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Rachana felt a cocktail of nostalgia, anticipation, and anxiety as she drove to her hometown. She only left a year ago, but already felt like a different person. College does that to people. She went to a good school in New York and the people she met and hung out with were completely different from the ones she was used to from back home. Everyone seemed more open-minded, intelligent, and generally more fun to be with. Gone were the mean, ignorant kids she went to high school with. For the first time in her life she felt like she belonged, her new friends understood her, and Rachana could see a happy future for herself. She was accepted, something that she could not say about her hometown. It is hard being a lesbian in a backward town like hers.


Besides her parents, there was only one person she was excited to see and pretty much the only person that was going to make the summer bearable. Her childhood best friend Liza. The two were always inseparable, until college. But even in the past year, despite living thousands of miles away, they managed to keep in contact and meet up a few times. Now, finally, they were going to be reunited again, for a few months. A great chance to relive some of the fun summers they had back in the day. A lot of feelings crept up on Rachana as she drove into town. Everything was familiar and well known, but some small changes were not there when she last visited. The gestation was remodeled, the road was patched up and some of the houses were painted. They were not big changes but served as a reminder that time went on, even when she was not there. People lived their lives and her memories no longer matched the current reality. She was feeling the nostalgia, but also the anxiety.


There was a lot to be anxious about. She grew up in this town, but never fully felt like she belonged. It was because of the people and she did not look forward to meeting some of them during this summer. Rachana had a happy childhood, but there were still bad moments, especially at school. There was one bully in particular, that she hoped never to see again. Asha was one of the popular girls. Pretty, blonde, and a total bitch. For some reason she loved pestering Rachana and Liza, constantly mocking them and making fun of whatever they were doing. The two best friends always ignored her and tried to pretend they did not care, but deep down they did. Asha just knew how to get under their skin. It had been a year since Rachana had seen her, she also left town to study. There was a very good chance she was back, however, and considering how small the town is, the two girls were likely to run into one another. After a year in college, the petty high school drama did not seem as serious as it once did, but that did not change the fact that just the thought about Asha gave Rachana anxiety. That bitch had harassed her for so long and managed to get away with it unscathed. No one ever stopped her or got in her way. She never did get what she deserved.


Lost in her thoughts, Rachana almost missed the turn for her street. Her neighborhood looked the same, her parent’s house was also the same. They were excited to see her, just as she was. After the usual pleasantries and home-cooked dinner, it was time for the college girl to call her best friend and arrange the long-awaited meet-up. Immediately, Liza picked up the phone.

She had arrived in town a few days ago and was more than eager to get out of the house and do something with her friend. There were a lot of childhood favorite spots the two of them contemplated visiting, but after a little back and forth decided to meet up in their favorite diner. Back when they were in school it they would go there weekly to eat, drink and laugh. It was one of those places that Rachana felt nostalgic about. Being there in the booth with her best friend was guaranteed to be fun and the college girl could not wait to meet up and catch up with Liza. After half an hour, she was already there. As soon as she walked in the door, a bunch of old and good memories flooded in. This place had not changed at all, it was like time had stopped since the last time she visited. The waiters were the same, the patrons were the same and from the looks of it, the menu had not changed one bit either. A few steps into the dinner, Rachana locked eyes with her friend, who was already sitting there. The two could not stop smiling, embraced one another, and immediately started talking. It had been a few months since they last saw each other.

“Oh my god finally we meet, back in the old dinner.” – Lizabegan. “This place looks the same right.”

“Absolutely. I don’t think there is much going on in town anyway. Very little has changed since last time.”

“How were the few days here alone. Before I arrived.” – Rachana asked.

“Just boring. I hung out with my parents and that was about it. A lot of the people from high school still aren’t back, others are on vacation and a bunch of them I don’t want to meet.” – the girls ordered a couple of milkshakes and the conversation went on.

“So last time, you were telling me about this girl in your lecture, what was her name?” – Rachana asked.

“Monica.” – Liza paused for a second. – “Oh my god, look who is here. Behind you.”

