ExtraMarital Affair with My Son


It Was like a Dream for Me

Hello, my name is Radhika, Rads, 35 years old, I am married and have a son, Veer.

I don’t remember how I got there, but I cheated on my husband. Not how you think that would probably be less bad. No, I’m cheating on my husband with our son.

My husband and I only fuck at least twice a month, but it’s not enough for a woman my age. When my husband is on a business trip, I spend a lot of days with my friends in the mall, and I do some housework late in the afternoon. Every evening after having dinner with my son, I go to the bedroom to do it myself. I have acquired a lot of sex toys over the years to diversify my masturbation.

Although I am in my late thirties, I have always attached great importance to my figure. That’s why I visit the gym with my girlfriend at least 3 times a week. It has become a kind of sex substitute.

When I spoil my little potty of honey in the bedroom in the evening, I find myself thinking more and more of my son. How he caresses me from the breasts to the navel and covers my vulva with kisses. The hottest orgasms come to me with these thoughts.

I’m ashamed of it when it happens. I am a good mother and wife and know that these thoughts are prohibited. My husband would leave me if he knew I was thinking about our son while having sex.

I always calm down with the fact that these ideas come only when masturbating, but that otherwise my son was never considered as a sex partner.

But these orgasms that I have with me are indescribable. Probably because of the forbidden.

Days passed and I noticed that my “dates” with me and my son were getting more and more violent. My toys were at their best. Yesterday I was so violent that I screamed my orgasms.

Thank God my son had slept with a friend, otherwise, he would have thought that someone was teasing me.

I noticed that my desire for Veer grew stronger. YES, yes, I don’t just want a dream to remain. I will fuck my son at the next opportunity when my husband comes back My mother’s cunt demands that I feel my own son’s cock and that it should take me hard, even rape it.

The next day I had an appointment with my friends Salman and Kabir to have coffee in the mall, and as always, our topic was our men and our sex life.

Salman told us that she was nibbled on by one of these horny guys in the gym. As an excuse, she stated that it was her husband’s fault since he also neglected her needs. Then the subject suddenly came to me. She wanted to know if the sex toys were enough to give me a full orgasm. Then Salman said I should get it from one of these guys in the gym to satisfy my sexual needs. I was scared and shouted at Salman: “How could I cheat on my husband? He works so hard for the family. I love him”.


“Rads, we are no longer little girls. We will soon be forty and we will have needs. And if my husband cannot do his job in bed, I will look for someone else. It is just sex with a guy from the gym “I love my husband, too, but the substitute toys are not enough for me,” replies Salman.

“But that’s no reason,” Kabir said on my side.

“Why are you so upset? You always complain that your men don’t worry about you often enough. And that your vibrators have to be used as a replacement, “Salman asked us.

“Well, not just the toys,” Kabir contradicted. She looked at me and Salman anxiously. “Don’t say you’re cheating too?” I asked my friend. “Well,” stammered Kabir, “how should I say it? I … mhhh. So … Don’t make it so exciting. Tell me! ” Salman asked. “All right, but it stays between us,” Kabir pleaded with us. Salman and I looked at each other and nodded to Kabir.

“So .. last week … I caught my son like him … in my worn one Panties with, “she whispered shyly.

“WHAT !!!” Salman said, “What did you do then?”

“I was a little shaken at first. Viraj was standing at his desk, where he always has a picture of me, my panties wrapped around his penis, and … and got himself up. He wanked himself on his own mother. But … but the longer I watched him … Viraj kept moaning softly “Mama … oh … MAMA”. And NAJA, I noticed how my plum started to run. I was watching this and the quiet groan my son wet. Can you imagine that “???

Salman and I looked at Kabir in disbelief. “And? Did you question him? “I wanted to know.

“I wanted to go into the room and yell at him for what a perverted pig he is. I pushed open the door and started on my son. He was just spraying his sperm into my panties when I was standing in front of him. In fright, he dropped the panties and his cock went limp. I hadn’t seen my son naked for a long time, and I have to tell you that he has a really big “grinning Kabir for his age.


