Fucked my Chuut on Holi


My boyfriend fucked my chuut on Holi

Hey friends I am Kareena and this is a story of my first fucking experience with my boyfriend.

I am tall with a flat belly, a beautiful pair of breasts, and a peach-shaped ass.

All my cousins and classmates were always jealous of my booty and I enjoyed teasing them.

I used to wear tight jeans to make the guys horny and the girls jealous.

I knew my specialty and was very egoistic.

Raj is a tall, athletic, and sexy guy with a fair complexion.

He was the first guy in my university class, I laid my eyes on.

He also became the football captain in our first year.

I always wanted to approach him back then but I never had the courage.

I had a huge crush on him, but the queen in me wanted him to propose to me, which he never did.

He made a girlfriend, one of our classmates Kiara.

She was a chubby girl with a beautiful ass too but my gaand was the hottest in town.

My heart was in pieces when I came to know that they were dating.

My nights were rough and my days were depressing.

Raj was the only thing, running in my mind.

I wanted him at any cost.

I tried different ways to approach him but failed every time.

My next blow was when I saw Raj and Kiara having a shower naked in the boy’s gymnasium.

I knew that it was Raj’s training time but little did I know that this was also their fucking time.

They both were hugging each other tightly naked and their bodies were intermingled.

Water was pouring on Raj’s back down to his cute ass.

Kiara was on the other side and only her hands around his shoulders and tip of her left boobie were insight.

I was furious and horny too.

They were so meshed up with each other and were holding each other very tightly.

I wanted to see Raj’s cock so I kept peeking.

They both remained in that position for a while with their lips locked and then started taking shower.

They had done the dirty deed and now they were only washing.

Raj started putting on some soap on his sexy body.

And as he turned I locked my eyes at his beautiful and fat, long and fat cock.

He wasn’t hard yet and his cock was already so big that it made me wonder how much would it grow in full bloom.

He also treated it with soap and then showered.

Kiara was also flaunting her assets and was bathing next to him. Her boobs were saggy and her nipples were brown.

That was my place. I need to get there, I pledged as I returned.

After some days, Raj arranged a holi party for the whole class at his farmhouse.

He had a big farmhouse. We all gathered there and we were greeted. We had lunch there and then the fun started.

Everybody was wearing white tops.

Boys were flexing their muscles by going shirtless.

I was wearing blue jeans with a white silk shirt and under that, I was wearing a black bikini.

My shirt was hardly reaching my navel and whenever I get down or move around my navel went on display.

Boys were also staring at my thick booty.

We all were dancing and had bhang.

Raj also came outside in white shorts only, flaunting his beautiful muscular body.

Colors started falling and everybody was throwing colors at each other.

My shirt was also soon covered in colors.

I was constantly having bhang and was very high.

I unbuttoned my shirt from the top and my cleavage was visible now.

I wanted to seduce Raj. I walked near him and he took a peek at my cleavage and then turned his head to scan my booty.

I returned my head quickly and directed him to follow me.

His mouth was open in shock and he quickly followed.

I entered the building of the farmhouse and it was huge. I went upstairs.

When I saw from the above, Raj was finding me in the lobby.

He was standing right beneath me in white shorts and a sexy body covered with colors.

I took off my shirt and dropped it on his head.

I quickly got that and smelled my shirt closing his eyes.

He looked upwards at me and found me standing in my black bra.

I giggled and started running.

He followed me.

I entered a bedroom and closed the door.

My boobs were flowing air in and out.

I removed my jeans and now I was standing in my black panties and bra.

I stood in front of the bed.

He entered the room and his eyes bulged out as he scanned my sexy body.

My nipples were becoming erect.

Within seconds, his hard cock was trying to come outside from the shorts.

He put his hands on his boner and asked,

“What are you doing here?”

I went straight to him and kissed him on his lips.

His hands were still on his cock and his eyes were wide open.

“I love you, Raj,” I told him, without delaying a moment more.

“What?” He was in shock.

“Kareena Bhatia loves me?” He asked again.

“I know that you are with Kiara but I don’t care. I want you at any cost.” I replied.

He started laughing and I was confused at what was happening.

