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I live with my mother (47) in a small house on the outskirts of our home village, my father died in an accident about ten years ago.

We have always had a very intimate relationship and talk about everything (she knows that I am no longer a virgin and I know from her that she has no boyfriend but a dildo to relax, as we said we talk about everything) in my life No girlfriend at the moment, we broke up three months ago.

So much for the two of us

It’s Friday evening my mother went out with her best friend, I stayed at home in front of the telly.

It is just before midnight when my mother comes home, I am sitting on the couch in the living room because the TV is connected to the Internet and I can stream films here.

Mom comes into the living room she has a blouse and a nice tight mini on which her beautiful long legs (she is barely 1.80 tall, has beautiful but not very big breasts, a B cup, and a well-shaped butt) shows off, she arrives from behind the couch, I greet you with “hey mam how was it?”

She hugs me from behind and kisses me on the cheek and says it was funny.

I smell the alcohol in her breath, she squeezes me again and then comes around the couch and sits next to me.

What are you looking at? “Ne comedy,” I say to her.

Can I watch it?

Sure mom just started.

The film runs approx. 20 min. Mom grabs a pillow and lays her head in my lap (she often does that so I don’t think about it) I stroke her head she has fashionable short hair.

“mhhhh” that’s nice she says

your blouse which is unbuttoned at the top and allows me to look through her lying position on her left breast, which is no longer completely covered by her lace-decorated bra. I can even see her nipple standing slightly.

I had no sexual thoughts about my mother so far, of course, I had a look at her strings (she probably likes to wear them) and her bras when they were hung up to dry after washing.


The sight of her breast naturally made my cock slowly become stiff. I just hope she doesn’t notice any of it (I only have a shirt and boxer shorts because it’s summer and quite warm), luckily there is a pillow between her head and my cock.

So I continue to stroke her head and enjoy the view of her breast.

Slowly it gets a little uncomfortable in my step so I move my pelvis a little, Mam lifts her head to look at me and asks “Is everything okay?”

Yes, it was just a bit uncomfortable. I probably get a slightly red face. Mam notices and asks again if something is and why am I blushing?

I decided to tell her the truth that I got stiff from looking at her chest (as I said we are talking about everything)

she looks at me, then down at herself and starts to smile “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I lie there so frankly “.

“No problem mom,” I say to her.

She looks at me for a long time and then says “thank you for always being so open to me, I love you my darling”

but you are always honest with me, I say. That’s true.

The next question from her surprises me. “May I see your cock?” She asks.

Now I’m flabbergasted how does she figure it ??? You know what he looks like after all, I’m your son.

“Yes, of course, but that was a while ago when I last saw you naked”.

You saw my breast too, she winked at me.

But that was a coincidence and I’m sorry I didn’t say anything! “Hey, it’s fine!” She says, looking at me strangely.

Mam starts to unbutton her blouse and takes it off.

My mouth is completely dry, I watch my mother reach behind her and open her bra, and pull him forward.

With bare breasts, she looks at me and says “now it’s no accident”! I don’t know what to say and stare at my mother’s breasts.

Do you like my tits? she asks me. I can only nod.

May I see your cock now? Is your next question.

I take the pillow from my crotch up against my butt by myself and pull my boxers down, through her bare breasts and the horny situation my dick is still rock hard.

“Mhhhh you have a nice cock she says and bites her lip slightly.

I stammer a” thank you “and ask her why she wanted to see him?

She says that she hasn’t seen a real cock for a long time, just a dick Seeing plastic is not the same as a real pulsating cock.

Mom comes close to mine with her face and says “Thank you” I ask her for what? (I know stupid question)

She answers “for your openness” And that you show it to me!

And for the compliment that you give me that you get stiff at the sight of your old mother, she smiles at me.

You are not old and who does not get a hard look at the sight must be blind. She is still smiling at me.

Then she kisses me on the mouth, only very timidly then more and more stormily I get involved and join in.

I feel her tongue on my lips and also insert my tongue, we smooch like freshly in love, she sucks on my tongue which makes me incredibly horny.

Without thinking about it, I start to knead her breasts and play on her nipples, mom moans in my mouth and I feel her fingers play on my dick.

She stops our smooching and looks at me full of lust. “Do you want to continue?” Comes her question.

I look into her face and ask

“and you?”

She comes to my ear and says I’m just so horny for you and your tight cock that I just don’t care that we are mother and son!

I kiss her and tell her that it only makes me hornier!

“Then we are already two!” She says and presses my face against her tits.

