Fucked by Two Men


Getting Fucked by Two Men in My Office

My name is Aksha and I work at a university as an administration office employee. I am 26 years old with a hot and flirtatious nature. My figure is 34 30 32 and I love to wear tight and open clothing. When the men look onto my body and their dicks get tight in their pants, I get inner satisfaction.

I have always been obsessed with older men and their nature is to look deeply at the woman’s asses and boobs whenever they are sitting or walking or doing even the normal chores. So I took advantage of that and started to show my assets to them to make them crazy and excited. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

I’ve always observed men staring at my big boobs and bulging asses. This always made me sexually excited and I didn’t know what it was that I used to feel in my spine and clit, a strange sensation of excitement whenever I used to get such stares. I was obsessed with this provocation, excitement, and luring these old men in me.

I used to get my blouses made with the deep neck cut so that my breasts are peaking out of the neck cut. The front of the blouse would have a deep cut and I loved to show it off by bending & also while sitting. I didn’t wear panties and my ass line would be clearly shown by the tight pants. The pants would be body-hugging tight jeans. I watched men stare and it always made me wet and I had to masturbate in the privacy of the toilet or at home.

One day in my university, I was sitting in my office and it was late in the evening. I was about to leave for home but wanted to stay for a bit longer. There were 2 older men from my office sitting in a cabin near mine.

No bra and panties were worn by me! I was completely aware that I was now showing my cleavage and occasionally when I opened my legs my sexy hairy pussy was open and they could see. They were constantly looking at me like I’m their dessert. His gaze made me breathe faster in the excitement of showing off my body and getting these dirty looks. I had to bite my lower lip to make sure I was breathing. A few minutes later, I casually unbuttoned one button on my blouse. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

One of the men was looking at me and saw that I was doing this, and I smiled at his bewildered look. I pretended it was too hot and I did. I was looking directly at him, and I think he could start to see the curve of my chest now. He looked confused, didn’t know where to look, but saw that I didn’t mind him looking at him. He shifted a little from his chair. The other man was reading, but he took a glance at this move and saw me. He never looked down again. They were both looking at my breasts with excitement.

Then I started getting the second button back. Their breathing was getting heavy, and I could see them hardening from the hotness it had created. They looked at the treasure of my breasts and swallowed their spit while looking at me. I was excited too and wanted to show them more. I leaned my elbow against the window sill so I pressed my arms against my breasts and inflated them even more. Then I smiled at them and let them know that I was aware of their gaze. I looked around to see if anyone was watching our little play, but they were all busy.

I then crossed my legs and placed both feet on the ground. The fresh air attacked my wild pussy and I felt better. I started tapping my feet to unknown music and got their attention. They understood what I was doing and looked at my knees indifferently. I followed his gaze and slowly parted my legs. The fucking door was slowly opening, and I saw the enthusiasm in the eyes of the two old men. Someone’s hand was hard and he was slowly pressing down on his cock. I fidgeted a little in my seat and then pushed my ass forward.

They looked carefully and must have seen my bush and then my pussy. Oh my God! It opened my pussy to them. I saw them getting horny and examining my exposed cunt. I wanted to show them more! I winked at them and got up and went to the bathroom.

I asked them to follow me and I looked behind me. They were both coming after me and I lost a moment! The toilet area was quiet and was the best place to fulfill my fetish. I opened the bathroom door and went inside. I didn’t close the bolt, but I kept the door slightly ajar. The two men came there and looked around. They must have seen the semi-enclosed toilet.

He eagerly walked over. I looked through the crack in the door and saw them staring. I had to act fast! I slowly took my shirt off so they could see me doing it. Gradually my breasts showed up. I took off the shirt and held my breasts in my palms, kneading and rubbing. They were shocked when they saw this and their eyes popped out! I slowly lifted my breast to my mouth and my lips. I tried the hard nipple. But I couldn’t. So I started rubbing my nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and soon both of my nipples became hard. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

They stood proudly on the swelling of my breasts, protruding about 1/2 inch. I moaned loudly and my body shook with excitement. I wanted men to look and I wanted their cocks to bursting with thick white juice! I took off my skirt and stood naked in the bathroom. It was risky and worth the risk. I opened my legs and showed them my pussy. My cunt was covered with small hairs and my clitoris was firm and prominent. I opened my cunt lips with my fingers and started rubbing my finger along the slit.

