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The story of an Interracial Professor Student

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Psychology seems like a cool and fun discipline to study in college, but as it often happens in life, the truth is more complex than that. A huge part of the curriculum is straight-up boring. There are a lot of studies, dates, and names that need to be remembered as well as a lot of vague concepts that do not really interest anyone. It definitely was not what Shapna signed up for. As a first-year, she still did not know what was to follow, but it quickly became apparent that it was a lot less cool psychological analysis and a lot of dry and boring things that she needed to memorize. It was just the first of many disappointments for the naïve white girl, from Iowa, but the rest were yet to come. She did not like how much she had to study, the way the lectures worked, her class, and the professor. Or at least most of the professors. There were some notable exceptions, one in particular. Professor Monique Rima thought the “Learning and Memory” course was fascinating. The material was interesting, but what really captivated the 18-year-old Shapna, was the professor herself. She was a black, South African, with an exotic accent and a lot of knowledge of what she was teaching. But it was not just her style that fascinated the young student, it was also how beautiful Professor Rima was. She was tall and slim, with soft and silky black skin that looked immaculate. She had large, brown eyes and full lips. Her body was athletic and slim, and her ass and hips showed clear signs of working out. She was a 10, in Shapna’s eyes and the white girl had a crush on her teacher. She never missed her classes, was always prepared and constantly tried to get her attention.


The majority of Shapna’s time in college was spent doing extracurricular things. Nothing academical, however. She liked to drink and party and never missed an opportunity to do so. After all, you are only young once and the 18-year-old did not want to waste the best years of her life, by sitting around in a classroom, or worse in the library studying. Different people have different reasons to attend college. For some, it is about education. They want to push themselves, learn new things, and become better, more well-rounded people. For others, it is simply about getting a degree, a piece of paper that made them more likely to land a job somewhere. It did not matter what they knew or did not know, all that mattered was that they could put the degree on their CV. But there was a third category as well, and that is the one Shapna fell into. For her, the entire college experience was all about

the social aspects of it. She liked to meet new people, hang out with them, and fuck. College allowed her to live on her own, away from pesky parents that might nag on you about your alcohol consumption and sleeping in. For the first time in her life, she was allowed to truly do, as she pleased, and Shapna took full advantage of that. Lecture classes and exams were just the backdrops to her student experience. She did not care about getting good grades, just passing was fine. There was no point to participate in Debate clubs or other stupid on-campus things like that. She just wanted to go wild. The only time she ever studied was a few weeks before the exams. She locked herself in her room and quickly went over summaries of the things she had to know. It had worked fine so far, and she was passing her exams, just barely though. There was an exception to the rule of course. She liked to prepare for Professor Rima’s class. The black woman had enticed the Iowa student so much, that she always read the required literature and made sure to participate, hoping to catch her sexy teacher’s attention.

Monique Rima’s classes had a different vibe to them, compared to all of the other, dry, psychology classes offered by the university. Most of the other professors were old and white and the classes reflected it. The usual lecture consisted of them reading out a bunch of old slides in a monotone voice. The students did not care, most of them were fooling around on their laptops, or phones, talking to one another and not paying any attention. With a class of about 50 people, it was easy for them to not do anything, or prepare. WhenShapna did go to her lectures, and she missed a lot, she simply did not participate. But, it was completely the opposite in Professor Rima’s class. The black woman knew how to get the student’s attention, with a combination of interesting material and discipline. She knew what she was talking about and was always ready to discuss any topic in depth. At the same time, she knew how to control the classroom. Monique had an authoritative, assertive and dominant voice. The students could not help themselves and had to listen to her speak. No one dared look at their phone or play on their laptop, while she was giving classes. Even the trouble students, like Shapna, behaved themselves. But it was only the white, Iowa girl that was that mesmerized by the teacher. Everyone tried to participate and read the necessary literature, but most of the students just saw Professor Rima as just a teacher. A good teacher, but nothing more. Things were different for Shapna however. She felt something for the black Professor and she was not sure what it was exactly.

There was a hint of admiration, some respect, but also fear and a dose of attraction. The way the older woman handled herself and the class really impressed the younger student. She had not admitted it to anyone and was only just coming to terms with it herself, but Shapna had a crush on her professor.