“Please keep talking,” I forced Kabir. “Well, I wanted to punish my son as I said, but when I looked into his startled eyes, I couldn’t anymore. He is my little darling.” MOMMY … me… I … “, Viraj started to cry slightly. “I noticed how my eyes always fell on Viraj’s child’s tail. He stood before me like a heap of misery. My mind said I should punish Viraj, but my mother’s heart was stronger. I took Viraj and pressed him and said that everything was fine. I stroked Viraj’s back. Somehow, I don’t know how, my hand landed on his boy’s ass. Do you know what happened? ”

Salman and I shake our heads. “I noticed how his penis hardened again. The little pervert gets stiff when he hugs his mother, “laughed Kabir.” As if in a trance, he took his hand and led it into my pants … to my pussy. I let him play with her until I was completely wet His little friend seemed to like it too, as I noticed that he was getting harder and harder, then I took off my pants, took his head, and led Viraj with shaky hands to my pussy, I felt his nose and his Breathe on my Venus hill and encouraged Viraj to put his tongue on and around my love cave… I … I let my son lick the hole that gave birth to me. The thought that my son splashed on my panties and now licking my pussy, made me scream with lust. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm. But he did well, “added Kabir proudly.

Salman and I looked at Kabir flabbergasted. Neither of us could say a word.

“Wow, our little honest Kabir is a very bad girl,” Salman was the first to find the words. “And there you call me a cheater. I just let other guys fuck me, but you have incest with your son, “laughed Salman Kabir.

“How can you let your son lick your pussy? He’s still an inexperienced boy, isn’t he? “I asked Kabir.

“Relax Rads! Inexperienced boy? He is xxx years old and we all know that boys his age are always sexually aroused. I am helping him to become a man. And besides, it is not what you think. Yes “We have oral sex, but that’s fine! I don’t leave his young penis near my kitten. My kitten still belongs to my husband. It’s not incest if we don’t fuck. Blowing and licking are okay.” Kabir explained to us.

“Duuuu, that’s still very naughty of you Kabir. Using your own son as a sex toy. But it sounds very cool, maybe I should try it with my son too,” smiled Salman.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. What the hell is going on in you? I’m hungry for sex too. And if I get it myself, then … yes, I often think of mine Son, but really do it?

“Yes, why not ? ” Kabir asked me. “Dreams can become reality.”

“Fine you two, I’m going to go shopping now, maybe that’s going to distract me from what you just said,” I said goodbye, squeezing the two of them.

“Try it, you will like it,” Kabir whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t believe it, Kabir, who was the shyest of us, got it from her son and tried to convince me to try it too.

Shopping didn’t really distract me. What nasty girlfriends I have.

During the night I lay awake in my bed and played on my plum. I thought of what Kabir had told me.

I was taken out of my thoughts when I noticed that the bedroom door started to squeak. I stopped, startled, and looked at the door. Couldn’t see anything, so I hurried to the door. I opened the door and? … and caught my son in front of it. Veer  had become very rigid with fright and looked at me baffled. I looked down at him. He had one of my panties in one hand and his tail in the other. “He had been watching me masturbating and getting him down,” shot through my head. I had to think of Kabir’s story of how she got her son.

I felt like I was getting horny and how my plum started to drip. I imagined his tongue licking through my furrow. I was starving. The last sex was 1 week ago. I tried to fight the fornication. But my desire was stronger. I took my son’s panties out of my hand and led him to a bed.

“So, you smell mom’s panties and get one down there. But that’s naughty of you, I have to punish you,” I said nervously.

“Mom … I … I’m sorry Mom, but I heard groans from your room and wanted to see if you were okay. I wasn’t going to watch you masturbate,” Veer  whispered after the tears .

