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The Intern Sex Party with Shima

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Thousands of college kids dream about getting a job on Wall Street. Finance is one of the most competitive and lucrative fields out there. Jobs are stressful the hours are long and some of the things you need to do are morally dubious. But still, there is a lot of demand from young professionals for those jobs.

The potential earnings are huge, but the workload too. For ambitious, young students that have just graduated college getting your foot in the door of the large investment banks is a huge accomplishment. Even just as an intern, the fact that you can put the name ‘Chunnu Brothers’ on your CV is a huge accomplishment, that pretty much guarantees that you will manage to land a good job in the future, once your internship ends. For a select few, the internship can also turn into a full-time job, meaning money and prestige in their early twenties. That is exactly what the 23-year-old Shima was hoping for. She had to jump through all sorts of hoops, just to become an intern. First, there was the application, including a motivation letter, then two rounds of interviews, which were tough and took hours. In the end, the young girl was offered the internship, she was one of the 10 that got it each year. All of the interns were young, assertive and determined to succeed, and willing to get out of their comfort zones.


There were 10 interns in total and all of them were girls this year. All of them had a background in finance and some even had some work experience. Shima worked closely with the girls and quite liked them. She knew that they were competitors in a way, but at the same time, they had to work together, if they wanted the tasks that they were given, to be successful. Looking at graphs, analyzing them, and writing reports on the market was most of what they did, and it was a huge workload, that they had to complete in a short amount of time. All of them wanted to get a full-time position in the company and always worked their asses off. This opportunity was what they had been working for, ever since they started college, and everyone was determined to make it. Every day the interns go to go to work, in their fancy office building in Downtown Manhattan and felt like they belonged there. The men and women in suits, all making ridiculous amounts of money, the fast cars, luxury watches, and amazing parties. It was not just about the finances, it was also about the lifestyle that came with working in that field. The interns wanted it and were determined to succeed, no matter how hard they had to work.

Their boss liked to push them. Mr. Hughes was a tough man, in his late forties or early fifties, and a total asshole. He was in charge of the interns and was bent on giving them the worst time possible. He enjoyed bullying and hazing the people under him and the interns were the perfect target. They were disposable, young, and still did not have the balls to say anything to him. In a way, it was like hazing in a fraternity and Mr. Hughes loved messing with them, for his fun and that of his trader friends. Most of the men that worked in the bank, especially the older generations were very harsh and old school. Any sign of weakness simply made you the target. Shima and her co-interns did not like working for Mr. Hughes, but they realized that they had to listen to him, or they would simply be thrown out of the company. There were so many young people applying for a position, a single intern was completely disposable. Shima hated it when she had to buy coffee, breakfast, or lunch for her boss. She felt that it was demeaning, considering her skills and knowledge, but could not resist her boss. Mr. Hughes and his friends also loved making fun of the interns, the way they looked, and what they wore, there was a constant bombardment of sly remarks and crude jokes.


But to the interns, it was all worth the torture because, in the end, they knew that the payoff would be huge. The last few weeks of the internship were approaching, and everyone was a little unnerved. It still remained unclear who was going to get hired to the bank. There had been years in the past where all of the interns were hired, but there were times where only one or two were. It depended on the supervisor, or in this case Mr. Hughes, but no one knew what he planned to do. The only option the interns had, to improve their odds of success, was working hard and there were a lot of opportunities to do that. Shima found herself staying late in the office almost every day, as the end of the internship began to come closer and closer. She often had to work alone, checking and analyzing different markets around the world and preparing presentations that had to be given first thing in the morning. It was an educational experience, but at the same time, she was also very stressed out. The long hours were bad for the young girl. She was sitting in her office chair, for hours on end, with just short breaks to go to the bathroom or get a coffee and a snack. On a normal day she would often drink 4-5 cups of coffee, something she knew very well was super unhealthy. There was also the problem with snacks. The office provided the workers with free candy bars and donuts, all kinds of sweet unhealthy things. That seemed great at the start, but Shima soon realized that the snacks in the middle of the night, combined with a little walking, and a bad sleeping schedule can wreak havoc

on your body. After many days, staying in the office until the early hours of the morning, she figured out how to relieve her stress more healthily.

