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The story of a Hubby Losing a Bet

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A friend of mine is a New England Patriots fan. So is his neighbor Tanvir? Last season they had a party for the Patriots game versus the Chiefs. I’m a Chiefs fan. They invited me over to their party. The Patriots were the home team, but the Chiefs were having a good season.

“Good to see you, please come in!” Tanvir said as he greeted me at the door.

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“You ready to lose?” I joked with him. I wore a Chiefs jersey and I knew I was entering an environment with all Patriots fans. I planned to have fun with it.

“Nice jersey!” Tanvir said.

About six couples showed up. I had met Tanvir and his wife Ramya a few times. They had lived next door to my friend Musa and his wife Tina for a long time. I met the other couples for the first time. All of them were Patriots fans.

“Jaber, you are outnumbered today!” Tina joked. “It’s okay. I’m good with it.” I replied.

Everyone was drinking. The game was exciting. The couples were all in their thirties or early forties.

“Jaber, sorry bud, but the Chiefs are losing today!” Tanvir told me at the end of the first quarter. The Patriots were up to seven to three.

“There’s a long way to go in this one. I’m not worried, the Chiefs will win!” I told him.

“No way.”Tanvir shot back at me. The others were all encouraging him to stand up for their team. After all, they were up early in the game and playing well.

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“Watch and see!” I said.

“I’ll keep watching, but what I’ll see is the Chiefs losing,” Tanvir stated.

“I don’t think so, but keep on talking if it makes you feel better,” I told him. “Jaber, you want to put some money on it?” My friend Musa asked.

“I don’t want to take your money, Musa,” I said. “How about five hundred dollars?”Musa asked. “Whatever, do you even have five hundred?” I joked.

“Well, not on me, but of course I have it,” Musa said. I knew Musa made a good amount of money so I wasn’t really worried about it.

“So do we have a bet?” Musa asked.

“Sure, we are on. Five hundred it is. Winner takes the money.” I told him. “I want in on this too,” Tanvir said.

“You want five hundred too?” I asked.

“Unless losing one thousand is too much for you?” Tanvir joked.

“Ha, that’s nothing. I’m game for much more if either of you wants to go more.” I said.

“Musa is fine at five hundred!” Tina quickly answered.

“I understand Tina, you have shopping needs. We don’t want to cut into your shopping money!” I joked.

“I’m not scared to go more,” Tanvir said. “I believe in my Patriots and I’m not scared to back it up!”

“Okay, name an amount,” I said.

“Let’s move that five hundred to five thousand!” Tanvir said. “Oh shit! That’s a big jump!” I said in a shocked voice. “Tanvir, that’s stupid. Too much.”Musa told him.

“The Patriots are winning. I feel it.” Tanvir told Musa. “If you all are smart you would get in on this free money.”

The other couples laughed it off and all declined on getting in on any bets. “Okay then, we have a bet!” I told Tanvir.

“What is going on in here?” Ramya asked as she entered the room. She has been in the kitchen and missed the conversation.

I watched Ramya’s facial expression turn to shock and then anger as the group told her of Tanvir’s bet. You could clearly see that she was not happy with what had happened.

“Tanvir, can I speak with you privately please,” Ramya said.

“Not now, the second quarter is about to start,” Tanvir said somewhat brushing her off.

“Now please,” Ramya said again. “Fine,” Tanvir said.

They left the room for a few moments. We could all hear them arguing in the other room.

“Tanvir, we don’t have to do the best,” I told him as they returned to the room. “No, a bet it a bet. We are on.” Tanvir said.

“Okay, but just remember, when the game is over, I gave you a chance to back out,” I told him.

The Chiefs has a great second quarter and led the game at halftime by a score of twenty to seven. Tanvir and Ramya had another talk at halftime. She was clearly upset with him.

The Patriots made a run in the second half. Tanvir started the trash talking back up as the game got closer. It was a twenty-three to sixteen lead for the Chiefs and the Patriots had the ball.

“Brady is going to win this for us! I bet you are the one regretting that bet now!” Tanvir told me.

“Well, I was actually feeling bad and was going to let you out of the bet, but since you are so confident, I’m holding you to it,” I said.

“When the Patriots win, I’m holding you to it!” Tanvir said.

Ramya sat on the coach too worried to even enjoy the game. The only reason I even considered letting him out of the bet was that I felt bad for her.

She is a very attractive woman. She was wearing a Patriots shirt black leggings. She looked sporty and cute. The leggings showed off her ass and I couldn’t help but sneak some looks.

