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Steamy Hotel Sex with Super Sexy Christian

Left: 24 years old, strictly Christian upbringing, unobtrusive shoulder-length hair, always good behavior – essential in her profession as a hotel manager, popular, 1.70 m tall.

But at the same time and therefore on the right: boyish, single, sex? A long time ago, only with her first boyfriend and that was rather disappointing; A- titties.

Anja Bimborstein stared at the sheet of paper in front of her: everything she had just written down was manageable. But now on the right-hand side, on which she had noted the negative points of her previous existence from her point of view, to add the UNEMPLOYED item in bold letters was a heavy blow.

She had started her training at the Hotel Barenburg eight years ago with a lovable, if somewhat quirky, couple named Weiler, who occasionally took a break from time to time, then seemed to be swallowed up and found unannounced for a few days. After the apprenticeship, she had been taken on as an employee as promised. The hotel had never made big profits, but all employees always received their wages on time. It hadn’t been lavish, but Anja still managed to put money aside for bad times because she didn’t have great expenses for herself and lived rather spartanly in an apartment belonging to the hotel.

Then Mrs. Weiler had been feeling uncomfortable for some time, so the Wailers, who had no children, sold the hotel for health reasons. However, when it came to choosing the buyers, they hadn’t been very lucky.

The new owners had “managed” to run the hotel mercilessly over the past two years. Savings were supposed to increase profits, but savings led to poor quality of service, the shortcomings spread, the guests stayed away, and eventually the salary The colleagues looked for new jobs, and Anja, who was the last to believe in the turn, stayed on board.

Then the precipitation, the new owners unsurprisingly filed for bankruptcy, and the hotel operations were stopped three weeks later. The young woman had no choice but to take the few private items she kept in the hotel home and report to the authorities as looking for work. The building was now for sale, and there might even be a foreclosure. She would be able to stay afloat safely for a few months, even if she couldn’t find a new job quickly, and luckily there was some unemployment benefit.

She stared at the sheet in front of her again, was that the rubble of her previous existence? Was your division to the left and right correct? Are you setting the right priorities?

Right now she knew only one thing: she would not ask her parents for advice, at least not yet, because she would prove that she could find her way out of her crisis without their help.

However, tonight she would not worry about it anymore, she was in town with her friend and colleague, or better ex-colleague Susanne called Susi. They’d meet at Hemingways, a trendy downtown cocktail bar, and get hopelessly drunk. Susi had already left the sinking ship, i.e. the hotel, half a year ago and found a job in another hotel, just outside. However, she had been single for two weeks because her boyfriend had left her and therefore felt similar frustration to Anja. The two of them had rarely seen each other in the past few months, as Susi was quite busy in her new job and had spent most of her free time with her boyfriend.

Anja waited in front of the bar on time at 8 p.m., however, it could be assumed that Susi would come a little later, as usual. Agreed times were rather rough approximations for Susi.

So while Anja was waiting in front of the bar, numerous other people went in, sometimes inconspicuously, others extremely styled. Especially three women, who just waited just like them, looked slutty. All in shiny outfits that showed more than hiding and with killer heels; And even with the weather, much too cold for the time of year, but of course these sluts would rather catch the severe flu or something rather than put on something practical and warm. The main thing is to attract attention at all costs. The oldest of them, who Anja still estimated to be under 40 (maybe what thanks to that too much makeup?), Was called Masha, the two younger ones were Reni and Jessi, she was the hydrogen blonde with the huge boobs, where a surgeon had his hands involved. The very thin top made their nipples visible. The heavy rings in the nipples were also clearly visible. Somehow this chick reminded her of the woman from … from … uh, what was the name of this puff king from Dusseldorf. Or ex-wife in the meantime? No matter, that wasn’t your world anyway, this plunging, kiss here, the constant giggling, all the operations and the stupid behavior of these stupid turkeys. what was the name of this puff king from Dusseldorf? Or ex-wife in the meantime? No matter, that wasn’t your world anyway, this plunging, kiss here, the constant giggling, all the operations and the stupid behavior of these stupid turkeys. what was the name of this puff king from Dusseldorf? Or ex-wife in the meantime? No matter, that wasn’t your world anyway, this plunging, kiss here, the constant giggling, all the operations and the stupid behavior of these stupid turkeys.

Shortly after the women entered the bar with their accompanying companions, Susanne finally appeared. Susi wore her hair a little longer than at the last meeting and much more blond than before. The two found a free table near Mascha and her annoying attachment so that they could squint over and over again from time to time.

The first cocktails were ordered quickly and drunk almost faster, the suffering of the past few weeks complained very extensively to the two women during this time.

