Fucked by a Model


My Friend was Fucked by a Model


Monica, my best friend wanted to have an erotic photoshoot for her husband, as his birthday present. She shared the idea with me.

I got excited and said yes. The next day, she came to my house to stay. We called Ajay and asked him to come.

He joined us at dinner and we started talking about the shoot.

She wanted this shoot to be the best and sexy enough to blow her husband’s mind.

Ajay is a very professional guy and the best photographer I knew, he understood and asked her to get some new bikinis and lingerie for the shoot.

We rushed to the market and got some.

At night, Ajay re-arranged my room and set up a theme. He set up his camera and asked Monica to get into her green bikini.

She giggled and went into the washroom.

After some time the door opened, and there she was in her green bra and panties with gold laces.

She was just killing it. Ajay asked her to lose her hair and she did. She was looking like a Goddess. Nightqueenstories.com

The photoshoot started and things started getting sexier. I was just sitting on the chair, watching Monica in all her glory. Her tight bra was barely holding her assets.

Ajay asked her to unhook her bra and hold it with one hand, she did accordingly. Her bra slipped a bit and we got a glimpse of her pinkish nipples. We all giggled and the shoot went on for another hour.

Ajay then asked her to get under a sheet and get naked.

There was so much nudity and hotness in the room. She then changed multiple outfits and positions.

Ajay then left and told us that he will join us in the morning and that he had a surprise for us. We asked but he just laughed.

सहेली के बॉयफ्रेंड से चुदाई

We kept talking for most of the night. In the morning, when we were having breakfast, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door. It was Ajay with another guy. I let them enter. He introduced us to this guy named Sachin. He was 6’4, black-haired with a perfect jawline, and in perfect shape.

They joined the breakfast and Jason started sharing his idea. “My friend here is a model, and he is my surprise. Trust me Monica your shoot will get more exciting and sexier if Sachin joins you.”

“Join me, but how?” Monica asked him.

“Oh Monica dear, we’ll feature him with you in your erotic shoot,” Jason replied.

We were stunned by his proposal and looked at each other instantly.

“No, No, No, We are not doing it. Are we Monica?” I said as I looked at Nicky.

She remained silent.

“And what about Arsh (Monica’s husband), What will he think?” I continued.

“Come on bro, Arsh will be more aroused, and this is not cheating, believe me. What do you say, Monica?” He asked.

Monica who was in deep thought, exclaimed at once, “I am in, but it should be strictly professional.”

I was shocked by her answer.

“You’ll love it,”  Ajay told her.

We all kept talking about the shoot after that. Nightqueenstories.com

It was too hot that day, and I wanted a dip in the pool. So I went straight to the pool and asked others if they wanted to join.

They followed.

My young Teacher

Sachin was so handsome, and as he took off his shirt he had those beautifully crafted six-packs. He got into his shorts.

We started jumping in the pool. When the three of us were in the pool, I waved at Monica and asked her to join.

She got up, removed her clothes, and wearing a red bikini, joined us.

I could see the blazing eyes of Sachin who was constantly looking at Monica, but I ignored it.

Ajay got out of the pool to grab some beers and Sachin got closer to Monica and started talking. She was a bit hesitant at first but couldn’t control her laughter at his jokes. His charisma was taking her over.

“What a perfect view, I think we should start right here,” Ajay said as he came back.

He head back to grab his camera and gadgets and asked me to get out of the pool.

I got out and grabbed a chair. I didn’t want to miss a single shot.

Ajay asked them to get closer to the pool. They got closer. He asked Sachin to place his hands on Nicky’s booty and Nicky to roll her arms around his neck.

“Perfect.” He said.


I was getting horny by looking at them. He had grabbed Monica’s booty firmly and Jason was busy getting shots of them.

Ajay then asked Nicky to turn around and Sachin to grab her breasts.

As he did so, Monica started getting uncomfortable. As Ajay was busy getting shots of that intimate moment, Monica freed herself and went into the room.

“Are you alright?” Ajay managed to ask.

But she didn’t stop.

I followed her into the room and asked if she was okay. She told me that she had become so wet and horny and couldn’t handle it anymore. We started laughing.

After some time,

She asked me to get them in the room and continue here.

I went and told them it was okay and nothing to worry about.

