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It was Sunday, the sun was shining and Ragini had been driving for a long time. She wanted to visit her friend. That said, the term friend was a little exaggerated. She had met Pavel on the Internet, had written to him, even called, but never met. She wanted to make up for that now. He lived in a small town near the Baltic Sea. So she drove her car and was already wondering how it would go. Pavel was always friendly, funny and he always thought of something to tell. He is a nice guy. He had an athletic figure, was 190 centimeters tall, and had a very shortcut. His face was cute too. So she had high hopes that it would be fine. She dreamed a lot during the trip and often had a tingling sensation in her stomach,

They both looked at each other and you could see a smile on their faces. Pavel went to her, hugged her, and kissed her forehead.

“It’s great that you’re already here. Did you find the way well? Oh, I’m so happy! “, He said.

  • It wasn’t that difficult, “she replied and tried to kiss him on the mouth, but it didn’t work.

“You look even prettier than the photos you sent me!” He smiled. “But I like you too, Pavel!” Said Ragini.

“Say, what are we going to do now. Are you hungry? ”

Ragini considered, but then she said that she wasn’t hungry.

“Or do you want to get to know my city? I could show you all the sights we have here, “he offered.

  • Oh, you know, I don’t want to do that either, “she replied, pulling a long face,” don’t you have anything interesting? “

Pavel mused.

“Well, are you indeed from the Luneburg Heath. Maybe I should show you the Baltic Sea, the magnificent dunes, white sand. that should you but are interested in.”

“Well, come on! Let’s take a look at your beautiful landscapes! “, She replied, not very enthusiastically, but they had to do something.

So they both got into the car and Ragini drove as Pavel said. He knew his way around here and could sometimes say smaller ways to go long. Finally, they drove parallel to the beach and Ragini could see the Baltic Sea with the white crests. No, she didn’t know anything like that at home, but she hoped for even better hours here.

Finally, Pavel said: “So now turn right, the little way. It is firm enough so that cars can drive on it. A little bit more, then there is a small space, we can park there and continue on foot. ”

Ragini drove as I said and there came the ‘parking lot’. She parked the car there and both got out. The sun was shining and Ragini decided to take off her jacket and just go on with the light sweater.

“Here, we can go this way, it’s wonderful to walk in the dunes. You shouldn’t, but we are careful. ”

So they went on. Ragini wondered how Pavel was different from when she met him on the internet. There he was lively, said what a great man he was would be, but here he seemed almost shy. Funny how such a man can change. She often tried to touch his hand. He touched it too, but that was it. All of this irritated her.

And something else. Here at the water, there was a light wind. And that caused her nipples to become stiff. The nipples pressed greedily through her sweater and she was almost uncomfortable. Thank God Pavel didn’t look that often. She tried to pull her shoulders forward, but she couldn’t help noticing her nipples.

They had gone so far now that they could see the water of the Baltic Sea. Ragini often stopped and looked at the sea. It looked unusual and wonderful! And it went on.

Then Pavel finally stopped, looked at her, and took her by the arms. “You are an incredibly cute woman!” He laughed.

Then he hugged her and wanted to kiss her. But he let go of her and looked at

a point. Then she saw that two people were coming towards them. They were a little older than them and they hooked up and fell in love. Hm, why can’t we do that, she thought. Pavel took her by the hand and it went on. Oh, what had she been fishing for? She had imagined it wonderful. But it didn’t work out that way. If it were only a fifth like it was on the Internet, that would be good. But he didn’t speak much and didn’t do anything. And she had dreamed that it would rave, cuddle, and much more.

But then she thought it would only be something if I picked it up.

And they only walked a short distance, then Ragini slipped into a hollow surrounded by dunes and simply lay down in the beach grass.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!”, She said. “So nice and warm and just good! Come to me!”

And Pavel crouched by her side and looked at the beautiful friend.

Ragini had her eyes closed and relaxed. Then she noticed that Pavel was circling her nipples with his fingertips. First one then the other. He made it tender and she noticed that it made her tingle.

“Your nipples said to me all the time: touch me, touch me. But unfortunately, I didn’t. It excites me to stroke her. ”

Ragini didn’t say, just hoped it would get more. Pavel bent down and kissed her on the mouth. The lips of the two wanted to have each other. They couldn’t let go of each other again. And Pavel started to use his tongue. Oh, he’s kissing well, Ragini thought. He’s slowly getting going. And then Pavel grabbed her left breast and squeezed it together. He did it several times and Ragini also found that beautiful. She breathed harder.

Pavel now took his mouth up and put her protruding nipple in his mouth. He pressed his lips together. Oh, he liked that.

“I hope you won’t kiss my sweater all the time,” she laughed, “my skin isn’t bad either!”

Pavel also had to laugh at it. He grabbed the edge of the sweater and pushed it higher. Ragini was wearing a pretty pink bra. Decorated with laces on the edges. Here too you could see the penetration of her nipples. He twirled it with his fingers, but then r thought again of Ragini’s remark and pushed the bra over her breasts. Oh, she had nice big, soft tits. He liked that. Big brown areolas, that wasn’t bad either. And his mouth went over and licked her nipples. Then he took her alternately between his lips and twirled her like that.