It did not really matter, most of the time. She was not obsessed and still hooked up with other girls, students while partying. But, sometimes, when she was in the lecture hall, things got a little too hot. Shapna liked to seat in the last roll, for all of her lectures. Tactically, that was the best place to seat in the entire room. There was no one behind her, so she was free to do whatever she felt like on her laptop, and from where she was, Shapna could see the whole room, but no one could really see her. Only the professor was facing her, and they were usually too busy teaching the class, to pay any attention to an individual student. After a while, Shapna realized she was basically invisible when she sat in the back and she liked to use that to her advantage.


Usually, that meant watching stuff on her laptop, but in Professor Rima’s class, she liked to masturbate. It all started one day when the sexy black teacher was wearing a tight shirt, tucked into her tight skirt. Her body was outlined amazingly, and the young student got horny. She could not help herself and slid her hand in her pants and began playing with herself a little. Since that day, Shapna had optimized her classroom masturbation technique. She only wore a skirt to Ms. Rima’s lectures and no panties.

The pretty white girl would sit in the back of the class. After a few minutes of seeing the beautiful professor, she slid her hand down her leg and then under her short skirt. There was always the element of danger, of getting caught, but that only made it hotter. Most of the days it was enough seeing Professor Rima for a few minutes, with her well-shaped ass, outlined by her tight skirt, to get Shapna horny. Her pussy was wet, but the time she slid her fingers in there. The kinkiness of the situation, that she was fingering herself in a room with 50 of her classmates, was not lost to the girl. But she loved taking risks, especially when it came to sex. Shapna would start fingering herself with one hand, while the other usually caressed her young body. Most of the time it was her legs and hips, under the table, but sometimes she liked to slide her hand under her shirt, and play with her breasts and nipples while masturbating. It turned her on to grope herself when masturbating, especially in a room full of people. She also experimented with her public masturbation. Shapna also liked rubbing her clit now and then, imagining Professor Rima’s stern black hand doing it. She also once stuck one of her highlighters in there and used it as a dildo. The young student liked to get kinky while thinking about her professor. She could always masturbate while thinking about her, in the shower or her bed, but it was simply too boring, she liked to do it while watching the sexy black woman in person. Besides, nothing was hotter than having to answer a question, with two fingers inside her wet, warm pussy. Holding her moans in was always challenging when the student orgasmed in the classroom and she often allowed herself to let out a quiet groan, but nothing more.


After Shapna began masturbating in her lecture hall, she soon could not stop thinking about her hot, black teacher. She knew that touching herself was just a temporary solution and getting to fuck with Professor Rima was the permanent fix. It was complicated, however. First of all, Professor Rima did not hang around after her lectures, she always left immediately, and the white student had never really had a one-on-one conversation with her. She was hard to get ahold of during her office hours as well. The college had a policy that forbid teachers and students to have meetings in offices, everything had to be done in public. It was to prevent teachers and students from hooking up, which was exactly what Shapna wanted to do. The girl knew that she had to tread her advancements carefully. As an educator, Professor Rima would be taking a huge risk if she ever fucked with a student. The college had a zero-tolerance policy when it came to student-teacher sex, which was understandable, but Shapna felt like it was a little unfair. She was 18 after all, an adult, in her eyes. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to fuck her hot teacher? There had to be a way she could get close to Professor Rima, she knew that if that happened, she would be able to seduce her.

One day the solution to her problems came to her. Professor Rima was a member of the faculty council. It was an organization that consisted of both students and staff members. They met up a few times a month to discuss things related to the faculty, budgets, and events. It was a boring and pointless thing to do, in Shapna’s eyes, meant for nerds to boost their CV. But her sexy professor was a member, so if the Iowa girl could get on the faculty council, she would have a lot more access to her. It was not easy getting on the council, however. There were always more people that wanted to do it, than the places available. Everyone could sign up and students voted on whoever they saw fit. It was a week-long, grueling process where the candidates had to walk around campus and beg for votes. Shapna always laughed at the losers that chose to spend their time that way, but now that she realized that it could get her closer to her sexy professor, she was ready to try it out. The elections were coming up in a week, so she hurried up and signed herself up. Most of the candidates for the student council had a platform, things they wanted to improve in the college, and provided reasons for the students to vote for them. But Shapna didn’t bother, she was going to wing it.

