Felling Heaven


The visit to Heaven

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It’s been a while since this happened, but I still find myself marveling at it now and again. Was it a nightmare, or did everything unfold as my mind would have me believe? Even if it has piqued my interest, I don’t want to go into it too much. Maybe I should simply write it down to remind myself of what happened that night.

A long-awaited visit to a long-time friend was on the horizon. When I arrived, we welcomed each other as normal. We went directly to the next Italian restaurant since she had been waiting for me with dinner. We had pasta al pesto and al arrabiata for dinner, then for dessert, we had a fantastic chocolate tartuffo. Then a quick trip to the bar for the usual banter and plenty of alcohol. When we eventually arrived home, we were in high spirits.

When she returned, she made us green tea in the kitchen. That is also required because the extraordinary amount of drinks we had allowed ourselves did not go unnoticed. Because I don’t have a TV and she has one of these monster pieces, I recommend having the tea upstairs in front of the TV. “That’s a good idea; let’s head upstairs.” It’s also more pleasant than sitting in the kitchen.” We’re on our way up with these words.

In front of me, she climbs up the slightly gloomy, steep wooden staircase. It’s a lovely sight, because her tight little skirt allows me to see up to where her legs join. “Mmmm… it looks pretty lovely,” I say, “but if you haven’t worn something like panties before,” I add. She comes to a halt and raises the hem of her skirt: “Hey, that’s one Slip, look closely…” My eyes practically pop out of my head, but there’s a black thong hiding between her firm buttocks. “Wow, what an amazing sight… um, what’s that there?” “Did you do it on a slatted frame without a mattress recently, or whence did the streaks on your best originate from?” “Something like that,” she chuckles momentarily. Come up here and we’ll drink tea,

We make ourselves at home on the couch in front of the television, and I’m already fantasizing about fucking with her. The television broadcasts opera performers from the past. Enrico Caruso and Puccini. We both enjoy this type of music, and my thoughts drift away from the space between their legs and back to the reality of television. Then the news arrives, and my curiosity fades.

I let my attention travel around the room since I noticed a slight alteration as soon as we walked in. What was the similarity? No, they weren’t new; they’d been there for a while. It only occurs to me when my eyes brush against the door frame. Aha, there are four powerful hooks next to the door, two on the left and two on the right, one at the bottom and one at the top. All four appear to be adorned with thick crimson velvet ribbons. She has always had an eye for unique design, but this structure appeared to have a distinct significance to me.

So I turn to her, and my perplexed expression is met with an uncomfortable smile. She had been keeping an eye on me. “I suppose I should explain this to you more… mmh, how can I put it?” she says. “Well, if you think so, but I’m not as inquisitive as I appear.” She stands up, pulls the curtains at the window, and walks to the front door. “I need your assistance right now, honey. If you approach me, her wide, brown eyes will twinkle at you. She looks good with nothing but a tight T-shirt and no skirt, her nipples smiling at me. “OK, lords, what do I have to do?” I respond without thinking too much. “Did you make that guess with the master?” She stands in front of the door, legs spread, and lifts her arms to the level of the hooks.

“You want to be chained up there… is it possible?” She merely nods, and a delicate blush crosses her cheeks beneath my skeptical gaze. “At your age, I’m appalled by games like that.” “Wait a minute, does it mean I should play there as well?” “It’s not horrible, actually, and it’s very thrilling,” she says again. “Go ahead, jerk yourself!” Fucking with her has always been fun, but such a large amount is unusual for me. Regardless, I get to work. I start by tying her wrists to the higher hooks. It’s not a simple task for a non-sailor. “Is it tight enough?” I inquire, looking her in the eyes. She examines the knots with a tiny jolt and responds in a somewhat thick voice, “You’re doing rather well for a novice!”

“What about the feet?” I respond, looking at her inquisitively. “I’m not sure, maybe that’s a little much for me.” In the meantime, I’ve become accustomed to the concept of?? Perhaps fucking with her in a different way. “Well, go with me, catch me, honey, it just occurred to me.” “Who will go limp in the middle?” As I bend down, I smile. “No, I don’t like it right now,” she nags. Regardless, the notion of having her at my fingers motivates me greatly, and I grasp one of her thin shackles, bring her to the door frame, wrap the velvet ribbon around her, and tie it. “No, not…” she says half-heartedly as she attempts to kick after me. In vain, I’m already on the opposite side and have grasped my free leg.


Despite their opposition, I am able to create this page. “Finished! It’s your time now, my sweetheart. “Wait a minute, I just said that,” I think to myself. “It will be like that,” comes the laconic response from someplace. Then I start working on her skirt, which has a full zip on the side. It’s finished in no time, and I’m standing behind her. “What the heck isn’t going to hurt me?” she asks. I don’t say anything and grip her string’s two side straps. I gradually draw it upwards until the small strip in the center is well stretched. “Aaah,… that item was pricey,” she objected. “I guess I’ll have to purchase you a new one,” she says as she jerks downstairs. Mmmm, I think it’s fun. “Tell me, there has to be more equipment someplace when I look at your back like this.” “No, I haven’t, honestly,” she responds unconvincingly.

