Fucked by Strangers in the Woods – Part 1


I and my Sexy Friend were Fucked by Strangers in the Woods (Part 1)

Hi friends. I am going to narrate a story about a wild experience that we enjoyed on a road trip.

My name is Gopi, I am 23 years old and my friend with me on this wild roller coaster was Puja.

I am a fitness model and love hiking. I have a fit figure and a lean physique. On the other hand, my best friend Puja is a foodie and she is chubby but has the nicest curves and thickest booty.

Her boobs are also were big and loose whereas I have a 34 cup size.

We have always traveled with each other and we have gone on many vacations and trips.

This is a sexy and steamy story of our adventures last month.

The summer break was coming and our college was off.

We decided to go on hiking.

I proposed this idea to Puja, she didn’t agree at first but then she said okay.

We went and reached our starting point. We had all the eatables, groceries, and camps. We planned to stay in the mountains for a week.

We parked our car at the base camp and started trekking.

I was going smooth while Puja was breathing heavily. Her big boobs were bouncing on the trail.

After an hour, her shirt was wet with sweat and she couldn’t take it anymore.

I proposed to stop and we took a break.

It was a beautiful day. Birds were chirping and the sun was bright.

Puja took off her shirt covered with sweat.

Droplets of sweat on her body were shining and she was looking the sexiest.

Her soft belly and side curves were so beautifully aligned despite her chubbiness.

“Hey sexy, wear your shirt. What if someone comes here?” I told her laughing.

“What then?” she inquired.

“He’ll lose his mind over that sexy body beautiful,” I replied with a compliment.

“Ahhh, I don’t have that much luck yet.” She replied.

Despite being so sexy and a hot figure, she was still unable to mingle as she was a bit shy when it came to boys.

I have had some relationships and wasn’t a virgin.

But my friend Puja was yet a virgin and her hot jawaani needed to be used as it was ripened now.

We hydrated ourselves and then again started to move as the day was passing.

We kept going until we reach the bank of a lake.

It was the perfect spot and we decided to install our camps there.

We installed the camps and I started a fire.

Puja went for a dip and came back in her black bikini fully wet.

I got her the towels and removed my clothes.

I went fully naked as it was normal for us.

We had always seen each other in natural dresses.

“I wish I had that fit body.” She complimented me.

“Trust me. what you got there is everybody wish for.” I replied and went for a short swim.

The night was coming and the temperature was getting low.

We got into our jackets and pajamas and sat by the fire.

We cooked our meal and talked till midnight.

After that, we went to sleep as we were so tired.

We slept till mid-day and then came out.

The day was beautiful and the wilderness was giving us vibes.

We both got naked and took bath in the lake.

After that, we had breakfast and started to see and figure out the map for our trekking.

We decided to take a trail and agreed to come back to our camps by noon.

Our journey started. We had mini backpacks and sticks to discover the path.

We traveled and traveled. We saw some monkeys and also spotted a deer.

We were enjoying this trip and were experiencing this kind of wilderness for the first time.

There was no human trace and all we could hear was the rushing water flowing at some distance and the sounds of birds and monkeys.

Sun was shining hot and our shirts were drenched in sweat.

We decided to take a pause and sat in the shadow of a tree.

We both took off our shirts and put them in our backpacks.

Puja went a step ahead and also took off her trousers and put them in the backpack too.

She was wearing a green bikini while I was in a black bra and blue trousers.

Her flesh was bouncing in all directions and her booty was bouncing on the trail full of stones as we resumed our journey.

We skipped the original route and decided to go for the waterfall.

We traveled in the direction of sound coming from a waterfall.

As we skipped the thin trail and got out of the bushes we were shocked.

The waterfall was right in front of us but the things to note were these two hot teen boys.

One of them was cutting a tree log from the ax and the other was having tea.

They both were shirtless and also covered in sweat.

Their young ripened bodies and the same red shorts were feasts to the eyes.

Their camps were also there and they were based there.

They were on a trip too.

Our eyes locked with their eyes and we all remained silent for some time.

It was an awkward situation.

I was wearing a bra and trousers while Puja was wearing a tight bikini barely holding her assets and.

Even the tips of her brownish nipples were peeking outside. Their eyes were fixed on us.

Puja was trying to hide behind me.

I broke the silence.

“Hey, boys, What’s up?” I asked them.

“Hey.” They both said at the same time.

“What are you doing here?” I asked them.

“We are on a survival mission here and trying to live like older people with no items.”

They were teens but at the end of their teenage and were fully developed.



“Where are you from?” I asked them to which they told me that they were from Kolkata and here for the adventure in the wild in summer vacations.

They were friendly and very handsome.

“I am Gopi and this is my friend Puja.” I introduced us to them.

They were Ravi and Rahul and were cousins.

Their eyes were going again and again at our bodies and I was enjoying the show.