I lay down on the bed, looking embarrassed at his boy’s tail. The need for a cock, especially that of my son, grew stronger. I was glowing with excitement. I couldn’t help it. I slowly pulled my nightgown up to my stomach. Always look at Veer . His eyes widened and I noticed that something was happening to him downstairs. I offered my son, my persistent mother cunt like on the presentation plate. His young cock stretched up curiously. My Veer  held out his arms in front of his arm. “It’s okay, darling. That’s normal, “I told him. I pulled him onto the bed at my feet. Veer  just stared at my hairy kitten all the time. He swallowed and sat very stiffly in front of me. I took my fingers and did something to mine Spit wet, and led them to my Blessed Sacrament. I actually played under my son’s astonished looks at my cave. Then I took my other hand and spread my labia. I granted my own son a deep insight into my jewelry box. Veer  swallowed even faster, and I noticed how he nervously shuffled his buttocks as if he had bumblebees in his buttocks.

I was nervous too, how dare I show my own son my pussy?

How dare I let my dream come true and indulge my son? He was still my little darling.

I pushed the thoughts aside. “Rads ,” I said to myself, “if your son wixxt in your panties, and who knows how often he has done it, he is no longer your innocent angel. Look at him, your horny xxx year old son stares on your cunt, and his little hammer, is no longer so small. Tail is tail. No matter whether it is an “old” or a “young”. And at that moment a horny, youngster sits in front of you, and not your own Son”.

Trembling, I took my son’s hand and led it to my honey potty. I was curious to see how Veer  reacted to it.

I let go of his hand and waited to see what would happen. Veer  looked at me. I nodded to him and he started stroking roughly over my Venus hill. “Tender, my darling. A woman’s pussy is sensitive, “I cleared him up.

Stroking Veer  became more tender.” Yeah, it’s better that way, “I groaned. “And now a little deeper, darling,” I asked my son.

What Veer  did then. I felt his fingers slide along my labia. Now it was I who couldn’t keep her butt still.

“Are you all right, mom?” Veer  asked me.

“Uhhh, yes, everything’s fine, you’re doing it right. Mom just hasn’t touched anyone like you are doing for a long time, “I moaned at my son.

“Would you do your mother a favor? ” I asked Veer  shyly. “Every mom, everyone,” he replied.

“Lay your head between my legs and lick mom’s pussy. Yes, would you do that?” I asked Veer  with a red head, it was so embarrassing to ask my own son if he would like to have oral sex for his mother.

Veer  looked at me in amazement with his child’s eyes. As if you were fulfilling a child’s most desirable wish. He hesitantly lay between my legs, his head over my pussy. He looked into my eyes again, as if he had to ask permission again. When there was no feedback, Veer  actually started licking my cunt. Well, my little angel is only 15 and still a young man. His inexperience now showed that it was the first time that my son was licking a woman’s pussy. Because his tongue slid over my hairy venus mound.

He started to cough. “My little one, licking a woman doesn’t mean her hairy spot. The pussy is a little deeper, “I laughed at him a little. My son looked into my eyes in confusion about my cunt.” What do you mean mom? ” Veer  asked angrily when he realized I was laughing at him.

“When you talk about licking a woman, it means the hole,” I clarified, pulling my labia apart with my hands.

“Now move your tongue around my labia, over my pleasure knob, here intomy most sacred inner space the place that gave birth to you, “I instructed my son as if it were the most natural in the world, pointing my fingers at the individual places.

Veer  also immediately started to implement the guidelines. His warm tongue touched my excited labia, and a flash ran through my body. Slowly his tongue went up to the clitoris and back again. “Yeah, Veer , that’s a good thing. Please … put Mamis Lustknubbel in the mouth and suck him a little, “I begged my son like a bitch in heat. My fingers wandered over my bush to the clitoris foreskin and pulled my clit out of its hiding place.

“That looks so “Like a small penis,” Veer  laughed in amazement.

“It’s something like that,” I explained to my son. A woman can have different orgasms, one vaginal and one clitoral. The clitoris has up to about 8,000 nerves and sensory cells. It is very sensitive. ”

“Then I’ll take care of him gently,” laughed Veer , beginning to put his mouth over the clit to suck and smack him.

