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Fucked Friends Mom

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Hello, my name is Munna, and I’d like to tell you about an incident that occurred with my mother. This is the narrative of a mother and son’s sexual desire.

Before I begin the story, I’d like to discuss her amazing physique (my darling mother), who is the hottest person I’ve ever seen. She used to wear a nightgown at home, and her most prominent feature is her gigantic, extra-large boobs, which hang like pulpy mangoes on a tree.

Her physical measurements are 38-30-39, and her skin color is white. She married when she was 18 years old, and she was forced to marry my father, who was 30 at the time. My father prioritizes money before family, thus he spends practically all of his time at work and with his buddies. He is a nice father, but a bad spouse to my mother. Let’s get right into the story. This occurred during my third year of B.Com. studies. Before this encounter, I had never had any sexual thoughts about my mother.

Varun, one of my friends, came to my place one day to do some project work; it was our last semester to finish the project, so I invited him for the first time. He arrived at my house around 10 a.m. or so. Because it is Sunday and there is no one else in the home, my mother feels incredibly liberated by simply wearing a nightgown without any inners. What is visible to me is likewise visible to my friend. He saw she wasn’t wearing any inners, so he kept staring at my mother’s nipple tip, which had been pointing through her nightgown. But because she is my mother, I don’t see her in that light, but my friend didn’t perceive her as a mother, thus he looked at my mother with lust. My friend departs my house at the end of the day after we conclude our project work. “Okay pa, you can come at any time you like, bye take, care pa,” my mother adds as she walks him out the door. But my friend didn’t say anything; instead, he hugged my mom and said, “Okay mum, I’ll miss your things,” before leaving my house. I was furious with him and pursued him, and I wanted to slap him for his awful behavior. I contacted him after he crossed the street and asked him, “Why were you looking at my mom’s boobs and why did you embrace her da?” “She has a good body, and her boobs are still bouncing at this age, and her bottoms look like a creamy bun, and her face still looks like she’s only 25, da,” he remarked, smiling.

“Are you crazy, da?” I asked. You should shut up and leave before I slap you.” “Sorry that was my error,” he apologized, “but she has a good figure, you just missed your chance of fucking her, or you haven’t even observed her hot body parts,” and then he walked away. I kept thinking about him and his remarks till I got home. Then I entered my house, but my mother was not there, so I looked around and saw that she was washing clothes. This activity causes her nightgown to open at the neck, exposing her boobs and, to be honest, exposing her nipple tip. I didn’t want this to enter my mind, so I diverted my attention and went to bed early. My mother wakes me up in the morning with coffee in her hand, saying, “Pa, get up, it’s becoming late, wake up, it’s 7:30,” and as I open my eyes, she bends and places the coffee by my side. It was hanging down her neck the moment I saw the beauty of her boobs.

Because my mother had just taken a bath, the aroma of her body made me erect, and my tool got hefty. Then she sat up straight and told me to get ready for college. Then I get up and go to the toilet, where I notice that my dick is completely hard at that point. I notice my mother’s bra has been set aside. I pick it up and sniff it. It had a lovely scent as well as the scent of her powder. It got me so angry that I began to jerk my dick; afterward, I emerged from the restroom and began getting ready for college. When I arrived home after finishing all of my college classes, she was not there. I am dissatisfied. She didn’t say anything to me, and I was furious at what she had done today.

It’s 7:30 p.m. a few hours later, and the power goes off in the house.

I didn’t even light a candle; instead, I sat down with my laptop to view porn films. I usually watch MILF videos, but this time I watched some mom and son films. After a few minutes, I pull down my shorts and boxers, knowing that my tool has already begun to rock, so I softly rub my tool.

Oh, this is my first time viewing mom and son videos, but it’s a fantastic experience. Then I started watching another video. I continue to jerk my dick. I’m wearing my headset, so I’m not hearing anything outside. Mom has returned home quietly, and as I am watching her remove her dress and her son lick her pussy in the webcam, I notice a shadow near the bedroom door. That is my mother’s shadow. What on earth was she doing in my room? I was caught red-handed, so I drew my shorts up and closed my laptop (but the video was still playing), and she turned on her torchlight in her phone and saw my dick still standing to attention. She opened my laptop, and because I hadn’t closed the video, she saw the mother-son fucking video.

She made an angry expression at me. I’m at a loss for words right now. Then the power went off, she glanced at me and my dick, and she exited the room. I was jerked off because I felt the need to go to the bathroom.