The shoot started again. We all could feel that sensuality and sex were in the air.

Ajay started from where he left, he asked Monica to turn around and let Sachin have her breasts. She exhaled a little sound as he again grabbed her breasts.

“Now enter your hand in the bra and grab her boobies Sachin,” Ajay said and asked Monica if she was okay with that.

“Yes,” she murmured.

She trembled as he reached out for her boobs.

The camera was shuttering rapidly.

She has now started enjoying it. She wasn’t resisting at all.

He then proposed a new position, asked him to take off her bra, and hug Bryce and Bryce had to put his lips on her neck.

Before I could intervene, Monica took off her bra and hugged Sachin but carefully covered her boobs. Sachin then put his mouth on her neck softly caressing her naked back, and the camera started shuttering again.

By that moment, I was enjoying it too and couldn’t take my eyes off them.

After that photo, Ajay asked to take a break. I took a deep breath and went to grab some snacks.

Ajay showed us some photos and they were magical. They both had killed it.

He then started talking about some more intimate positions and adding more nudity, but Monica refused. She was worried that instead of getting excited, her husband will get mad at the photos.

Ajay told her that it was alright as he’ll know that she did it for him. After a lot of persuasions, she finally agreed.

He made Monica and Sachin stand in the front bed and ask Sachin to put his lips in her cleavage and Nicky to make a seductive face.

Sachin grabbed her by her waist and put his mouth in her deep cleavage as she naturally made a seductive face.

The scenes were getting too hot to handle but the most intense scene was yet to come.

Hindi sex

He asked Monica to get naked and Sachin to cover her tits and vagina with his hand. Monica stopped for a second and then took off her bra and panties. Her snow-white skin was shining with sweat. Sachin locked his eyes at her already erect nipples as Ajay asked him to cover her boobs and vagina with his hands while kissing on her shoulder. Sachin obliged and went for it. As he covered her and kissed her shoulder, she moaned slowly.

I was stunned by the scenes. It was kind of live porn going on.

I was aroused as hell too.

They remained in the position until Ajay broke them and asked Monica to take out his cock and grab it.

She was already aroused and wet straightly went for his cock. As she took it out, it was already hard and was a gem. Not less than 7.5, clean shaved, she grabbed it firmly.

There they were both naked with his shaft in her hand.

Ajay asked her to get on her knees and move her face close to his cock. The camera was shuttering continuously.

I could see the hunger in Monica’s eyes and as she went down close to his shaft, she immediately rolled her lips and took it in her mouth. She couldn’t stop now. She was hungry, wet and so ready to be fucked. She kept on sucking madly as Bryce grabbed her hair. He was moaning loudly now.

Things had gotten out of control and even I couldn’t intervene.

Ajay tried to stop her but she had other plans now.

She kept on sucking until his skin was about to peel off. He stopped her and went straight for her tits and sucked like a hungry child then laid her on the edge of the bed and went down on her, she crawled back to hold his head as he entered his tongue in the most intimate part of hers.

He started caressing her boobs with his hands.

गांड की चुदाई

She was over the moon now. Ajay had now stopped taking photos and sat beside me.

We were watching them having the best romance of their lives.

She moaned loudly and removed his mouth from her pussy and spread her legs.


Sachin was also ready to fuck her from the first moment he laid his eyes on her.

She was wet when he entered her, and he slid into her like a hand into the glove. He started slowly but was now thumping hard. He raised her legs and put them on his shoulders and went deep.

She was moaning louder and louder.

They kept fucking and fucking.

She then stood up, leaned forward, pears of her breasts swinging not unlike bell-clappers, fleshly hips shimmying, supple thighs shaking asked Sachin to enter from behind.

As Sachin entered again, Monica asked Ajay to start shooting again.

Lost and stunned by the scenes, it took him a minute to come back to his senses.

Ajay started shooting again.

Sachin grabbed her booty and his thrusts became violent, he started spanking her booty and grabbed her by her hair.

He was riding a wild mustang in dire need to be saddled.

She came, came and came.

chachi ki chudai

Sachin was breathing heavily now, his thumping increased and he came inside her with the last few bigger thrusts.

They fell on the bed.

I was so excited and went straight into the shower to cool myself off.

Ajay was sitting on the floor.

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