“Do you like what you see there?”, Asked suddenly Suddenly. Anja felt caught since she had already looked at the next table inconspicuously.

“No, not really. Look at how slutty they all look, it doesn’t work. They are probably also stupid. Nobody who can think reasonably clearly runs around like that. ”

  • But you look at it conspicuously often. ” ” Oh really, do you notice that? “
  • You would have to be blind and also wear opaque sunglasses in order not to notice. I would Don’t say in your place that they’re stupid, maybe they just want to have fun. It looks like they have more of it at the moment than we do. “

Anja wanted to reply but then held back. Both sipped their cocktails without a word. Only when it came to the next round did a conversation come up again. Finally, they ordered Hellsbells for Anja, and Susi ordered Sex on the beach. The cocktails were brought, and the “hell bells” initially caused wide eyes for Anja and Susi. In a glass that looked like an Erlenmeyer flask and filled with a cream-white liquid consisting of caramel syrup, Batida de Coco, and milk, a test tube was inserted again containing the strawberry puree.

That was what she got from ordering a cocktail that she had never heard of before and that the waitress had said was the best match for Halloween. Anja looked uncertainly from her glasses to Susi and back to her glass. If only she had ordered a drink that she already knew.

“And how do I drink it now?” She asked her best friend, apparently quietly.

“Open your mouth, drink in, mouth shut, then swallow!” Laughed a happy voice behind her.

The young hotel manager, startled, saw: TITS. At the same moment, she scolded herself for that expression, which did not fit her vocabulary at all, but those were no longer breasts, they were simply tits – monster tits.

“You can choose whether you would rather enjoy your cocktail separately or whether you still pour the strawberry puree into it, which is the more sensible variant,” said the tits, or their owner. Anja must have missed the blonde before that had passed and was now probably on the way back from the toilets to their place.

“And now you can open your mouth again, you could almost think you have never seen tits.”

“Oh, um, yes, sorry.” Anja, embarrassed as she was and with a bright red head, did not get any more out of this moment. She had to swallow before she had gathered herself, then gathered up all her courage and in a firm voice: “At least not on such a scale yet,” added.

“All right, that happens more often with people who see me for the first time. Did you at least understand what I said about cocktails? ”

  • No, excuse me, I was probably too distracted, after all, you don’t see such breasts every day. “

Susi laughed inappropriately and Jessi immediately with.

“Usually I always hear something like that from guys,” said Jessi, “followed by the question of whether they can touch it.”

“Are you allowed to?”

“Well, what kind of a question is that? I’m not letting every donkey run around just because he has never touched silicone pugs.”

“I think I would like to do it too,” said Anja quietly and bashfully.

“Then just don’t be shy!”

Anja carefully nudged Jessi’s breasts with her index finger and was amazed at how firm they were. At Jessi’s advice that the boobs were not balloons that were about to burst, Anja finally put her whole hand on Jessi’s stem.

“You can have a firmer grip – how does it feel for you?” “In any case completely different from mine.”

The young hotel manager looked down at herself with a disappointed look and said in a husky voice:

“There is almost nothing for me, at least nothing comparable.”

Jessi had meanwhile, elegantly moving in her high-heeled boots, brought her drink from her previous place and sat down at the table without asking the two friends.

“That seems to depress you somehow, have you ever thought about what to do with it?”

“To look like you? Nope, that’s not for me! A little more would not be bad, but Mother Nature just doesn’t have it well-meant by me. I have to come to terms with that now, and I’m still too young to have to help out. Apart from that, I couldn’t afford it anyway. It was totally expensive. ”

“What is too young? I think I’m younger than you. It’s not a question of age, but how you feel good and what you expect from yourself and your future. ”

The three chatted for a while before Jessi realized it was time to go, as the Triple-L club she and her companions were going to open for tonight was about to open. However, she had not neglected to invite Anja and Susi over the next evening so that they could continue the conversation that had started. Susi and Anja stayed in the bar for a while, finally, Susi came back to the beginning of the evening:

“Do you still think that our new friend is

stupid ?” “New friend is probably a bit exaggerated and stupid on the subject

, I have to admit that beneficial exceptions only confirm the rule. I’m excited to see what Jessi wants to tell us tomorrow evening. ”

Back home later and anything but sober in bed, Anja spent a rather restless night and dreamed of meeting Jessi. In her dream, she merged with Jessi into one person. Her facial features and spirit were preserved. But while she looked down at herself, her breasts continued to grow until they reached the gigantic dimensions of Jessi’s tits and then exceeded them. Black bones grew from her heels, which formed heels of ultra-high heels and on which she, who had never worn high shoes before, could walk without any problems because after all, they were now part of her body. The nails on the index, middle, ring, and little fingers grew and became long, pointed claws, which always replicated as soon as one broke off. Her thumbs turned into phallic objects with which she could still grip.