Rachana turned, only to see her old nemesis, Asha. She had just walked in with a couple of her old friends, also total bitches. It was unclear if she noticed them, or if she was even going to say anything. It had been a year since they last met, and people change in college. A lot of high school grudges simply disappear once the kids grow up and there was a good chance Asha had changed for the better. Either way, they were about to find out. The waitress made her way to Rachana and Liza’s table with the milkshakes and Asha and her clique followed.

“Hey look, it is the two dykes.” – the bully began. – “Milkshakes huh? I guess you girls want to get even fatter.”

“What are you talking about?” – Rachana began. – “None of us is fat. And what is your problem? You are acting like you are still in high school. Just mind your own business.

“Yeah, grow up!” – Liza chimed in.

“It’s cute how you two stand for each other. But, I guess you kind of have to when you have no other friends.” – Asha turned to the girls she was with.

  • “Let’s leave them alone, they want to enjoy their milkshakes. You know how fat people get with food.” – after she said that the clique left.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. She has not changed one bit.” – Liza said.

“It is kind of sad really, I mean we are in college. Shouldn’t she be a bit more mature? And the shit she says is plain dumb as well.”

“I know, but honestly it still gets me.” – Liza admitted.

“Yeah, I know. We are not fat, we both know that. But, just the fact that she goes out of her way to say that, to bully is, it makes my blood boil.”

They knew that Asha’s opinion did not matter one bit, that she was a total bitch and that she said those things simply to make them feel bad. Despite all of this, the girls still felt bad. The rest of the night was fun, but the mean words of the bully still lingered deep down in their minds. After a couple of hours of hanging out, the girls arranged a meeting for tomorrow and headed home. Rachana loved seeing her long-time friend again and looked forward to spending the summer with her, but the confrontation with Asha left her on edge. There was only one way she could take her mind off of her.

As soon as she laid down in her bed, Rachana began feeling a little better. Masturbating always made her feel stress-free. It had been a while since she last did it in her parent’s house, but she did not let that stop her. She liked to get completely naked and play some music, just to set the tone. This made her feel more calm and relaxed, but also freer, to explore her beautiful, young body. After setting everything up, she got down to it. With one hand, she cupped her breast. It was large enough to fill her hand, nothing to be shy about. Her other hand moved slowly, towards the warm, wet pussy. She liked to tease herself, starting with one finger. Rachana let out a little moan when the finger entered and began playing with her nipples, with the other hand.

The college girl needed to be careful with the noises she was making. Her parents were downstairs, so she could not be her usual loud self. The19-year- old then moved her hand down from her breast to her stomach and back. Rachana loved caressing her smooth, silky skin, and it made her tingle, with anticipation. She was a pretty girl, that did not have much trouble getting laid. Beautiful and with an athletic body, she could not comprehend why Asha’s words got to her.

She then inserted both of her fingers inside. Her palm was rubbing against her clit. By now Rachana knew exactly what to do, to hit the sweet spot. The music was right, and her bed felt much more comfortable than the one in her dorm. Something was suiting about masturbating at home. She had

earned a lot about her sexuality in that house and bed and finally being back as an adult felt rewarding, she felt more mature. Her fingers jerked, with the right rhythm, slowly edging her to an orgasm. In the meantime, her other hand was exploring her beautiful, young, and petite body. She felt the orgasm was close, began moving her legs, spreading them and then pushing them back, together, and finished herself off. Rachana felt the walls of her vagina contracting and rubbed even harder. It was a deep orgasm, that hit her hard and her leg began shivering with enjoyment. Exactly what she needed to take her thoughts off the stress caused by that bitch Asha.



The next day started pretty well. Rachana woke up and had breakfast with her parents. She missed that sort of stuff in college, a home-cooked meal and some company to eat it with. Today was going to be a great day if everything went according to plan. After breakfast, she had some time to chill in her room, after which, she was going to go meet up with Liza again. They planned to spend the day together, visiting some of their favorite places back from high school. The weather was nice, Rachana had a vacation and her best friend was nearby, nothing could ruin her day. She enjoyed her time in college very much, but there was something magical about being back home and completely free from any obligations. There were no lectures and deadlines she had to worry about. Her schedule was empty, the only thing she had to do was meet up with Liza, which was always fun. There was a certain feeling of nostalgia about all of the other fun summers the girls had had before. They knew that in just a few years real life would begin, and they would have to work, even during the summer. Rachana looked forward to becoming an adult, finally having some money and even more freedom, but also knew about all of the obligations that would entail. Spending a couple of months at home, chilling with your best friend was simply not going to be an option when adulthood comes, so she planned to enjoy this vacation to the fullest extent.

