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Our Sexy Foursome

My name is Aisha, I am a banker. My husband is a businessman. This is a story of our couple swinging with our neighbors.

I and Vikram are married for the past 7 years, we have two children.

I am tall, a bit chubby with the sexiest pair of boobies. Vikram is 6, with a 7 inches cock. He is athletic with black hair.

Our neighbors Kriti and Sam are a young couple with no children. They run a bakery.

They often visit us and we do the same.

Sam is a young guy, brown hair muscular physique, and a charming smile. His wife Kriti is a beautiful young woman.

Her radiant and snow-white skin makes her special.

I have always seen her hunger in my husband. He never gets bored around my husband. And even my husband has a thing for her. Sam is fond of my breasts, he never looks enough.

He just keeps staring at my breasts.

This is a story of last weekend when they visited us at night. Our children were at their grandparent’s.

I was wearing a black saree with a sleeveless blouse, showing much of my boobies and navel and Kriti was wearing a top and jeans. Her tight and firm navel was pinkish white. We had a bonfire, a lavish dinner and were drinking in our sitting room. Sam was trying to peek in my boobies and I was making him horny by bending and showing my deep cleavage.

Vikram also continued talking to Kriti and admiring her.

He had a crush on Kriti too. He always wanted that young girl under him. Alcohol was kicking in.

Then Kriti asked me to come to the kitchen.

She gave me the idea, she said she had read about swinging, and that’s too cool, you just have to set some ground rules and enjoy.

I was shocked by her proposal. I became furious at first, but then I thought it with a cool head.

“What does Sam think about this?” I asked her.

“He’ll be totally fine. I guarantee you.” She replied.

“And what if Vikram says no?’ I inquired again.

“You can at least ask him once.” She insisted.

Deep inside I also wanted some change and asked Vikram about this.

“Are you serious Aisha?” he asked.

“Come on Vikram, I know that you have always wanted to fuck that bitch.” I replied teasing him.

“Will you be okay with this?” he asked again.

“I’ll be having Sam too,” I told him teasing.

“But there should be some limits and we’ll not do it without condoms, I don’t want his cum inside you.” He told me making a serious face.

“Yes, Kriti has made some rules,” I told him.

“Cool,” he replied.

We then joined them and told Kriti that we were cool and ready for it.

Although this was our first such type of experience Kriti and Sam just felt right for this swinging.


We started laughing and made some ground rules. And that was only one, that you’ll wear a condom.

Turns out the whole idea was Sam’s and he asked Kriti to ask me.

“You want my boobs right?” I joked with Sam.

He started laughing and we all kept drinking. I proposed the idea of playing a general knowledge game and the partner of a person failing to answer will lose a layer.

They all agreed.

We all were sitting on the sofa and the game started.

I asked Kriti a question and he gave the right answer.

Sam then asked Vikram and he replied right too.

Vikram asked Sam a difficult one and he was unable to answer it this time.

Kriti had to lose a layer. All of our eyes were fixed on Kriti.

She had been with us in our pool in a bikini but this time was different.

She was nervous and the first one to do this dare.

Vikram was waiting patiently for the show.

Sam looked at her and gave her a green signal.

She got up and removed her top.

She was wearing a purple bra, which was showing great contrast with her beautiful white skin.

She was so beautiful and a young soul.

Her belly button was pierced and she was wearing a silver pin in it.

Her flat and young navel was something to die for.

Her boobies were normal, but I was curious about her nipple color.

Vikram was staring at her and she was smiling and feeling embarrassed.

Kriti then asked me a difficult question and Vikram knew what to do.

He opened his shirt and took it off.

Kriti gazed at him.

Vikram was then asked and he was giving the right answers continuously. He was making sure that I don’t have to strip.

Sam was getting impatient. He wanted to see my body. He was just staring at my cleavage in desperation.

Questions went on and Sam lost another round.

Kriti was wondering now what to take off.

And then she removed her bra.

Her reddish-pink nipples came out.

Vikram’s mouth had open and he was staring right at her boobies.

His mouth was watering.

Sam had become so restless now. He wanted a look inside me and was waiting for Vikram to lose.

Vikram then purposely lost the question and I was happy to remove my pallu and flaunt my deep cleavage and sexy chubby navel.

Sam was so excited by looking at me.

He was staring at me without blinking. I was feeling sexy and horny now.

We continued and the boys were now in their shorts.

Kriti was completely naked and hiding her pussy from us.

Her pink pussy lips were showing a little bit.

The hotness in the environment had gone high.

There was so much nudity.

I then called it off and invited them to our master bedroom.

We all then came to our bedroom.

We started dancing. Vikram joined me kissed me.

Both the boys were horny and their boners were easily visible bulging out of their shorts.

