Fuck a Hot Aunty


Fucking a Hot Aunty Of My Colony

I started living in a posh town with a lot of single ladies in my colony. I would go for a walk every day and meet somebody new. All of them had one thing in common, their fat asses. It felt like they were having some kind of special treatment at the clinic for the augmentation of the ass. It looked huge as compared to the rest of their bodies. And what a man would I be, If I am not getting turned on by a woman’s ass. As they run or jog in the park, it’ll make my penis start vibrating like a snake in my track pants. I would go home and jerk myself off by watching porn having huge sexy ass ladies.

I used to go on the walk daily and pass on a friendly smile to the women I’ll have eye contact with. Some of them started to chit-chat with me and that’s what I was looking for. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

I got close to one of the women of the colony. Her name was Shushmita, but she loved to be called “sushi” by her nickname. We started as chit-chatting in the park and she invited me to tea at her place one day. Our bonding got stronger and stronger and we were meeting quite often. She was a divorced lady who was in her late 30s. Her figure was 38 32 40. She was well maintained and used to go to the gym regularly. Her body would make anyone crazy, trust me. So naturally, I wanted to get closer to her. She would invite me to her home every other day and we would talk all evening and have a good time with each other.

I couldn’t resist asking her one day,” Don’t you feel alone Sush? Like, don’t you miss somebody to take care of you… maybe your ex-husband?”

“You know what Mohan, I do…… I do miss the care, the love, the … “

She paused for a while.

I looked at her and asked,” Then what Sush?”

“Leave it.. choro”

“No no. Tell me. Don’t be shy. You know you can share everything with me Sush”

“I miss the love so much, Mohan. Physical love. Not the one-night-stand kind of love. But the one which wakes you up with care even after a long night of sex. I don’t want someone to just use me at night and forget about me in the day..”

She said that with a sad face. I could see the sadness in her eyes.

We were sitting in her bedroom talking about these things. There was a moment of silence between us. I took a moment to look at her deeply. She was wearing a tea pink night with freshly washed hair and her perfume smelled so good. It was just like a dessert with a cherry on top.


After a while, it turned me on. The moment of silence and looking at her body deeply. It made me feel something in my dick. I couldn’t explain the feeling of that moment. I wanted her to get out of the nightgown and have nothing on. Just her in her bare body. And I wanted to kiss her from top to bottom like a mad lover.


I could see her wonderful breasts and my hardness was barely visible through my penis. None of us ever started to talk yet. We started touching each other’s hands gently when the sexual tension became too intense between us. I leaned over to her and put some hair off of her face. It was a moment that made me want to kiss her lips so bad. I put my fingers on her face and rubbed them slightly on her cheeks. My lips then got closer to hers and we could feel each other’s warm breath. You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

We were looking into the eyes and getting closer to each other.

I slowly approached her face and started to kiss her lips. The kiss started with pecks on the lips first. Then I started to open up her lips with mine and the kiss started to deepen. I said I was going to get out of control because I couldn’t stop myself. She smiled and told me to not stop till the end of the night and brought her beautiful lips closer and we started kissing madly in love. Slowly, our lips opened and we entered each other’s mouths as we tried to suck each other’s lips with tongue sucking.

My hands were rubbing all over her waist and I was holding her from the back. I was almost kissing her from the lower part of her body to the top of her body. Our saliva was making everything even more sensual and we were sucking each other’s lips and I was also biting her chin. My hands began to touch the sides of her breasts from the top of her nighty. It was so soft to touch like I was touching a cotton ball. I was pressing them and my hands wanted to squeeze the breasts. Our breathing was getting heavy and we were taking the heavy breaths in a moaning kind of way.

Then I came on top of her. I started to raise her hands and take off her nighty. I was dying to see her bare body. She raised my hands and took off my shirt as well. She saw my armpits and her face dug into the armpits. She got a little wilder and started kissing the armpits. I was licking her neck and biting her shoulders. I started kissing and sucking on her neck while she was licking on my armpits. We both were madly kissing each other and couldn’t stop ourselves even for a moment.

His hands were on my back and soon he was inside my shirt. My hands were on her breasts, pressing them hard, causing her to moan. He took off my shirt and started kissing my neck, nipples, and biting between them. She started playing with my little hairy chest and I was trying to get my hands up into her nightgown.

She was wearing a matching tea-pink-colored bra and Panty set and her boobs were so firm and tight even at this age. Her boobs were huge and the bra was cupping the breasts tightly.

I pulled her bra down and then I started to press her breasts with both of my hands. I was pressing them harder and harder and she was moaning to me in a very sensual and horny kind of way.



”ahhhhhh mmmmhhhh ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh…. Yesss…… press these titties hard….. mmmm…ahhhh ahhh….mmmmhhh…..aaahmmmm”

Her Nipples were erected like they were dying to be sucked and bitten by me. She was moaning and she wanted me to kiss her madly and drive her insane with love. I pulled her down and freed her tight breasts from her bra. They came out like they were ready to be loved. I started sucking them hard. I kept on sucking both of them one by one. I was sucking the left boob while squeezing the right one in my hand. My lips were cupping the breasts and sucking them from top to bottom. She was moaning loudly and wanted me to suck them hard.