“Well, we are just friends with benefits, nothing else.” He said laughing.

“Ok then. Stop taking benefits from her now and take whatever is my love.” I said as my hands went to look for his cock.

I removed his hands and took that monster cock in my hands.

It was so big that both hands were unable to have a grip on it.

I was holding his cock from the shorts and his breezes coming outside his mouth were hitting my deep cleavage.

I again gently pressed my lips on his and he put both of his hands on my booty and took me closer.

My hands were still holding his shaft which was drilling into me even from the shorts.

We made a lip lock and started kissing.

I was licking his lips and tongue and he was making the kiss wetter. His hands were entering my panties and caressing my fat ass.

I entered my hands into his shorts and took my baby in my hands.

I tickled his balls too. His cock was hitting my abdomen.

His broad and filled chest was pumping oxygen like a machine.

I kissed on his red nipples and sucked them.

His body was so delicious and creamy.

He was caressing my booty.

I took off his shorts and went straight for his Lund.

His cap was so round and fat. I hardly fixed it in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob.

He was making beautiful impressions on his face and his eyes were closed.

I made love to his cock before going for his balls.

I licked his balls and sucked his cock very hard.

He grabbed me up with his strong arms and threw me like a ball on the bed.

I landed on the bed and he came upon me.

He started kissing me on the lips again.

His hard cock was turned with my belly.

It was burning hot.

He started licking my neck now and I was becoming restless and wet with every moment.

He kept kissing and licking my neck for half an hour and I was in full Masti.

He then came down to my cleavage and licked it.

Real 1.jpg


His tongue was going deep in my cleavage.

He took my one strap down from the shoulder and had a look at my left breast.

My light brown nipple was erect.

He stared at it for some moments and then sucked on it.

He was gulping and suckling on it.

His eyes were closed and he was having the best time of his life.

I was feeding him o his bed.

He then suddenly took off my whole bra and put both of my nipples together in his mouth.

They were so big to fit in his mouth, but he kept licking them like a mad man.

His teeth were also biting on my breasts now and my moans were getting louder and louder.

He then moved to my abdomen and kissed me all over.

He was licking my navel and I was laughing and moaning at the same time.

My tears were falling from the tickling his tongue was creating on my navel.

He licked my belly button too and then turned me around.

He started kissing on my back from shoulders to the back and then he came to my beautiful booty.

He removed my panties from his teeth and started licking my hot ass.

His hands were moving fast on my back and his tongue was trying to clear all the area of my ass.




He bit on my ass and turned me around again.

He smelled my pussy like a bull and kissed there softly.

I gave a soft moan and then he entered his mouth into the depths of my bosom.

His lips met my pussy lips and his tongue started teasing my inner folds.

His hands were moving on my boobs, my belly, and my thighs. He gave me a complete sucking experience and I had my first orgasm right there.

But this was all fun and games until he started wearing a condom.

He was struggling hard to fit that condom on his long cock and I was worried about my virgin pussy.

“I am a virgin,” I told him confusingly.

“Are you?” he inquired.

I replied yes and he kissed me on my lips.

“Don’t worry love, it will hurt at the beginning but then it will be alright.”

He said.

He then took out the lube from the drawer and started rubbing it on my pussy.

My pussy area was feeling like a muddy area.

He opened my legs and by holding his cock slowly entered the tip.

Due to lubrication, the friction was low and the cock went straight ahead without a fuss.

But as he moved forward, I was making loud noises.

Real 3.jpg


He put his hand on my mouth and stopped my voice.

I was shivering with pain. His monster cock had broken my seal and my tight pussy was forced open.

But he carried on.

He was just thumping in and in.

The pain started fading away and after some time it didn’t occur at all.

He was going out and in and I was replying with my pussy lips trying to drain him out.

His mouth got locked on my shoulder now and I could see his ass moving beautifully.

He fucked me hard and hard.

I was having orgasms one after the other but my Captain wasn’t ready to let go now.

He was seating at a higher pace and even my whole body was covered with his saliva and sweat by now.

He then shredded and came inside me.

We grabbed each other tightly and took a power nap before going out to join the party.

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