Kriti’s hips were bouncing as she was busy dancing and kissing with her husband.

We then swapped the partners.

My husband went to Kriti and I went straight to Sam.

I and Vikram looked at each other and smiled.

Kriti and Sam were shy at first. I opened my remaining dress and got into my bikini. Sam grabbed me and we kissed.

He has wanted me, his firmness was telling me.

His tongue was in my mouth exploring and his hands were tighter on my naked skin.

We all got into our bed. It has enough space for two couples.

Sam started kissing me madly he went for my neck, my cleavage, and my navel. He was licking me like an animal. His young and muscular body was flushing with blood.

When I was under Sam and he was kissing my navel, I looked at Vikram, who had his cock in Kriti’s mouth. Kriti’s young firm boobs were hanging.

We needed to speed up. I opened my bra, Sam quickly got them.

Foursome 22.jpg

He started sucking my boobs. His long wish was being full-filled.

He sucked and sucked on my boobs. This was the moment he was waiting for years. He started nibbling and sucking my dark brown nipples. My nipples were erect and swollen.

He was drooling his saliva on them. I sit on his lap and put my boob in his mouth. He took whatever he could and bit on my nipples.

He then excelled and inserted his hand into my panties.

He started caressing my pussy and took off my panties. I was horny as hell.

He grabbed my hands and went for my navel again. I was giggling.

His tongue was rolling on my chubby belly and he was nibbling on my cheesy and creamy skin.

I was now moaning harder and he was busy licking my belly button and kissing my navel.

I got up and sat on Sam. He grabbed my booty and spanked me. He was a naughty guy. I removed his boxers and I got my prize.

He was rock hard. I took his cock out and took it in my mouth. He sighed.

I started sucking it like a hungry child. I also licked his balls as he was grabbing me by my hair.

I gave him a good time and sucked on his dick harder.

His hands were meddling with Kriti’s boobies, who was being pussy licked by my husband.

He was a hell of a sucker and Kriti’s moaning and roaring was putting a stamp on it.

I sucked Sam’s balls deep then and switched positions.

He put his mouth on my vagina and started sucking.

I and Kriti were laying side by side and our swapped partners were giving us pleasure and sucking our bosoms.

Kriti reached out and started kissing me on the lips.

I was reluctant but soon I was enjoying it.

Our tongues were intermingling and boys were stunned.

They had gone hornier and were sucking us hardly.

Kriti then broke the kiss as she was nearing an orgasm and started shaking.

She came into my husband’s mouth, who was still sucking it and making her crazy.

Sam was lost in my pussy too and was making me lose my mind. His hands were pinching my nipples and he was busy licking and kissing my pussy.

He lay me down and got over me, I handed him the condom and he started wearing it. I looked at Vikram and Kriti. Vikram was fucking her in missionary and she was screaming in a low voice. She was having the best sex of her life. Her boobies were vibrating and her legs were crossed around his.

He was covering that young beauty and fucking her like an animal.

His long cock was thumping and the sound it was making was incredible.

I was seeing my husband first time having sex with another woman and I was aroused as hell.

His ass was giving him all the pace to enter her folds.

Sam kissed my nipples and I lead his cock towards my pussy. I opened my legs for him and he laid on top of me. He entered passing my juicy folds. He was in charge now. He started slowly but was getting pace. His broad chest was mounting with energy. He started fucking me madly. He just thrust and thrust.

I was shaking like a fish. He was kissing my neck and pounding my pussy.

I was overwhelmed. Kriti was now riding Vikram like a cowgirl. She was having the time of her life.

Sam turned me over and made me doggie, He put his cock in my vagina and gave me the humps. I stretched to Vikram and kissed him.

Kriti’s boobs were bouncing, she was riding like a mad girl.

Sam fucked me from behind and spanked my ass.

I laughed it off.

His thrusting increased and he came. I turned over to reach him and kissed him.

We looked at Kriti and Vikram, Vikram was on her and she was moaning like a baby.

“Can we sleep together, Aisha?” Sam asked me.

“Yes, darling” I replied.

“We are going upstairs Vikram,” I told him.

“Ok honey” Vikram replied.

Sam grabbed me in his arms and took me upstairs.

We entered the other room. He asked me about a shower and I said yes. Instead, we got into our warm tub. He grabbed the drinks and kept talking and laughing.

Voices of Kriti and Vikram were still coming. They were still having sex.


We looked at each other and ran to our bed and made love the whole night.

We were so exhausted and slept like babies.

The next morning, I got up. Sam was sleeping and was looking gorgeous.

I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. I heard some footsteps, it was Sam.

His cock was rock solid and he walked straight towards me. I grabbed it and gave him a morning blowjob.

We then had breakfast. Kriti and Vikram were up.

We all enjoyed it and were ready to do so off and on.

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