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What a Combination between White maid/Black Master

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There isn’t much you can do with a Fine Arts degree from a mediocre community college, and Molly quickly learned that. She tried for months to land a job, or even an internship in an art gallery or museum but realized that her efforts were futile. There were simply too many graduates and too few positions. She felt depressed and discouraged until finally she gave in and found a real job. Granted, it was a job as an in-house maid, but all things considered, it was a great gig. The pay was great, the work was fairly easy, and she got to live in an awesome Manhattan penthouse. Her boss was a successful black woman, a CEO, but Molly was not sure of what exactly. She did not know much about her boss, besides her name: Kiara. But considering how few options there were for the young college graduate, she did not bother with asking too many questions. She immediately accepted and started work only a few days later.

“Hi, Molly.Great to hear from you. I guess you are Kiara?” – the broke student, now maid, introduced herself to her boss on the.

“Yes, that’s correct. So, do you accept the job?” – the woman on the other end said sternly.

“I can start Monday.”

“Good, I’ll send you, your uniform. Be at my apartment at 6 am, exactly. I’ll get you sorted.

It had been years since Molly had woken up this early, but she did not have a choice. Her money was down to the negative numbers and her parents were not too happy with her living at home. She agreed to the offer and received her maid’s uniform that weekend. It was a little peculiar. It looked like one of those French maid uniforms sluts wear for Halloween. It was simultaneously very revealing and old-fashioned. Again, Molly considered if she wanted to work and wear that every day, but quickly remembered just how broke she was and put it on. It fit her great, so she had that going for her. The rest of that weekend she spent complaining to her friends about her loss of freedom and need to work. Then they got drunk.

It was Monday and the time was 6:15 am in morning. Molly, dressed in her maid’s uniform went over to the concierge, told him she had to go up to Kiara’s penthouse, and was let in. The building was old and aristocratic, and the broke college girl loved it. The architecture, the vibe, and the general feel of the whole building reminded her of some of the art she studied in college.


Maybe she would finally be able to put her degree to some good use. Her hopes were, of course, crushed by the end of the day.

“You’re late!” – a beautiful, black, and angry woman shouted at Molly, as she was drinking a green smoothie. – “And why are you wearing the uniform already? Did you come here dressed like that?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to waste time.” – the ex-student said shyly.

“Well, maybe you should have come on time then. I have a strict schedule, in 20 minutes I have to leave, and the plan was to brief you on your job before I did that. So, listen, this is the short version. The contract is here, sign it.” – Molly did not even bother reading it. The black woman was so dominant, she did not dare oppose her. – “Good. All the details regarding payment and benefits are there. You have to keep everything clean. Always, spotless. Take a look around, everything is perfectly clean, it is your job that it stays that way. I do not want to see a speck of dust. You will sleep here during the week.” – she pointed toward a door. – “And are free to go home on the weekend. Understood.”


“Well, I have a few questions.”

“I don’t have time, you should have come on time. I’ll be back at around 7- 8 pm, you can ask me then. For now, just get set in the room and check if anything needs cleaning.”

The tall black woman finished her smoothie, picked up her bag, and left the apartment. It all happened so quickly, Molly had to stop for a second to make sure that she was not dreaming. It was a surreal change of pace. All of a sudden, she was in a multi-million-dollar penthouse in Manhattan, all by herself and unsure what to do. Sure, she had to keep everything clean, but what did that even mean? Didn’t Kiara just say everything was perfectly cleaned? With those and a bunch more, questions, the maid decided to follow the only clear orders she was given and went to see her room. She was slightly disappointed to see that her room looked almost identical to a dorm room. There was a bed, an individual, a chair a desk, and a wardrobe. There was one window, which was tiny and not much space to move. She sorted her belongings and went on to explore the rest of the huge penthouse. The first thing that took her breath was the view. She was high up and in Manhattan, so there was a lot to see. She wasted no time and quickly took a few selfies, that would later on go to receive more than 100 likes on Instagram. She then checked out the rest. There was a huge and well-equipped kitchen, a balcony with outdoor furniture, and an even more amazing view. There was another room too, the master bedroom.

