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Good day, everyone. I’m Satyam, and here are some of the events that occurred in my life with a desi girl during the past year. I’m Satyam, a 24-year-old man from Hyderabad.

I usually compose my stories in a long-form. So, if that’s not your cup of tea, I’d advise you to go now rather than later. I hope I don’t let you down during your reading time. This story is a brief explanation of how I hooked up with a girl I met in a Pub in her college library’s secret area. So, the girl’s name is Druvika, she’s 24 years old, and she’s here for her master’s. She is 5’7 tall and dark, with stats of 34-28-34.

To begin the story, it all began one day when I was bored. So my pals and I decided to pass some time by going to the pub. We found a table at the pub and were having a good time talking and drinking when my gaze was drawn to a girl distant from my table wearing a greyish white one-piece dress with a single strap and a wave-cut at the bottom.

She was engaged in a lively conversation with her pals. But her adorable emotions and hand gestures drew my attention to her. As a result, I was staring at her. After a long battle with myself and gaining a lot of bravery, I approached her and began a discussion that went wrong. However, she may have realized that I was interested in her. As a result, she played along protectively.

After an hour of flirting, hilarious, weird kind of interesting discussion, and a couple of beers, she was comfortable with me and moved normally. So, by the time we had to go, I had her phone number, which I didn’t know it was correct or not.

The next day, I texted her a casual text, expecting her to forget about the previous night, but I didn’t get a response until the evening, by which time I had given up, assuming she had forgotten about me. But that was not the case; she was pleased that I messaged her, and we talked about how our days had gone before concluding our discussion.

As the days went by, we began texting more frequently and even indulging in late-night conversations and texting, which gradually brought us closer together, increasing our friendship without a clear direction. Finally, one day, I summoned the guts to ask her to meet me at a Starbucks close to both of us, which was thankfully not packed at the time. So there, I spoke up about my affections for her and all. She attentively listened to everything and then told her side of the tale, which was similar to mine.

Because it was similar, I made the first move by simply holding her hand in such a way that our fingers locked together while our eyes were lost in their conversation and her baby pink glossed lips shivered as I complimented her on how lovely she looked in that floral printed red gown she wore that day. Her lips curled into a smile, and her cheeks flushed with the blush. We became significantly more romantic in our talks and phone calls after that, which gradually led to other things such as likes, dislikes, fantasies, sexual cravings, and so on creeping in.

Phone sex gradually became a daily practice, and rare video talks became a ritual. PDA on dates has become commonplace. The number of hangouts increased, as did the number of presents exchanged. It looked fantastic, but the sexual intercourse had yet to take place. Nobody hurried since we knew everything had to be done in its own time and we were waiting for the appropriate moment.

One wonderful Saturday morning, she calls and wants me to come to her college library as soon as possible, with no additional explanation as to what might have transpired. So, I rush to the location, and as I arrive, she messages me room number 435, which confuses me, but I figure it out to be a room in the library and walk to it and try to open it, but it is locked, so I call her, and as there were two rings, the door slightly opens and she pulls me in and hugs me tightly as if to crush me with her might, but the pain of the tight hug was subdued by her mesmerizing fragrance.

After a few moments, she finally lets me gaze at her in her full splendor of dark red lipstick and black full sleeves v neck t-shirt and light blue trousers and white shoes and metallic banded apple watch standing with a display of all her teeth, while her eyes tell me a different story entirely.

So, distracting myself from the beauty that had mesmerized me, I inquire as to what had occurred, and then the story is revealed, which is that her roommates and she had seen a porn film yesterday night, and since then she has been feeling very horny and wants to release her sexual tension in some way, and since today is kind of game day in her college, she thought it would be a good idea to let it out today.

I was perplexed when she pushed me onto the desk, grabbed my neck, and gave me a passionate kiss, a wonderful one filled with love and lust, fire and passion, where the lips are not fighting for dominance but rather cooperating for excellence, it was magical as her lower lip and my upper lip alternately sandwiched each other’s lips. The intensity was apparent as I held her head in my arms and took turns kissing her lips while enjoying the same.

Perhaps for the first time, we parted ways not because we were out of breath, but because the passion within us was urging us to go further. Her lips were shivering, but this time I drew her closer and began this sensual kissing again, but this time my hands were busy exploring her body over her clothes, this kiss lasted short but as we broke, we began removing our clothes, just the top part to be precise, and that was the moment when I first saw her semi-nude in live.

