Dream Boy Fucked Me


My Dream Boy Fucked Me in the Rain

I am Neha and this is my story of fucking with my neighbor in the rain.

Both of our roofs are attached. Rahul’s room is on the 3rd floor and it is our highest roof too.

So Rahul kinda lives on my roof too.

We are childhood friends and are very close.

He is a sweet charming boy.

We always played on the roof but now we had become adults and our families didn’t want us to meet alone.

I always had feelings for that moron and he also shared those feelings. I just knew.

I always found ways to get in touch with him, spend time with him and even look at him.

Last summer, it was a rainy day. The cool breezes were killing the heat and everybody was enjoying it. I decided to take a bath in the rain. I knew that he’ll be in his room at that time and I wanted him to know that I was ready for the bolder step.

I was wearing a white shirt and jeans.

I started dancing in the rain. My shirt got wet and my black bra was visible.

After some time, Rahul also came out of his room running in shorts.

He winked at me and I tried to cover my boobs.

He started laughing and I went downstairs.

I got into my room and removed all my wet clothes.
I kept thinking about Rahul and his body. His boner was visible in his shorts.

I was both excited and frightened at the same time. I was kind of feeling embarrassed too. “Maybe he’ll think of me the whore.” Thousands of insecurities were traveling my spine.

The same night, the lightning was thundering, clouds were bursting and there was heavy rainfall going on.

I received a text from a number it read

“I am waiting in the rain”

I quickly got the message. It was Rahul and he was waiting for me on the roof.


fucked me in the rain


I got excited and almost shouted in the excitement. My Rahul was waiting for me on the roof alone. I put a scent on, rolled my lip gloss on my virgin lips.

I sneaked out of my room and went upstairs.

He was standing n the rain and was getting wet.

I approached him and was fully wet by now from the pouring rain and wet between the thighs too.

“Why you called me here?” I started formally.

“Just to take a shower with you in the rain beautiful.”

I was blushing and my cheeks were emitting heat now.

“Look Rahul, I want to confess something.” I addressed him as it seemed the rightest moment to do so.

“Yes, go on.” He replied shortly.

I continued,

“I love you, Rahul. Not from now, but from our childhood. I can’t think of being with any man other than you. I don’t know about you but I am very serious about it. So before we do or indulge in anything that we may call funny and childish later, I want you to know that….”

“Shhhhhhh.” He cut my briefing off and continued

“I love you too Neha, if that’s what you are asking for.”

My happiness knew no boundary. The happiest moment of my life was just waiting for the skies to pour down some rain on us as we were standing there in the middle of our roof with our eyes filled with love locked with each other.

He broke the ice and put his lips on mine and asked for a way of entry. I was stunned and opened my mouth, his tongue went straight for mine and within seconds we were trapped in a never-ending lip lock.

I was having so much pleasure and didn’t want to lose hold of his lips.

His hands were on my back and I was leaning towards him.

He grabbed me firmly now and we were kissing like idiots.

His hands were exploring my body. He was touching me everywhere he could.

I had my hands locked around his ass.

”We should go inside.” I said.

He then lifted my sleeping shirt and took it off. Rain was pouring down on my body.

He started kissing me.

It felt like that we were destined to be here like this.

It all felt so natural. He started kissing my neck and boobies, I was getting horny as hell.

I once again tried to say that we should go to your room, but he was kinda living the dream.





He then took my pajamas off and grabbed me from my booty.

I was so wet and the water was still pouring.

His hard cock was now touching on my belly and I could feel it.

He was a little bit taller than me.

He bent on his knees and started giving me a lick in the pussy.

I was feeling horny and cold at the same time.

He sucked deeply in my vagina and I was just pulling his hair.

His lips and tongue were meddling with folds of my pussy. He was drinking rainwater traveling from my upper body to my vagina.

I never had an orgasm and now I was almost having feelings of how it feels.

Butterflies sleeping in my belly had finally awakened and I was on the verge of becoming a woman. I came harder and harder in his mouth and he kept on sucking and drinking the fluids mixed with rainwater.

It was time to return the reward.

I grabbed him from shorts and put them on. He was looking like a gladiator in his natural dress.

His hard cock was standing proud.

I instantly took my Baby in my mouth and started sucking it hard.

It was so big and long from my mouth. I was just able to suck the tip.