Most of all, she felt incredibly sexy and desirable. Her hands wandered down her body until her thumbs hit her wet crevice. One of the thumbs entered her almost as if by itself, but also sucked into her vagina.

As with the Indian deity Shiva, there was suddenly another pair of arms that grew out of her shoulder blades, just like the first, and instead of her nose, a trunk grew like Ganesha. With the additional pair of arms and trunk, she was able to stroke all over the body at the same time, on the inside of her thighs as well as on her oversized breasts, which proved to be extremely sensitive and easily excitable. Something was also bothering her rear entrance, she suspected more than she knew that the trunk was trying to penetrate her there. However, Anja felt that she enjoyed this very much and found it extremely exciting.

She had never felt like she did today, never before had she had a dream about nothing other than her body and her sexual sensations. She was trapped in this dream and it seemed to her that this exuberant excitement was causing her to leak.

Though asleep, she was struck by a tremendous orgasm she had never seen before. But instead of coming back down through that orgasm, her feelings were amplified when she felt she was watching herself like in a mirror. Not only did she see her huge stem from above, but she could also see how it would affect others.

In this dream she found her appearance to be highly erotic, these breasts had to be seen as an invitation by men and this thought also made her horny.

Again she worked her vagina dripping with moisture with both thumbs and enjoyed being impaled through the trunk from behind.

However, before she could reach the next climax, she was rudely roused from her sleep by the terrible ringing of the doorbell. The ringing had stopped long ago when Anja was finally really awake. The young woman’s first conscious sensation that morning was the wetness in her bed, making her realize that she hadn’t just dreamed everything. Along with this, another finding broke out. Her men-murdering-monster-boobs, that expression came to mind, was gone. She had never cared about having small breasts. But now, after the short conversation with Jessi the night before and the dream at night, she was disappointed to be as flat-chested as ever.

Jessi hadn’t been unappealing and Anja was looking forward to talking to her, she could certainly give her tips on what to do about her physical “shortcomings”.

She would dress as sexy as possible at the evening meeting to at least prove that she wasn’t completely averse to all the joys of life. The daily schedule was still to meet up with Susi at the Hemingways an hour earlier, where they wanted to drink a little courage with a cocktail and drink then together and go to the lioness Jessi’s den.

The search for a sexy outfit in her closet turned out to be extremely difficult because there was nothing with which the newly unemployed could attract the looks of guys. Ultimately, she opted for a gray satin blouse, light jeans, and the tallest pair of shoes in her closet, but the heels weren’t higher than 6 cm. But she could dance all night in these shoes, the chicks in her high heels couldn’t do that. Girls? Hadn’t she just thought about maybe wanting to become one herself? Well, it doesn’t matter, the choice of words in recent years has not been banished from her brain so quickly.

To Anja’s first surprise, Susi even appeared punctually in front of Hemingways. The second surprise was that Susi had put a lot more effort into looking sexy today. Although her styling was far from what Jessi, Reni, and Mascha had caught her attention the night before, compared to Anja, Susanne’s appearance was a quantum leap. She wore her hair in a ponytail, large creoles in the ears, dark eyeshadow, and lips as bright red as the fingernails. In addition, a tight red T-shirt with deep cleavage, skintight blue jeans, and red patent leather pumps with an estimated 10 cm heels. “Well, you dressed up,” Anja greeted her friend with a smile.

“Compared to what you can see with Jessi and her family right away, my outfit is more likely to be described as extremely bourgeois, even if they will hardly have been rigged like yesterday. However, you can’t say that you thought about your outfit insane. ”

  • Yes, but I don’t have anything more exciting in my closet. It is high time that I mucked it out and made room for something new. “

“Making room alone is not enough, you have to buy something new. You should have had enough time today to start right away. ”

“I thought about it, but then I gave it up and thought I’d wait for the evening tonight, maybe Jessi and Reni might have some tips and suggestions for me.”

Susanne’s jaw dropped. She took a few deep breaths:

“ Tips and suggestions from Jessi and Reni. Did I just make a mistake or are you serious? It’s practically like landing on another planet. Like a starfish that crawls out of the water to learn to fly. ”

“I’m sure of it, Susanne,” replied Anja and told Susi about her dream of the previous night, when she noticed that she was getting wet again while Susi listened to her spellbound and was excited by Anja’s story.

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