Later that night, I’m worried if she’ll tell my father or not. But, thankfully, she did not, and I fell asleep later that night. She typically wakes me up at 7 a.m. the next day, but it was now 8 a.m. and she had not arrived to wake me up.

I slowly blinked my eyes awake and saw her near the dressing table combing her hair. I keep looking at her back; she wipes herself all over her body with the towel, then removes it and stands in front of the mirror a few minutes later.

Looking at her back, I’m astonished, but she’s standing sideways, so I can’t see her face. “Mom, what are you doing here?” I ask, raising my voice. She returns, takes the towel, wraps it around her back, and walks out of the room without saying anything.

Later, she told me that her room’s air conditioner was broken, so she came to my room to comb her hair. “It’s okay, mom, you look wonderful,” I said with a smile. “You little demon, did you fully see your mother?” she asked. “But I miss you more because you were wearing your panty and bra,” I said, smiling.

My mother smiled as she laid her palm on my head and exited the hall. I knew she was interested in me the moment she said it. I followed her to the kitchen, where she was making something. “Mom, I love you,” I say in front of her, and she grins and says, “I love you too, sweetie.”

“Let me make this dish, you go to the hall and wait, I’ll come back,” she adds. I went down the hall and waited for her. She brought me a glass of fresh mango juice. When I order her to sit on the sofa, I notice her cleavage, which is highly revealed and exposes 40% of her boobs.

She spots me and covers it up, then asks, “What do you want, da?” “I love you, Mom,” I said, and she replied, “I love you, too, da.” “Mom, I love your body, not you,” I yelled back. I admire your boobs, which are always as huge as blown balloons, and your lips, which are always smeared with lipstick.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, standing up. I am your mother, and I must accept responsibility for your actions; this is just unacceptable.” I stripped naked and stood there, a cold-blooded dick aiming into her face.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. This is huge and difficult, but it’s not a good concept, da.” “Mom, grab my dick in your hand and start blowing me up,” I urged. “This is wrong,” she whispered, clutching my waist, “but if it makes you happy, I’ll do it for you.”

“I’m waiting for my mom to suck it,” I responded, as she carefully kissed my dick top and said, “I’m your mother, so I must tell you to lick my pussy first.” “No, mum,” I replied. She takes off her nightgown, bra, and panties then hold my head and moves my mouth to her loose pussy lips down there.

I smell her pussy; it smells a little like new meat mixed with urine. I begin to taste her pussy and am shocked to see that it is beautifully shaved and still tight like a teen girl’s pussy. Later, I press my two fingers deep into her pussy, as if I were placing a finger into a soft red tomato. I begin to poke and prod her with my fingers. “Hmmm Haaa….. yes push it as far as your finger goes da, son you are my life…. oh errrrr, yes deeper, harder youngster,” she begins to groan. Then I raise my head and kiss her lips. “Oh sure, do it for your mama, kid,” she added, referring to my job.

I begin to nibble her lips and gently chew them. She shoves my head between her enormous boobs. I lick her large boobs and continue licking her nipples; she is having a great time. I want to give her boobs a little taste, so I take the mango juice and pour it all over them.

Mom is shivering as a result of the mango juice’s chilly temperature. I massage her boobs, and she smiles and says, “Ants are going to bite me, but first you have to swallow all the juice.” Then I lick all over her body to clean it up, which feels like sucking mango juice from a pulpy mango.

Finally, I use my tongue to wipe her body. She pushes me away and says, “Okay, it’s over, you’ve had enough day,” to which I respond, “Mom, I just started, now there’s a lot more to do with your body and mine as well.”

“Enough with the games, now handle my pussy with your dick,” she added. I approached her hand, hugged her, and pushed my dick inside her. She was in anguish and exclaimed, “Aaa

I insert my dick into her pussy and begin pumping my dick into her pussy. “Hmmm it’s wonderful and terrible, but I love it, ho yeah,” she screams. Yes.. yes, fuck me even harder, my son, err..”

I feel like I’m going to cum after a few minutes. Mom pushed me away and took my dick, then swallowed it, and I cum into her mouth a few seconds later. She likes the taste and consumes all of my come and sucks my dick till it is dry. After that, she leads me to the bathroom, where we have a sensual shower and have some fun again.

My father arrived late that night and went straight to bed since he was inebriated. My mum had made some preparations. She came into my room and told me to come on the balcony because it was already late and there would be no one there till the next morning.

“What now, Mom?” I inquired.

“You did a good job, ” she says as she removes her dress, and it’s as if an angel appeared in front of me in the moonlight.

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