Ragini enjoyed it, slowly he seemed to be the usual Pavel. She reached between his legs with her right hand. And then she found something hard, he was also excited and had a stand-in his pants. Oh, beautiful, wonderful, she thought.

“Tell me, do you have anything else important?”, She asked him. “Oh yes,” was his answer, “you too?”

“Of course, I’ve been waiting for this all the time, sweet Pavel!”

So he reached under her skirt. She was wearing light panties. He reached through on the sides and felt that she had a fine strip of hair on her pubic mountain. That made him horny. He now took her panties and pulled them down. Ragini wasn’t lazy either, she took off her sweater and bra and showed him her lovely boobs. And Pavel quickly became like a weasel and before you knew it, he was standing naked in the hollow.

“Come on, sweetheart. Lie between my legs! “, She said to him.

He did so and she grabbed his stiff one and directed him to her column in her hot grotto. Pavel slowly pushed his staff into her body. Oh, it was lovely for her. She liked having a big cock in her. If she felt full, it was cool for her.

Pavel started fucking her slowly. Hopefully, he does it as he always described it. It was a pleasure for them. Do not scrape off and then spray yourself, but have peace of mind and become more and more aroused. Yes, it was beautiful. And so did Pavel. He spoiled her with slow strokes, then licked, kissed, and sucked her nipples and in between, he also kissed her on the mouth. Oh, it was so nice!

And he kept saying how nice he felt, how awesome it was and what an erotic body she had.

Now he was getting faster. Then he squeezed her tits towards the center, sucked her nipples into his mouth, and sucked on it. Finally, he pushed his hard one deep into her, and Ragini noticed the cumshot. He bit his lips hard on her nipples so that it almost hurt.

“Oh, that was nice,” he said.

Thank god he didn’t pull out his sleep now to do something else or sleep as most men do. He left it in and started kissing her nipples. He made it tender again. He put it in his mouth and twirled it. Then he tickled her with his tongue. And finally, he bit on it, but not so much, only so much that she also enjoyed it. So she got even hotter and her body started to tingle like crazy.

And she noticed that something was happening to her again. His limp tail was probably getting bigger and firm and finally hard. She was happy about this additional pleasure. She felt filled up again and liked that.

Now Pavel leaned down to grab her breasts with both hands. He kneaded it, he was increasingly enjoying it. But it wasn’t so rough that it hurt. Finally, he squeezed her right breast sideways, put her mouth over it and sucked on it, and tickled the nipple with his tongue. He continued to roll through his left breast, twirling her nipples or circling her areolas with his fingers. Ragini liked that. She felt the tingling in her stomach again, her whole body was involved. And when he took his staff out of her now and then and pushed it back in, it increased this enchanting feeling. She noticed that she was coming to a climax. But he should continue to do it so slowly and patiently, because this is where it came to, yes, it was very nice and she liked it. And Pavel’s activity met her expectations. He did it slowly and very often took breaks to take care of their boobs. He showed her that he had time and wanted to enjoy it too.

Ragini noticed more and more clear that she was getting very hot, that the climax was getting closer and closer. And she knew it was going to be a very nice one. She spread her legs wider. Then she raised her feet, fidgeted with them, and finally wrapped her legs around him and hugged him tightly. She also pulled his head towards her and there were hot and greedy kisses like she hadn’t had in a long time. Then she whispered to him that he should spoil her tits again. He did it. Oh, he was good at that!

And finally, Pavel heard a short cry from her. But then she bit her lip. She didn’t want anyone to hear her here. A tremor went through her body. Oh, it was so wonderful, so incredibly beautiful. Pavel fucked her a little faster, which made her orgasm even better. Everything was already over.

Pavel now made his movements faster and soon he came to another cumshot. It was very nice for him too. Then they lay side by side and smiled at each other. His right hand ran over her body, stroked her boobs, belly, and finally found the delicate streak over her pussy. And Ragini also kissed his chest and her hand ran over his beauty. But this time it didn’t get bigger.

“You’re a hot piece, really good to hug, sweet Ragini!” Said, Pavel.

“Hm, you made it very nice, Pavel, I thought it was great that you dragged it out so well. I like that very much, “she said appreciatively.

“Oh thank you,” he smiled, “but you also have a fantastic body. You know, I could still try a lot with you. I would be very damned excited about it.”

“So? What are you thinking about? “, She wanted to know.

  • For example, we could do a titty fuck or I could make you anal while you could blow me. “

Ragini suddenly started to blush brightly in the face. “Oh dear, haven’t you done that yet?” He asked.

“No,” she replied sheepishly, “and I don’t know if your fat thing would be a good thing, anal?”

“Oh, that’s fine, you just have to oil it nicely. Then he slips in nicely. ”

  • Oh, we don’t need to talk about it. It won’t be that fast anyway, I have to go home today. “

“You can still add one after? I would be happy, “he laughed again.

  • No, that doesn’t work, I don’t want to lose my position. But you can be sure that I will visit you again soon to be spoiled by you. “

Her head came over his and again they both began to kiss intimately.

Yes, it was and Ragini kept her word. It became a nice relationship between the two,

The End.

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