I couldn’t believe it, I taught my son how to satisfy an oral woman. Veer  was a scholarly student, his tongue was no longer standing still, it wasdoing a great job . “Yehhhh … my rabbit … lick mom’s cunt, show your tongue to paradise,” I cheered my son on in a frenzy.

A feeling of well-being spread through my stomach and I noticed how my pussy started to burn. I let myself go under my son’s treatment and became more restless. Not because of the feelings of guilt that I had before or because of the uninhibited act that we were currently doing. No, my son licked himself so furious that it actually came to me. My own son brought me to the orgasm that I had longed for for weeks. I could no longer control myself, the thought of my first incestuous orgasm let the horses go with me.

“Ohhh … Uhhh … Jahhh … jahhhh      leak mom’s incest cunt, my little

sweetie,” I shouted at my son. “Mom … is coming     soon. NEXT – continue

.. … yeah … yeah … yeah … NOW … I … KOOOMMMMEEE         ahhhhh !!!! ”

Spurred on by my coarse words, Veer  now licked harder and faster – and I came and how. It was even my first time, Veer  had made me so horny that I had to inject.

“Jaaahhhh … jahhhh    ” I moaned my orgasm, which didn’t want to end anymore. Just like my injection. “NO … NOT           NOT MORE !!!” I beggedVeer , who didn’t want to stop. I took his head between my hands, exhausted. “Please, Veer . I can’t beg anymore.

“Come on, lie down on my chest, Mama needs a break. And surely you too,” I suggested to Veer . He slowly crawled up and snuggled into my chest.

“You did well, honey. You made mom very happy, “I praised Veer .

“Thank you Mama. I also tried hard. And it was fun. Your pussy was really delicious, and smelled great. Better than your worn panties, “Veer  replied with praise.

“But what was the end of it? Did you piss? ” he asked me.

“No, my son. If a woman is very horny and her clitoris is worried like you did, a woman can inject orgasm like a man, “I told him.

“Then I did everything right, “praised mine Laughing son.

“YES, you did. Like a big one. But Veer , nobody should know that. You hear. Please don’t tell anyone about it, yes? It is forbidden and indecent what we did. And I could be punished for it. Your father would leave me when that comes out. How how can I even seduce my little innocent angel, “I sobbed.

Veer  hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said,” Sure mom. That’ll be our little secret. Don’t worry And seduced, well, honestly? I always dreamed of it, “Veer  confessed to me. I looked at my son with relief and pressed him firmly to my breasts.

“I’d better go back to my room now,” suggested Veer , and disappeared through the door.

I was somehow relieved and quickly cleaned the mess I had left from orgasm before going to sleep. I went to bed exhausted and felt so guilty. How could I let myself go and cheat my husband withour son? How could I get a xxx boy to lick his mother to orgasm ??? How should it go on? At some point I fell asleep. On the following days, my son and I didn’t say a word about what was happening.

My husband finally came home and we screwed like rabbits for the next two.

“Honey, what about you? You are even rattler than usual “, my husband wanted to know. At first I was startled, but then I replied:” You have been traveling for so long. I am a woman of the best age. My toys cannot replace a real tail. The next nights I was even more insatiable, because I noticed that Veer  was secretly watching us having sex. I couldn’t help it, although my husband got me, I always thought of Veer . It was he who was just beating me through. I had to be careful I didn’t call Veer ‘s name in my ectase.

When Veer ‘s father was at home, I noticed that my son was avoiding me. Was he jealous of his father? Or did he notice that I saw him watching and he was embarrassed ??

I was able to distract myself from this topic with the usual chores and errands.

We only sat together over dinner, then Veer  always went straight to his room without a word.

“Did you quarrel?” My husband asked me as I did the dishes. I jumped startled. Did he notice anything?

“What did our son do? Should I talk to Veer ?” my husband offered to me.

“No no. It’s nothing. You know teenagers when they come at a certain age. Then they don’t want to have much to do with their old parents anymore.