“Sorry, Ramya. I was trying to let you two out of the bet.” I told her.

“I know. I can tell. Tanvir will have to deal with a very upset wife if he loses this stupid bet.” Ramya said.

“Fuck!” Tanvir yelled as Brady threw an interception.

The room went silent for a few moments. The game was over and the Chiefs won.

“Jaber, I’ll pay you tomorrow,” Musa said.

We all mingled for a while. The party wrapped up and we all left.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle asking for the money. It was awkward when we were all leaving. Tanvir and Ramya had a nice home, but something told me they probably didn’t just have five thousand laying around to just throw away. I left and didn’t mention any more about the money or the bet.

“Can we talk?” Was a text I received the next day. It was from Ramya.

I agreed to meet them at their house that evening. When I arrived, Ramya was dressed differently. She had on a little skirt and heels. I had never seen her dressed up. In fact, it was the first time I had seen her in something other than leggings or yoga pants.

“I’ll get right to the point, we don’t have five thousand dollars,” Ramya said. “Okay,” I replied.

“Tanvir is very sorry about the bet. He was drinking and the emotions got the best of him.” Ramya said. I could tell that she was very much in charge at this point. Tanvir was mostly looking down and not even speaking.

“I understand. So I have just one question. Tanvir, if you had won the bet, would you have made me pay up?” I asked.

“I guess I would have,” Tanvir answered honestly.

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“Tanvir, stop talking,” Ramya said as she was frustrated at his answer.

“Okay, so we are all in agreement. Had I lost you would have expected me to pay up. You lost and you don’t have the money. You are now asking how to settle this. Does that sound accurate?” I asked.

“Yes. We are asking if there is anything else or another way we can work this out. We just don’t have that kind of money at this time.” Ramya said.

“What are you thinking?” I said.

“I don’t know. Is there anything you need? Tanvir is an excellent handyman. He can do repair work on your home or something like that.” Ramya said.

“I don’t need any work done. I mean, I really can’t think of anything.” I said.

“There has to be something. Anything, you name it. Tanvir will agree to it and will work every weekend that he needs to make it up. Maybe even yard work.”Ramya said.

“Well, it’s wintertime. So I don’t need that. So how much of the five thousand can you give me now?” I asked.

“Maybe twenty-five hundred. But that includes the money we set aside for Christmas as well.” Ramya answered.

“Well, that’s great, I can’t take your kids’ Christmas money and all your savings. I’m not that cruel.” I said.

“We know we are in a bad spot. Is there anything you need or could use instead of the money? It is Christmas time, maybe you can find it in your heart to work something different out.” Ramya asked.

I could tell Ramya was emotional. I had the feeling she dressed up to impress me in hopes I might find her attractiveness a reason to go easy on them. She seemed so mad at Tanvir. I could tell he was in the dog house over all this. I couldn’t stop looking at Ramya’s legs either. I will admit, if they planned to have her dress up to make me consider going easier, it was working.

“Well, now that you mention it, there is something,” I said. “Anything, you name it!” Ramya said.

“As you said, it’s Christmas time. I have an office Christmas party on Saturday I must attend. I don’t have a date.” I said.

“Okay, so what are you asking?” Ramya replied. “Well, I need a date,” I said.

“With my wife?”Tanvir blurted out looking not happy about the request.

“Tanvir, please, no talking. I’m handling this.” Ramya told him. “Taking you on a date is not something you are doing,” Tanvir said. “Tanvir, you got us into this, so let me handle it now,” Ramya said.

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“Hey, you asked, I’m just making a suggestion,” I said.

“Okay, so you want me to be your date for your office Christmas party?” Ramya asked.

“Yes. I work all the time. I’m single and I need a date.” I said. “What else?” Ramya asked.

“What the fuck, you are considering this?” Tanvir blurted out.

“Tanvir, shut up!” Ramya quickly told him.

“How about Tanvir also power-washed my deck and siding this weekend?” I said.

“I meant what else as on the date, but yes, Tanvir will be happy to power wash your deck and siding,” Ramya said.

“Well, I don’t want people at my work thinking I invited my sister or something out as my date. So you would have to play the part.” I said.

“Play the part?” Ramya asked.

“You know, dress up, do everything you would do on a normal date,” I said. “Play the part, let me think,” Ramya said looking over at Tanvir.

