Exchanging Naked Photos


The amazing moment of exchanging naked photos

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The best present that Lima got from her grandparents for her 18th birthday was the voucher for a photoshoot at Harish’s Photo Studio. The week after her birthday she went for the shoot. She dreamt of being a model and knew that she would need a portfolio and this was her chance. She was delighted when she saw the photos that Harish had selected. He asked if he could forward them to some agents who might be interested in offering her work as a model and she readily agreed. A week later, Harish rang to say that one of the agents, Limon, had sent her a message in an envelope and that she should come and pick it up.

Naked Photos

She was shocked when she opened the envelope and read the message,

“You are very beautiful. I would like to see some photos of you without clothes on. I’m sure you would look sensational. Limon.”

Somehow Limon thought that it was normal. It was worth a try.

Lima replied, “No. I’m 18 years old and not like that. You are a dirty old man.”

After a week Limon sent another message, “I am not a dirty old man. I am 23 and I think you have one of the most beautiful collections of photos I have ever seen. I am sure that in 20 years when you look at the photos that I’m suggesting, you will be very glad that you did. You won’t regret it. To show you that I’m sincere, if you agree, I will send you photos of me naked. Limon.”

Flattery alone was not going to change Lima’s mind but the suggestion set in motion a chain of thought that was unexpected. The thought of seeing photographs of a naked man was more than interesting. Lima had had extremely limited exposure to porn and the thought exercised her mind of what photos he might send.

A week later, “Limon. Send the photos and I’ll think about it.”

“Lima. My apologies for the quality. I took them myself while I was looking at your photos. I hope you enjoy them. Limon”

Lima could tell from the thickness of the envelope that it contained a lot of photographs and her mind was racing as she opened the envelope and took the photos out. The first photo was front on and showed Limon’s penis and balls surrounded by a mass of curly hair. Nothing very exciting there. His penis wasn’t very long and just hung down and you could see the outline of the tip of his dick under his foreskin. It wasn’t like anything she had seen before and it looked ugly.

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She had only seen one a few times and the penis was never soft and hanging like this – it was always hard and engulfed very quickly into a woman’s mouth or a vagina. The second photo showed Limon’s erect penis standing out straight in front of his body taken a side on. Lima was amazed that it could grow so much and the sight of the tip standing out so proudly set her juices in motion. It was just beautiful. She stared and stared and thoughts entered her mind that it would be very interesting to feel this beautiful piece of flesh entering her vagina. She quickly flicked through the rest of the photos but nothing was as exciting as the second photo. She decided she would accept his offer. She wanted to meet Limon.

“Harish, Limon has sent me a request that he wants to see photographs of me naked and I said no. He has just sent me photographs of himself naked in the hope that I would agree to allow myself to be photographed. I’ve agreed to do it. I’m too embarrassed to have you take the photos. Have you got a lady assistant who can do it?”

“Yes. Nora has done lots of that sort of photography for ladies and she is good at it”

“All right.How about next Tuesday at 9 o’clock?”Done.”

Lima was determined that her face would not appear in any of the photographs and she bought a black and white Venetian ball mask. It looked terrific. In one way she was dreading the photoshoot and in another way, she was looking forward to it. She thought she would look good and the praise she would get would be music to her ears.

Nora had her camera ready and waited while Lima stripped.

“I never expected to see you in a mask but you look terrific.” It was a good start.

“How do you know what photos to do?”

“I work on two principles. I want to make you look beautiful and I want to make erotic photos that will turn him on.”

“How do you know what will turn him on?”

Yummy Pussy

“I don’t. Nobody knows. Everybody is different. I’m a lesbian but nobody’s ever said that any of the photos that I took were taken by a lesbian. There are parts of the human body that are sexy and designed to get a person sexually excited when we see them. Our minds are hardwired like that. They are the same for me as a lesbian as for a man. There seem to be universal standards for beauty and I think it’s probably the same for a man and a woman.

Each person may be more or less interested in the other sex but that doesn’t stop them from recognizing the inherent sexual attraction of what they are looking at. Just looking at you makes me aroused. Your hairy bush looks terrific.

Let’s take some shots. I want you to stand up straight with your hands clasped above your head like an Indian goddess and with your feet together or slightly crossed over. Wow. You have wide curvy hips and they make the black hairy triangle in the middle stand out. You look terrific.”

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“Can I have a look?”

“Of course. Don’t you look terrific?”

“Even if I say so myself, you have taken a very good photo of me.”

“Let’s take photographs of your pussy. That’s the most exciting part of the body – for lesbians and men. Sit down cross-legged. It’s good that you don’t have a jungle. Your hair is not too thick and you can still see the line of your crack. Separate your lips. ”

“I was hoping you were not going to take photographs like that.” “How old are you? Have you got a boyfriend?”

“I’ve just turned 18 and I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“That means you must still be a virgin. I’m telling you this as a fact – the first thing your boyfriend wants to do is to put his finger between your legs. When he does that he is sending you a signal that he seriously wants to have sex with you and when you let him, you’re sending him a signal that you might.