Molly knew that she was not supposed to be in there but figured there was no way her boss would ever find out. It was large and empty, big enough to be split into two rooms, that would still dwarf Molly’s bedroom. Besides the bed, there was a closet and a couch, as well as a bed stand. For some reason, the girl decided to snoop a little and opened one of the drawers. Inside, she found a massive, black vibrator. It was a top-of-the-line sex toy, that cost hundreds of dollars. Immediately, the maid felt aroused. On the one hand, it was a little weird for her to masturbate with her boss’s vibrator, 20 minutes after she began working. On the other hand, there was, nothing to do and she was alone until the evening. It did not take long for Molly to drop her panties on the floor and start playing with herself.

She jumped on Kiara’s bed and made herself comfortable. With one hand she took the vibrator, while with the other she tried to figure out how to turn it on. It took her a couple of seconds, but when it started, it was powerful. The vibrations seemed always too strong, but Molly figured that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so there was nothing wrong with trying it out on the max setting. She grabbed the massive, penis-shaped, tool with both hands and put it against her clit. For a second, it did seem like the thing was too big and powerful, but after another second, she grew to love it. The vibrations were so strong, she felt like her entire body was shaking. The stimulation was insanely strong, and she loved moving it along her slit. It was so big, she was scared to fuck herself with it, but luckily just the vibration on her clitoris was enough to drive her crazy. Molly began moving her hips, thrusting into the air. It was a while since she had used a vibrator and it was never one that strong. She could not afford a thing like that herself. The maid played with herself for a few minutes, until she caved in. Her orgasm was strong and loud, she was all alone after all. After finishing fucking herself with that thing Molly it was going to be one of the best perks of the job.



Once she finished, Molly immediately felt ashamed of herself. She had been on the job for less than an hour, and already she had masturbated with her boss’s vibrator. In her defense, however, there wasn’t much to do anyway. She walked around the penthouse for a little longer, trying to find something to do. It was spanking clean, and she was a little scared to even touch anything, just in case she made a mess. After passing in circles for a few minutes, she sat on the couch to watch some TV. There was a large, futuristic, TV remote with a bunch of random-looking buttons. She toyed with it for a while until finally giving up. Everything in this penthouse was super high-tech and expensive and Molly felt a little out of place. She started wondering what her boss must-do for a living. A place like that, in Manhattan, would cost millions of dollars, and even if she rented it would be thousands of dollars per month. Kiara was in her late thirties which is quite young for such a degree of success. She was also a black woman, which would stack the odds even more against her. In her boredom, the young maid decided the best thing to do would be to snoop around a little.

She went back to the bedroom, where she had just masturbated, and started going to the drawers and wardrobes. Besides the massive vibrator, there wasn’t much in there. Some books, on business and entrepreneurship, and random gadgets. The closet wasn’t very interesting either. The only thing that caught Molly’s attention was the fact that her boss seemed to have about 10 sets of identical clothes, like the one she had worn this morning. A black turtleneck sweater and a pair of jeans seemed to be what she wore at all times. There were a couple of official dresses, but that seemed to be about it. E a peculiar closet, but Molly already had the feeling that her new boss was a weird woman. The entire place was very empty and minimalistic. Also, from the short encounter that the two of them had, she seemed to be very strict and disciplined, which the Fine Arts graduate did not appreciate much. The past few months were kind of like a vacation for her and now all of a sudden, she had to adjust to a super strict routine. Sure, she tried finding a job, but that just meant going to Starbucks and looking for listings on Craigslist for an hour. In hindsight, it would have probably paid off, if she had looked a little harder, maybe she would have found a job in her field. But, that did not matter much anymore. The position as a maid was pretty good, all things considered. She did not have much to do, but that was way better than having a lot to do. And, she could always use the huge black vibrator her boss had.

In today’s economy, it is hard landing any job and one that allows you to masturbate at work seemed like a godsent.

After weighing her situation, a little more, Molly came to realize that she was in a great position. There was probably going to be a little bit of cleaning in the following days, but as long as she stayed on top of things, she would have been able to finish that up in an hour. It was a little weird, that Kiara had hired her full-time, instead of hourly. Surely there were thousands of maids in Manhattan that could have done the job even better. It was also baffling that she had to sleep there, it made it so much more expensive for her boss. But, that is also what made this gig great. No matter what Kiara worked, she was gone most of the time, which allowed Molly to do whatever she pleased in the amazing New York penthouse. It was much better than being jobless and living with your parents for sure. She was also saving a bunch of money on rent. Even if she ended up disliking the job, she would save up a lot after a few months.

