Fucked by Father-in-Law


Kavita was Fucked by her Father-in-Law

Hello there, friends. This is Kavita, a 28-year-old woman from Kolkata who has possessed physical beauty that men of all ages have found appealing since the beginning of my teenage years. God blessed me with beauty, which aided my parents in settling my marriage in a well-to-do conservative family. I used to fantasize about a handsome husband who could make a lot of money for me.


I had just finished my bachelor’s degree from a reputable college in Kolkata when my father received this marriage proposal. We were middle-class, and when Deep’s proposal arrived, we grabbed it with both hands because they were wealthy, and Deep was a handsome boy. Deep was working for a multinational corporation in Delhi, and we were told he was paid a six-figure salary every month.

As a result, my father (and we) didn’t bother looking into Deep’s details, and within three months, I was married off to Deep. Deep didn’t even kiss me on our first night together, which surprised me. He appeared agitated and, after a brief conversation, asked me to sleep.

My friends mainly compelled me to have wild sex, and my husband would keep me awake seeing my assets crash. My inlaws treated me well (my mother-in-law had died, leaving only my father-in-law, sister-in-law (my age), and widow aunt-in-law and her two sons), but my husband flatly refused their offer of a honeymoon.

Deep was simply uninterested in my beauty and having sex after about a month of marriage, which hurt me even more because my sister-in-law would nudge me here and there and say, “Brother might have gone insane with your beauty.”

I wasn’t dying for sex (I had two encounters before marriage, the first with a friend to whom I lost my virginity and the second with a friend of my brother during his marriage), but something seemed off.

Both Vikas (my friend) and Shishir (my brother’s friend) had complimented me and said that any man would go insane and become my slave to have sex with me, but Deep, my husband, didn’t seem impressed, despite my cleverly disguised accidental (though intentional) cleavage show.

Returning to the story, when Deep announced that he was returning to Delhi, my in-laws insisted that he bring me with him. To my surprise, he took me along after much persuasion as to why he was avoiding me, and we settled down within a month (of sexless days and nights).

I noticed that sometimes while sleeping, he would get huge erections (and I would get horny), but he would not touch me. I was still waiting for him after about six months of marriage. All of my attempts to seduce him were futile, and he avoided me. I had begun to frequently ask him to hook my bra, etc., and had even given him a strip show, but to no avail.

I began to doubt his serious commitment and faithfulness, and one day I exploded and demanded an explanation. He calmed me down and denied ever seeing a girl. Throughout these days, my aunt-in-law would call and ask if everything was all right with me.

That day, I called them and blamed them for ruining my life, and in a fit of rage, I told them that despite my best efforts, I am still a virgin six months into my marriage. There was a brief pause on their end, and as my aunt-in-law disconnected, I overheard her saying to someone, ‘the fears have come true.’

The sky came crashing down on me that night as Deep sat with me, offered me drinks, and revealed that he is gay. I laughed at first, then sobbed, and asked him why he had ruined my life. He felt sorry for me and said it was because of family pressure, and he tried hard to change but couldn’t. We were both crying, and we didn’t realize it until we went to bed.

The next day, he went to work as usual and begged for my forgiveness once more. After he took office, I cursed myself, my family, and possibly the entire world. I then prepared myself by deciding to seek divorce and restart my life. Fortunately, I was able to book an evening flight from Delhi.

I dressed in a saree with a sleeveless blouse and packed my bag. I informed Deep that I would be flying to Kolkata. The doorbell rang just as I was about to leave. It was my father-in-law who called. He looked at me and said, ‘Kabita, are you going somewhere?’ ‘Yes, back home,’ I replied.

He sighed and said, ‘I understand, you’re irritated.’ Then he asked if I could make him some tea. I abruptly stated that I would be late for my flight (even though I had some six hours but I desperately wanted to move out of that place ). He insisted, and I couldn’t say no because there was both a command and a request.

I made him tea, and he remained silent throughout. He then stated, ‘I took an early morning flight here and am without baggage.’ I realized what he meant and gave him Deep’s T-shirt and pajamas. He asked me to wait until he freshened up before speaking. I sat dumbly, and after bathing, he emerged.

He then asked me about the incident, which I vividly described to him, and I burst into tears. He listened to me carefully and comforted me. That made me cry, and I hugged him, asking, “What should I do?” He also hugged me and comforted me. As I began to return to normalcy and attempted to break free from the hug,

I realized he was clutching me tightly, one hand on my waist, the other gently rubbing my bare back to comfort me. As I forced myself out of his embrace, he softly held my cheeks, saying, ‘I understand), don’t cry.’ His fingers caressed my cheeks, removing tears and hair strands, and then he touched my lips as if there was hair there as well.