I move over to the closet, which is the only one in the room, and have a peek inside. “Do we have a leather whip there, and what is it?” I stoop down and pick up the object. In awe, I stare at the black dildo while holding an electric rotor. “Oh yeah, Mademoiselle has two eager pleasure holes,” I hear someone say. She just stares at me, horrified. “Perhaps later…” I ponder. “A leather whip, and what is it?” I bend down and take it. In awe, I stare at the black dildo while holding an electric rotor. “Oh yeah, Mademoiselle has two throbbing pleasure holes,” I think to myself. She just stares at me, horrified. “Perhaps later…” I ponder. “A leather whip, and what is it?” I bend down and take it. In awe, I stare at the black dildo while holding an electric rotor. “Oh yeah, Mademoiselle has two throbbing pleasure holes,” I think to myself. She just stares at me, horrified. “Perhaps later…” I mull.

I stand in front of her, whip in hand, and rub the handle on the inner of her thighs. “Not that good, please be cautious…” “No, I think I’m doing something new,” I say as I lean down and bring my face to her crotch. Between the rich black hair, the first tiny drips shine. “Are you already a bit excited?” I ask, little ironically. She didn’t respond.

I push her pussy hair aside with my left hand and bring the whip up to her buttocks with my right. I don’t know how hard I have to hit, but I simply do it.

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“Yes, lick me, mmh.” Another, somewhat firmer hit. “Uuuh…, go ahead, suck my pussy.”

This is too hostile for me, and I stand up to give myself totally to her buttocks. Take out a broad bow and hit. “AAAH…” and once more, more forcefully. “Oooh…, but you’re doing OK.” To my amazement, she continues to extend her nice, round bottom towards me with these words. “Go ahead, the bad girl has to be punished,” she says in a squeaky voice.

After a few strokes that are met with lusty groans, another thought occurs to me. “What did you just say – I should lick your pussy -, believe me, something better came up… “, and to demonstrate this, I let the broad leather straps swing from behind her open legs. “Waaaas, you can’t do that!!!” She turns her head in my way and looks for me with her gaze. “Perhaps…” and deliver the first delicate blow from behind her legs between her legs.

The straps sag against her muscular tummy. “Mmm…” is the response. So I make an extra effort. “Uuuh …”. Every stroke is greeted with a fierce hip movement and a groan. ‘A couple more strikes and it’ll truly hurt,’ I thought as I look around. My gaze is drawn to the dildo. ‘Has my format?’ I think to myself. So I move behind her one again and grab him. “Oh yeah,” she exclaims cheerfully. I turn it on and let her lick it wet. Then I slip it inside her T-shirt and rub the points of her enormous, black nipples till she covers the thin cloth in the same way as open umbrellas do.

She closes her eyes and watches as I gently move the item towards her pussy. ‘You appear to be having a good time.’ “Yeah, place it between my legs,” she says softly. “All right, I’ll do it,” I say quickly, crouching down in front of her, opening her moist hog flesh and letting my tongue spin around her rigid clit. She rises on tiptoe and grips her legs to provide me greater access. I rub the region of??her pussy with the dildo before slowly pushing it in, but only to make it smooth and slick. Then I carefully take the item out and let it meander back towards the rear door.

She notices what I’m doing and squeezes my buttocks together. “NO, not there,… not from behind,” it says from above, nodding. “Bad luck for you,” I thought, pushing the quietly humming dildo further closer to your brown pleasure hole. I let the item spin around till she relaxed her muscles again after I arrived at my target. I see her half-closed eyelids as I glance up. “OK,” I think to myself, “free way,” and press forcefully on her anus. “Aaah…, be careful,….uuh!!! ” she twists her pelvis like a snake trying to eat a stick. She bends forward, puts her butt out, and opens the door to my center with one: “You scoundrel!” The humming creature slowly sinks into the pink-brown canal, which has lately gotten moist, with a few brave spurts. “Well, is that really so uncomfortable?” I grin. She tilts her head to one side, waves her long auburn hair quickly, and clamps the dildo deep and securely in her anus.

Make me again about her now dripping moist pussy with my tongue. “Mmm,… continue… a little,… yeah.” On her muscular thighs, fine sweat beads emerge. ‘Your usage,’ a speech bubble emerges in front of my mind’s sight. I yank my clothes off with ape-like speed and place my bar in front of her. “Yes, come to me…” she hisses between clenched teeth, rubbing her crotch on my stomach. ‘The first rational words for tonight,’ I thought to myself, and my cock sinks deep into her amazing, hot pussy with frequent moans.

That was the start of the enjoyable portion of the evening for me.

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