When I took the photo of your body, that was so that people could be attracted to you. When you open your legs and show them your open pussy you are sending a signal that you want to attract them sexually and that’s why everybody wants to see the photos that you don’t want to show them. I’ve met Limon and he is a nice fellow and I am sure you’ll like him when you meet him. I’m sure that after he sees these photos, he will be head over heels wanting to see you. You won’t regret it. I assure you.”

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“Are you sure? All the other girls you take photos of, do they do it too?”

“They all do it. I had a boyfriend and I learned a few things. There is a lot of similarity between a man’s penis and a woman’s clitoris. Sometimes a woman’s clitoris looks just like the tip of the man’s penis. When a man’s penis is soft his foreskin covers the tip. When he is aroused the foreskin comes back naturally and reveals the tip. When you see that you know he is ready for sex because it means that he has an erection. It’s the same with a woman. When her clitoris gets hard and bigger and you can see it, you know that she is excited enough to have sex. Do you understand that?”

“No, I never heard that before but it’s interesting.”

“So now you know why I want to take a photograph with your legs open so that I can show your clitoris.”

“Every time you mention Limon, the photograph of his erect penis flashes into my mind and I get excited. ”

“That’s normal. You’ll get used to it.” “Do you want me to open my lips?”

“Yes, you’ve got a nice little hood. Very neat.Very pink. Now lie back. Nowlift your knees up. Now separate your lips wider. Now stand up and let me take photos of your breasts. They have a beautiful shape and look firm. I’ll take a few more shots. Turn around. I want to take photographs of your bottom. Now bend over. Looks great. Do you have any suggestions for more shots that you want me to make?

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“No. Let’s have a look at what you’ve taken.”

“I’ve taken about 50 shots. We will select 10 and will send those to Limon.” “Sounds good to me.”

10 prints of the best shots were sent to Limon. A letter came back immediately.

“Can we have coffee? My phone number is xxxxxxxx. What’s yours?” “Sure. I will meet you at Joe’s at 8 o’clock.”

Lima was a bit nervous and without telling Limon she brought along her elder

sister and her boyfriend just to be on the safe side. It wasn’t necessary. Limon liked Lima and Lima liked Limon and they went their separate ways at 10 o’clock.

The next day Lima got a phone call, “How about coffee tonight. Just you at Joe’s same time?

Limon and Lima got on like a house on fire and Limon suggested that they go on to a club where they had a show. Lima had never been to a club and was very happy to go. Limon didn’t know it but part of the show was pole dancing and the girls wore nothing at all. Lima was surprised too but very interested as they flashed their pussies to the audience in the most calculated way.

The performances were designed to arouse and the mostly male audience reacted accordingly. So did Limon and Lima. Limon invited Lima back to his apartment and she was keen to go. From a girl with very little interest in sex, it had only taken a few days for her to become obsessed.

On the way back Limon asked her, “What did you think of the show?”

“I was surprised that the pole dancers were completely naked and that they were shaved. I can only wonder why they do that. I guess it looks more erotic.”I think they are more erotic. You can’t hide anything when there is no hair.”

“I thought they looked terrific. I think I look ugly with hair. I’d like to look like them.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Serious. You wouldn’t look good with a beard and you look much better shaved and I think I would look better shaved.”

“Do you want me to shave you?” “Would you?”

“Yes. If you ask me nicely.”

“I am asking you nicely.”

“All right, when we get inside.”

The moment they are inside and the doors closed they were tearing each other’s clothes off and kissing passionately. Limon’s hands and fingers were everywhere and Lima’s hands and fingers were everywhere. All the while they were still in a tight embrace.

चुत की प्यास

“Do you want me to shave you now or later?” “Now.”

They went to the bathroom and she sat on the sink while Limon used his electric razor first and then lather and a razor. Soon Lima looked like the pole dancer.

“Wow. I can’t believe how terrific you look.”

“Give me a mirror. I want to look. You’re right. I look very neat.”

“I can’t believe you just let me shave you. We only just met and I hardly know you.”

“I thought the same myself but you’ve seen the photos of me. I have got nothing left to hide. Well, only what was hidden behind my hair and now that’s revealed. I guess we met most unconventionally and that must make a difference. I’m glad in a way that happened like this. We didn’t haveto put up pretenses. I mean you’re standing in front of me naked right now and I’ve seen you in the photograph so you’ve got nothing to hide. Let me have a good look at you. Would you let me shave you?”

“How could I say no? You can shave the hair on my body but not on my balls. Is that okay?”

“Yes. I want to see your penis.”

Lima carefully used the razor and in a few minutes, Limon looked clean and more inviting than ever. Limon drew Lima close and hugged her and kissed her and Lima responded without hesitation. Limon held her hand as he led her back to the bedroom and they both lay down together and embraced. Lima’s breasts were pushed against his body and his erect penis was pushed into that gap between her thighs. There were no words – just cuddling and kissing.

After some minutes Lima plucked up the courage and said,

“Do you know what I’ve been thinking about for the last few minutes?” “No”

“I’ve been thinking about the photograph of your erect penis and wonderingwhy you weren’t trying to put it in. It’s so close. That’s what I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.”

