Fuck Boyfriends Brother


Fucked by the Boyfriend’s Brother

Hello everyone. My name is Sheila and I’m 18 years old college-going girl. I live in Noida and my boyfriend has recently shifted near our place.

He went into a different program and decided to go for one further north, so he didn’t get too far away from me when I came home. He also works as an engineer at a company called ‘IH’ but we don’t get to see each other often enough for it to feel like we are dating right now, or ever. I think it will be like that for another year or two, I guess. So far everything is pretty normal which is nice because sometimes

We were in a physical relationship for a long time. But he got so busy with his work routine that there wasn’t much time to be together anymore. The only time we saw each other was when he was home and we had dinner on Sunday night then went out to the movies and watched TV and cuddled on Saturday morning. When I am over here he spends most of his time sleeping but when he does get up to do things he doesn’t sleep for more than three or four hours a day because of how much stress he goes through. He tries not to let us have sex in case it gets too stressful for him but when we do it always ends up being very intense. I try not to let it bother me but sometimes I just want to be done so I can relax.

So one day, when I went to his place and rang the bell to his house, some stranger opened the door. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

I asked him where Zayn is? and He told me that he’s his brother and Zayn is away for a work commitment.

I got inside the house and wanted to arrange a few things.

Now I was wondering if he will come back today or tomorrow?

Zayn’s brother Saim came into the room. Je brought me juice and we started chit-chatting.

At least, I tried to start a conversation. After a few minutes, he said that his brother is not answering his phone. He asked me to keep an eye out for him, please. If Zayn comes home early tomorrow he’ll tell you to look for me.

He told me that he likes to play shooting games on the console and asked me to join him.

I said no.

Saim left and went to play video games.

I sat by the window and waited for Zayn to come home. I started to think about what his brother said. He did mention that he might not come back tonight.

I looked outside again. I wondered whether I should go back home or stay here for a while.

I closed the room’s door and started watching the horny videos of me and Zayn. We had made a lot of sex videos so I started watching those.

My hands slipped inside my trousers and I started fondling myself thinking about all the times that we fucked. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

There were many videos that I liked. One was of me naked and laying next to a pile of dirty clothes. Another one had Zayn kissing and sucking my breasts and making love to me.

I kept imagining him kissing me on my lips or sucking my neck.

I felt a hand touch my breast.

It wasn’t Zayn, who was touching me.

It was Saim.

I turned around.

Saim grabbed both of my nipples with his fingers. Then he pushed them between his fingers until they pierced my flesh.

I opened up my eyes with force!

I had fallen asleep naked while masturbating and now Saim was sitting right across me, pinching my naked nipples! You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

I screamed.

“Oh, sorry. I thought you were sleeping. I’ll put something else on then” he said while getting off the bed. He returned wearing nothing else than his boxers.

Then he stood in front of me, facing me.

“Are you awake?” he whispered while putting his arms around me.

I nodded in response to his question, still shocked by the incident.

He kissed me gently on my lips and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

After I regained my composure I started to ask why Saim was doing this to me.

He didn’t answer me and started getting closer until he was standing between my legs.

He moved his head towards mine and I heard him moaning.

“You’re so beautiful.”

With every word that he said he bit down on my earlobe.

I started moaning too.

His hands moved towards my crotch and he removed my underwear.

When he reached my clit, he started moving his hips.

I started moaning louder and louder. My breathing became heavy. I couldn’t believe that I was having such a horny feeling by my boyfriend’s brother.

“Saimmmmmmm…. ah!!!!” I moaned.

You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

He continued massaging my clitoris and I could feel my body becoming tense.

“Ahhnnnnn….! Ahhh..!”

Then, I felt a warm sensation in my vagina.

“Ohhhhhh! Saimnnnn! Hahaha!!!” I said while screaming.

Suddenly I felt someone touching my inner thighs.

I looked down to find Zayn’s brother holding my legs open.

He positioned himself on top of me.

He started pushing himself against my opening.

“I need more…” he murmured. He lowered his mouth and started lapping me up.

“Please… Ahhhh….! Please…..

He started sucking my boobs. I began stroking his hair and moaning loudly.

The sound attracted Saim and he started rubbing himself against me.

He was slowly entering me.

I felt like he was trying to enter me as deeply as possible.

I could feel my insides clenching around him.

“Ahh… Saim……!” I shouted.

He began thrusting faster and harder. His movements were starting to become more forceful.

Then he stopped and started licking my breasts and biting my nipples.

My body was shaking violently and my pussy started throbbing hard.

“Saim..!” I moaned again.

He picked up his pace and thrust harder and deeper.

You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Suddenly he started to move his hips furiously.

I could feel him getting bigger and bigger.

A scream escaped my lips.

I could feel my orgasm approaching and I started to feel tears streaming down my cheeks.


He took his dick out of my pussy and pushed it straight into my mouth!

I sucked hard and fast.

He pounded me as if he would explode any second.

I could hear his breath and the sounds of his moans and gasps.

Soon after he climaxed, spilling his load all over my face and onto the sheets.

I swallowed all his cum load like a whore!

Now Saim put me in a doggy position and started to fuck me.

His dick moved in and out of me quickly, while I could feel it moving faster and faster. He was moaning loudly and hitting my back with his fist.

He grabbed my butt cheeks tightly and pulled me up. He threw me over his shoulder and slammed me on the mattress.

He entered me forcefully from behind, his whole length filling me.

I screamed in pleasure.

My pussy squeezed around his cock and his balls hit my entrance with every thrust.

Soon after he finished fucking me, he collapsed onto the bed next to me.

As soon as he was lying down I immediately rolled him over and started attacking his neck.

“Fuuuck me!” I screamed while kissing and licking his neck.

I started sucking and licking him.

He moaned loudly and groaned as I kept licking and nibbling his neck and chest.

Then he started to stroke my ass.

“Fuck me!!”

He placed himself on top of me and held my wrists above my head.

Then he started pounding into me with more force and intensity.

I kept moaning loudly as he fucked me. He pulled my head backward with one arm and started rubbing my nipple with the other hand.

Then I felt him reaching my cervix.


I started to moan louder.

And he pressed his index finger firmly into my cunt and started fisting me.

I felt him pumping himself inside me and I started screaming his name.

“Saimmmmmmm!!!!! Ahhh!!!!!”

As he was finishing his last orgasm, he pulled out his finger and then came back and slapped me across the face.

“You bitch! That was supposed to be for Zayn!! You slut!!!!!”

”But I like being fucked by you, even more, Saimmm!!!”

I said to him while being fucked hard by him.

Soon the heat from his penis penetrated my body completely.

“Aaahhh!!” I yelled.

My orgasm came soon after, and it was intense. I felt Saim cumming and releasing himself into my pussy.

My body was covered in sweat and I was panting heavily.

Zayn’s brother pulled away from me and I felt so lonely without him there.

“That was amazing, babe! I love you so much!” Saim smiled.

Then he leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

And I knew that this would be my last time seeing Zayn’s brother.

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