He gently pressed his fingers against my lips, saying, ‘don’t cry.’ He then asked me, “Stay with deep,” looking me in the eyes. Before I could respond, he gently drew me in, and I rested my head on his broad chest, sobbing.

He was now holding me at the waist, and I could feel both of his thumbs moving up and down on my belly button in unison. It gave me strange sensations as well as a lot of pleasure. As a woman, I knew his actions were not intended to pacify his daughter-in-law. I considered withdrawing, but it was stoking my desires, so I was caught in a bind.

He then rubbed his chin over my bare skin while keeping his chin on my right shoulder. It had a devastating effect, and my entire body was covered in goosebumps. I felt his hot breath on my bare shoulder to the neck area, and even though I had stopped sobbing and crying, he kept saying ‘don’t weep’ and went about his business.

His actions were gradual but steady, stroking my desires and arousing me more and more with each passing moment, giving me pleasure. I waited for his next move with bated breath, and he kept me waiting for quite some time before I felt a tinge of wetness on my neck. My father-in-law was now licking my neck by lightly brushing his tongue across it.

I whimpered in his arms, and he cradled me in his arms. Almost immediately, I noticed my pallu gradually slipping. I was having a great time and helped him pull it down by myself. Now, with both exposed shoulders, he rubbed his cheeks against them, blowing hot, and cursed his son. ‘What a fool my son is,’ he murmured.


As his lips and tongue continued to caress my both shoulders through my neck, his one hand caressed my ass and the other’s fingers sensuously moved and played around with my waist, and his thumb found its way into my petticoat and massaged gently just above my panties. My nipples were becoming erect, and my breathing was becoming increasingly erratic.

I was debating whether to go any further with my FIL or to leave, saving face for both of us. I felt that if I didn’t stop him right away, I’d be swept away by the Tsunami of pleasure that was building up inside me.

As I moved away, his cheeks rubbed against my cleavage, and my ripe melons made my decision so weak that it collapsed, and before I knew it, I had emitted an ecstatic moan, more like a baby weep, uuuuummm aaaaamm aaannnmm oooonnhhhmm oooh

He responded by gently caressing my ass, while his other hand worked up the courage to climb up to my melons, gently searching for my nipples from under the blouse and bra while simultaneously inserting his tongue into the valley of my cleavage and licking it as if tasting something.

His hand, which was caressing my ass, found its way inside the saree and petticoat, and it mildly hurt as the petticoat string squeezed my waist, but the pleasure was greater. He gently caressed my ass from over the pantyhose, then rubbed it inside my pantyhose. Everything he did was so gentle.

His other hand, moving circularly over my melons, eventually found my erect nipple, and I soon felt the gentle pressure of his teeth on my nipples from underneath the blouse and bra. I moaned again, closing my eyes as my fingers gripped his hair and pressed his face against my melons.

He nibbled on my nipples before returning to my neck, making me feel the hotness and wetness of his tongue the whole time. He licked my shoulders and held my blouse between his teeth, pulling it away from my shoulders one by one. It exposed my shoulders, and his kisses and licks exasperated the goosebumps.

His one hand was now removing my saree while the other was gently squeezing my melons and playing around my waist to ass. My mouth was full of saliva, which I kept gulping down while using my tongue to keep my lips moist. I desperately wanted him to kiss me, and his hands and mouth were providing me with the pleasure that Deep should have provided.

In my eagerness to be fucked, my hands crept into his T-shirt, feeling his chest, and went down and gripped his hard dick.

I expressed my frustration by squeezing his dick hard, and he responded by unhooking my blouse. My saree had already fallen to the floor, and my blouse was completely open, with only a bra between his playful tongue and my melons.

He patiently removed my petticoat while I eagerly removed his T-shirt. I wanted to feel his naked body, and while he was poetic in undressing me, I was crude and greedy. He had expertly whipped up my passions and desires, and I was completely wet, oozing constantly and preparing my pussy.

He took off my bra while licking around my nipples, making me nervous because he wouldn’t touch the nipples. When he hugged me again, I was in just my underwear and he was in his birthday suit. Our skin-to-skin contact drove me insane, and I was now constantly moaning and begging.

Please do it right away. I can’t take it any longer. His cheeks brushed up against my face and neck, and his tongue licked my lips.

Uffffffffffffffffff When his lips finally met mine, there was a lot of slurping as he sucked and licked my lips before letting my tongue explore and play with his tongue.

His hands cupped my melons, applying just enough pressure to heighten my pleasure while softly tickling my nipples with his nails. It felt like a dream to me, and I closed my eyes in pleasure and ecstasy. I sat down on the sofa after feeling pressure on my shoulder.

