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Sex With My Cousin Sister

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In this story, I’m going to relate an incident with you that I still don’t know how happened, but it just did.

To begin, my name is Ajay, and I am 22 years old, with a light brown complexion and a height of 5’7″. My parents and I live in Ghaziabad.

uncle’s (dad’s eldest brother’s) residence is about 2 kilometers away. He lives there with his family, which includes his wife and their lovely daughter.

When it comes to his daughter, her name is Swati. She is three years my senior. She’s like a lovely meal with a dash of levity sprinkled on top. She is 5’4″ tall and has a fair complexion. I don’t know her actual body measurements because I’ve never asked her or measured her.

By the way, my cousin’s sister is a joyful person by nature, and if you go near her, you may even detect naughtiness in her.

Our relationship was extremely typical, as it is for every cousin brother, and cousin sister. We used to spend a lot of time together, hang out, and talk a lot on WhatsApp.

So far, everything was going as usual for us.

I was still sleeping one morning when I received a call from my cousin’s sister Swati.

Hey, how are you doing?

Swati: I’m fine; how about you?

Me: I’m doing fantastic. What’s the story behind the phone call?

Swati: I was only suggesting that we meet today.

Me: Okay, where is it?

Swati: This is my house. We can have lunch together today because no one else is here.

Me: Okay, I’ll be there. Bye.

Swati: Goodbye.

I got out of bed after hanging up the phone and began my morning ritual. I left my house after approximately an hour, informing my mother that I was heading to my uncle’s place.

When I arrived, I pressed the doorbell and was greeted by my cousin sister Swati. I lost my wits for a split second when I saw her, but that split second was enough for my eyes to adore her beauty. My my, she looked like a fairy had descended on Earth!

I followed her into the house and sat down on the couch. She then sat alongside me and offered me water. We then began to converse. After some time, the conversation turned to booze.

Me: Have you ever tried alcoholic beverages?

Swati (hesitantly): Ummm, not the powerful ones, but I have experienced breeders on multiple occasions. So, how about you?

Me (laughing slightly): I despise these light drinks. These are not genuine alcoholic beverages. You don’t share my sentiments.

Swati: Oh, yes! That’s why I never gave it a shot.

But why, you ask? You really should.

Swati (giggling): I don’t want to make a mistake. That is the reason.

Swati: Oh, Swati! You should not be concerned about this. If something happens, I will be there for you.

I tried to persuade my cousin’s sister, but she refused my offer. I then took her right hand and held it between my two palms, looking her in the eyes and asking her with a demanding face. “Would you refuse to grant your small brother’s wish if he asks you for something?” Hmm?”

She peered into my eyes for a moment, contemplating what she should do. “Only for tonight, my little brother,” she whispered, holding my right cheek with her left hand.

I was bursting with delight after listening to this. I got up from the sofa and asked her to wait until I got something from the garage and left the home.

I brought a half-bottle of whisky, a soda, a cool drink, and something to eat. After completing this, I returned home, where my sister awaited me.

When I got home, I greeted her with a wink and said, “Here, my beloved sister. Let’s start with your first drink of whiskey, brother.”

“Yeah!” she exclaimed, laughing. “This is my first and last glass.”

When I asked her to take a seat, she replied, “I’m going in the bedroom, we’ll have it there.”

She then proceeded to her bedroom. I took two glasses, some ice cubes, and the whisky then went into the bedroom.

My sexy cousin sister was sitting on the bed in the bedroom, her back resting on the wall because the bed was attached to the wall. So I climbed onto the bed, sat next to her, and began to open the whisky bottle.

I poured some whiskey into the glasses, added some soda and ice cubes, and served it to her

She hesitated at first but eventually accepted it. I instructed her to finish the glass right away, which she did while making a face that indicated it was very bitter.

Then I drank my share of drinks, and we went through three rounds of beverages like this.

After that, I emptied the bed of everything and we began conversing. But this time, the conversation was a touch strange.

We were discussing topics we had never discussed before. We were discussing our love lives, our crushes, and other such topics.

My cousin’s sister informed me that she had never had a boyfriend in her entire life, which astonished me.

“Why?” she inquired.