Shima often found herself alone in the office late at night. When the paperwork and staring at screens seemed a little too much for her, she liked to sit back and masturbates. It was kinky doing it in the office and she felt like someone could always catch her, but they never did. She would sit on her desk, surrounded by the other empty desks and chairs, and look around. If she was the only one in the office, the fun could begin. Shima did not risk it with porn, all she needed was her fantasy. The young intern liked to start by getting her fingers nice and wet. She put her middle and ring finger inside her mouth and swirled her tongue around a little. She got turned on by how sexy and wet her mischievous tongue was and often wished there was someone else in the office she could lick. After the fingers were sufficiently moistened, she moved down, to her skirt. She pulled it up a little and moved her panties to the side when she was wearing panties at least. After that, the sexy, young intern inserted her wet fingers in her wet, warm, and welcoming vagina. Shima wasted no time and began fingering herself. Through the process, she liked to spread her legs apart but also crossed them now and then. She was very energetic when fucking, with other people or herself.

Sometimes, when it was late, and no one was likely to show up in the office, she liked to touch herself a little more. She unbuttoned her dress shirt and caressed her stomach and breasts. Shima loved her body and liked to feel hands roaming it. It was of course better if there was someone else touching her, but it was enough for now. Despite being alone in the office, the intern did not like to cum loudly, as she did at home. She always felt a little scared that there might be someone out of sight but within earshot. She was usually breathing heavily by the end of it all, but still could not allow herself to let out a moan, no matter how much she wanted. Her orgasms were strong, relieving all of the stress and nerves that had built up during the long day.

She came so strong, she felt the need to hold herself to the desk, not to lose balance and fall of the office chair. Once it was all done, the intern liked to lick her fingers, still covered with her juices. She loved the forbidden taste of pussy and only wished there was someone she could share it with. On particularly long nights she would often masturbate, multiple times a night, it was the only way she could handle the workload.


After finishing work in the office Shima could get a cab to drive her from Wall Street to her apartment, at the company’s expense. It was one of the great bonuses she received for working until 2 am on some occasions. Once she got home, the intern immediately hopped into bed, only to get up at 7 am. It was grueling, and the lack of sleep was taking an effect on her mental capabilities, but she knew that the last days of the internship were crucial and the work needed to be done. The reward was going to be worth it if she got hired. After waking up, she took a shower, brushed her teeth, and went down to the subway station. It was too expensive to take a cab when the bank was not covering her essence. She arrived at the office by 9 am, grabbed a coffee, and got to work. She often found herself working with the other interns on a project, but every day had the potential to be different. Mr. Hughes was their boss and supervisor, but pretty much any trader on the floor could ask the girls for help, with research, or some presentation. Most of the people that worked there were very corporate and boring, but generally courteous. There was a small group of older men, who were all senior traders, that treated the interns badly. They were good at their jobs, high up in the bank, and earned insane amounts of money, and no one could stop them from being dicks.

Shima and the other interns tried to avoid those guys, but the issue was, Mr. Hughes, was one of them. He always seemed like he hated interns and did not feel like being responsible for them, but at the same time, he had volunteered for that opportunity. It always baffled Shima, just how much of a prick he could be and today was no exception.

“Ok, girl. Gather around. I have a little message for all of you.” – Mr.Hughes began explaining. – “Now, as you all know, your internship is about to end soon. The bank wants to hire the best of you, and it is up to me to decide, who gets a job, or who does not. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to what it is that you have been doing. I know that some of you stay up until the morning, working, but I don’t know who. I haven’t learned your names yet. But, I still need to hire some of you. So, I decided that this year I’ll just hire everyone or no one. I can’t be bothered with personal evaluations. So, this week is going to be crucial. We’ll throw a lot of things at you, and if you do them well, you’ll all get a job. Otherwise, you are all fucked. Alright, now get back to work.”

Shima could not believe that asshole, was just going to disregard all of the

hard work she had done in the past months. She could have just as easily gone home on time, all of those nights. None of it mattered, but at the same time, she still had to give her best, if she wanted to get hired in the end. It was a harsh realization, but that is what her life in the bank was going to be like.