Puja was still in shock and I gave her the confidence to come forward as the boys were younger than us and there was no need to worry.

She agreed and greeted them.

We sat with them and started talking.

Their young bodies were so pretty and they both turned out to be fitness freaks just like me.

Their young bodies were already showing the diagrams of six-packs. There was so much hotness in the air as we all were shirtless.

Their young ripened bodies had no hair trail on them and it was just pure flesh.

They were cousins of the same age, same class, and almost the same faces, like angels, dropped from the sky.

I was getting wet by looking at them.

They also made Puja comfortable and she also joined the conversation.

I was making a plan in my head and smiling.

These boys were teens but were not virgins as I could see.

Their short trunks were bulged out and showed margins of monster cocks residing in there.

I was getting excited and horny and wanted to be fucked right there but I held my horses.

They shared their day’s plan with us and told us that they were going to hunt some goose and wild chickens.

We also got excited and joined them.

We split into two groups. Me and Ravi in one and they both on the other.

We decided on a meet-up point and went on the journey.

I winked at Puja before leaving and she just laughed.

I and Ravi chased dome chickens and at last hunted one.

It was a very good and exciting experience.

His smile had made me crazy and my heart was pounding at the highest rate.

I couldn’t take it anymore and pressed my lips against his.

He waited for a second and then grabbed me tightly and started kissing me.

The odor of his sweat mixed with his male hormones had blown my mind and I was kissing his body like a crazy girl.

He was also licking my wet body and kissing on my cleavage.

I opened my bra and gave him the access, he sucked my nipples and went for my navel.

I was standing with my back aligning with the tree.

He opened my trousers and tasted my pussy.

I quickly got down and took off his shorts.

His young solid cock boosting with raw energy was in front of me and I took it in my mouth.

I sucked him like a pro. He was lying on the ground and I was sucking his cock.

I then placed my juicy pussy n his cock until he came and filled it with his juices.

We were exhausted and kept cuddling for some time.

We then rushed back to their camps with our kill and found Puja and Rahul there.

They were sitting beside the fire and talking.

Puja asked me where I was and I just smiled.

She looked at Ravi and found my love bite on his neck.

She was in shock and looked at me with her eyes wide open.

“You bitch.” She moaned slowly in my ear.

The Guys asked us to stay the night with them to which I immediately said yes.

Puja was cool to stay but they had only one camp.

They said it was enough for 4 persons and Ravi smiled at me.

We then cooked our kills and had a wild barbeque.

We offer them drinks in our backpacks and we kept talking till late.

Puja was the first to stand and went to the camp straight.

As she left, Ravi came to me and we kissed.

Rahul was watching the scene in amazement.

I had a plan in the mind and asked Rahul to go try his luck with Puja.

He immediately said no and said she was so reserved today.

I told him that she is a virgin and to trust me that she wants to fuck.

After a lot of persuasions, he agreed and went to the camp. I and Ravi started making out again but Rahul came back shortly.


“She wasn’t asleep but acting and didn’t even listen to me.” Rahul came disappointed.

I had a plan in mind and asked the boys to follow me in the camp.

Puja was acting to sleep facing us.

I took off all my clothes and took off both their shorts.

They were standing right in front of me with their bananas hanging from their attachments. I started sucking both of their cocks and they were making sexy faces.

I then lay down and they both came upon me.

I offered both of them with my boobs and they started sucking them.

I was over the moon now.

I looked at Puja, her eyes were fully opened now and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Can you handle one Puja? They are making me crazy.” I said to Puja.

She was in complete shock but must be aroused at watching our steamy show.

I patted on Rahul’s head and asked him to join Puja.

He gave me a last kiss on the boob and went to Puja.

His long hard cock was fully active now.

He went to Puja and just stood there in confusion.

“Take the cock Puja,” I yelled at her.

She was waiting for this moment and quickly took his cock in her mouth.

The foursome had started.



Ravi started kissing my navel and then moved to my thighs and pussy.

I looked at Puja who was still sucking the cock like a crazy woman.

Rahul then took charge and started undressing her.

Soon she was naked too and Rahul couldn’t contain his excitement.

He attacked her with kisses and licks and they started making love.

Ravi was now in me and was moving in and out.

He was pounding my pussy with my legs on his shoulders. Rahul and Puja were kissing each other madly and Rahul started kissing her vagina then.

She was making a lot of moans and we all were just laughing.

Rahul then started entering, she told him that she was a virgin to which he replied that he was a virgin too.

They both felt the spark and Rahul again started licking her pussy to make the lubrication.

He then entered her and it was a smooth transit.

She was yelling now and her boobs were bouncing.

They both lost their virginities to each other.

Ravi was thumping hard inside me and I was licking his neck.



Rahul and Puja were interlocked and Puja had become a woman now.

She went into the doggy position and Rahul banged her from beside her.

I started riding Ravi and rode him until he came.

We all hugged and slept naked in a single tent.


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