He had a monster cock.

I knew that my chuut will be pounded hard.

I sucked his cock like a pro and was nibbling on it. He was getting mad and had a strong grip on my head.

His breathing had multiplied many folds and his abs were inhaling and exhaling the fresh air at faster rates. As he was about to cloud burst, he removed my mouth from his cock.

He grabbed me from my hair and made my lips land on his balls.

I gently licked the balls and gave them a warm message from my mouth.

The rain had made me mad now.

He lay me down on the floor and started kissing on my belly. I was giggling from the sensation and was resisting, but he was enjoying my fleshy navel and was biting on it. He was eating my navel by taking the flesh in his mouth. His tongue was licking me like a tiger licking the meat from the bones.

Then he grabbed my boobs and drank my imaginary milk.

It was time to fuck. His long shaft was searching my entrance and I was worried about handling that long cock in my tight pussy.

He entered and the only tip was going inside first.

He then somehow managed to enter more.

My pussy was being hurt but it was also giving me immense pleasure.

He struggled a bit and then finally started moving in and out.

My pussy folds were stretching and learning to hold a cock.

My hymen had broken and the love of my life had finally penetrated me.

He was harvesting me.

He was fucking my pussy and I was kissing on his neck.

Thunder and rain were pouring but we were so immensely drowned in it that we didn’t want it to stop.

I placed my hands on his ass and pressed him to go deeper. His soft and fluffy ass was cute and sexy. He had those butt dimples just like his face.

His every muscle was in action and working along to fuck my pussy.

I was already coming and having an orgasm. I pressed my teeth in his neck and bit.

My nails drenched into his soft ass. He made a light moan.

I bit hard on his neck. I then felt an increase in his thrusts and he started moving at more and more pace before filling my pussy with his warm cum. We remained in that position, he was still inside me. His erectness slowly faded away but his cock remained in the cum filled warmth of my pussy. We remained locked like that for some time, but then I felt his cock again rising and blood flowing down his shaft. He had so much energy to spend on me and I was feeling cold.

The night of sex

I made my final request to take me to his room, this time he smiled and took me to his room.

He placed me on the bed and turned me over.

He made me bent down my head and lift my booty.

He entered from behind and took charge of my swaying booty.

He was biting on my ass.

He was fucking my pussy from the back now and it was kind of rough. I took the sheets in my mouth to prevent screaming from the pain of his hard strokes. He then took out his cock without any notice and started licking my ass.

I was shocked as he was also sucking my butt hole now. That sensation was raw but did contain the dark pleasure.

He then again entered my pussy and started banging it.

He pounded more deeply this time and it made me make a loud noise. But thanks to the thunder, nobody heard it.



He kept on fucking me for an hour and was increasing his pace constantly.

He was now filling my pussy with loads of cum.

I had an orgasm too.

We both came at the same time and it was amazing.

Rahul cuddled me in the bed and we talked about the old times we had together.

Turns out, he was really into me, not only I was mad for him.

We kept talking for some time. After that, he again started kissing me on my ass.

I was enjoying it. His tongue was roaming on my ass and I had no idea what was coming.

He pulled my booty a little up and insert his fingers in my ass.

I was stunned.

First fuck

I resisted but he kissed me on the mouth and continued.

I knew where things were going and I had no plan to stop.

He entered his 2 fingers now and started shoving deep in the ass.

This was a new experience for me and so far it was good.

He then put some oil on my booty and started giving me a massage.

He was increasing the lubrication.

After that, he put his rock cock in my ass and started making his way slowly.

I was feeling like I am being drilled.

He started slowly and then at once entered his long cock in my ass.

I again cried but this time I put my hand on my mouth.

It hurt at the beginning but now he had done it and both of my holes had been conquered on the same night.

He had gone deeper and my virgin ass was asking for more.

He was truly the master of anal.

He kept fucking my ass and filling it with his cum once more.

I had all my holes fucked and wanted to take a nap.


I again showered in the rain and ran towards my room naked.

I had been deflowered by the man of my dreams and couldn’t expect more.

Both my holes were never going to be the same, they were kind of sour.

This fucking kept me hurting for the next few days but then we were constant in our meetups and life had never been thrilled like this forever. We kept fucking on our roof for a year before getting married to each other.

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