Assholes like Hughes would screw over anyone, just for their enjoyment, or due to incompetence. He did not give a fuck what happened with the interns, while at the same time, it was a seminal moment for them. If Shima managed to get the job, straight out of college, her CV would be amazing. After working in a big investment bank like ‘Chunnu Brothers’ for a few years, she could transfer anywhere she wanted in the financial sector. If she liked it and decided to stay and build a career there, a high, six-figure income was guaranteed. It would mean so much to the 23- year-old if she got that job. The fact that all of her hard work, up until now, did not matter bothered her, but she also realized that she could not give up now. It was time for Shima and the other 9 interns to work harder than ever.

There was one positive thing about the fact that all of them would be hired or none. The girls immediately felt like a team and not as competitors. Earlier everyone was friendly to one another, but they all realized that they were effectively fighting over the positions in the bank. Now, they had to work together as a unit, that was going to be hired, or let go, together. Immediately, after the announcement was made, there was a change in the atmosphere between the girls. Now, they were more likely to help one another and answer each other’s questions. It was a much friendlier environment, now that they were all a team. During the months of the internship, Shima got close to the other girls and was happy that they might all get to work together in the future. They were all around her age, college girls that wanted to succeed.

She did not know any of them before they got selected for the internship, but quickly saw they had a lot in common. Ambition, interest in finance, and a drive that not many young people have. They were also hot. She was often amazed at the girls that entered finance. The same thing in their personality, that made them want to enter this competitive field, drove them to also do a lot of sports and take care of their bodies. Now this group of young, sexy interns was faced with the biggest challenge of their career.


As soon as it became apparent that they would all be hired, or none, work started to flood in. A lot of the older traders on the floor, that liked being dicks to the interns, gave the girls a bunch of things to do, simply to mess with them. A lot of them found it funny to haze the interns and now seemed to want to sabotage them. The girls found themselves buried in all kinds of reports, analysis, and papers they had to read. It seemed impossible, but they were determined to do it. Early on during the day, it became quite clear that they were going to have to pull an all-nighter tonight. Shima, who had been working hard for the last weeks, really did not feel like doing that but knew she had to. She would not only jeopardize her career if she slacked but also that of the others. It was going to be tuff, staying awake for so long, but she had coffee. Luckily the other interns were also encouraging:

“I know it is a lot of work, but we manage to do it, we are getting hired for sure.” – a pretty redhead, from Montana, said. – “I mean, we should view this as a test. There is no way we’ll not get hired if we pass it. In some ways it is actually better than depending on some arbitrary evaluation by Hughes. Now we know what we have to do, and we manage, the jobs are going to guarantee.

“God, I really hope you are right. This job is all I want right now. I’ll be able to pay off my student loans quickly and life, in general, will be so much better, with some cash in my pocket.” – another pretty intern chimedin.

“But, can we really trust Hughes? I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, but there is a chance he’ll fire us even if we work hard. He’s a prick and would just have a laugh with his trader friends.” – a hot Asian intern asked.

“I kind of doubt it and besides, the bank does need new employees. We have already been here for a while, we know how everything works, so who is better for the position than us. I really don’t think that Hughes would let all 10 of us go. We just need to focus and work hard on the task at hand and see what happens.” – Shima said.

They all knew what had to be done and after the quick talk, grabbed a coffee and got down to it. It was going to be a long day for Shima and her fellow interns and they all knew it. She sat at her desk and began working on a report she had to compile. It was not hard work, but it was a lot of it. Anyone with a background in finance could do it, which is probably why it was given to the interns. She often wondered if the traders actually read the reports that

they gave them, or if they did it all, simply to mess with the girls. It was crazy how inefficient and frat-like, the bank could be. Billions of dollars would pass through it every day and yet there was so much childish stuff going on. It was all due to the ego of the seniors, but nothing could be done about it, right now. The interns worked hard, through the entire day. One of the cool perks of working in a huge bank was that you were allowed to order takeaway for lunch and dinner, with the company credit card. It was awesome, not only because of the price of takeout in New York but also because it allowed the interns to stay in the office. They only took short breaks for lunch, usually on their desk and once they finished eating, they could get right back to it. Shima realized that the hard work, sedentary lifestyle, and abundance of takeout and snacks were very unhealthy, but it was simply the reality as an intern in a big bank.