The first place the girls visited was the local mall. For most teenagers that was the place to be after school. It simply offered so much to do, compared to the rest of the small and boring town. There was a cinema a food court, a couple of coffee shops and all kinds of stores. Back in the day Liza and Rachana would spend hours walking around, checking out different things and talking about all sorts of stuff. There were some small changes in the mall, but most of it was exactly as they remembered it. There was a feeling of familiarity and belonging when they bought lattes and began walking around. They had done this exact thing so many times, it was great to finally come back and experience it once more. Despite not seeing each other daily anymore, the two girls quickly jumped back in it and the conversation flowed just like it always did.

“I know, but that professor is pissing me off. I have the feeling he just makes it harder for us for the hell of it. I can’t see any other reason for the barrage of assignments, and no one else does that.” – Liza complained.

“You could be right, some people are just assholes, for no good reason.” “Yeah, like Asha.”

“Don’t even remind me about her.” – Rachana hadn’t thought about the bully

since last night. – “I mean, what is her problem. For years she has been annoying us, for seemingly no reason and now after a year of college she just picks up where she left off. Something is seriously wrong with her. You would expect she would grow up after a year in college.”

“You know, I was texting with Molly the other day exactly about that. You know how Asha’s parents are divorced it is because her mom fucked another woman. And she is always harassing us for being together and calls us lesbians and dykes. So, I think she is just projecting the anger towards her mom, onto us.”

“Wow, Liza that is pretty deep. But I guess it would make sense. It is crazy how much she hates us, so it has to be something like that. It is kind of sad.”

“Yeah it is kind of sad, but also, she is a bitch. It is not our fault and she is taking it out on us. It is unfair. We have never done anything to her.”

“That is true.” – Rachana started thinking. – “Maybe we should.” “What do you mean?”

“Like, maybe we should do something as payback for bullying us.” “Do you have any particular ideas?”

Rachana was not sure what exactly she wanted to do to Asha, but once the thought entered her head it lingered. The girls were older and more mature now, so standing up to their bully seemed like the right thing to do. She had no right to treat them that way, and they were not simply going to take it for the entire summer. Everyone has a weakness and bullies, in particular, are often very troubled, they pester other people to make themselves feel better, which shows how weak they are from within. Funnily enough, as the girls were talking about her, Asha and her usual hangers showed up out of nowhere.

“Are you two lesbians on a date again, how cute?” – the bitch said as she approached the girls.

“What are you talking about? You are with the same persons you with yesterday, as well.” – Liza responded.

“Yeah, but there are four of us, we are not on a date. I’ll leave you two alone, you probably want to bang each other in the bathroom.”

“Yeah!” – one of the blond chicks in the clique decided to comment, after which they left.

“Ok, we really should do something about this.” – Liza was pissed off.

“I know right. We can’t let this go on like that. The things she says are not true at all, and completely ridiculous, but it still pisses me off. It is just the way she talks to us and the fact that she finds it necessary to do it every time she sees us.” – Rachana was getting wound up.

“She has, literally, no life. Why would you keep doing this for years? But, I have a plan that might just work. It is a little crazy though.” – Liza said.


“We should fuck her mom.”



That suggestion took Rachana by surprise. It just seemed like something out of a movie. How were they going to seduce Asha’s mom? How were they even going to find her? Sure, there was the rumor that she liked girls, but that does not mean that the two girls could just talk her into having sex with them. She was a grown, mature woman, why would she agree to fuck two 19-year- old, hot, college girls? But, despite all of the hardship of the plan, Rachana realized that it would be perfect revenge. It would hit the bully right where it hearts her most. She was traumatized because of her seduction. Liza and Rachana sat down and begin devising their plan. They did not know much about Asha’s mom, but in a small town like theirs, it would not be too hard.

“So, the first thing is first, how do we find her?” – Rachana asked.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen her. But we can try Facebook, my mom is on it.” –the girls got their phones out and after a couple of minutes managed to find her.– “Ok, here she is, she has a bunch of pictures with Asha and if you read the comments it is pretty obvious, it is her mom.

