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Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

It was a hot summer day when my wife Samia and I decided to spend the day at the quarry lake. Shortly before we left, my good friend Bernd called and asked about our plans for the day. He joined us and we met at the quarry pond. Unfortunately, Raju, his girlfriend, could not come because she had a doctor’s appointment.

We talked for a while and then lay down in the sun.

Samia was on the left next to me on the blanket and Bernd on the right. After a while, Samia asked if I could apply sunscreen again. To do this, she lay on her stomach.

I opened the top of her bikini top and let the sunscreen cream drip onto my back.

Bernd also lay on his stomach and looked over at us.

“And me, who’s going to cream me?” He asked. “If you want, I’ll do it too!” I said and let the cream drip on his back.

“Back closer!” I asked him. Now I knelt between Samia and Bernd. With my left hand, I rubbed the cream on Samia’s back, while my right hand spread the cream on Bernd’s back. With small circular movements, I spread the cream over my body and worked my way from my neck towards my legs.

When I got to the trousers, I pulled the trousers down a bit so that I could also apply the cream to the rim. At first, Bernd wanted to protest, but then he put up with it.

I worked the other way around with my legs, starting from the calves, I slid higher and higher. Both lay there and enjoyed my efforts. When I got to my pants I slid under the fabric with the finders. While Samia said nothing about it, Bernd wanted to protest again. However, I did not allow myself to be traded and put my right hand into his bathing pants from below. He had a crunchy ass and I stroked his cheeks with a slight movement, while at the same time I kneaded Samia’s butt lightly. This situation excited me, although I’ve never had anything with a man before, I was curious about what it is like to touch a naked man. The thought of it made my cock grow.

“Suddenly!” I ordered suddenly. Both hesitated a little. Shortly afterward I knew why. While Samia tried to keep her bikini top in the right place so as not to bare, Bernd’s swimming trunks clearly showed a bulge He seems to have liked my pats just as much as I did.

“You do not need to be ashamed, we are among ourselves,” I said and pulled the top away from Samia. Now I started my game again. I sprayed some sunscreen cream on both of my bellies and started to distribute my movements parallel on both bodies, I enjoyed rubbing Samia’s breasts neatly and stayed in the area longer than it should have been, Bernd looked over at Samia and watched me massage her tits.

My erection was now clearly recognizable. My swimming trunks stood out far and my stiff cock wanted outside.

When I got to the pants, I pulled them down a bit this time as well. I accidentally touched Bernd’s stiff tail, which was now vertically spaced. The touch made him wince without wanting to elude me.

Then, when I put cream on my legs, I got to the magical points of both. While I put my hand in Samia’s panties and scratched her pubes there, I cheekily reached into Bernd’s pants and took his balls in my hand. I kneaded them lightly.

I made sure no one was around and pulled both of their pants down. “I want to see you naked,” I said hoarsely. Strangely, I met no resistance. Both of them allowed me to take them off, and both were also very excited, which made me look at Samia’s swollen labia and stiff cock from Bernd clearly showed.

“But you too,” said Bernd and pulled on my pants. I got up and took off my pants myself. My stiff cock jumped up immediately.

I sat between the two again and started to stroke them again. I massaged Samia’s pussy with the thumb of my left hand, while I gripped Bernd’s tail with my right hand and completely pulled back my foreskin there. “A nice tail” stated Samia, who was now looking in Bernd’s direction.

“Yes,” I said, “come and touch him!” Samia turned a little and reached over to Bernd. We both now gripped the tail, while Bernd was lying on his back and put up with the treatment.

“Give me your cock, I want to lick it,” Samia said to me while she slowly jerked Bernd’s cock. I got up and stood in front of her. My stiff man was now

right in front of her face and she started licking it and in to suck in his mouth. That was so cool ……

“I want to fuck thick,” I said to Samia, “kneel and stick your ass out.” I stepped behind her and my cock slid into her cunt with no difficulty. It was so damp that the labia were shiny with moisture. While I kept putting my cock in Samia’s cunt, she took Bernd’s cock and sucked on him with relish.

“Ah, that’s good,” said Samia, and I didn’t know whether Bernd’s was meant or mine. “Push me harder!” Samia asked me and I started thrusting into her quite hard. My sack kept beating her clit while I held her by the hips.

“I’ll be right there,” I called because I could already feel the tingling in the tip of my dick. “Yes, spray me full!” cried Samia, who was also apparently close to an orgasm. Three or four powerful thrusts and I felt my sack contract. Then one last time and I got stuck deep inside to inject my semen deep into her lust grotto. At that moment it came to her too, she reared up and groaned out her orgasm. In the meantime, she had tightly encircled Bernd’s tail and pulled his foreskin very far back. It looked awesome how the acorn was stretched. Samia regained consciousness and started jerking off the big cock while she stroked the balls with her other hand. “Come on, spray me on the tits!” She asked Bernd and rubbed harder and harder.

I went around the two and watched Samia work the tail more and more violently. Bernd was lying on his back with his eyes closed and enjoying this treatment. Then he started to cramp and clenched his hands in the towel on which he was lying.

“Come on … come on splash !” Said Steffe again. With her tongue, she licked his glans again while she had completely pulled the foreskin back. And then it came to Bernd. He started to gasp and his cock sprayed his juice on Samia’s tits, which leaned extra far forward, there was a lot of juice, and Samia’s tits were pretty wet afterward.