You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

I spit my saliva on those nipples to make them even erect and wet. Then I started to suck them hard like a baby sucking milk from them. I was biting them slowly with my teeth. The pressure of my teeth was getting stronger and stronger with every time I was sucking them. Her breasts were huge and they didn’t fit in my mouth at first. Then I started to suck them by first squeezing them in my hand and then pushing them inside my mouth. Her moaning was getting louder and louder every time I was sucking them hard.

Then I started biting her there and pressing her nipples and squeezing her other breast. He unwrapped my towel and his hands were now on my butt. I came closer, kissed her tightly, asked her to spit her saliva into my mouth, and kissed her more. She was uncontrollable at that moment.

I went back to her breasts. I wanted to suck them more and more. I couldn’t get enough of them. I kissed her cleavage and my saliva was dripping wet on her cleavage. I then descended to her navel and I was loving every bit of her skin. I kissed it softly and she was getting weak because of my kisses on her navel. I started giving her bites on the naval and it was so tight that the bites made a mark the moment I bit them. She was getting turned out more and more and was pressing my head on her navel. I kissed her belly button, circled my tongue in her belly button and the saliva made it even wet so the sucking got intense. This caused her to scream and moan. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh myyyyy Goddddd ahhhhhhhhhhh Mohannnnnn ahhhhhhuhhhmmmmm ahhhhhh”.


I kept on sucking her navel for 5 minutes more and now it was time to take her panties off. Her panties were dripping wet already. I took them off with my teeth and now my dick was just about to explode with the sexual tension. I started my pussy-licking-magic!

You are reading this story at Nightqueenstories.com

Her sweat was being mixed with pussy juices and it made me crazy. I was kissing the top of her panties and wetting it even more with my saliva. Her pussy hair was poking a little out of her panties. I took the panties off and wow!!!! I couldn’t believe my luck. Such a hot pussy in front of me!

I started to rub my tongue round and round in her pussy. I knew how to eat a bad pussy. My lips were crazy for her pussy at that moment. I started to suck her pussy lips. Her juices were making the pussy taste like the pudding pie. I was sucking her pussy lips non-stop. I bit her pussy lips while pushing my tongue inside her hole.


I slowly pulled my tongue out while biting on the sides of her thighs. She was pushing me down. She lifted her ass and wanted me to pleasure her pussy even more. I started to speed up my sucking speed and now it was the loud sound of moaning mixed with the sound of “shuppp shuuuppp pppphhh ahhhh uh ahhhh Shupp” as I was eating her pussy.

I lifted her legs and put my hands under her ass and lifted her slightly and began to kiss her even more between her legs. I started feeling water from the pussy. She was almost shaking and was about to be released. I turned her over and started biting the ass like a hungry dog. I started to do it even faster and saw that she was still wet. There is a faint smell of juice and urine. I started licking her buttocks and biting her cheeks.


Then I put my finger on her anus and began to rub it harder and harder. Now I touched her wet pussy on her hair and tried to stroke her with my finger at a fast pace. She was moaning so loud that I thought anyone from the neighborhood could come and hear us. She was going out of her mind and she begged me to lick her pussy like a dog.

Now I could feel the ejaculating of juices from her pussy. First I licked and sucked and licked. My nose was covered with her hair, and my tongue was everywhere, licking everything that touched it. Then I put it close to my lips. She then shakes with arousal again.

I told her to let go of my face. He warned me with juice and pee that these would be mixed, but at the same time. But I was ready for anything. Soon, it came out of my face. I tasted his juices and started sucking the pussy more and giving a little bite to her pussy as well. I stuck my tongue out at her lips and she grabbed me by the buttocks and moved my buttocks.

Now my dick was getting crazy to bang her. So I didn’t even start slow. I just put her down and came on top of her. I didn’t even give her time to settle and started to bang her pussy at the full speed that I could. The cap of the penis was going inside but I needed to put more pressure so I now started to go full crazy fucking mode on her pussy!

I left no mercy in banging and I started to bang her with the fastest thrusts inside her pussy!

She was going wild and wild with every thrust.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh I missed being fuckedddd ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss fucking ahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

My dick was now completely inside her and I was banging her non-stop. I was moaning loudly while fucking her pussy!!! “Ahhahhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhh”

My cock was almost about to cum so I asked her if she’d swallow my cum load. She agreed and I took my cock out of her pussy and put it inside her mouth. She started to suck the cock and I was pushing her face on my cock harder and harder!!!!!

She sucked so harder and was fucking like a bitch!!

My eyes were closed and I was moaning harder and harder!!

“Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I came all in her mouth and she swallowed it all !!!!!!!!!!!! Her face was covered in cum and she looked so fucking hot to me at that time!!!!

I couldn’t believe what had just happened!

We hugged each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The End.

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