“She is kind of good looking actually.” – Rachana remarked. – “But, we still need to find her. Does it say where she works?”

“Not really. But she has a couple of pictures from the local bar, we can try looking for her there, tonight. Or we can also message her.”

“Yeah, but what are the odds that she is there tonight? I doubt her mom is there every night. And what do you want to write to her? That we want to meet up and fuck?” – Rachana made her point.

“Well, maybe not that directly. But, we could try. I mean, if she is a lesbian and single, wouldn’t she be happy about meeting up with us” – Liza had a point.

“But, she knows we are from Asha’s class, isn’t that a little weird?” “I’m not friends with her on Facebook, and I’ve never met her mom.” “Ok, but what do we write, it is still a little weird to just ask her out?”

“Maybe, she is on Tinder.” – Liza suggested. – “Let’s check, there aren’t many people in town, especially women looking for women.”

It was a long shot, but the girls check out Tinder. To their amusement, just after a few swipes, they found Asha’s mom. The fact that she was on there meant that she wanted to get laid. Liza swiped right and now all they had to do was wait and see if it was a match. The two of them went on with their day, checking for the match now and then. It took a few hours, but the MILF, finally matched with Liza and even texted her first.

“She just wrote to me. She says ‘Hi’.”

“That is kind of a boring first message.” – Rachana said.

“Yeah, but she is old. I’ll say something back. When is it appropriate to ask someone on a date on this thing?” – Liza did not have much experience with online dating.

“That kind of depends on the context. But exchange a few more texts first. You also don’t want to seem eager.” – the more experienced Rachana advised.

The girls talked to Asha’s mom for a couple of hours, until they agreed to meet up, in the local bar. Luckily, they never checked for IDssso the two girls could get in.

“So, we have the date set up.” – Rachana began. – “But, which one of us is going to fuck her. I think we need to devise a plan before we go in.”

“I don’t know. But, I am ready to do it if I have to.” “Me too.”

“Well, then let’s just see how the night goes and see which one of us she wants. Honestly, as long as we get to fuck her, I’m happy.”

The two best friends had never done anything sexual together, so this had the potential to be a little awkward. They talked about relationships and dating but never did anything together. They had known each other for a long time since they were kids and somehow the topic of sex remained taboo between them. Now, in order to get back at Asha, they were forced to confront this topic. One of them was going to sleep with the MILF, they both knew that and agreed that it had to be done but it was also a little awkward. After hanging out a little longer, they both headed home, in order to prepare for the date.



Rachana chose to put on her short, black dress. It was perfect for almost any occasion and her young, athletic figures filled it quite nicely. Tonight, was about seducing Victoria’s mom and nothing was going to stop her. She agreed to meet up with Liza before the bar so that they could both walk in together. Besides that, there was no plan. They were going to rely on their good looks and charm in order to seduce the MILF. After all, she was a lesbian and she was on Tinder, so hooking up was surely her goal. All the girls had to do was play their cards right and one of them was going to bang, their bully’s mom. That would be the sweetest revenge, and, in all fairness, Victoria’s mom was a good-looking mom. Rachana took some time to check out her Facebook profile and was happy with what she saw. The woman took care of herself and looked kind of hot. There was also the fact that she was going to compete with Liza to get her. The girls did not state it implicitly but knew that there was a bit of a competition, in order to see, who was going to get the mom. The more she thought about it, the more excited she got.

The best friends met up in front of the bar and walked in together. They had never actually been inside before, but it was a popular hangout spot for older kids and younger adults. It was fairly seedy, but not too crazy. No one cared to card them, so the 19-year-old walked straight in. Inside, on a table, next to the wall Asha’s mom was sipping a cocktail. She recognized Liza, whom she knew from Tinder, and got up to greet them. The MILF knew that two girls were coming and gave each of them a hug. The best friends sat next to each other, opposite the mom, and immediately started flirting. She had already ordered them two drinks.

“And, you girls are from around here? Weird that I have seen you before.” – the MILF began. – “I’d definitely remember you two.”

“We both left for college a year ago, so we haven’t been around much. But, to be honest, I don’t remember seeing you either.” – Rachana said.

