussy and began finger fucking her hard. She was so ferocious and aggressive in her fucking; many women would not have enjoyed it. But not Indiana Anita, she was no stranger to a good, hardcore fuck.

The native was strong and relentless. She was going to keep fingering the American professor, until climax. This gave Anita a chance to look around. She could see Anamika, who was going down on one of the indigenous girls. It wasn’t common for them to get licked down there and the native seemed to be ecstatic with what she was receiving. Around them, there were many other women, all fucking and moaning.

“That’s right. Right there. Do not stop.” – the professor said, even though the indigenous girl could not understand her.

Everyone in the temple was sweating by now, and the climax was close. Anita pressed her legs even tighter and pushed the native’s hand even deeper in her pussy. Soon she could feel the climax creeping in. The orgasm was loud. The professor began shouting in ecstasy as the indigenous girl was doing her magic. The native could feel the pussy contracting and simply continued her vigorous fingering. When Anita came the two looked at each other for a second, but the orgy was still far from over.


Sitting on the plane, on her way back to the States, Anita had some time to reflect on her career. She had traveled the world, seen things people only read in books as well as things she would have rather not seen. There had been adventures, treasures, sex, and research all mixed into one. She loved that lifestyle. When she heard about the expedition in Peru, the thought that it would all end up with a wild lesbian orgy, with an indigenous tribe, did not cross her mind. Very often, when she took a chance and went on an adventure, things ended up differently than she had expected. Sometimes it was dangerous, or sometimes it was just fun. In the end, she got to come back home with ancient Mayan artifacts and a bunch of new experiences. There was no life out there, that was more fun than hers. For as long as the academic community needed her, Indiana Anita planned to go out into the field.

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