The girls worked for hours and hours and before they knew it, the entire office was empty, except for the 10 of them. It was easy to forget what time of the day it was, with the strong fluorescent lights in the office, that always beamed. They had worked all day and it was taking a toll on them. There was only so much coffee could do, they needed sleep. But, they also had impossible amounts of work to do as well. They all felt like there was no way they could go home that night and still finish all of the work. It was going to be an all-nighter. They had to stay in the office all day already and now they would add a night and another day to that. It was insane and tortuous, but none of them quit. The young interns were determined to persevere. They still needed a small break.

“Oh my god! Girls, I really need a break. I just can’t think clearly anymore.”

– a blonde intern said.

“Yeah, me neither. This simply is not productive and besides, burnout is a real thing. I think we’ll actually get more work done if we chill for a few minutes.” – an intern from Europe said.

“Ok, I’m with you. I just can’t focus on the graphs and charts anymore. We have done so much work today, it is absolutely insane. No one works harder than us, so unfair.” – the redhead said.

“I know what you mean. But, we need to do this, and we’ll get the job. It won’t be easy, but honestly, I think a full-time job will be less demanding than this internship. Especially today, it absurd how much work they gave

us.” – Shima said.

The girls all agreed. They were going to take a little break and get to know each other a little better. Perhaps it could even be a fun and bonding experience.


The ten interns had worked together for months, but this was the first time they were going to really hang out. Shima realized that she did not actually know any of them that well, but during the conversation, they really started to bond. It made sense that they would like each other, especially now that they were not competing for the same position. The girls came to form similar backgrounds and wanted to be in the same field. If everything went well tonight, they were also going to be working together, which seemed cooler and cooler to the 23-year-old.

“I had to apply to, like, three other banks before I got this internship.” – One of the girls shared.

“I know, right? It is crazy how competitive finance in New York is. I mean, it makes sense and everything, but how crazy is it, that there are different interview rounds, just to land an internship.” – the blonde intern said.

“That is why I really want to get the job. We are lucky for even being interns, if we get hired, that would be everything.” – Shima said.

“But it is so hard and stressful. I don’t know if I can go back to analyzing graphs for another 12 hours, right now.” – the redheaded intern said.

“The stress is killing me.” – the Asian intern began. – “But, I have a little secret. I know it is a little crazy but hear me out. Sometimes, when I am all alone in the office, I like to masturbate sometimes. It is so kinky, and I feel fresh and ready to work right after that.” – Shima could not believe what she was hearing, she was not the only naughty intern after all.

“Wow, that actually sounds fun, but we can’t do it when it is the ten of us.” – as the intern said that she looked around, it very quickly became apparent to everyone in the room, that they were going to have an orgy.

Before she knew it, Shima was making out with the sexy, redheaded intern. All around them, there were girls kissing and undressing each other. The two interns started off with a few little kisses on the lips, followed by some more serious making out, with tongues involved. As Shima’s mischievous tongue was swirling around the redheads, the two girls were caressing each other’s bodies. Their naughty hands wandered all over their young bodies. Shima enjoyed playing with the massive breasts of her fellow intern and soon began unbuttoning her dress shirt. They took a little break from kissing, just to remove their shirts and bras. The redhead had a large pair of boobs, much to Shima’s liking. Her large nipples looked so great, the 23-year-old could not resist licking and sucking on them. The other girl seemed to like it, based on the moans, she was letting out, but it was hard to tell, considering there were eight other girls in the office, all moaning, and groaning, in various stages of undress. After teasing the nipples, the interns returned to kissing the redhead. The two embraced each other, their naked breasts touching against one another. After a few moments of sensual kissing, Shima moved to her fellow intern’s neck and then back to her breasts. After that, she took the redhead by the hand, told her to sit on an office chair, and got to her knees. It had been a while since Shima last ate pussy, her work did not allow for much of social life, but she was eager to get back at it. The redhead, understanding what was about to happen, removed her panties and pulled her skirt up.

