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Sex in the Early Morning with my wife

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May 25th. I tried to wake up very early. Without an alarm, of course. That’s why I’ve been half-awake since 3 a.m. But it is still too early, I wanted to wait until around 4 a.m. I slowly hear the birds chirping and then the room becomes brighter. The dark orange light indicates the beginning of early summer morning.

I cautiously slide a little closer to my wife, who lies away from me. This suits my plans very well. I slip so that her butt comes to rest on my thighs; and then, almost imperceptibly, I start stroking her back. She is very sensitive there and loves it. I let my finger circle for a long time at the point where her spine is attached to the skull, and then I slide gently, vertebra by vertebra. My hand leaves her vertebrae and continues to walk on her shoulders, I knead her muscles very carefully and step back again. I barely tickle her neck and feel the hair fluff line up there. She grunts and hugs me a little closer. Now, unfortunately, I can no longer stroke her back so well. So I let my hand go over her shoulders to the upper arm, stroke it with a little more pressure, circle her elbows, and grunt again comfortably. My hand searches for her fingers tickling the fold of skin between her fingers.

My hand costs up the inside of my arm again, and then down the side of my chest, following the lowest costal arch in the middle. I try not to touch her gorgeous, tiny, breasts. How I would have loved to do that now, but my lust doesn’t matter that day. I can feel the warm soft spot on my thigh, which means paradise to me. Of course, I’ve been stiff for a long time, but my cock shouldn’t touch her. It is not easy, because she is pushing closer and closer to me.

Her nightgown had slipped far up during the night, so I’m stroking my bare skin here. My finger carefully follows the line under her breast and continues walking. I breathe a kiss on the back of my neck, nibble on my soft lips and enjoy the fluff that immediately stands up again, sucking in the smell of her skin, hair, and sweat. Now she is half awake and turns on her back, but stays very close to me. Electrified, I feel a fraction of a second as the tip of her breast bumps against my index finger. My hand slips deeper, now almost without pressure, I circle her navel, and my finger dips into it briefly. We continue to the pubis (don’t press the bladder, otherwise it is immediately awake and runs out of the toilet!), then through her beautiful black fur along the groin. I kiss her shoulder, and she yawns, stretches, pulls her legs up, and lets them fall back wide apart.


Of course, I want to bury my hand in its thick black fur again, look for the treasures that she knows there, but it is too early for that: I go up again, put my hand under her nightgown, she stretches again, pushes me I accidentally approach her breast, but I dodge, follow the contour again (my hand brushes her nipple as if by chance and barely noticeably), pull my hand out from under her nightgown and stroked her cheek to my ear, kneading it completely for a moment careful, and back again and to her full lips.

She snaps my index finger at lightning speed, chewing it carefully. “Happy birthday, darling!” She turns her lips to me for a first birthday kiss but stays on her back. My lips are closed and as soft as I can make them. She gently sucks them but because her tongue doesn’t penetrate my mouth the first kiss stays innocent. I caress her face, then down my neck, again around my breasts. Again she kisses me, and again I keep my lips closed, but this time she sucks me tighter and I feel her tongue searching for a way to me. Now I put my hand very gently on her chest but do not move it. Within a very short time, I feel her nipple contract.

Her tongue finds mine and mine feel her lips. I slowly release my hand from my chest and circle my nipple with my index finger. I spit on my finger, stroking the one that now looks like a raspberry, then the other. The thought of the two raspberries may make me crazier than I already am. My member is already very wet due to the long tension.

I can feel their impatience now, but we still have so much time, it is only just before seven o’clock. Our children are on sports week, it is Saturday and we still don’t have to get out of bed. I hold her out, knead her breast, stroke her face, return to my chest, and finally let my hand slide down again. I gently curl her thick black fur, but then I pull past her cleft onto my thigh, up to my knee, stay there briefly, then I tickle her back up along the inside. The path continues on the outside, through the hollow between the outer labia and the thigh to the pubic bone, over to the other side, and again, past the vulva, to the inside of the thigh, where I lightly tickle it again. Of course, I try not to get her pussy. Everything happens almost unbearably slowly for both of us.

Her kisses have stopped, she lies motionless on her back, her eyes closed, and she breathes quickly. I enjoy the look on her concentrated face and her gorgeous nipples. My hand changes with pressure across the dam to the other side, and they’re very careful on the same path up again. Unfortunately, I brush a few of her hair on the labia. My way leads me with pressure on the pubic bone (do not press the bladder!), Kisses the furry in which I would have loved to put my nose, then my flat hand slides up her incredibly firm stomach, and clearly with stretched fingers noticeably down again. My palm rests on the pubic bone, but I pull my hand up slightly so that her pussy is tense, gives way, and tightens again. My fingers now extend far beyond her shame. I carefully bend my fingers and feel for the tips of my hair. My wife squeaks involuntarily and pushes toward me, but I only stroke the tips of my hair, more or less accidentally, and I still avoid any direct contact.