She had pristine skin that later got some love bites, and her gorgeous endowments were covered in a blue netted bra that formed a great curve around her boobs, raising my curiosity about how they looked and felt. So, without further ado, I move my hands over her back and snap the bra open to reveal one of the awaited things that lived up to the expectations, oh they were firm, had black areola with the nipples popping out firm and hard, it was a sight that would be etched in my memory for the rest of my life.

I gradually began fondling them, circling the nipples and feeling them, and then slowly getting my mouth close to it, licking the nipples gently and then circling the areola along with the nipple. Then I started sucking the boobs, and while I was sucking, biting, and pulling the nipple of one, I was fondling the other and taking turns enjoying those perfectly preserved boobs. As I dove into the valley and began kissing, licking, and going around it, she was having a great time.

Since we had discussed our likes, she knew I had a fetish for armpits, so she had clean armpits, which excited me a lot and I started kissing, licking, and biting them. After enjoying one side of her body, I would start my journey to the other side via those lovely mountains, which made her moan, which increased in intensity and pitch.

After a very long time, she let out a very loud moan, which made me jump back up, and when I saw her, I saw that her upper body was red from my sucking biting, wet from my licking, and due to a good orgasm she had, her breathing had sped up, making her boobs move in a much more lovely way to restart the whole process.

But instead, I took her by the hand and made her sit on the edge of the desk, revealing her wet blue panty. Once the jeans were out, I tried pulling the panty with my teeth, which was quite difficult, and finally, I succeeded after working on it for a long time with a lot of kissing and licking on the inner thigh region in the meantime to make her loosen up a bit and make it easier for me to pull it.

Once I had succeeded, I began kissing her cleanly shaved blackish pink pussy lips, licking them and fingering them simultaneously to clean up the juices that had flown as a result of my earlier actions, and then inserting my tongue as deep as I could, twisting and turning it and occasionally inserting my fingers to increase the intensity and rubbing the clitoris to stimulate her as and when I hit the g spot.

I finally made her have her second orgasm of the day by twisting and swirling my tongue with deep thrusts and many finger insertions. The second orgasm had drained and exacerbated her wrath, causing her to push me aside, take my pants and underwear off, and display my penis, which had been dying to be satisfied for a long time.

Once we were both naked, she kissed me deeply and pushed me onto the chair there, which didn’t have any handles, and then began to climb on me to have my penis inserted, but I moved a bit to reach my pant and take my wallet for the condom that I always carry in it and wore, which didn’t impress her, but protection is always important.

As I wore it, she sat on my lap and slowly inserted my penis into her pussy, it was difficult but after a few thrusts it went in, and then we adjusted and slowly started the rhythm where mostly she was in control than what I could do and I was happy to play the second fiddle as I enjoyed what was in front of me her upper body, I began my work of kissing sucking and licking her armpits, boobs, nipples, and

Unfortunately, I arrived sooner than expected because I had been holding it for a long time, so she removed the condom and began sucking my limp dick, which was full of my cum. She began by licking away the pre-cum, then carefully withdrew the foreskin and kissed my penis head before taking the entire thing into her mouth and sucking it.

Pulling it to make it hard again, and slowly, after some longer pulls and bites, it started to grow to its full shine, and then she blew me for some time by licking sucking, and circling the stiff dick for some time, and then reached out to her jeans back pocket and removed another condom packet, which I took and wore.

As I wore it, I pushed her up to the desk and planned to enter her in doggie fashion, but this time it went more smoothly. Once I pushed my dick, I began thrusting her hard and kind of ramping her pussy while pressing her boobs in the name of support, which she loved because it was kind of rough after fucking her in that position for a good time, I removed my dick, pulled her up, and inserted my dick back in a sort of missionary position and resumed my thrusts.

With each thrust as I increased my force, her moans became louder, and to subdue them, I began kissing her, and after a while, when I was about to climax, I told her when she was also about to climax, I took her in my arms and tried to fuck her against the wall, which was the best as I had to fuck her and carry her, which was new and exciting for both of us, and finally, we came and she threw her head on my shoulder

We stared at each other with grins after a brief knockout stage and then carefully separated after a good kiss and wore our clothes and moved out of the room after we cleaned it. We went out to lunch, and then I dropped her off at her house before returning to my room and sleeping because I was weary. When I woke up, I saw a message that said, “Best one forever.”

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