Both of them wanted to come inside and bang me like their whore. But there was space for only one of them to come and have fun with me. I looked out from the small opening of the door and said,” U can come inside if you only rub yourself and not take my virginity!” This made them even more excited and they wanted to bust the door open. One of them took the first chance and opened the door hard and pushed it close. He pushed me with the door and then pulled his pants down in a second

The man grabbed my breasts and brutally kneaded them. I knew you were very excited. I let him do this and asked him to suck my nipples. He gladly did so. I felt his mouth on my nipple and he sucked. He chewed with his lips and then bit down lightly. This warmed me up so much I put my hand on his crotch and unzipped it. His 7-inch cock was out and he was smiling. From the long excitement, the head of the red dick was completely soaked with precum and I felt it slide easily over my hand.

I looked at him and smiled. He got down on his knees and started licking my cunt. Oh, that felt good. He was an expert pussy digger and knew how to do it. His tongue rolled around my clit, causing me to moan loudly. My ass shook as he moved his tongue all over my slit and eventually he pushed his tongue into my cunt hole and started to fuck me. God, I was in heaven. I wanted his cock. I wanted to fuck her with my pussy in my mouth! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I moaned and I came! My pussy must have drowned him.

As I was coming, my legs were getting weaker and I was shaking. I was trembling yet I was hungry for more! My white cum was coming out of my cunt and my cum spread all inside and outside my thighs. He got hornier while seeing this and asked me to give him a handjob. I started to give him a hand job and my fist had his cock. It was held tight and I kept on fisting his hard dick faster while jerking it and making him say abusive words for me. I was getting even more excited while he was saying all those abusive words to me. Now he was about to cum so hard started to make loud moaning sounds while I kept on giving him a handjob faster and faster. He jerked and in an instant, He came! His cum was shot on my fist, my hands, my belly, and my boobs. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

His cum was running on my body and it felt warm on my skin. My whole body was being covered with his white cum shot and I was getting the feeling of dirty yet horny sex. He started to spread it on my body even more. I was completely covered with his white cum and my cunt was still horny for sex. He started to put his dick inside his pants and he bit my boob so hard before leaving the washroom. Now I was still hungry for sex so I pulled the other guy inside the washroom. He looked at me, completely covered in white cum! He couldn’t control himself and pulled his dick out. His teeth directly landed on my neck and my boobs. He started to bite my nipples while rubbing his cock on my cunt. His cock was huge! It was a 9’’ cock with black color. I was hungry for the cock at that moment! He was rubbing the cock so fast with my pussy that the friction made me scream with pain and pleasure! He kept on biting my nipples harder while giving me pleasure in the cunt. I started to finger my cunt and I pushed my two fingers inside my cunt. I pulled them out and thrust them in his mouth! He sucked my fingers! I pushed them in my cunt again and thrust in his mouth. I repeated that three more times and it was driving him insane!

I was getting wilder as he was masturbating his dick and was going insane with the sexual tension between us. I started moaning and slurring abusive words as he was rubbing his cock with my pussy. His cock was wet with his precum and my pussy was wet with my cum. As he was rubbing it faster and faster with my cunt, I was moaning louder and louder. He couldn’t control himself and he pushed his cock inside my cunt!!!

I screamed and he put his hand on my face and started pushing his dick inside my pussy with faster strokes!!! He was fucking my cunt and I was enjoying that moment of being fucked like that!! He kept on pushing the cock inside faster and faster with the hardest strokes that he could. It seemed like my pussy would explode with his jerks!! He was about to reach orgasm so he also started saying abusive words to me which I was completely enjoying!! Within minutes, his dick orgasmed and he jets out the cum shot inside my pussy! Then he took the dick out and spread the cum on my boobs, my belly, and my thighs. I was completely covered in cum and my body was draining with the cum of both of the men.

He then pushed his dick back inside his pants and got out of the washroom. I put my shirt back up and went back to my cabin as nothing had happened. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

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