When I opened my eyes to look at his tool, I was overjoyed to see his monstrous dick arching upwards towards the ceiling. It surprised me because, at 52 years old, I couldn’t believe someone could have this type of erection. He smiled but said nothing in response to my expression. He swooped down on me and began kissing my nipples before sucking them.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and kept moaning and pleading. He was in no hurry and kissed me from head to toe, vigorously brushing his face over my trimmed pubic hairs. I was desperate for his dick, and the sexual pleasure was out of my hands.

I pleaded with you to penetrate me; I can’t wait any longer; it appears that ants are all over my body, roaming around).


This time he complied, expertly positioning himself, and I did the rest by greedily thrusting my pelvic upwards to swallow that monstrous dick’s bulbous head. He slammed into me, pushing his entire length deep inside me and pinning me to the sofa.

I had the impression that I was opening up uncharted territory (by Vikas and Shishir da), which was akin to opening the gates of heaven. I felt a sense of completeness. He began to gently stroke me while playing with my melons and kissing my lips. I was in heaven; I had longed for it, and now my father-in-law was showing me around.

I only had one thing to do: enjoy myself and express my joy by moaning, which I did.

I moaned, talked, and expressed my gratitude to him while being fucked nicely, and I am still indebted to him to this day. His slow fucking speed was now bothering me, and I needed to get to my orgasm as soon as possible.

I asked ‘FIL do it quickly), and for the first time since he put me on this sex journey, he said ‘let it continue at this pace, take pleasure in small bundles,’

To tell you the truth, I am no longer irritated with Deep because it is because of him that I have the opportunity to fuck a beauty like you; I have spent a lot of money but haven’t gotten the pleasure that you are giving me, Kavita). I was flattered and complimented him on his ability to fuck so nicely at such a young age.

I could feel his pace quickening and him muttering ‘. I was nearing my orgasm and encouraged him, and I moaned as I opened the sluice gates of my dam.

. He was now rapidly pumping me and had been doing so for several minutes before exploding.

My nipples were swollen, but I felt deep satisfaction. He was breathing as he sat next to me on the sofa. We took a deep breath, and I ran my hands over his chest, saying, ‘you came here to fuck me.’ ‘No, but when you hugged me, your boobs did the trick,’ he said. ‘Your son did not find them attractive,’ I said. ‘Let us talk about it,’ he said.

I stood up naked in front of him, shamelessly posed seductively, and said, ‘on the sofa, it was not properly done, let’s go to the bedroom and discuss’. I walked naked in front of him, swinging my ass seductively because I was planning another fuck with this daughter-in-law fucker. He, too, followed me naked.

Even though his dick had lost erection, it looked magnificent between his legs. He went to the bathroom and returned with his pubic hairs and dick washed. I cleaned up after him. He looked at me and said, “You have a magnificent body and you are very good.” I asked him if he could do it again. ‘Sure, but after some food,’ he replied. ‘I feel like you’re my husband,’ I said.

My FIL drew me close to him and kissed me. I kissed him back, and our tongues danced together. He cupped my boobs and played with my nipples without putting too much pressure on them.

His knowledge of cuddling and playing with a woman’s body was obvious to me. He was stirring up my passions once more, and I was letting out occasional moans expressing my level of passion. He licked my nipples in a slow circular motion, never sucking but simply lapping his tongue over my erect, hard nipples.

I just closed my eyes, knowing from previous experience that he would keep me waiting and do something unexpected. He was gradually moving down, and I began praying to the sex god for him to lick and suck my pussy. I got wet just thinking about my FIL licking and sucking at my love hole.

He was now licking my belly button and cupping my boobs with his thumb and fingers, very gently twisting my nipples in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. I was on a high, and my passions grew stronger with each passing moment. He abruptly came to a halt and asked me to suck his cock. It was only semierect and had a little hardness to it.


I grabbed his cock and began sucking it. I completely licked the head, removing the foreskin. I could feel his toughness increasing by leaps and bounds in no time. I greedily took more of his cock inside, sucked hard, and played with his testicles as his erection grew. It was no longer semi-erect, and a few minutes of work later, it was arching upwards again.

I greedily attempted to swallow his entire cock, but he stopped me, saying, ‘you can’t take full, you won’t be able to breathe, take half only.’ I tried once more and failed. I licked his entire length, spit on his balls, and massaged him gently. I was wet but not dripping down there. He requested that I give him some oil. I indicated the dressing table.

He stood up and went to get some almond oil. He then applied oil to his dick and requested that I massage it. Then he took a lot of oil in both hands and clamped them on my pussy. His one hand vigorously massaged my pussy and the other gently massaged my boobs while I slowly massaged his dick. Then his one finger, then his second finger, entered my love hole and continued to massage me vigorously.

