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Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


It is Saturday and we are sleeping in. We watched a movie last night and finished a bottle of wine. We did not fuck, but I am sure you will wake up a little later and make up for it.

You are aware that I am awake and you roll over and press your body into mine. I immediately sense your thick dick. And now your hands reach over to my ass, cup a cheek, and squeeze. I know where your hands will go next, matherchod! (motherfucker), and I spread my legs. Sure enough your palm cups my pussy, rubbing my cunt hairs. Your middle finger traces the line of my cunt, parting the folds of my pussy as it reaches my hole, and pressing hard when you come up to my clit. I am loving it. I can feel myself beginning to cream. Now your dick is getting hard and you start rubbing against my ass. I turn a bit to make it more comfortable for you, and you grab my tits and use them as leverage and start humping my ass.

Strange sex

Your thrust on my naked ass is long, sweet, and exquisite. I can feel how strong your cock still is after all these years. I feel a bit of wetness and moisture as your pre-cum falls on my ass-crack. I let out a quiet, “Mmmm, chee,”. And then you stop. You don’t want to cum just yet. And you reach under the bed to get that wooden stand you designed and made yourself. You put this under my pillow and now my head is upturned and my mouth is at an angle, the correct angle to receive your thick cock. You straddle my head and push your cock down. I smell the heavenly aroma of pre-cum from your dick as you settle your cock into my mouth. I hear you sigh in contention. Your cock reaches all the way to my throat. Your big balls slap gently on my chin. So fucking good! Fuck!

Bahenchod! (Sisterfucker!) You raise yourself on your elbows and toes and fuck my mouth like you fuck my cunt. You are asshole! I hear your grunts of pleasure as you increase your pace. Your cock is nice, hard, and thick. I can feel the heavy vein that runs under it. I use my tongue on it and hear you moan. Then you lift yourself until just the head of your cock is in my mouth. Oh! So soft and velvety and smooth. I play on it with my tongue. I tease your pee hole and you shudder!

You take my hand and push it behind you. And I know you want your balls ticked, held, caressed, and squeezed. I do that, and then I sense you parting your legs. This is my cue to enter your asshole. I place my middle finger at the entrance to your asshole and I press it in. You gasp. I feel the moisture at the entrance and I persist and push. You asshole pinches my finger tightly, but now I am up to my second knuckle and I press it all the way. I try to synchronize my thrusts with the thrusts of your cock in my mouth.

But somehow I don’t feel like drinking your cum today. I am not sure why. So I tap your hairy thighs with my fist. This is our standard indication that you can mouth-fuck me as long as you do not come in my mouth. You slow your thrusts. And I realize that you want to be in my mouth for a long time.

I let you slide your cock in and out of my cock for some more time. Then you pull your dick out and crawl down to my chest. You slam your heavy, hot stub on my tits. You hold one of my boobs roughly with one hand and with the other you attack the nipple with your penis. I help you out by holding my tits up for your punishment.

Then you put your cock in my mouth again. I remember you saying what is most arousing to you is to see me open my mouth, see it make an ‘O’ as I get ready to accept your cock. And then to see me with my eyes closed as your thick, veiny dick pistons in and out of my mouth. Chutiya! (Fucker!)

When you are satisfied, when I have pleasured you enough with my mouth, you get off of me and go to the bathroom, knowing fully well that I will follow you.

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You are standing at the toilet with the seat up. You are fully naked, and your magnificent cock is jutting out at an angle from your belly. You are holding it and stroking it, slowly. I see how long it is. From the side, it is so very thick, especially near the base. The purple, pink mushroom head is so incongruously big compared to the rest of your cock.

I stand by your side, put an arm around your waist for support, and fist your cock with my other hand. You lean forward and press your hand against the wall, and with the other hand, you caress my ass. Your hand explores every inch of my ass, going from one ass cheek to the other. Then you make a blade of your palm and run it down my ass crack. You locate my asshole and with your index finger your tease it. I move my leg a little out to allow you to enter my ass. And you do. You keep your finger in these as I give you a hand job. I know you are watching my hand fly up and down the length of your dick. I am seeing it do. Right now, both of us are gasping and panting. Out breaths coming in heaves.