With this more positive outlook, Molly began appreciating her position. Now, it was just a matter of thinking about what exactly to fill her time with. There wasn’t much to do in the house it seemed, and she did not get how the TV worked. After pacing around for a little longer, she figured, she could take a shower. It wasn’t needed but who cares, she had to kill the time before her boss arrived and it was still early in the morning. Maybe after that, she could take a nap and try out her new bed. Or maybe even got and sleep in Kiara’s bed, she would be back in the evening after all.

As she stepped into the bathroom, Molly began feeling a little aroused. It was not her plan initially to masturbate during work, once more, but she figured she might as well. There was something cool about getting paid to jerk off.

The bathroom, like everything else in the apartment, was spacious, fancy, and modern. The shower had a bunch of buttons and settings she couldn’t really figure out, so she decided to just take a bath. After all, she had a lot of time on her hands. Molly got in the tub, once it was full and bubbly, and immediately got down to it. With one hand, she cupped her breast which was just big enough, to fill her hand. The other hand moved slowly, towards her warm, wet pussy. She liked to tease herself, starting off with one finger. She let out a little moan, when the finger entered and began playing with her nipples, with the other hand. She then moved her hand down from her breast to her stomach and back. Molly loved caressing her smooth, silky skin, and it made her tingle, with anticipation. For a second the maid considered getting that huge black vibrator from the other room but ultimately decided against it since she was already wet.

She then inserted both of her fingers inside of herself with her palm rubbing against her clit. It was nothing compared to the expensive vibrator, but it would suffice for now. Besides, she could always masturbate more later.

Molly knew exactly what to do, to the sweet spot. Her fingers jerked, with the right rhythm, slowly edging her to an orgasm. In the meantime, her other hand was exploring her beautiful, young, and petite body. She felt the orgasm was close, began moving her legs, spreading them and then pushing them back, together, and finished herself off. Molly felt the walls of her vagina contracting and rubbed even harder. It was a deep orgasm, that hit her hard and her leg began shivering with enjoyment. She finished fucking herself, got up, and once again put on the maid’s uniform.


Time went by painfully slow when there was nothing to do. After masturbating for the second time, Molly decided to get something to eat. She quickly realized she did not have a key for the apartment or know of a way to get back in. Considering how high-tech it was, there was probably a fingerprint scanner or something. She had Kiara’s number, but was too scared to call her boss. Instead, she decided it would be best to just stay in the apartment for now and ask her boss, what the deal with leaving was, once she came back. In the meantime, the maid, that had yet to clean anything but the dildo she borrowed, checked out the fridge. To her disappointment, it was full of all kinds of green stuff, like broccoli, and spinach. There was almond milk to drink and bio fruits. Everything looked super healthy, expensive, and un appetizing. The Fine Arts major described that an apple would be enough for now, but planned to stock up on some hot pockets, once her boss gave her a key. She was still amazed at the life Kiara seemed to be living. The black woman worked long hours, ate healthily, and looked great. Molly suspected she also worked out often. With nothing to do or eat, and with her sexual energy completely depleted, she went to her tiny room and took a nap. For some reason, she felt like it would be inappropriate to sleep in her boss’s bed.

By the late afternoon, Molly figured out how to turn on the TV and began watching re-runs of her favorite reality show – Jersey Shore. Before she knew it, hours had passed and all of a sudden, the door opened.

“No, that is not the deal we made. If it does not get done at 43$, you can tell the Chinese to go fuck themselves. Yes, sure. Ok, I have to go now.” – Kiara walked in, talking on her Bluetooth headset. – “You, maid. How was your first day.” – the black woman did not wait for an answer before she began making a green smoothie.

“Oh, hi. Uhm, yeah, it was great. I think everything went fine. It is clean and all. But, I do have a few questions. How exactly can I leave this place? I don’t have a key and I wanted to grab something to eat and couldn’t.”

