Intimate with My Husband’s Friend


Sex with my Husband’s Friend

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

A not inconsiderable part of my sexuality seemed buried for years under daily monotony and mediocrity. It took an experience to free me. This is a summary of what happened to my sexual liberation.

It all started when Rabbi, my husband and until then the only lover I ever had, introduced me personally to his former colleague Sabbir. When Rabbi gave me his ex-colleague

announced it seemed a little strange to me. My name memory is not bad and I could not remember any of the stories my husband told about this Sabbir.

The extremely positive description of the man also did not suit a person I had never heard of. I was skeptical in several ways and my nose shouldn’t fool me.

A few words about my husband and me: I think I can say that I am still quite attractive at the age of 42 – at least men from my professional environment make advances to me almost every day – even without special flirting behavior on my part. I am medium in size with long dark hair and a narrow waist and a wide pelvis. To my chagrin, my breasts started to sag slowly but were still reasonably firm at 75 C. Rabbi is almost 10 years older and 10 cm taller than me. It is slowly turning gray and has started to gain a bit in recent years. Otherwise, he has amazingly feminine features and physique.

Rabbi announced Sabbir’s visit, which was “again close”, to us for Friday, for which we already had a “storm-free booth” because the children were planning an overnight party with friends. That fit and, skepticism, skepticism, I had wished for a little more than just a TV evening.

It dawned on Friday night when I was just coming home after taking the kids to friends. I opened the front door and heard the pleasant, sonorous voice of an unknown man. I entered the living room with curiosity and a devilishly handsome, tall, and the well-trained man stood up to shake my hand and introduce myself as Sabbir. I looked into a friendly but also striking face.

Grayed temples indicated that he was a little older than Rabbi and I, but his appearance and well-groomed clothes made him look no older than 45. He was a good 10 cm taller than Rabbi, 1.9 m tall, and looked very sporty. I couldn’t deny that I liked him very much and undoubtedly I liked him too because his eyes only stayed briefly on my face and then immediately looked

at my low-cut silk blouse, under which I was only wearing a thin lace bra. My breasts are not particularly large, as I described above, but my nipples are always clearly visible through bra and blouse when they are hard. Sabbir seemed to have noticed that as well. Although my sexual arousal was limited: the warts were raised only because of the cool early autumn.

We sat on our sofa. I at one end and Sabbir in the kink of the sofa about in the middle. Rabbi was on the other end. We drank an excellent red wine (Sabbir had brought some and we were well prepared for the evening) and the two surprisingly told each other little about the old days. Nevertheless, a pleasant conversation and atmosphere relaxed. The third glass of wine took its toll … I was already slightly drunk going to the toilet. In the toilet, I wiped my mussel dry after doing business with paper and noticed how wet I was and this wetness was not only caused by urine. Sabbir had a very cool effect on me. Again and again, he had “checked” me up and down and sat with my legs wide in my field of vision. So I couldn’t help but look between his legs. I saw that he either had an amazingly penis-like cucumber in his pants or that he was (flaccid or not) twice my husband’s size and therefore showed a huge bump on the zipper.

I tipped back into the living room and carelessly kicked my pumps under the coffee table. I put my unstocked legs and feet on the flat coffee table, more than just a swim. Sabbir mentioned that one of his hobbies was foot reflexology, which made me noisy. I love foot massages and consider my feet a bit like an expanded erogenous zone. Not that Rabbi ever included my feet in our erotic games (if you can call our sex playful or even imaginative) – but if someone ever touched my feet – even if it was just for a pedicure – I felt it also right in the middle of the body.

I put my feet in front of him on the end of the sofa where he was sitting and asked him to show off his skills, which he promptly did. He massaged the toes and balls of the feet with gentle pressure. Truly an expert, I thought and enjoyed the massage with my eyes closed.

“Hmmm, that’s not the first time you’re doing it, Sabbir. I can tell right away,” I told him, to spur him on.

I enjoyed the massage with my eyes still closed while Sabbir and Rabbi were talking. Your discussion flattened out and if the massage hadn’t been so intense I would have fallen asleep at some point. But that was out of the question because Sabbir kept walking up to my calves with his hands and massaging and caressing them. The longer the massage lasted, the higher his hands went … my cunt was already steaming. And to get him to keep going, I spread my thighs wider so that he could have a better view of my white cotton panties.

“Mary? Are you sleeping?” I heard Rabbi ask.

Rabbi thought that the wine and the massage had exerted their influence. But that was in no way the case. But I didn’t want to show that I was awake because I hoped that Sabbir would continue his massage a little and, with a little luck, he would also be a little more daring. Sabbir massaged my toes with one hand and was already on the inside of my right thigh with the other. Couldn’t Rabbi see that or did he just approve of it?

Either way, I pretended to be deeply asleep and hoped to continue. I followed their conversation when Sabbir said after a pause:

“Good dear. You have prepared a nice evening. If you want us to have many more delightful evenings you will have to take over for them now.”