I can feel it even before you start your groans. Your cock stiffens even more, pushes against my fist harder than before and then you jerk forward and become stiff. I know to continue to stroke your cock. You like it that way.

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Big cock

Cum erupts from your cock in long creamy ropes. Fuck! I think to myself, this is glorious. How much cum! How white and thick! God, and it smells so heavenly! Oy! Teri Maakichoot (Oh!Your mother’s cunt!).

When we were young, your cum eruptions seemed never-ending. I would count the spurts as they spewed out of your cock like a volcano. One, two, three…Sometimes up to thirteen or fifteen. Wow!

But now both of us are old. You are almost in your mid-fifties, and I just turned fifty this year. But your cum is just as strong, white, thick, smelly, and delicious. You spurt only three or four long ropes, and the just drops of semen remain. I squeeze the remaining drops from your cock into the toilet bowl.

My sex drive is also still strong. Sometimes you say you are happy and surprised at how horny and lusty I am. You say your friends complain that their wives do not want sex, that the women turn away from it as soon as they hit menopause. But I want to fuck. I am ready whenever, wherever you want to code (fuck) me.

After I have drained your balls, you hug me and call my name, many many times. Your cock is against my belly, the very last semen drops, sticky on my skin.

You go back to bed while I clean up the bathroom and then take a shower. By the time you get showered and come down, I have our breakfast ready. You kiss me lovingly and sit down and we eat together.

It has been almost thirty years since we got married. I think back now to how this all started. The first time we saw each other. Then my mind wanders to the first time we saw each other naked – how you insisted we do and how scared and reluctant I was. How skeptical I was of our marriage even working out…

Approximately thirty years ago.

I am an engineer now, newly graduated from a prestigious university. Since my father is in the government service, we have been in North India for many years now. I can converse in many Indian languages, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil. But we have not forgotten our conservative South-Indian background. At least my parents haven’t. So that’s why in the mid-1990s, while I am not yet twenty-two years old, they are looking for a suitable boy for me to get me married off. But getting a ‘suitable boy with a matching family and education background is proving difficult for them, what with my dad being in a very high semi-permanent position in the Finance Ministry spanning at least two decades. I have always been brought up thinking we are rich. And we are very well off.

Many families come forward with proposals but most are rejected by my parents before I even get to meet the boys. The ones I do get to meet, I do not like. Finally, close to my birthday, we get a proposal from a boy’s family from the city where my mother and father grew up. They show me the boy’s photo and I see a handsome mustachioed guy, dark, with a lot of hair. They tell me he is almost six feet tall, taller than most boys we have met, and is also an engineer. “So what if he is not from a prestigious college,” my mother says. “He is an engineer and is working in XXXX company for the last four years. He is good-looking and his family is nice. We know them. Why don’t you give them a chance? What’s the harm?”

‘What’s the harm, indeed,’ I think and agree.

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I see you come in with your parents. You have made the long journey from down South by train and I feel sorry for you all. Your father and mother are so quiet and apologetic and awed by our big house and my parents’ accomplishments. I am sure you all have never been out of your State or have never been in such a big house or city, much less gone looking for a bride for you.

But you are different, and I sense that immediately. So different from the other boys who I have met in this process. You do not seem at all humbled or impressed by my parents’ stature in society. Our big house, our car, our servants – all these do not seem to sway you. Your eyes shine with hidden humor in them. Your posture is incredible and you seem so confident in yourself. I can see that you have taken care of your body. You must work out religiously. I see your well-toned arms, shoulders, and flat stomach. I am impressed. I like what I see.

My parents have arranged for a trip to a nearby resort for the evening for the families and us to get to know each other. I know you are biding your time. You let your mother and father talk to me. Mundane questions about school, habits, future plans, cooking, etc. And finally, they leave the two of us alone.