“What do you mean leave? Your job is to be here during the weekdays. And there is enough food in the fridge, just grab whatever you need.” – Kiara said as she was blending kale and seaweed into a brownish-greenie.

“I noticed yes, but it is a little limited. Can I maybe run to the store and get some hot pockets? And maybe a couple of pop-tarts and frozen pizza?” – the maid asked her black boss.

“No, I don’t like bringing that kind of food into my house. There is only keto, vegan food here, you better get used to it. Here is a smoothie, it doubles as dinner.”

The drink had a peculiar taste, maybe it was how it was supposed to be, but Molly was never the biggest fan of vegetables. Despite her slim figure, she never watched what she ate and also loved fast food. This food thing concerned her and changed the whole arrangement. She could try eating broccoli or an apple every once in a while, but all the time? That’s ridiculous. Molly was also a little concerned about the fact that she was not supposed to leave the apartment, during the weekday. What kind of a weird arrangement was that? Was she a slave or something?

“What about a pizza, can I order stuff up here?” – the maid dared to ask.

“Ugh, sure. Listen I have a couple more phone calls to make, then my yoga, and then I’ll do your first-day performance review. I do not want to be disturbed in the meantime, I’m on a tight schedule. Any last questions?” – the mysterious black woman was already dialing someone on her phone.

For some reason,, Molly felt intimidated by her boss and decided not to ask anything more, even though she did have a bunch of questions. Questions were not clear to her why she couldn’t leave the penthouse during the day. Sure, she was working, but grabbing food for a few minutes wouldn’t stop her in any way. It was not like she was doing anything, anyway. That question needed answering, but the young maid simply did not have the balls to ask her boss. At the same time, she was also wondering what Kiara meant by performance review. What was there to review? She had masturbated twice and watched TV all day. Luckily there was no way her boss could possibly find out, but it still worried her a bit. Things could get awkward if she found out what her maid had been up to. But there was no point in worrying too much.

There was one thing on Molly’s mind that trumped everything else. She had only eaten an apple and a few sips of a smoothie today and was starving. As she was ordering her much needed pizza the Fine Arts graduate could not help but wonder what kind of a person her boss was. A vegan keto? That sounded like torture. Maybe working for her was not the best idea in the world. Sure, she paid well, and the job was insanely easy, but there was something very odd about this rich black woman and Molly wondered if she would ever find out. So far it seemed like her boss was constantly busy and the two would not be able to get to know each other too well. As she was pondering that question, Kiara called her in her bedroom.


“I was just doing your performance evaluation Molly and I stumbled upon something very interesting. Is there anything you want to tell me?” – the majestic black woman was sitting on her bed, with a laptop to her side.

“Uhm, no not really. I mean, look, I know. You probably realized that I did not do much today and I apologize. I really am a hard worker, it is just that there simply isn’t anything to be cleaned. Everything was spotless when I arrived, you said it yourself. Please, don’t fire me. I need this job.”

“I am not asking you about how much you cleaned. I know you didn’t do that. I am asking something else, are you going, to be honest with me?” – her voice sounded patient, but stern.

“Well, I am not sure what you mean.” – Molly was for sure not going to admit to masturbating twice on her first day. – “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I have cameras in every room, I know you masturbated with my dildo here and also in the shower, you little slut. Now the question is, how should I punish you?” – the tall black woman got up and once again intimidated the much more petite Molly.

“I’m so sorry, I should not have done that, please don’t fire me.” “I won’t. I’ll fuck you.”

“What?” – that answer caught the maid by surprise.

“Why do you think I hired you anyway? I could have gotten much better maids. You will live here, and I will fuck you. I am your master, do you understand?”

The black woman did not wait for an answer, it was not necessary. She began undressing the petite maid, and before she knew it, her perky teenage tits were out into the open. Kiara then pushed her maid, that was to be used for sex onto the bed and got naked herself. Molly had seen naked women before but had never been with one. She was amazed at her boss’ physique. Her tits were massive and well-shaped, her dark skin looked spotless and soft and her body was well taken care of. The yoga and kale shakes seemed to pay off. The black master grabbed her maid by the legs and powerfully, pulled her over towards the edge of the bed. The girl did not know how to react, so she allowed her new boss to do as she pleased with her. Once she had her, where she wanted, Kiara grabbed her knees and pushed Molly’s legs, towards her head. Now the maid found herself in an awkward position, her legs were basically touching her head and her pussy was right there, for thetaking.