“I was thinking about it but I’ve never made love to a woman before and I was just a little bit hesitant. I’ve been thinking about something for a long time too. I want to lick your pussy. After I shaved it I could smell the most beautiful aroma coming from it and I nearly did it in the bathroom but I decided to wait. Would you let me do that first and then we will make love? ”

“Yes. I think I would love it.”

They untangled and Lima lay on her back with her clitoris revealed and Limon positioned himself with this tongue and lips surrounding her clitoris and licked and sucked gently. Lima could feel herself slowly but surely getting closer to having an orgasm. Her fingers clasped the sheets until without warning, her whole body shook and spasmed and shook and spasmed. It was the most beautiful feeling she had ever had. Limon hung on but eventually, Lima pushed him away, “I can’t take any more.”

She rolled Limon over and with her fingers moved his foreskin up and down, up and down, and then positioned her vagina directly above his penis and lowered herself gently until it was fully engulfed. They both watched each other’s faces intently as she started a slow rhythmical movement up and down. It did not take long and Limon erupted inside her.

Limon said, “Well, was it as good as you hoped it would be?”

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“It was good but not nearly as good as when you licked me. That was something I hadn’t expected and it was, really, really good. Don’t get me wrong – having you inside me was really good. It felt good to have your hard dick inside me. There is an emotional element to having to having a really hard penis inside you. I just thought there would be more feelings and sensations inside my vagina but there weren’t. How was it for you?”

“The sensation as the tip of my dick felt the moist warmth of your vagina was wonderful. And then the sensation of your slippery f vagina moving up and down was good. I’m getting hard again. We can do it again.”

“I want you to lick me first and then we can do it and this time I’m going to put my finger on my clitoris at the same time and maybe I’ll have an orgasm – that would be great. I’m going to get a washer for your dick. I want to lick it but it’s got to be clean.”

Lima enjoyed using the washer to clean Limon’s dick. It was nice and warm and Limon enjoyed it too as she stretched his dick out as far as it would go and then let it contract. All the time she could feel it getting stiffer in her fingers until eventually the tip of these penes poked out and she could feel just how stiff he was.

Her lips descended onto it and began licking all around until her mouth engulfed that as far as she could. It gave Lima a great feeling of power to cause Limon’s ugly piece of flesh designed for pissing into a nice long hard love-making machine that was so beautiful. Limon rolled her over and Lima naturally prepared herself for insertion by lifting her knees and separating them. Limon did not hesitate and plunged his dick straight into her.

“You have no idea how good it feels to have that feeling of power as I enter you. It makes me feel so like a man. My penis is my powerful spear and it has penetrated your shield of modesty and you are my captive.”

This time Lima could feel the force of this penis as it went full-length into her and then partly withdrew again and again until she imperceptibly felt that he got a little bit stiffer, if that was possible, and she felt the spasms of his dick against the walls of her vagina. This time her fingers had worked their magic on her clitoris and she had a beautiful orgasm. When she had regained her composure she looked at Limon and said,

“I feel like a female Jekyll and Hyde. Just a few days ago I called you a dirty old man and right now, I’m enjoying the warmth of your body next to mine and your dick in my vagina. How do you explain that? What made me change from a girl who wasn’t interested in sex to somebody who is now obsessed. I don’t understand what happened.”

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“Something must have happened. Is it something I said perhaps?”

“I don’t know. For years everybody told me I looked beautiful and I had a good dress sense and I thought that I could be a model. I used to look at myself in front of the mirror and I thought I looked ugly. Then you sent me that note and I thought that maybe I wasn’t so ugly and then you sent that photograph of your dick. That got me interested and I read up about sex and how pleasant it could be and that got me thinking. The rest is history. What about you?”

“I had an older girlfriend and she said she wouldn’t have sex until we were married. Three months ago she went to another city to apply for a job and said that she had found another man and goodbye. That was it. I decided I was not going to wait any longer and you came along and here we are.”

“I sent you a photograph of me showing my bottom. Did you like that?”

“Yes. You’ve got a beautiful bottom. Whoever took the photo knew what they were doing. Did you realize how erotic it would be when you separated your lips in that position and you could see the pink flesh of your pussy. When I looked at it the first time, it nearly drove me crazy. Would you like to try it from behind?”

“Yes and then we must get to sleep.”

“You have got no idea how good it feels when I push right inside you and my groin crashes up against your pussy and I can see it going in and out. I’mgetting better. I’m lasting longer. Do you like that?” “Of course. It feels really good. Oh boy. There you go.” “Let’s have a shower and will wake up nice and fresh.”

In the morning Limon was awake and already making breakfast when Lima got up.

“I woke up in the middle night and I started thinking about you and girls and I suddenly realized why there is such a difference between boys and girls.

Your sexual urges were there just waiting to be woken up and I was a lucky boy. I hope you were lucky too.”

“Yes. I’m really glad the way things turned out. Eat your breakfast and come back to bed.”


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