Tanvir and Ramya stepped a few feet away and were discussing. I couldn’t hear every word but I did pick up on Ramya mentioning how Tanvir likes to show her off. Tanvir mentioned he did like her dressing sexy but wasn’t sure about an actual date. Ramya reminded him of all the times she wore sexy clothing and guys would check her out and how he seemed to like it. Ramya told him it was time to put up or shut up. I got the feeling Tanvir liked other men checking out his wife but now that Ramya was taking it to another level, he wasn’t sure about it. Tanvir reluctantly agreed.

“Okay, we have a deal,” Ramya said. “What time do I need to be there Saturday?”

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“I’ll pick you up at seven. And by the way, it’s a nicer event, not tux or anything like that, but still semi-formal.” I said.

“I will make it work,” Ramya said.

I picked Ramya up at seven that next Saturday. She greeted me at the door wearing a long black tight dress with a very high slit going up one of her thighs. She had on a pair of black high heels. I was blown away by how much she dressed up.

Tanvir came by my house that day and spent the entire day working. He was still at my house working and putting things away. He didn’t know how Ramya was dressed for the evening. I think Ramya liked it that way and as a way to get back at him. He called multiple times asking her how she was dressed.

The event was at a hotel banquet room. “Thanks for doing this,” I told Ramya.

“No, thank you for working with us and allowing us to do this instead of the money,” Ramya said.

“I will admit, I didn’t think you would get all this dressed up for this evening,” I told her.

“Well thank you. It was the least I could do. Tanvir is not going to be happy when he finds out how much I spent on this dress and these heels. I wanted to look a good fit tonight, so I splurged. It’s still so much less when compared to what I would have spent if we would have paid up though.” she said.

“Well, you look amazing! I almost feel bad at how amazing I think you look considering you another man’s wife.” I said.

“I told myself I would enjoy the evening. Tanvir needs to learn his lesson on these things. When I get home tonight and he sees me in this dress, he will flip out!” Ramya said. “I just hope he learns his lesson.”

“I’m glad we did this!” I said.

“Please, treat me like you would any other date. A deal is a deal. I’m good with it and Tanvir will learn his lesson.” Laurs said.

“Okay, let’s go dance!” I said.

I took Ramya out on the dance floor. It was fun, we both had drinks. The music was a little too loud to talk. During the first song, Ramya bumped me slightly with her body. She was turning around and her hip bumped my inner hip. I also got very close to her. I could smell her hair. She smelled so good. The second song started we were dancing face to face but getting closer.

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Ramya was holding eye contact.

“I love this song!” Ramya yelled in my ear getting even closer.

I put my hand out on her hip as we danced. For a few seconds, I left it on her hip. Ramya turned and my hand stayed on her body. My fingers felt across her lower back and upper part of her ass as she turned away from me.

I put both hands on Ramya’s hips and she backed closer to me. Our bodies were touching and I could feel her ass pressing against me. Ramya reached down and squeezed the side of my thighs letting me know she wanted to be that close. My face was on her neck. My hand reached around her waist pulling her closer and harder against my body. Her ass was firmly pressed up against my cock which was getting harder and harder by the second. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed his neck as we were dancing.

After the kiss, Ramya quickly turned around. I was afraid I had crossed the line. We were face to face and she grabbed behind my neck and pulled me in for a kiss on the lips. We made out for an entire song. Our bodies rub against each other.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Ramya told me after she lead me off the dance floor.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault. You are married. We just went too far. It was a mistake.” I told her.

“Well, I liked our mistake,” Ramya said holding my hand.

I was shocked at her reaction. I was so turned on. I liked what she was saying.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “Yes. Oh, I got us a room!” She said “Really?” I said shocked.

“Yep!” She said.

Ramya took my hand as led me up to her room. I guess she had gotten it that afternoon. On the elevator ride up her phone had been ringing.

“It’s Tanvir. He won’t stop calling. I need to answer it.” Ramya said. I sat on the edge of the bed. Ramya called Tanvir back.

“What do you want?” Ramya asked taking to Tanvir on the phone.

I couldn’t hear what Tanvir was saying, but Ramya was in charge of the conversation. He seemed very concerned about how she was dressed for our date.

“Fine, FaceTimeme and you can see for yourself!” Ramya said and hung up.

“Hello, honey!” Ramya answered sarcastically. She had Tanvir on FaceTime so they could see each other. Ramya walked to the other side of the hotel room while talking.

“I have on this new black dress,” Ramya said as she lowered her phone to show Tanvir her dress.

“And how much did you spend on that?” Tanvir asked. “Not five thousand!” Ramya replied.

“I guess that’s fair,” Tanvir said.

“Oh, and here are the new heels. Now, they were expensive!” Ramya said lowering the phone down. She pushed her leg out of the slit in her dress showing off her legs in her heels.