Molly was a little surprised, but she was also turned on. The assertiveness that woman carried herself with something she was not used to. Even the college boys she fucked were not that confident. Her black master dovedown and started eating her warm, wetpussy.

This was a new experience for Molly, who had never had her pussy licked by another woman before. It was especially surprising that it was her boss doing it. She liked it though, and Kiara clearly knew what she was doing. Despite being more than a little surprised by the whole thing, Molly could feel her private parts tingling with pleasure. The blood was rushing ang her pussy was drenched in juices and saliva. She felt so exposed to this position and the older woman could do anything to her. If this was the job she had signed for, it did not seem that bad. Sure, the hours were long, and the food was horrendous, but she had never been handled like that in her life and loved it.

The black beauty flicked her tongue with great skill, around the maid’s private parts. Molly knew that what was happening was kinky and forbidden, getting fucked by the woman that had taken her inside of her home, but she could not resist it. They would have to live together five days in a week and this was a great start. Maybe she was wrong about Kiara, maybe she was fun after all. The black woman’s tongue roamed territories that the young Fine Arts student had never explored. There wasn’t even a hint of doubt in her movement. The way the black woman’s powerful hands were pushing down on her legs, pressing them almost to her head. Molly could not help herself and started getting into it. Soon she was breathing heavily. Letting out the odd moan.

Her black master started off with a few broad strokes, all along the Maid’s slit. This got Molly nice and wet, not that it was necessary. After that, the older woman began focusing on the clit. Kiara moved her tongue skillfully in circular motions around it and generally played with it. She wanted to get the maid amped up and ready for what was about to come. Once she could feel her maid was properly aroused, by the subtle movements of the hips and the moans the girl was letting out, the black woman got up. She reached inside her cupboard and took out the massive vibrator Molly had used on herself this morning. The powerful tool was huge phallic and scary in size. Kiara turned it on, to its maximum power and placed it on Molly’s clit. The black woman was set on making this girl cum harder than she ever had in her life. The wet pussy progressively started getting wetter and wetter. It was clear that Molly had never experienced proper clitoral stimulation like that before, except for the morning of course. Most vibrators are simply not strong enough, but this one was top of the line. The black master was going to give the Maid something to write home about. After a few minutes of pleasuring her with the powerful tool, the girl was about to cum. Her legs began shaking relentlessly and MILF was too busy handling the powerful vibrator, to pin them down. She also did not care, it was time to punish her maid. With one swift and forceful move, Kiara inserted the huge vibrator in her petite maid’s pussy. The girl could not help herself and let out a loud, ear piercing moan.

Molly had never even dreamed about having something like that penetrate her and now it was inside of her wet pussy, still vibrating powerfully. Her black boss began ferociously fucking her with the vibrator until the maid could simply not control herself. Her legs and arms were flailing and she was screaming in a mix of agony and joy. This was an extreme experience for her, something she never imagined she would be into. After a few more thrusts the black woman finally released the petite maid. She was free to gather her strength until they began once again a few minuteslater.


Getting fucked hard by your black boss was not a part of the job listing, but Molly was glad she got to experience it. All of her prior sexual encounters paled in comparison with what Kiara did to her that night. She had never imagined something as massive as that black dildo could enter her, but it did, and she liked it. After her boss was done with her, the maid was sent to her room, to recover. She quickly figured out what the gig was. Kiara did not need a maid that would clean up after her. She was perfectly clean and somehow never made a mess, which amazed Molly. Instead the busy, black businesswoman needed a chick, that would be always available to fuck. That was all there is to it. Molly had to obey her black master, whenshe came back from work and in return she got paid well. There wasn’t much she could do around the house and she was not supposed to either. It was not the job she signed up for, but Molly knew she had won the lottery with this one. It was perfect. She did not have to have any skill and put in any effort. Instead she just got fucked hard every night, or whenever her boss felt like it and got a paycheck. It was not something she was going to share with her parents, but the Fine Arts graduate was happy to even have a job, in today’s economy. Getting fucked hard by her black boss was just an awesome perk.

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