I did not understand but Sabbir became much clearer:

“It is too early for her to serve me sexually. But I am very confident that this will change soon. But you showed me that you understand what I expect and you are ready

to serve me. Men and women are allowed to serve me and I think today I will like your cunt ”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I already suspected that Sabbir was not the old ex-colleague that was presented to me here. But the fact that Rabbi wanted to see me as a sex servant for Sabbir shocked me. I could have ended the whole thing right now, but the lust for the excellent treatment by Sabbir’s hands and the alcohol did not make me act rationally. Also, the announcement that he now

wanted to use Rabbi as a sex object made me curious.

As if he wanted to substantiate his demands, he now ran a hand under my skirt and pulled a finger through my slit covered by the slip. It took me tremendous control not to moan and tremble at the irritation. Now he also pulled the cuff aside and shoved a finger into my cunt, which was overflowing with body juice. As soon as he had explored my cunt he pulled his finger away again and said to Rabbi:

“Come and show me your house”

The two left the living room. I opened my eyes and could just see both of them disappearing across the hall in the guest bathroom. I took a deep breath and rubbed myself as if to calm down, a few times over my clit, which had already erupted from my vaginal folds. I waited about a minute, then I couldn’t stand it out of curiosity. I cautiously crept across the hall to the guest toilet door and peeked through the keyhole. I couldn’t see much because the keyhole was a little too high. Only Sabbir’s upper body in his undershirt, who was sitting on the toilet or the toilet lid, could be seen from the side. However, I could hear Rabbi making gagging noises … It seemed to me that Sabbir was causing him to blow very deeply.

“No. You don’t touch anything. Neither my cock nor your” Obviously Rabbi had “arbitrarily” tampered with his cock, which

Sabbir didn’t like to see. Sabbir got up and I was afraid that I might be discovered, but he just turned and now I got to see a lot more. I could now see the middle of Sabbir’s body from the side … he was leaning forward slightly and his muscular buttocks pulled apart. Rabbi’s face disappeared between them. A huge and very thick, untrimmed tail peeked out from the front. He was very excited

and bright red and the foreskin covered only a quarter of the glans. Rabbi was my first and only lover and was equipped with a very small and thin penis.

He did it

good finger technique, but at that moment I was hypnotized by this gem and almost gave up my hiding place to feel it in me. The picture made me even hotter than I already was and while Sabbir was helping myself I squatted crouching my soaked cunt with my skirt ruffled after I had pushed the panties down onto my ankles.

Now Sabbir turned and I could see Rabbi’s lips put on the even bigger acorn. Sabbir’s big paws pushed Rabbi’s head back and forth, and after maybe 10 spurts I heard Sabbir breathing and moaning loudly … he came, obviously in my husband’s mouth. Rabbi didn’t let a drop run out of his mouth and continued to blow until Sabbir’s rhythmic pelvic movements subsided.

Puffing, he pulled his slightly sagging giant penis out of Rabbi’s mouth and sat down. I heard him urinate some time later and say:

“Take off your clothes and go on all fours”. “No the other way around, I want to see your asshole,” he continued. “Exactly. And now you can jerk off”. I could only see Sabbir’s torso again, but it was easy to guess what they were doing inside. Rabbi probably jerked on command from Sabbir while the latter was exploring my husband’s round bottom.

“You have an ass like your mare. You even have little tits. I had already seen that in the pictures of you and Mary that you sent me. I like it. The little tail and the sack are not worth mentioning, but your asshole will still

serve me well. Next time, however, I don’t want to see a tiny hair on your asshole. ”

I was amazed. So Rabbi had even shown him intimate photos of me and him. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I was inevitably heading for a climax. In addition, the harsh and humiliating way in which he spoke to Rabbi excited me. I flinched and as far as my senses were still working I heard Rabbi coming on the other side of the door. My orgasm went through me for a long time but I knew that I had to get back to the living room as quickly as possible if I didn’t want to get caught. I felt a little silly, almost like a pubescent girl. I nervously pulled up my panties and my wet cunt soaked it immediately. Then I jerked off my skirt and tiptoed back on the sofa. I tried to take exactly the position I had before and pretended to be asleep again. Just when my breathing had returned to normal, the two came out of the toilet. I closed my eyes and could

recognize by the steps that Sabbir approached the sofa and then sat next to me. I felt his hand again. The panties were still not in the right place because they were wet and in a hurry, I could not pull them in place. So he could not cover my cunt and had rolled up like a thong in the back between my soaked ass cheeks. So Sabbir easily got to my unprotected and dripping shell and immediately fingered it. My lust flared up again to full strength. My breathing also accelerated against my will. Fortunately, he also pulled his hand back as quickly as he had brought it there and saved me from groaning loudly.

“Look, she’s soaking wet,” said Sabbir. Turned to Rabbi.

Then the room already left and barely a minute later he had already started walking home. Rabbi came back into the living room and still found me “sleeping” on the sofa, with his legs spread apart. He then completed Sabbir’s work and rubbed the can so that I came a second time. I opened my eyes and asked (hypocritical): “Where’s our guest?”

Sabbir replied that he had already left. I had not had enough of this evening and asked Rabbi to fulfill his marital duties. We were still ramming on the couch as teenagers and I looked forward to a great future in the form of a menage-a-trois.

The End.

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