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The later the Evening with Rana and others

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Rana lives above his gym. Therefore, he likes to treat himself to one or the other training session when regular operations are at a standstill.

Just like last week when he wanted to train his legs a little after a night at the cinema. He went up to the attached apartment, took off his clothes, and then went back down to the studio. He made very little light because he knew where the devices were and started to warm up a little on the exercise bike.

After ten minutes he got off and went to the “leg” corner. There was everything that was needed to get the legs in shape. He started with three light sets on the leg press and then went to the leg extension. Another three-light sentence, all to warm up. Then he lay down on the hamstring and started his sentence.

Then everything went very fast. His wrists were attached to the handles with tape, his torso was on the lying surface and someone sat on his lower leg. He was unable to move. Slight panic rose in him. What were they up to with him?

And it was certain that there were several. One man alone would not have put him out of action so quickly.

A female voice ordered him to “open his mouth” and he opened his mouth as a precaution. An object was immediately pushed in as a gag and buttoned behind his head. The object was a mouth plug in the form of an approximately eight-centimeter-long tail. What are the three devil’s names were they up to?

He felt two hands massage his ass and then something cool, gooey was sprayed on his cheeks. The hands spread this mass on his cheeks and worked towards his asshole. The lubricant was spread around his rosette and then a finger pierced him. He inhaled sharply through his nose. His legs spread and then three fingers slowly but steadily searched the way into his body. He groaned softly.

“You hear, he moans before enjoying the horny sack,” he heard another female voice. “Fuck him deeper.”

The first voice asked into the darkness: “Which of the three boys should fuck him first?”

“The one with the thinnest tail, then it’s not as stretched

So that’s what it should come out of, he thought. The guys want to offer their dolls something cool and tear my ass open. He groaned again and tried unsuccessfully to free himself. The fingers immediately opened his rosette again and he slumped. Then the pressure on his legs eased and the fingers were pulled out of his ass. But immediately afterward something warm, long bored through his sphincter, and the guy behind him slowly began to push him deep into the intestine. And he had a long tail, damn long. His intestinal crinkles were messed up and he couldn’t resist the feelings in his ass. His cock began to grow unstoppably and since he was lying on his stomach the spanking between his legs pushed back. Someone spotted him and briefly massaged him. Then he only gave in to the feelings that were raging in his gut and remembered how it all started.


One evening two of his customers, successful powerlifters, came up to him and asked for a face-to-face conversation. They said they recently became unemployed and could no longer pay the contributions. Wouldn’t there be something to be done? He knew that the two of them did a lot for their success and that they fell back on his studio. And that without the training, they probably went down more. So he made the deal with them. They would please him well twice a month and he would continue to train them.

They looked at him incredulously. He explained to them that he also liked cocks and as much as he liked to fuck everything available, he also liked to be fucked in the neck and ass. As confirmation, he took Kabir’s tail out of his sweatpants and blew it hard. When he was about to inject, he stopped and looked questioningly at his contorted face. “Okay, deal,” Kabir said.

Rana put his lips over the glans again, sucked twice, and then Kabir injected his juice into his throat.

And since then, the two of them finished him twice a month. About half a year later, the two asked if they could bring their friends with them. Since then, they have been fucking five-Sabbir, Rabi, Kabir, Nabil, and he. And then came the day when Gerd caught them. So that he kept his mouth shut, they took part in their rounds and he proved to be equal.

It was also Gerd who was just giving him the last few knocks. It had the thinnest but longest strap. And then it was time, he roared and shot his juice in the ass. Every splash was shot deep into him and Gerd was able to spray for a long time. He had got used to fucking only twice a month – when Rana held out his ass.

When he was done, he dismounted and called the girls closer. “Do you have the hose and funnel with you?”

“Jo,” they replied and Rana felt something thin being introduced to him. Then he heard it hiss and felt something warm pouring into him and his intestines swelling. The two sluts pissed on his ass, when they were done he had at least a liter of liquid in them. He felt his cock get harder and a little of his juice flowed out of the tip. When the girls were done, they slowly pulled out the hose and tapped him on the cheeks. His rosette tightened instinctively.

But it didn’t stay empty for long. Kabir stood between his thighs and sank his pipe. It had to be Kabir because Nabil had the thickest cock and that should make him happy at the end. And Kabir got straight to the point, he started like a rabbit in the spring. He quickly and deeply fucked the ass that offered itself to him. Rana groaned constantly in the gag. And since there was nothing else he could do, he started sucking and sucking on the gag as if it were a real cock. He slowly lost the sense of time and space with the bumps in his ass. At some point, he no longer knew how long this butt had shaken his ass. All he knew was that the tingling sensation spread from his rosette all over his body and that he was about to be gripped by a mega orgasm.

Through the veil of lust that clouded his brain, he hardly noticed that someone was sitting on his back and pulling his buttocks apart so that Kabir could push him even deeper. Then it came to him. He grunted and groaned and his body twisted like an electric shock. His balls cramped and then he sprayed his juice on the training bench. When he could think again, he noticed that the tail remained motionless in his ass.