Before diving in, Shima took one look at the office. Just half an hour ago, it was silent and boring. All of the employees were long gone, and the interns were buried in paperwork. Now, there were 10, sexy interns fucking each other. On the desk, right next to Shima, there were two interns. It was Asian and the European one, both completely naked, scissoring each other. Their legs were intertwined, and they were grinding against one another.

They were sweating from all of the skin contact and effort it took for them to do that, but at the same time, it was clear they were enjoying it. They were screaming unpleasure as their clitorises rubbed one another. Just bellow the scissoring duo, a few inches away from Shima, there were three girls, fucking each other. Two of them were in the sixty-nine, while the third one was on her knees, helping one of them out with the pussy licking. It was insane how quickly the interns got down to it. It must have been all of the pent-up stress from the past few months, and especially today that was making them go so wild. Seeing so many, beautiful, young interns fucking in the otherwise boring office was definitely a sight to see. Shima also imagined all of the possibilities if they all got hired. But it was not time to daydream, she still had to pleasure the redhead.

Shima was on her knees, while her friend was sitting on the office chair, facing her. The intern began with one long stroke of her tongue, along with the inner tight. She then began kissing the redhead’s tights and slowly made her way, towards the pussy. As she got closer she could almost feel the warmth coming from it, or maybe it was her own hornyness. The other intern had a beautiful, well-manicured landing strip, in the same fiery color as her hair. It was cute, and Shima could not wait to get in there. After the inner tight, she moved on to the slit itself. It only took a few kisses and licks to get the redhead begging. Shima kissed her clit once, then gave it a lick then a few more kisses. The teasing was done, and the intern got to work. She began pleasuring the clit with powerful strokes, going up and down. At the same time, she started fucking her, with her finger. The redhead’s pussy was soaking wet by now and it was not hard to finger her with an index and middle finger. There were moans and groans coming from all around the office, but it was obvious the redhead enjoyed the service she was given.

Soon she put her hand on Shima’s head, signaling that the end was near. The intern kept doing what she had been doing so far, as it seemed to work. After a few more strokes of the tongue, the redhead wrapped her legs around Shima’s head and orgasmed. It was clear when she came, as she was much louder than all of the other girls.


Things continued to be steamy for another hour. After that, the interns were all satisfied and stress-free. The girls got dressed, cleaned up the office, and got back to work. The orgy was fun while it lasted, but they still had a lot of work to do. Now that they had fucked, they were even more motivated about getting hired and working together. Shima could not stop thinking about fucking with those chicks again, once they all had a stable, full-time job in the bank. It would be like a dream come true, for anyone in their early twenties.

She would have both a stable income and a great sex life. All that stood between this fantasy of a life and being an unemployed intern, was a pile of paperwork. Luckily the orgasms had woken everybody up and the girls were ready to tackle everything the traders had thrown at them. By the time the employees were coming back to the office, the interns were finishing up. At around 10 am Hughes walked in, late as usual, and told them to gather around.

“So, girls, how was last night?” – their supervisor asked.

“Great Mr. Hughes. We actually managed to finish all of the work we were given. It took us the whole night, but we managed.” – the redhead said.

“Well, that is certainly good to hear. But, it is not what I’m asking about. I mean the orgy you all had.” – the girls were shocked when she said that. How could she possibly know? – “You do realize that we have cameras all around the office and 24-hour security, right? I mean, did you think the ten of you could fuck and no one would notice?”

“Are we fired?” – Shima asked, knowing full well that what they did must have broken all kinds of HR regulations.

“Fired? No, are you kidding me? You are all hired, it was the best porn I’ve seen all week. You were all great. Amazing teamwork and whatnot. Also, you got the work done, which I did not expect. Take the day off, and as of next week, you will be working here.”

All of the interns were overjoyed. Their hard work had finally paid off. Shima was a little put off by the fact that in the end, she got hired not because of the long hours she put in. But, instead, it was due to the orgy she had. It did not matter in the end, however. She finally got what she wanted.

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