“Well, that’s a shame. I was wondering, what do two pretty college girls like you, want to do with an older woman like me?” – the two looked at each other, not sure how to respond.

“Fuck.” – Liza finally said.

“Wow, someone knows what they want.” – Asha’s mom was taken by surprise by the bluntness of that answer. – “I like girls with an opinion.”

“And what were you looking for, on Tinder?” – Rachana asked.

“Well, someone to fuck. I guess I got lucky and got the both of you.”

Once again, the two friends looked at each other, not sure how to react. They were ready to fuck the MILF, but did they want to do that together? They did not have much time to contemplate. A few minutes into the date the three of them found themselves in the bathroom, ready to fuck.

The best friends were set on pleasuring the older woman, in the end, they figured that both of them fucking her was even better than just one doing it.

They were soon undressing her and playing with her nipples. She looked amazing. Asha’s mom clearly worked out and had a body that could put both of the college girls to shame. Her breasts were equally amazing and better than anything they had experienced before. Liza began licking and sucking on her nipples, while Rachana went in for a kiss on the lips. None of them cared about the noises they were making in the bathroom, by now everyone was into it and too horny to think. In the process of making out, Asha’s mom managed to swiftly undress Liza and Rachana. They were both wearing dresses and it was not particularly hard and the MILF took of their bras with just one hand. She could not believe how easy it was for her to seduce these sexy and young chicks. It did not happen very often in their town. There were not many lesbians and a trio with girls like them was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The fact that they were dead set on pleasuring her, got the MILF soaking wet. The college girls pushed the older woman on the toilet, and she sat on it. Liza switched with her friend and started kissing Asha’s mom’s neck, while Rachana got on her knees. There was no point in waiting or beating around the bush. They were going to fuck her hard and release all of the pent-up frustration they had built up during the years of being bullied by Asha.

Rachana took off the cougar’s panties and tossed them aside, it was finally time for the fucking to start. The two teens were not going to leave before the MILF climaxed. Rachana began rubbing her clit passionately which was followed by a lick along the mature woman’s slit. A wet, slippery tongue, from a sexy, young college girl moved in slow strokes along her pussy. There was something sexy and kinky about the fact that the two best friends were fucking some woman together, in the toilet of a bar. The fact that the woman they were pleasuring was Asha’s mom was even hotter. There was so much moaning and groaning going on it was almost certain that someone could hear them. But no one cared, the three of them were having too much fun. The MILF was very wet by now, a mixture of her own juices and Rachana’s saliva. At the same time, Liza was kissing with the cougar, their tongues rolling over one another. The MILF was not shy and loved exploring the young girl’s petite body. It had been a long time she last fucked a 19-year-old and she had the full intent to make the best of it.

It did not take long for Asha’s mom to start feeling it. She was going to orgasm, in the bathroom stall of some bar. The two young chicks pleasuring her were simply too hot and she could not last any longer, despite her best efforts. Her tights were trembling with each lick from Rachana. Her clit was massaged, and her pussy was pleasured, and the college girls knew what they were doing. Once the orgasm arrived, it was very apparent. Asha’s mom’s back arched and her legs and arms began to jerk uncontrollably. She was almost screaming with pleasure, while Rachana who was working on her pussy and clit, went on for a few more seconds. The best friends were determined to give this MILF the sex of her life. Something she would never forget and by the end of their bathroom threesome they had managed to achieve their goal.



After everything was said and done the two best friends went to Rachana’s house to hang out and talk about the night. It was clear that they both got into it, and it was much more enjoyable to fuck Asha’s mom than they had anticipated. It was the first time they saw each other in such a sexual light, but they were mature enough to deal with that. Their friendship did not suffer, on the contrary, they only got closer together. Now all that was left from their plan, was figuring out what to do with the fact that they had fucked the bully’s mom. Did they call Asha to tell her? Or send her a message?

They did feel a little guilty, like they used the MILF, simply to retaliate against her daughter. There were some moral qualms and the girls needed to figure things out. In the end, Rachana and Liza figured out that the best thing to do was not to tell her, instead they simply lived with that information. There was no need for them to get that low. From now on, every time the bitch came over and said something rude, the two friends just looked at each other and laughed. They knew they had fucked her mother and that information was more than enough.

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