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Hand down to thighs

And for the first time in my life, I feel shy in the presence of a boy. Your presence. Why I am not sure. You surprise me with your English, your diction, your grammar and manner of speaking and how you carry yourself, your patience. And your eyes and eyebrows! Fuck! I could die right now. The way you show interest in every silly thing I say, I feel as if I am the last woman on earth. I am weak-kneed. I want this to stop already. I want to kiss your lips, feel your mustache on me. I want to marry you. Chodmujhe, matherchod!! Abhi! Yehan! (I want to be fucked by you, you motherfucker!

Take me right now! Right here! )

It has been decided by the position of the stars and the moon and the sun. We are engaged. Our marriage is in four months.

I am excited. My mother senses this is me and makes fun of me whenever she can. But I have not heard from you in about a week. Why is that? I am sitting here thinking of you and you are in your own world it seems. Am I wrong about you? I know telephone service can be a pain in India, but can you not at least write me a letter?

But you call me one evening. I am alone at home. I listen to your voice and am over the moon! But long-distance calls are expensive and I am worried you will make this a very short call. I don’t know what to say. But you take control of the conversation in your cool and calm manner.

“Hey Kavitha, don’t worry. I have a friend on the telephone exchange, and he says I can talk for as long as we want. “Of course, you do! You seem to be the kind of person who can manage such impossible things. I like this too in you.

The first call is really nothing. We don’t talk about anything serious. Just how are you, how’s work, friends and the like. But I feel you are just building up to talk about really important stuff.

I replay our conversation that night while lying on my bed. Surprisingly, I masturbate thinking of you. I don’t know how people have sex. I just know they do.

I have never been in the presence of a boy or man or seen movies or magazines that depict sex. It’s just bits and pieces a girl gets to know, second-hand knowledge and gossip. I have a vague idea what a man’s Lund (cock) looks like. My friend Meena has told me about her husband’s cock, so I can imagine. I have read a lot of novels, in a lot of different languages and some of the descriptions are pretty graphic. Meena has described the sex she has had with her husband, what a man’s penis looks like, and what it does, it became thick like a log when a man is horny and the thick juice that comes out at the end. One day I even forced her to show me her hole where her husband puts his cock. I am so stupid. I don’t even know where it goes!

So I read and I dream and I masturbate. I have been masturbating compulsively from a very young age. I use my fingers and palm on my pussy. I try to insert my finger in my hole but it doesn’t go too far and it hurts. I can rub my fingers on the small nub at the top, the one described as ‘clitoris’, and that gives me great pleasure. Meena says her husband licks and sucks on it and it makes her come after some time. I am sure it does because it feels fantastic just by rubbing it with my fingers. Oh, what a feeling when I finish. I am usually wet and dripping some liquid from my cunt when I am done.

I bet you masturbate too, Chutiya! (Fucker!) Jerking-off is what you guys call it, right? I know you boys ‘beat’ your cock. Meena uses her hand on her husband’s dick when she has her period and her husband cannot put it inside her. She has shown me how she uses her fist and sometimes her husband also uses his fist to finish. But that’s all I know about that. Perhaps you will tell me after we are married? I would really like you to. Tell me your secrets and I will tell you mine!

It’s the Saturday after our first call and you promised you’d call again and I am waiting. I pick up the phone at the first ring. We day hello etc and it’s then that it starts. Your thing.

“Kavitha, what are you wearing?”

I say, “A salwar-kameez. Standard North-Indian dress. Why?” You ask, “What? Nothing else?”

“What do you mean,” I ask, knowing full well what you mean. “Nothing underneath? No panties, no bra? Naughty girl!”

Matherchod! (Motherfucker!) Come on, finally, I think to myself. Let’s start the dirty, naughty stuff. I will lead you man, yes!

“Shut up!” I say in mock disgust.

“Let me guess, ” You say. “White cotton panties. Brand ABC, size medium. Matching bra – same color, same brand ABC, size 30AA. Am I right?”

OyGandu!! (Asshole!!) He was absolutely right! Down to the brand and color and size.

I am quiet. In shock, actually.”How, how do you know?” I say. You just laugh.

“Hey, your boobs are kinda small, you know. But I like them that way. Don’t worry. In time I will make them big!”

I am dumbstruck at your forwardness. “,” I stammer. Again, you laugh.

“But your best part is your behind, I can see that. You have a great ass, Kavitha. I am so lucky. I love asses.”