It was rough treatment, but it gave me a lot of pleasure. I moaned loudly, “Oh, Father, what are you doing, it feels good.” I forgot about massaging his dick because the pleasure was so intense that I dove deep into it. I faced him and buried my face in his broad chest.

His other hand now came over my a$$ and began to rub my annus with his oil-soaked fingers. In ecstasy, I brushed my face across his chest and discovered his taught nipple. I began sucking his nipple, and he responded by simultaneously fingering my pussy and anus. I moaned and sucked his nipples in between moans. My juice tap had opened and was flowing, wetting his fingers.

He asked me to fill in as the doggy. As I assumed the doggy position, he applied more oil to his dick and briefly massaged my anus and pussy. I felt him place his dick on my anus, and before I could react, I felt his dick tear apart my rectum and probe deep inside.

I was out of breath, but strangely, despite what I’d read on this site about excruciating pain, I only felt that my annus’ elasticity had reached its limit. I remained motionless, and he gave me a few moments to accommodate his monster within me.

Then he started slowly pumping me. The initial shock had worn off, and I found this as enjoyable as the previous one.

As his both hands continued to move between my boobs and waist with continuous thrust after thrust, I was carrying all of his weight. We were both moaning uuummmm haaahhhh oooohhhh eeiioosssss As he accelerated, his fingers entered my pussy and continued to finger me at the same rate as his thrusts.

‘How far are you from orgasm, I am very close to it,’ he exclaimed. ‘Just a little more, yes yes do it father, oh my good mother, I’ll go insane with this pleasure,’ I replied.

He briefly stopped thrusting me and fingered me, slapped my ass two or three times, and pumped me again. ‘Oh mother, I have orgasmed!’ I screamed. He pumped me as hard as he could while clutching my ass. Soon after, he delivered three or four powerful thrusts, causing me to lose my balance and fall.

He pinned my ass with his crotch moving in a circular motion, his entire dick deep inside me. Massive jerks of his dick on my rectum, which gradually subsided as he collapsed by my side gasping for air. It took about 10 to 15 minutes for us to be able to speak. He demanded food, and I was starving as well. I took another bath, and he joined me.

He asked if I still wanted to return. ‘You said you’d talk about it,’ I said. As I served food, he smiled and continued to preach about family prestige. He called Deep after eating and asked him to come home early. When Deep arrived, there was no trace of our afternoon activities.

Deep sat quietly as my FIL said, ‘I cannot allow you to defame our family name, which took three generations to build, and now you propose a solution.’ I felt deeply for him and sympathized with him. After many heartfelt conversations between father and son, my FIL said, ‘all can be covered up if Kobita gets pregnant and agrees to stay with the family.’

They both turned to face me. I was only 23 years old at the time this incident occurred. I had no idea what was expected of me. At the time, I was simply a sexually (my FIL) satisfied woman looking for a comfortable life. ‘And who will make me pregnant,’ I mumbled.

Deep hung his head in shame, and my FIL offered ‘artificial insemination, I will arrange it, you just need to come with me to Mumbai.’ I humbly nodded. My FIL said, ‘OK, then we’ll go to Mumbai tomorrow.’ Deep expressed his inability to come, and as he looked at me, he said, “You go with Baba, he will manage.”

It felt like a honeymoon to me for the next 20 days. I was sexually satiated by being fucked at least three times per day. We also went to Goa, where I experienced lavishness and a materialistic world. I was overjoyed. We then returned to Delhi, and my FIL stated solemnly, “We will be going to Mumbai again next week for further tests.” Deep simply nodded.


Instead of taking me to Mumbai, he took me to Kerala, and it was like a honeymoon all over again, albeit for a shorter period. After a few days, he called to tell me to get ready for another trip. I informed him that I was having a menstrual cycle and would be unavailable for the next few days. He returned and drove me to Mussoorie. He fucked me there every day.

I was taken aback and even asked, “At this age, you manage to do more than a young guy?” ‘It’s just Yoga, the right food to keep sexual desire alive, and a beauty like you,’ he replied. We were there for about ten days. That month, I didn’t have my menstrual cycle. I was delighted to inform him and Deep. I couldn’t figure out why Deep said, ‘Be safe and cautious, Kabita.’

After a few days, my FIL arrived and confirmed my pregnancy. He took me to Kolkata with him. My inlaws greeted me with open arms. My family was overjoyed as well, and I had forgotten that I was pregnant because of my FIL rather than Deep. I had no feelings for Deep, even though he kept calling and asking about my health.

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