Immediately I grab one of your hard nipples and suck it into my mouth, my mother moans loudly and begins to work my cock with my hand, which makes me groan with her nipple in my mouth.

Mam takes my head in her hands and looks at me

She tells me to close my eyes and lean back!

I am a little disappointed that I can no longer take care of her breasts, but do as I please, lean back, and close my eyes.

My mother pulls my shirt over my head and gives me a passionate kiss on the tongue, I feel her kissing my body down when she arrives in my crotch, she takes off my boxers completely and stays on the floor in front of me.

I feel her hot breath on my glans the next moment “my head explodes” my mother’s tongue licks and sucks on my balls, I start to moan and say “oh my god you’re driving me, crazy mom”


She kisses and licks my shaft along the direction of my plump acorn and pulls my foreskin back, she plays with her tongue on the ribbon below my acorn.

Then it is as far as she licks my glans I feel her warm wet mouth that sucks my cock.

I moan “you’re so horny”

I can’t stand it anymore and open my eyes and see my mother as she has my cock in her mouth and looks at me.

She sees that I am looking at her, lets my stiff slide out of her mouth, and says “well, you shouldn’t be looking”

I’m sorry, Mom didn’t see how you blow my dick I couldn’t take it anymore. “then enjoy the show,” she says, smiling at me knowingly.

My mother takes my hands and puts them on the back of her head, then she opens her mouth and only picks up my acorn, she looks me in the eyes expectantly.

I understand what she wants and rather lower her head her horny lollipop deeper, I feel like more and more of my cock finds a place in her mouth and moans again. Only when I feel the tip of my nose on my belly do I pull her head with my fingers back up in her hair.

We repeat the hot game very slowly and with relish. Five minutes later I speed up the action.

Saliva and moan come out of my mother’s mouth as I fuck her in the mouth. Another five minutes later I notice that I will not be able to hold out much longer and will soon cumshot.

I also tell my mother.

She lets my cock slide out of her mouth and smiles at me and says “I know my darling, the twitching has already betrayed you” she winks at me and takes my cock back in my mouth, and starts fast and hard on me suck.

Less than two minutes later it comes out of me, since Mam only has my acorn in her mouth, she can easily collect everything in the mouth that I ‘give’ her, I hear how she swallows everything and continues to suck on my acorn until nothing comes and my cock in her mouth is slowly getting smaller.

I take her face in my hands and pull her up to kiss me. I don’t care that her mouth tastes like my ‘juice’.

Then I tell her that I love her.

She looks at me and says that she also loves me and kisses me again. She has my cock back in her hand and scratches my testicles,

I her breasts again.

My mother looks at me and asks me “do you want to lick my pussy darling?”

She seems to read my answer in my eyes, stands up and turns, and pulls her mini down over her hot buttocks, bending down and presenting me with her thong, I can see the thin piece of fabric getting lost between her beautiful buttocks.

My heads go in the direction of these beautiful curves, I kiss their rear suction their fragrance, my mother groans.

She leans forward, I grab her string on the right and left and pull down while I spread more and more kisses on her cheeks.

Mam gets out of her string, takes a step forward, and turns to me.

My gaze is on her partially shaved pussy, her labia are slightly sticking out,

her clitoris is laughing at me.

Mom looks at me and says “do you still want to taste my pussy?” “I just don’t want anything more than that!” I say.

She says “come with us, we go to my bedroom! There is more space for the

two of us in bed”.


I follow Mam to her bedroom.

She lies down in her bed, spreads her legs, and says “then come and lick your mom’s horny column!”

I won’t let that be said twice, and I go to my mam’s bed with my tail bobbing.

I support myself to the left and right of her body and search for hers with my lips.

We start a wild smooching, in the course of this I kiss my lips towards her middle body, caress her breasts, work her nipples very gently with my teeth.

With my mother’s moan in my ears, I kiss further towards her belly button and further towards her pussy.

Arrived at the goal I start my game and lick several times through its complete gap, stop at the clitoris and work on this sensitive area for a minute or two.

When I feel hands on my head that asks me to continue.

I see my mother’s eaten face, which is writhing with closed eyes and groaning.

My mind shoots’ what are you doing? You lick the horny column of your mother and just can’t imagine anything better than this moment! ‘

Still listening to my thoughts, I hear my mother say that I should turn because she wants to suck my cock.

Nothing better than that! No sooner said than done, I’m not really under her because she already has my cock in my mouth and I have her snatch in front of my face.

How addictively I lick it off again. The End.

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