College Days Goa Trip Fun


My name is Mohan and I’m a catalog photographer. I have my own photography studio and agency and I used to make a lot of portfolios for aspiring models. I’m a 5″6 inch guy with a slim but strong body. I always loved looking at beautiful girls pictures. So it turned into an ambition by photography. I photographed a lot of beautiful girls since my college days, but I can never forget this one girl, Preeti.

We met in a college fest and it was an instant attraction.

The college arranged a trip for our batch and we were so excited for the trip to the goa. We got ready at 6 in the morning and our college bus took us to the Goa. We stayed at a very well-known resort and that day was the best and the most exciting day of our life.

I took my camera and went to the beachside to capture some clicks. There I saw Preeti who was looking extremely gorgeous and stunning. She accompanied me and asked me if I can click some shots of her. I asked her in a naughty way “which shots?” she said, “We are in Goa, so I would love to get some…. Hot shots ;)”

We kept walking on the sand and I took her to a side where there were not many people around. Then I asked her to give a few poses which I can click for her.

Asked to take pictures of the lovely look, I told her she had to loosen her hair to look beautiful and she smiled and untied her hair. She has very soft hair and silky to touch and feels like supermodel’s hair. I touched her hair and passed some on her face. Then I asked to lift the T-shirt a little so I could shoot a perfect beach look for her. She came closer to me and asked me to do it for her. I felt confident and lifted her t-shirt up a bit, in a manner which made her look even gorgeous with the sun beams hitting her glowing skin.

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I touched her shiny and very beautiful belly and I couldn’t help myself when I saw her at that moment while I was moving my hand to lift her shirt slightly I touched her bare belly on her abdomen. She felt happy and I could feel her breathing hard. As I accidentally moved some hair away from her face, my hand touched her right breast.

I was surprised that she didn’t say anything and I got the courage and started to move my hand to her cheeks and told her she was so beautiful. I knew she was very joyous and happy and I kissed the rosy red beautiful cheeks and started kissing all over on her face, ears and neck. Then I kissed her on the lower lip and then kept on giving her kisses on her lips. After kissing me for 10 minutes, she opened her mouth to take my tongue inside her. We started kissing with extreme passion.

As I kissed, my hands kept running down her breasts. I began to press the Boobs from the top of her t-shirt and took off her t-shirt for her. She was wearing a red bra. I took a click of her in this position and then opened the bra, both boobs were released now. I started sucking on her breasts and now my hands were moving her ass.

Then I unzipped the jeans and now she is wearing only the red panties. Taking a click of this position I made her lie on the sands to get various positions, I took off the panties to see her sexy ass. I started kissing her pussy, biting hard on her clits and I put my finger on her pussy and started to get in and out of her pussy.

She was going crazy with all the finger fucks I was giving to her. I lick the juices and move my tongue from her pussy to her ass. It was very hot at the time and then her hands opened my pants and took down the pants. She took my Cock in the beautiful hand and began to move up and down. She was jerking my cock with her hand, giving me a sexy hand job. I was enjoying the wild hand job that she was giving to me. She took the cock and put it in her mouth and kept sucking it.

She then started to play with my balls and kept on kissing my cock from the bottom up and moves the tongue all over my cock’s head giving a shiver all over my hot and horny body. Since we both were going wild in the moment, I wasted no time slipping my cock into her wet pussy hole.

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Her pussy was so tight like an unfucked vagina, I started to push her deep and she was crying with excitement and pain. I kept sucking on her boob’s whilefucking her from down and felt my balls rise and tighten. I knew I had to shoot my load and lift her hot body, “Preeti I am going to fuck your pussy multiple times today….. I am going to fuck you hard ahhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhh rooomiiiiii ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I kept fucking her hard… she kept moaning and pushing my cock inside her… I kept thrusting her cunt harder and faster and… and her hot cum up exploded.

Her whole body jerked and she came load all over my dick.

I felt my penis vibrate; while she was cumming and it made me thrust her harder and I kept pounding her pussy hard and hard, all of a sudden I came and then started shooting the cum load in her pussy. He had been moaning my name while I was fucking her pussy. I slowly took off my wet penis coming out of the cunt. We then sat there resting for a while, as I started rubbing her sexy back and my hands were all over her milky white ass, rubbing my cheeks with hers. I couldn’t take my eyes off her nipples and her wet pussy.

I finally smiled, and told her that my thoughts are starting to come again for sex, reached between those soft thighs running my fingers slightly over her soft pubic hairs which she had just trimmed a little bit. She stretched her legs wide and I pressed my fingers over her dripping wet pussy lips, moving between the lips to touch her clit. She then moaned a little “áuhhhh mmmmmhh mmm ahhhhh ahhhhh yesss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and opened her legs wide and I knew she wanted me to put the fingers inside of her pussy again.

I started with the two fingers, rubbing it in circles again and again, and then pushing them inside with a bit pressure..

I was extremely loving the way she was moving her body back and forth while I was fucking her pussy with my fingers, which made my fingers slide in easily and I let the rubbing of the finger hold for a few minutes. It made my cock shake hard. I could tell she was dripping, and as I held her legs wide I said to her, “Let me see you play with that honey dripping pussy, open your lips for me!” and then she quickly opened the lips of the pussy with her hands and moved the fingers in and out of hole. She was making sexy moaning sounds and I was putting fingers in out and my cock was erect… jerking… I was ready to fuck her sexy pussy again.

I pull the legs of hers over my arms and move my cock towards the pussy, feeling the rock hard cock rise up into a rod again. I re-inserted my hard cock into the cunt and accelerated my strokes and she was also loving the fucks and also responded by lifting the ass in extreme pleasure.

I felt her orgasm again and her body jerked with a hard jolt as she orgasam hard. I was about to cum again so then I took my penis out of her cunt and put it in her mouth she kept sucking my penis I pumped my load on her face and took another in her mouth and drank it. without a doubt. SINCE it was getting dark at that time, it was unsafe to stay there and he decided to leave and enjoyed our drive back to our places and dropped her off at the hotel and dreamed about this incident all night without sleeping.


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