Most candidates for the faculty council woke up early and were already at the campus, waiting for the students to come, before the lessons even started. Every vote counted and if you were really determined to win, you needed to spend many hours campaigning. They all had an agenda they could present, with improvements they wanted to introduce to the college. Many students saw the faculty council as a great stepping stone, something they could put on their CV. But, Shapna did not bother that much. It was hard waking up early in the morning, after a long night of heavy drinking. Instead, she took her time and headed to collect votes whenever she felt like it. The Iowa student did not feel like she needed to work as hard as the other, nerds, that we’re trying to get elected. After all, she was cool, and they were not, so what are the odds that people vote for them and not her? Shapna also did not have much of a platform. She did not really care to change anything, all she wanted to do was to get in Professor Rima’s pants. When students asked her what she was going to do if elected, she just gave them some vague answers. She figured no one really cared about this student council thing. She had not even heard of it, up until a few weeks ago.

She quickly started to realize that she was losing, however. The results of the vote would not have been made public, until the end of the week, but she knew. All of the other candidates were more proactive, spent more time campaigning, and generally seemed to get more votes. Shapna began noticing that some of the students did indeed care about the whole, student council thing, and wanted to vote for someone that was actually going to change things. It took her a day or two to realize it, but she had to change her strategy. There was no way she was going to get elected if things went on like that. She also did not intend to wake up early and work hard, like the rest of the candidates. She had to figure something out, quickly. Shapna decided to go to the faculty secretary’s office and ask if she could help her. The secretary was a woman, in her thirties and she was the one responsible for counting and announcing the election results for the faculty council.

Candidates could always go and talk to her, and unlike with professors, they were allowed to talk behind closed doors.

“Hello, I’m Shapna, I am running for faculty council.” – the student said as she came into the secretary’s office.

“Hey Shapna, how may I help you.” – the woman said. She looked stern but was also pretty.

“Well, the thing is. I really want to get elected to the student council, but I have the feeling that it might not happen. Is there something we could arrange, to make it a little easier for me to get elected?” – The student went straight to the point?

“I am sorry, what do you mean exactly? I hope you are not asking me to rig the election.” – the secretary seemed a little fazed by the directness of the student.

“I know you are the one that does all of the countings and you also announce the winners. I was thinking you could bump me up a few places. I don’t need to win or anything, just to be elected.” – Shapna said, as she tried to give a coy, sexy look.

“Look, I don’t know why you would think I might do such a thing. But, it is against college policy and I really do not see a reason to break the rules, just so that you can be elected on the faculty council.” – as the secretary said that, the student slid off her chair.

She got on her knees and moved towards the secretary. It was a little unconventional, but Shapna figured that the faculty council was worth it. Besides, there was something kinky and fun about pleasuring this woman in her office. It was forbidden and the appetizer, before she could get Professor Rima. The woman was wearing a skirt and all Shapna had to do was spread her legs a little, there was no resistance. The college student wanted to show off her skills and began teasing. Shapna lifted her skirt and began gently kissing and licking her tights. When her tongue first touched the other woman’s leg, the secretary let out a quiet sexy moan. After a few kisses, the student moved to the pussy. She licked the panties a few times, with long strokes. Once they were sufficiently wet from her saliva and the secretary’s own juices, it was time to remove them.

Shapna threw the panties on the floor and immediately buried her face between the other woman’s legs. She went straight to the clit and began massaging it with her tongue. It was a kinky experience, full of familiar tastes and sensations and Shapna enjoyed it. The young student knew exactly what to do, so decided to just go ahead and spell out the alphabet while licking the clit.

Luckily the secretary gave her tips:

“Yes, that is right, keep doing that!”

Shapna kept on working hard with her tongue, while the other girl began squeezing her legs harder and harder and pushing the student’s head deeper towards her pussy. Soon the secretary had her legs wrapped and Shapna could hardly breathe, but she was determined to get on the faculty council. Once the loud moans came, combined with some hip movements, it became apparent that the orgasm was coming. This only motivated the student to move her naughty tongue faster and stimulate the clit more. It all culminated in an orgasm that was so loud, the people working nearby, must have heard it. Anyway, it was a job well done. Once the legs unwrapped Shapna got up and wiped her wet mouth.

“So?” – she asked.

“I’ll get you on that council.” – the still trembling, from the orgasm, the woman said.