“Now I’m going to inject you all over,” said Kabir, bumping into him again. But only briefly, because then he also sprayed with loud groans. He also pumped every splash into the intestine with a deep blow. When he was empty, he pulled his cock out of the sphincter with a soft pop and smeared the mixture of sperm, anal juice, and piss over his cheeks.

“Then it’s probably my turn now,” said Nabil. “But I don’t want to dig through your mud. Get rid of him and take him to the shower, Rabi, Sabbir. Clean him up and maybe he’ll give you some fun too.”

The girls released him, helped him up, and supported him on the way to the shower. When he got there, he leaned exhausted over the marble washstand. Rabi stood behind him, grinned friendly, and, using the opportunity, slowly drilled three fingers in the butt and massaged his intestine and prostate. His cock immediately stood up again. Sabbir knelt in front of him and started to blow him. Meanwhile, Rabi had raked his whole muscle through his sphincter and was stirring deep in his fluid-filled intestine. She also massaged his bladder and produced an irresistible urge to piss on him. He could not suppress it for long and then he recognized the possibility of at least repaying one. He pulled Sabbir’s head over his cock, grabbed her hair, and pissed off.

She wanted to withdraw, but he didn’t give her a chance. Her eyes widened in shock, her cheeks plump, choked, and then his yellow juice shot out of her nose. Finally, she caught herself, surrendered to her fate, and began to swallow. Since he ran faster and more than she could handle, a steady stream ran from the corner of her mouth over her chin and neck to her small tits.

When nothing came he released her. She crawled away and choked under savage abuse. Rabi hadn’t stopped fisting the whole time and so his eggs were boiling again. He turned around slowly, careful not to lose her forearm, and held his cock up to her face. Rana felt the juice rise up his tail and then jerked Rabi’s head back by the hair. His cock started to twitch and then he chased his load into her face. He covered her eyes, nose and shot the rest of the huge amount in her open mouth. Then he released her, pulled her arm out of her ass, and went to the shower. He was exhausted but in a good mood.

After all, he had already hosed twice without wanking or fucking. “Let’s see what Nabil can do,” he thought as he turned on the water. He was exhausted but in a good mood. After all, he had already hosed twice without wanking or fucking. “Let’s see what Nabil can do,” he thought as he turned on the water. He was exhausted but in a good mood. After all, he had already hosed twice without wanking or fucking. “Let’s see what Nabil can do,” he thought as he turned on the water.


When he came out of the shower refreshed, the girls were still smeared on the tiles. He didn’t care about her but went back to the training room.

“Where are the girls?” asked Nabil. Rana looked at him questioningly. Finally, he still had the gag in his mouth and couldn’t answer.

“Unlock him and answer,” said Kabir. He loosened the gag and said the girls were pissed and all over in the shower. Nabil sent Kabir and Gerd to check on the right one. Then he waved Rana over, pushed him to his knees, and waved his giant lolly in front of his face. Rana reached for the shaft and put the acorn in his mouth. He let his tongue play tenderly. Then he started fucking the cock with his mouth. Again and again, he pushed his head far over the tail. Nabil started to moan. His strap disappeared faster and faster into Rana’s mouth. Then he put his hands around Rana’s head and held him tight. Panting and powerful, he fucked him in the mouth. The bumps came faster and faster. Rana’s head flew back and forth. Finally, he stopped bumping. “Now”, he hissed, and then the tide broke loose. Rana’s mouth was filled with sperm at lightning speed and Nabil groaned, pumping ceaselessly more cascades of his warm, sticky juice into Rana’s neck. This tried to swallow everything. But it was not possible and so the juice ran out of his mouth and dripped from the chin to the floor. When Nabil had splashed himself empty, he pulled his cock out of Rana’s mouth. He pulled Rana up, turned him over, and let him lean over. Then he rammed his stake into the stooped man without a hitch. When Nabil had splashed himself empty, he pulled his cock out of Rana’s mouth. He pulled Rana up, turned him over, and let him lean over. Then he rammed his stake into the stooped man without a hitch. When Nabil had splashed himself empty, he pulled his cock out of Rana’s mouth. He pulled Rana up, turned him over, and let him lean over. Then he rammed his stake into the stooped man without a hitch.


“Haaaaaah, you’re tearing me up,” groaned Rana.

“Shut up, ass whore,” Nabil replied, clasping his hands around Rana’s waist and ramming his ass mercilessly. He plowed through the gut like a machine. His victim could only grunt and groan.

Minute by minute passed.

The others were back from the shower now, watching the two of them. Kabir got horny again and stood in front of Rana with a stiff cock. He understood immediately and sucked the strap into his mouth. He sucked and sucked on the strap like a savage. After a short time, the tail twitched, and then the load shot into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could. When Nabil saw that Kabir had already sprayed again, his balls started to burn again. He made a few more tremendous blows, slapping Rana on the cheeks with the palm of his hand and then he felt the juice slowly rise from the eggs and make his way to the glans. It was awesome. Everywhere it tingled. And then a roller of fire shot from his eggs through his back into his brain. Everything blurred and he only felt

It was just as violent for Rana. His whole ass was burning and a wave of tremendous lust sought its way into his head. His face went black as his body seemed to explode. The last thing he felt was that his cock spurted tons of hot sperm a third time. The End.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “HAUGHTY SHOWS HIS NAUGHTYNESS

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