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Fuked preeti on Honeymoon

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Anyway, this time I’m going to tell you about my experience with my married friend Preeti after that occurrence. Instead of meeting in Mysore, we decided to go on a fun ride.

Preeti and I had planned to go to Madikeri, a charming town near Mysore. Preeti and I packed our luggage with all of the necessities for a two-day excursion.

We left Mysore early in the morning on my bike to cover the areas. We stopped at the KushalNagar golden temple and then the Nisarga Dhama on the way.

We spent the afternoon boating and taking a stroll in the Nisarga Dhama park. We were holding hands as we left Nisargadhama, and we arrived at Madikeri in the dusk.

We changed into our jungle home, which we had reserved earlier. The cottage was gorgeous, with dense coffee plantations and other trees surrounding it. The birds were chirping, and the weather was becoming cold and romantic as nightfall approached. We hugged as soon as we walked into the cottage.

Preeti began kissing me all over my face, and I replied by kissing her on the forehead, then her cheeks, and finally her lips.

I kissed her top and lower lips first, then captured both of her lips with mine. She seemed to be having a great time, and we both shared tongues. We finally broke up and kissed after 15 minutes of deep French lip-locking, and decided to freshen up so we could visit the Raja seat for sunset viewing.

We both showered, drank a cup of coffee, and then proceeded to the Raja seat. We went shopping in Madikeri after watching the sunset. Finally, we returned to our cottage and spent time together by taking a short walk around the property to enjoy nature and the birds’ chirping sounds.

We then returned to the cottage to continue our meal. We had a great time spending two hours around a campfire. We then went into our room and shut the door, hoping to have a nice evening.

My married friend offered me a sweet and lovely smile as soon as I closed the cottage doors. “Shall we have a nice time here?” I asked, hugging her and whispering in her ear.

“I’ve been waiting for it, please start,” she answered. I can’t wait any longer. “I’m all yours; come on in and let’s have a good time.”

I tightly embraced her entire body in my arms and began kissing her on all of her body parts. She was responding nicely to me, and she seemed to be having a good time.

I grabbed Preeti in my arms and carried her to the bed after kissing every part of her body. I pushed her onto the bed, tightly embraced her, and began kissing and sucking her lips.

We later shared saliva by sucking each other’s tongues, which caused Preeti to become extremely heated. Then, as we kissed, I gently pressed my hands on her boobs and waist. She began to groan.

I started unbuttoning her top, then she took off her top, then I took off my shirt. We were both half-naked at that point. Once more, I kissed and licked her entire body. I licked her neck, then her earlobes, and then I kissed and licked her waist after licking her earlobes.

Then I kissed her boobs before moving on to her navel. She was having a lot of fun by then, and her moaning sound was getting louder.

I took off her bra and began firmly pressing my hands into her ass. I began kissing and licking her boobs one by one, first with her right and then her left. I put both boobs in my mouth and began licking them at the same time.

I licked her nipples on both sides. I began biting both nipples one by one, and Preeti began to enjoy herself at the same moment.

I then took off her pants and began kissing her toes. I began to go in a more upward manner. I kissed both of her thighs and continued to lick her nice plump thighs for a while longer. I took off my pants and immediately began squeezing her ass and kissed her pussy over her panty. Preeti couldn’t keep her cool.

She awoke from her slumber, removed my inner, and grabbed my penis in her hands. She began by kissing the tip of my penis and then progressed to sucking my 7.5-inch penis. She was doing it all over her body with her tongue, and she kept it in her mouth while giving me a fantastic blow-job that lasted 15 minutes. In the meantime, I took off her panties.

We were both completely naked at this point. Because I’d reached a semi-erect state, I told her to cease the blowjob. She put an end to the blow job.

I knelt next to her and began kissing her lovely, freshly shaved pussy. In the beginning, I started kissing on the pussy’s walls, pressing both boobs one by one with one hand while massaging her waist and ass with the other.

After kissing the pussy’s walls, I began fingering her married pussy, which aroused Preeti. Then I started with one finger and then two fingers, and her pussy started to loosen up.

Preeti began groaning loudly and savoring the action until its apex. She was all set to let go of her cum.

I stopped fingering her pussy and began sucking it with my tongue instead. As a result, she was able to reach the highest points. From above, I was slowly licking her pussy till I reached the depths of her pussy. Preeti began moaning loudly as I began licking her pussy extremely deeply, making her feel like heaven.

Then I switched to position 69. While I was staring at her pussy, she took my penis in her mouth and began licking it vigorously and kissing it all over.

“Enough now, I’m unable to control,” Preeti later stated. Please, please, please fuck me!” She was already in heaven, unable to contain herself, but I wasn’t ready to fuck her yet since I wanted to spend some quality time with her.

I kept licking her pussy and pressing my hands against her boobs. She finally lost control and removed my penis from my mouth, telling me to stop licking and fuck her since she had reached the end of her cum release.

After that, I took my penis in my hands and began massaging it on her pussy, which stimulated her. I slid my penis into her pussy one at a time.

It had no trouble entering her pussy because it was already loose, and as soon as I entered my penis in her pussy, I began slowly moving my penis front and back.

I gradually began to insert my entire 7′ 5 inch penis into her pussy, which was contacting her cunt. She was having a great time.

I gradually increased my tempo and began fucking her harder and faster, deeper and deeper into her cunt, causing the entire bed to shake.

She had already attained her climax at that point, and her pussy had begun to leak her cum. When I got to the conclusion, I slowed down and gave her the lip-lock in the meantime, so I could keep control of the cum. After that, I maintained the fucking cycle for another 15-20 minutes before finally releasing my cum into her pussy.

The cottage was cold by then, but our bodies were too hot, so I sat behind her.

She afterwards approached me and began kissing and blowing on my penis once more. Preeti demanded more activity, so after 40 minutes of continuous blowjob and oral sex, my penis became strong. I was all set to go.

Preeti then walked over to me and advised me to lie down in a sleeping position. She snatched my penis and shoved it into her pussy. With this action, she was going up and down such that my penis could touch her vagina. Preeti was having a great time, so we switched to doggy mode and started fucking each other.

I ejected my come into her vagina after 15 minutes, and her pussy was also gushing juices. Everything about it was very lovely.

Later, we both took a break and slept for two hours while clutching one other. We awoke because the weather had become so chilly, and we devised a plan to turn the frigid temperature warmer.

I asked to fuck her in the ass-hole this time. Preeti enthusiastically agreed. I smoothed her ass and then did finger fucking with her asshole while adding oil for free lubrication.

Preeti felt some pain as the finger started moving freely, but she didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity.

“It’s fine to continue,” Preeti said. I’ll put up with it.” After fingering her with two fingers, I took them off and began slowly pushing my massive penis into her ass-hole.

Slowly, after entering my penis into her ass hole, I began to bang her ass with my penis strokes. Preeti experienced considerable discomfort at first as a result of my large penis. The agony went away as I inserted my penis into her asshole, and she began to enjoy the movements.

I began to fuck her asshole very hard, and after 15 minutes of constant banging, I unleashed my cum into her asshole. It was already 4 a.m., so we were both lying on the bed next to each other. We both slept for three hours and awoke around 7:00 a.m.

We spent 15 minutes hugging and lip-locking before going to the bathroom together. We shared a shower experience in which we both enjoyed oral sex.

We finished our bath after 45 minutes, changed our clothes, and began walking to Mandal Patti to enjoy nature.

We enjoyed nature until the evening, and then, after viewing all of Mandal Patti’s grandeur, we returned to Mysore by night.

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