Friday was the big day; the results of the faculty council elections were going to be announced. A lot of students had worked hard and were eagerly awaiting to hear if they got in. 6 students in each faculty would be chosen, but more than that had applied for each position. It had been a rough week, full of hard work, a lot of campaigning, and promoting. Most of the candidates had to skip school and work, just so that they could compete with the rest. They had to walk around the huge campus and ask people to vote for them. At 6 pm the results of the election were in. It went pretty much as expected, the ones that had worked the hardest had won, with one small exception. In the Psychology faculty, Shapna had won the last place. No one had really seen her during the election week, but they also did not question the results. After all, it was the secretary that had counted them, and she had no interest in the race. Everyone that got elected was ecstatic, they would have a great opportunity to work for the faculty and improve the way the college operated. Shapna was also overjoyed, not because she could improve the university, but rather because it got her one step closer to fucking Professor Rima. The beautiful black woman would sit on the council as well and the two would get to know each other. Now all that remained was for Shapna to figure out, how exactly she was going to seduce her teacher.

The Monday after the election, the faculty council was going to meet up for the first time. The newly elected students were supposed to present the platform they were elected on and discuss with the staff, how they could make those improvements. For the majority of the students that meant that they were going to have to take the weekend off, work hard and be ready to present on Monday Shapna on the other hand, planned to party on the weekend. She had just been elected, after all, and the Iowa girl did not intend to do anything for the faculty council. She went out drinking on Friday, Saturday and was too hungover on Sunday to do anything. As a matter of fact, she was so hungover, from the copious amounts of booze she drank during the weekend, that making it on time for the 8 am faculty council meeting was a problem. 15 minutes late, she finally stumbled in.

“Oh, you guys already started. I am Shapna, sorry I’m late, I had some personal problems.” – her usual excuse for being late, no one ever followed

up on that.

“Would you like to present to us the changes you are aiming to make this academic year?” – an old man, on the staff asked her.

“Actually, I don’t really have any changes.” – Shapna, who was completely unprepared, answered.

“What do you mean?” – the same man asked.

“I was actually elected on the platform that things are fine right now, the way they were. So, I don’t really have anything to say.” – her answer surprised everyone, but at least it let her off the hook.

The faculty council meeting was long and boring. All of the other students had presentations prepared, they talked about improvements they would like to make and discussed them with the members of the staff. But none of that interested Shapna, one bit. She had her sights set on the sexy Professor Rima.

The black woman was sitting opposite her, in her usual tight shirt and skirt. The teacher was listening, taking notes, and talking to the students. The Iowa girl was impressed by how cool and assertive she was. It even got her horny. Shapna felt like reaching down her pants and masturbating but knew she could not, the room was too small and there were people next to her. She had to wait. All that she could think about, was how to get to Professor Rima. She had managed to get elected and was now in the same room as her, but that was still not enough. She had to touch her, fuck her. Shapna completely stopped listening to what the people were saying and began thinking. There were a few options. She could wait until next month when the faculty had a party.

Professor Rima would surely attend, and the student could try and seduce her there. But that was in a month, Shapna could not wait that long to fuck the sexy black woman. She had to come up with something soon, but as she was sitting there, lost in her thoughts, the first faculty council meeting ended.

Disappointed in her lack of ideas, Shapna got up and began walking towards the door.

“Hey, are you in my ‘Learning and Memory’ class?” – Professor Rima asked.

“Yes, I am. It is one of my favorites.” – Shapna said, still not believing the black woman initiated the conversation.

“That is what I thought. Listen, I want to give you a couple of tips about the faculty council, I know that you are new. Do you mind waiting here, until the

rest leaves?” – the sexy teacher asked. “No, not at all.”


The two of them talked about psychology and the courses the student was taking, for a few minutes, until everyone else from the council, left the room. Shapna could not believe how lucky she got. Not only did Professor Rima start talking to her, know who she was, but also the two of them were now in an empty room all alone. The white girl was closer than ever to fucking her professor and she was not going to let that chance slip away.

“I love your teaching style, it is very assertive and effective.” – Shapna began with the compliments.

“Thanks, I think that a good teacher needs to be in control.” – as she said that, the last people left the room. – “Now, Shapna, we can talk freely. Do you have any idea why I wanted to talk to you?”

“Not at all.” – the student answered, hoping it was because she wanted to fuck.

“You see, I have friends around the faculty and they tell me stuff. For example, the secretary told me how you went to her office and licked her pussy, to get elected. I would not usually care, but because I respect this institution and I can see that you are not at all serious about the council, I need to take some measures.” – the professor sounded more stern than usual.