I am shocked once again!

Bhenchod! (Sisterfucker!) Do you have experience with girls and women? Have you fucked before? Are you not a virgin? How can I ask you?

You are right about my boobs. They are a little more than just bumps on my chest but my nipples are thick. I am envious of my mother who has great tits. But she is a mother of two so I hope my boobs will get bigger when I have children. My friend Meena has fantastic boobs. I have seen her once or twice when she changed her clothes. Her husband is very lucky I think to myself.

She is very lucky. She says her husband sucks on her nipples like a baby before he goes to sleep every day. Sometimes he does it as soon as he comes back from work.

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But you are correct,chutiya! (fucker!). My gaand (ass) is my asset. It is big and round and shiny and tight. I have to squeeze and grab hard to part my cheeks. I find it difficult to clean my gaand, between my cheeks, as my ass crack is deep. I see myself in the full-length mirror and my panty is tight across my ass. Not a single fold on the wide expanse of the back, but for a small wedgie that comes a few inches up my crack. My friend Meena says her panties are always loose and they ride up her gaand crack and I see her frequently having to pull out her panty from her crack and also adjust it in the front as she has a flat ass. But I have no problem with that. My panties are tight and firm. They are packed in front, and I can see the long line of my cunt as the cloth of my underwear presses against my choot (pussy). I have to wear medium size panties to cover up all the hair I have. Of late, I have hair growing up my ass crack and sprouting from my asshole as well. I will have to remove some of it somehow before the wedding.

Not hearing any response from me, you ask, “Kavi, hey, what happened. Are you shocked? You thought I would not know anything. Haha… I have studied girls for a long long time.”

I ask softly, “Studied only or…or…experienced also?”

You just laugh again and I don’t know what to make of it so I just let it pass. For now.

Then you say, “Hey, Kavi, expect a package from me at your office tomorrow.”

I ask, “Package. What package? Why, how?”

But you have moved on to another topic. “So tell me, how do you sleep. I mean, what do you wear when you sleep?”

“A T-Shirt, and long pajama pants, of course.” “What? And bra and panties?” You ask.

“No bra. Only panties,” I reply.

“Hmm,” You are quiet for a while, forcing me to ask, “You?” Not sure why I am asking you this. Just curious, I suppose.

“No. Nothing while sleeping. No encumbrances!” you announce, and softly laugh again. “You better learn how to do it because you will be doing it after our marriage!”

“Aiyoh, chee, ” I say. “Naked.On the bed? Sleeping? No way!”

“Aha. Do you think you will be wearing any clothes while we..while we..” I want you to say it, come on say it!! you know…!”

“You are a dirty man! You seemed so nice when we met!”

“Haha. I know I am dirty. I bet you are too. Come on, tell me some curse words. You should know some by now, all Hindi ones. What do you say for a man’s thing? Out here they call in pool. How about there? Huh? What about your pundai? Do you have hair there?”

They call it lund, you sonofabitch! How big is your lund? Meena says her husband’s lund is like a flashlight! How does it go into her choot (cunt)? And my choot, my pundai my cunt is very hairy. Do you like it like that?

That night I masturbate as usual thinking of you and me naked on the bed. I rub myself, inserting my hands into my panties, imagining us chodoing (fucking). But our conversation still runs through my head and I decide to take off my clothes. And for the first time in my life, I masturbate while lying naked on my bed and finger and rub my pussy till I finish. I feel drops of liquid ooze out of my cunt and wet the bed covers. You are on top of me, your dick is inside me, your hands on my little tits, squeezing the nipples, making them hard, your tongue is in my mouth and I swallow your spit.

That’s all that matters to me now.

A couple of days later at work, I get a package delivered by a man. He just hands it to me and goes away. I am too afraid to open the package at work, so when I am back home I open it. I am scared. I don’t know what I will find inside. But there is a notebook and another packet that seems to contain some clothes.

I open the notebook, and on the first page is a poem you have written for me.

It is a play of words with my Kavitha included and it makes me smile. What a romantic, I think! Then I flip the pages and I am shocked. My mouth gapes open and I realize I am holding my breath.


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