“Where are you?” Tanvir asked.

“Oh, I had to use the restroom so we went to Jaber’s room for a quick break. It also has more privacy than the restroom downstairs.” Ramya answered.

“What the fuck, Jaber got a room?” He said. “Is he there with you now?” “Yes,” Ramya answered showing the phone so he could see me.

“Jaber, what year fuck man? You got a room and are trying to put the moves

on my wife. Fuck you man!” Tanvir said.

“Whoa, hold on. I got the room but it is for me. She just needed to use the restroom.” I answered.

“That’s bullshit!” Tanvir yelled.

“Man, you are the one who got yourself into this mess with your bet,” I yelled back. “Be a little smarter in your bets next time!”

“Tanvir, you need to calm down. You agreed to this. I hope you learn your lesson and these bets.” Ramya told him.

“This is bullshit. You know, I should have won that bet. You got lucky.” Tanvir yelled.

“Tanvir, stop yelling. I don’t think you are learning your lesson in this.” Ramya said. “You need to learn there are consequences for your actions.”

“Honey, the guy got lucky. Now he has you in a hotel room. He is the one who needs to be taught a lesson.” Tanvir said.

“Honey, you are not getting the point at all. You got us into this with your stupid bet.” Ramya said getting even more frustrated with him.

“You need to come home now!” Tanvir told Ramya.

“Okay, I’ll come home,” Ramya said after a deep breath and a pause. “I’ll come to pick you up,” Tanvir said. “Meet me out front.”

“Okay, Tanvir. I’ll come home right now, but first, let’s make a bet. Okay?” Ramya said.

“What? A bet?”Tanvir asked. “Yes, a bet.” She replied. “Okay, what?” He said.

“Since you haven’t learned your lesson, I’ll give you a bet. If I win, I stay on have fun as I want to, if you win, you pick me up. Deal?”Ramya said.

“Sure. What’s the bet?” He asked.

Ramya handed me the phone and asked me to show her as she told him the bet.

“Okay, I’m going to ask you one question. If you get it right, you win. If you get it wrong, I win.” Ramya said.

“Okay, ask,” Tanvir said.

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“My question is, am I wearing any panties?” Ramya asked.

“What the fuck kind of question is that? You better be wearing panties. Seriously, what is your question?” Tanvir asked.

“That’s my question. It’s an easy yes or no answer. What is your answer?” Ramya asked.

“My answer is that you better be wearing panties,” Tanvir said. “Well Tanvir, you lost. I am not wearing any.” Ramya answered. “You are lying,” Tanvir said. “I’m coming to get you.”

“Nope, not lying, “Ramya said. “I’ll show you.” “What? With Jaber right there?”Tanvir asked. “A bet it a bet, right honey?” She answered.

Ramya started right into the camera. She stood with one leg out of the slit in her dress. She took her hand and slowly lifted her dress. My cock got harder and harder the further up her dress went. She never paused as she lifted her dress all the way up to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy and no panties.

“Sorry honey. You lost another bet!” Ramya said as she walked over and took the phone from me and hung up.

“Where were we?” She said to me.

“Umm, are you sure you want to be doing this?” I asked.

“Well, I’m going to tell him nothing happened and it was all to teach him a lesson. I’ll give you two choices right now. You can drive me home or you can fuck me hard and then drive me home. If you fuck me, you just have to promise not to tell.” Ramya said.

Ramya didn’t wait on me to answer. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of me wearing nothing but some expensive five-inch black high heels.

I quickly started undressing.

“I thought that would be your answer,” Ramya said.

Ramya climbed on top of me. She lowered her pussy down on my hard cock. She rode me for about five minutes. We kissed and made out the enter time.

“I want you to fuck me hard. Make me yours.” Ramya said.

I smacked her ass and then tossed her on the bed. She was on all fours and I climbed behind her. I slammed my dick deep inside her as she hit face down against the bed. Her knees were lifting off the bed with each hard pound.

I smack the back of her ass again. “Your mine tonight! Beg me to fuck you harder!” I told her.

“Oh myyyyygooood, fuck me harder!”Ramya yelled.

I reached down and grabbed the back of Ramya’s hair and pulled her head back up.

“Mmmmm oh god. You are so fucking deep inside me! It feels so fucking good! Don’t stop!” Ramya yelled.

I kept pounding away at her pussy from behind her.

“Ohhhhhhhfuuuckk…I’m coming!” Ramya yelled. “Oh god, oh god!”

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