Her pelvis is now shifting back and forth, looking for my fingers, but I keep her fidgeting. My cock comes into contact with her. “Uh, you are soaking wet,” she scolds, but not at all angry. I give myself up contritely, but then I reach for her shame with my fingers, hold it as a whole. And now I have reason to scold too because my fingers got incredibly wet: it is so slippery down there that my middle finger has slipped between the two labia without resistance. I start to move my hand, knead all her shame, squeeze it and pull it apart. It stretches out to my hand and rubs against me. And then I slowly pull my middle finger forward: at first, it seems to disappear into their little hole in the sky, but then it pushes towards the clitoris. But I still carefully avoid it, encircle it on the outside, and hike back again. It is always this round. Your breath now comes intermittently. I try to get under her butt with my left hand, she willingly raises her tight little ass, which I knead briefly and with a lot of pressure. My left hand explores the Prioritize, its rosette, and continues to grope to its paradise grotto, orbiting it. And then suddenly I put two fingers in her pussy and at the same time reach for her pearl of pleasure with my right hand. A first scream (neither of us thinks of the neighbors today). I loosen the clitoris with my right hand, fuck her with the left index and middle finger, and the

left thumb massages her anus. Now it doesn’t take long: it gets incredibly tight around my finger and she screams like a stick. Oh, how happy my cock would be instead of my fingers! I let up a bit, hold her and give her time to come back down.

And then suddenly her hands are on my cock, she pushes it in, her pelvis pushes, with the first push she takes me in completely.


I love this position: I lie on the side under her, her on the back, and I can kiss and stroke her, with my right hand from above, with my left hand from behind, while I fuck her as deeply as she can bear. Or I can pull my tail out again, and it has the whole beautiful landscape, from pearl to rose, in front of it. Today he is very keen and I will show him everything. In between, he can always dive deep into the center of her lust. Again I delay, but not for long: today she is so crazy that she pulls on her legs the third time and starts to slide back and forth, fucking myself, fucking my cock as hard and deep as possible ramming in. She cramps again almost immediately, and again she screams for pleasure. I watch her face, think how much I still love her after all these years and try to suppress my lust. I am glad that she needs a moment of rest now and I withdraw from her. I wriggle out from under her and lie on top of her. Your greedy cunt snaps back at my cock immediately and devours it. And now I’m pushing her as hard as I can, pulling back until I’m practical out, and push again. I am supported by my arms, only our pleasure centers touch, and collide with each other. Soon her vagina cramps again, and she screams. Now she wants me to come with me and reaches for my nipples, my most sensitive part, pinches me so hard that it almost hurts, suddenly my lust doubles, my testicles contract, but I don’t want to, hold back until her fourth climax has subsided and my mood wanes.

Beautiful! I lie motionless on her, only my cock twitches occasionally, doesn’t want to, can’t stay calm, and that’s why she starts to move again.

This time I fuck her very gently. I turn my pool, sometimes come from below, then again from above, more left or right. I slide as deep as possible into this position and circle with my pelvis. And again her lust increases. “Enough, I can’t do more, enough!” She begs me, but I keep going. And the next wave overwhelms her. It straightens up, bites my chest, sucks tight, pain and lust. I feel again, how she cramps up, hear her screams, or are they mine? ours? I have completely stepped away, I only enjoy what I hear, smell, feel and see. And then I break down over her. and we both feel like my seed shoots in long bursts from my testicles, up through the shaft and deep into their grotto, in the only paradise, that there is on earth, her cunt that holds me, squeezes me until there is not a drop left in me Tears run down me, don’t you? Both of us? The limits are gone. We are happy. It is still not eight o’clock, we have a good time snuggled up together, and we sleep a little.

Then I go to the kitchen, brew their coffee, put the 45 candles on their cake, the 19 white ones for the years before our wedding, the 26 red ones for the 26th wedding anniversary, which is also today, and shout “Birthday breakfast for mine lazy late riser! ” slumber a little more. Then I go to the kitchen, brew their coffee, put the 45 candles on their cake, the 19 white ones for the years before our wedding, the 26 red ones for the 26th wedding anniversary, which is also today, and shout “Birthday breakfast for mine lazy late riser! ” slumber a little more. Then I go to the kitchen, brew their coffee, put the 45 candles on their cake, the 19 white ones for the years before our wedding, the 26 red ones for the 26th wedding anniversary, which is also today, and shout: “Birthday breakfast for mine lazy late riser! ”

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