Then you have other interests, “came out of me stuttering.” Yes, it will be, “my husband agreed. “He’ll be xxx soon. He’ll probably have completely different interests there, “he laughed and gave me a kiss.” I don’t like it when you argue, “and went into the living room to watch TV.

My husband soon went on a business trip again and I was alone with Veer .

We still avoided each other on the first day. But on the second evening there was a knock on my bedroom door, just as I was going to get it myself.

I was so surprised that I couldn’t cover my naked pubic quickly enough, since Veer  wasn’t waiting for “in” and was already standing in front of my bed.

“But mother,” breathed Veer  softly, “you don’t need to cover yourself. I know your country of vertical smiles. Inside and out. ”

I was surprised and a little appalled as my son spoke. I was about to take measures when he sat down on the bed with me and put his index finger on my mouth.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh, please don’t say mom I see, you need it again, and you don’t think of asking your son if he can help? ”

“What did I do,” I thought to myself, “you made your son a sex beast.

“Veer  …”, I couldn’t get any more. “I’m fine mom, your son would like to help you and implement the lessons of his teacher,” said Veer  and before I knew it, he was lying naked next to me.

“I know the way to the most sacred,” he laughed and ran his hands along my belly to the Venus Hill without asking.

“Veer , I’m still your mother,” I shouted angrily at my son.

word image 5498 2

Veer  looked me deeply in the eye and said: “A few days ago you were my mother too. And? Did that stop you from letting your son lick your pussy? Don’t act so morally now. “I noticed that Veer  was getting angrier.” I had to avoid you for 2 weeks. Do you think that was easy for me? Hear how your age worried you every night? ? ” Now it was I who got angry: “He is your father. And it is normal for men and women to have sex. You also watched secretly. ”

“Yes, I have mom,” Veer  calmed down. “I wanted to watch to know how to take care of my mother. What do you think I did in my room every day?” I shook my head. “I wanked my cock and thought of my own mother. But that was not enough for me. I wanted to know how to fuck properly, so I was excited to see you. And in the two weeks that my father got you, I made up a plan. “My son looked into my eyes shyly and confessed to me:” Mom, oral sex is nice, but I really want to FUCK you. ” Bammmm      That was sitting. Istraighten up in bed and sit rooted. My son is just confessing to his mother that he wants to fuck her.

“Veer   you can’t. Oral sex yes, but fucking? I asked him in a soft voice.

“Incest – incest! Lick yes, sex no? What is that logic ?? Mom, you want it too, I know that “Veer  tried to address my concerns. He slid his hand on my pussy and stuck his middle finger in my hole.

I jumped startled. What does he allow himself? “Veer  … please don’t,” I pleaded with him.

“Relax, mom. You and I will like it. Do you remember? Our secret. It’s time for a bigger one. Let it happen. Fulfill mine Dream like I did for you. ”

I looked at Veer  with excitement. There was my xxx year old son, naked next to me with his finger in my cunt and asked me to practice incest. He sat there looking at me with his dachshund look, just like all children look at their parents when they want something.

“Veer , you can’t,” I tried to calm myself down. I noticed how the little prankster actually stimulated my clitoris with his fingers.

word image 4998 1

“No … please Veer ,” I groaned. My thoughts were circling. I wanted it just like Veer , but more was at stake for me than for my son. My marriage, our family. I could, or wanted my husband The other man came from the family and it wasn’t a real man, but a pubescent boy, I tried to make myself know.

“And if I call it something else? incest is such a bad word. I could prepare him for something like an apprenticeship. Yes, I could teach my son everything and his friends would be grateful later. CLEAR, I’m his SEX TEACHER !!! “, I smiled at my son and realized how sure I was now.

“OK. My darling, but we don’t call it incest, “I breathed to him. My son was surprised by my change of heart.” Instead? ” he asked me, keeping his fingers off my pussy. “Well, legally it’s still incest. But a good mother tries to prepare her children for life. We call it a lesson. And it is our “big secret”.

What do you say? “I waited for my son’s response.” I don’t care what you call it, mom. And nobody will find out anything from me as long as I can FUCK you, “he replied.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “The wild water”

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