“What do you mean?” – the student hoped she would not tell on her. “I have to punish you.”

The older woman wasted no time. She began undressing the petite white girl, and before she knew it, her perky teenage tits were out into the open.

Professor Rima then pushed the student onto the table and got naked herself. Shapna had never seen her naked before and was amazed at the great shape of the athletic, black woman. Her tits were massive and well-shaped, and her body was well taken care of. Professor Rima grabbed the white girl by the legs. The girl did not know how to react, so she allowed her teacher to do as she pleased with her. Once she had her, where she wanted, Professor Rimagrabbed her knees and pushed Shapna’s legs, towards her head. Now the student found herself in an awkward position, her legs were basically touching her head and

her pussy was right there, for the taking. The white girl was a little surprised, but she was also turned on. Professor Rima dove down and started eating her white, warm, wet and soft vagina.

It all happened very quickly and the Iowa girl needed a few seconds to gather her thoughts. Her professor was punishing her, but it was all that the student had wanted anyway. She was finally fucking her crush and she loved it.

Despite being in a state of mild shock, Shapna could feel her private parts tingling with pleasure. The blood was rushing and her pussy was drenched in juices and saliva. She felt so exposed to this position and the older woman could do anything to her. She was strong, dominant, and assertive. The black woman maneuvered her tongue with great skill, around the white girl’s private parts. Shapna knew that what was happening was kinky and forbidden, getting fucked by the lecturer of her “Memory and Learning” course, in the faculty council room, and she loved it. It was so much more enjoyable than masturbating in the lecture hall. The black woman’s tongue roamed territories that the young student had never explored. Everything about it was steamy and hot. The way the professor’s powerful hands were pushing down on her legs, pressing them almost to her head. Shapna could not help herself and started getting into it. Soon she was breathing heavily. Letting out the odd moan.

Professor Rima started with a few broad strokes, all along the white girl’s slit. This got Shapna nice and wet, not that it was necessary. After that, the older woman began focusing on the clit. She moved her tongue in circular motions around it and generally played with it. She wanted to get the white student amped up and ready for what was about to come. Once she felt, by the subtle movements of the hips and the moans the girl was letting out, that Shapna was close to coming, she stopped. Professor Rima reached inside her purse and took out a massive vibrator she had used on herself last night. The powerful tool had a large, rubber head. Professor Rima turned it on, to its maximum power and placed it on Shapna’s clit. The older black woman was set on making this girl cum harder than she ever had in her life. The wet pussy progressively started getting wetter and wetter. It was clear that the girl had never experienced proper clitoral stimulation like that before. Most vibrators are simply not strong enough, but this one was top of the line.

Professor Rima was going to give the white girl something to write home about. After a few minutes of pleasuring her with the powerful tool, the girl

was about to cum. Her legs began shaking relentlessly and the professor was too busy handling the powerful vibrator, to pin them down. She also did not care, Shapna could do whatever she wanted as long as she orgasmed. The student could not help herself and let out a loud, ear-piercing moan. The black woman quickly put one hand over the white girl’s mouth, there was no need to alert the whole campus about what was happening in the faculty council room. The other handheld the powerful vibrator steadily and moved it all around the girl’s slit. It was a powerful orgasm, escalated by a stream of squirt coming off the student’s vagina. The clear liquid shot out, surprising Shapna, who had never experienced that before. The mature woman knew what to do and continued to move the powerful vibrator around the clit, for a few more seconds. When it was all said and done, they were both drenched wet and the white girl had experienced the first, of many, squirts.


Once it was all said and done the teacher left the room. Before she left, she instructed the student to clean up her squirt and told her that no one could know about this. The girl gladly obeyed her crush. As she was cleaning, all alone in the room she was just fucked in, the Iowa student began reflecting on some things. Shapna’s life was in a good spot. She was in university, faculty council, and most importantly, she was getting laid. Not just with some random person either, with her hot black teacher, Professor Rima. The older woman liked fucking her student and the white girl did not stop having a crush on her professor. If anything, her feeling even intensified. She still could not get over that first orgasm, which was so strong that she squirted, for the first time. There was a lot she could learn from Professor Rima and she was ready to learn it. Shapna was one of those students that never took university, too seriously. She never really applied herself, she did not work hard or participate much. Instead, she mainly drank, fucked around, and partied. Still, she managed to always get what she wanted.

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