Samia took a handkerchief and cleaned her tits of Bernd’s juice while the cock slowly gathered a lot.

“Man, that was cool,” said Bernd. “Yes,” I replied, “I could do it again!” I said with a smile. Watching my cock had become stiff again and my lust was still not gone. Without asking I took Bernd’s cock and began to stroke it. “Of course, you again,” said Samia and grinned at me. I knelt next to Bernd and he grabbed my stiff cock with his left hand. “Hey, you two! I’m still there, “grumbled Samia. She grabbed Bernd’s eggs and scratched them.

Bernd stroked her breasts and tugged gently on her nipples. “Come on, try it,” Samia said to me and took the tail. I had never had sex with a man and was still hesitant. “Tastes good and is not disgusting at all!” said Samia, who let her tongue slide over the tip of the tail. I leaned forward and licked the shaft. I slowly slid higher until I reached the glans. Then he put the cock in his mouth and sucked on it gently. Bernd liked this, because he stopped, forgot my cock, and enjoyed it.

“Come on give me your dick, I want to lick it too!” He said. I squatted wide-legged over his face so that my cock was over his face. Now I leaned forward and took his cock in my hand while I kissed Samia.

It was a cool feeling when he licked my cock and I held his stiff in my hand. So we crouched on top of each other in the 69 positions and sucked each other’s cocks.

Suddenly Samia was behind me and kissed my butt. Slowly, she slid a finger along with the notch, paused briefly on my asshole, and then grabbed my balls.

She squeezed the sack and pulled on it while the other hand played on my hole.

“Now I want to see it,” she said suddenly, and before I could even ask what she meant by that, she grabbed the sunscreen. With strong pressure, she dropped the sunscreen on my asshole and immediately put her finger in my ass. I shrugged briefly together and after a little moment, I had a very nice feeling that she caused with her fuck. “Ha, I thought you were on it!” she said and started fucking my finger properly. Out, in … ah that was good.

While I was now fucked in the ass by Samia and the tail blown by Bernd, I sucked on Bernd’s cock.

I had never experienced such a cool feeling.

“I want to see how you fuck each other,” said Samia suddenly with a lust. “Come on Bernd, fuck him in the ass. Show me how you do it!” she asked him. I released Bernd from his supine position and knelt. By leaning forward, I spread my buttocks and Bernd had free access to my asshole.

He knelt behind me while Samia took the sunscreen again and applied it to my tight hole. Then Bernd put on his dick and pressed against the tight muscle.

At first, I tensed up reflexively and then had to concentrate on relaxation. Only then did Bernd have the opportunity to slowly slide into me. I felt him widen my hole and slowly slide into me. He had grabbed me by the hips and kept pushing his dick in until I felt his sack on my sack.

“Man is that tight,” he said, while he was deep inside me and didn’t move at first. In the meantime, this procedure gave me pleasure, and my excitement increased again, which I would not have thought possible.

Then Bernd slowly pulled his cock back until it was almost outside, then slowly pushed it back in until our balls beat up again. Samia looked at it very carefully and then grabbed my cock to pull the foreskin back completely.

“So you horny pigs,” she said, while Bernd was getting faster and faster in his movements. “You fuck your ass, you never thought that.” And she jerked my dick in the rhythm of Bernd’s bumps. “This is cool and tight,” said Bernd, thrusting my ass firmly again. “Yes, come fuck me, fuck me tight” I groaned. I felt like I was jumping out of sheer lust. The cock in my ass and the handiwork of Samia brought me to the brink of madness.

“Wait you, horny guys, I also want some of it,” said Samia and lay with her legs spread wide in front of me. So she slid directly in front of my cock and put it in her hot grotto itself. I didn’t have to do anything else, as I adapt to the movements of Bernd and I was already fucked in my ass while I my Samia deep and firm

fucked. I put her left breast in my mouth and sucked myself tight, playing with my tongue on the stiff nipple. Samia held up vigorously and returned our thrusts with a violent swing of the hip. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum.

“I’ll be right there,” I moaned. “Me too,” replied Bernd, thrusting my ass all the harder. “I’m pumping your ass,” he panted. “Let it come!” cried Samia, who was also close to her orgasm.

“Now” I called, feeling my cock pumping and spraying the juice deep into Samia’s cunt. With the words “Me too” Bernd got stuck deep in my ass and sprayed his juice deep into my ass. While we kept still and enjoyed the hot feelings, Samia works like crazy with her hips. She kept pumping my dick and getting her exit.

“Yes …… yes …… yes yes” she calls so loudly that it has to be heard far

in the area.

We dropped onto the blanket next to Samia and gasped for air. Samia was breathing heavily between us and everyone put a hand on her stomach. “That was great,” said Bernd, a shame that Raju wasn’t here. “We can make up for that,” said Samia.

“But not today,” I said, “I’m exhausted!”.

We didn’t even bother to get dressed, but stayed as naked as we were on the blanket and still enjoyed it

Glorious sunshine. We no longer wanted to have sex that day, but we decided to hold a similar session with Raju. Secretly I hope to be able to fuck Raju too, although ….. Bernd’s ass ….. that would be something right?

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