“How come a lovely girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” I asked.

This response caused her face to flush, and she inquired, “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Me: You are the most stunning young lady I have ever seen.

Swati (raises her brow): Your words appear to be flirtatious.

Me (laughing): There will be no flirting with you, my beloved sister. I’m simply telling the truth.

Swati: Then it’s all right. (wink) But you can’t flirt with me since I’m a better player in this game than you are.

Me (smiling): Don’t even try to compete with me in this. I can drive you insane.

Swati: Oh, no! Let’s see what happens.

Me: All right, babe, let’s see how it goes.

Swati (widened eyes): Babe?

Me: Oh, yeah, sweetie! The game begins.

Swati: All right. I’m in.

My left arm was brushing her right arm as I sat opposite her on her right side. Her arm’s skin was feeling quite smooth. I asked her if she had waxed her arm, and she replied yes.

“Full body wax?” I inquired.

My cousin’s sister glanced at me for a few seconds, perplexed, and then simply responded, “yeah.”

“Which body parts are covered by complete body wax?” I inquired again.

Her face flushed when she was asked this question. She didn’t even glance at me and didn’t say anything.

“Baby, I’m going to ask you something,” I said again.

“It’s a girl’s business, sweetie,” she said this time. “Not one of yours.”

But I’d like to know, na?

Ajay, don’t do this. Swati:

Me (with a silly grin): Your brother has a question for you, sweetheart. You should inform him.

Swati (smiles): My younger brother is getting into mischief. What can I do in this situation?

Me: Whatever he wants to know, you should tell him.

Swati (with a smile): ‘Full body’ refers to the entire body. You are well-versed in all aspects of the human body. What do I have to say to you?

Me: I know every aspect of a man’s body, but not a woman’s.

Swati (smiles down): You should not ask this of me, Ajay.

Why do you ask? What is it that you are unable to tell me?

After I asked her a question, she jumped out of bed and said she was going into the kitchen to make lunch.

As she got out of bed, I grabbed her hand from behind and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me about it.” But don’t go any further. Sit next to me, as we were, and don’t destroy these moments.”

My cousin’s sister hesitated a little, but eventually accepted and sat next to me.

We talked for a while longer, and after about ten minutes, she placed her face on my left shoulder and talked some more. I could feel her warm breaths on my neck as I sat there in that position. Those breaths were working their effect on me, as I felt a sensation emerge from within me that I had never felt before.

My heart was racing, my breaths were getting longer, and something was forcing my hand towards my adorable cousin sister.

I took my right hand and placed it on her face, which was resting on my shoulder. She didn’t say anything. We had stopped chatting and were simply enjoying each other’s presence at this point. I started massaging her left cheek, which was on the upper half of her face, with my fingers after about a minute. I was sliding my fingers across her cheek, occasionally touching her earlobe and occasionally caressing the back of her ear.

I could feel my cousin’s sister’s breathing become deeper, longer, and hotter as a result of these actions. She was drawing closer to me, and I began to move my fingers to her lips. I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t hold my hand at the time. I had no idea what was pushing my hand towards her lips.

My thumb was then placed on my cousin’s sister’s top lip. She inhaled deeply. Her lip was as soft as a new rose petal.

Then I ran my thumb across her upper lip, then down to her lower lip. I pressed it slightly with my thumb and index finger. My lovely cousin’s sister kissed my thumb, which was in front of her lips, at this point. Her kiss shot a shockwave through my entire body. My eyes become half-closed to themselves.

At that moment, I was certain she was enjoying my touch as well. As a result, a small amount of hesitancy within me vanished. Now I was considering what to do next.

I then turned my head slightly towards her. Now that her face was undermined, I bowed my head and kissed her on the cheek. My cousin quickly closed her eyes, raised her shoulders, and exhaled deeply. She did not prevent me from doing so.

The heat from our bodies was like a fire, raging inside both of us. That fire was getting hotter by the second. I kept my lips there for a bit, during which she kissed my neck softly.

Now, I felt compelled to act, or else everything would come to an end and never return. I cupped both of my hands in front of her face and looked her in the eyes. My cousin’s sister’s eyes sparkled with delight, and she begged for more. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time in that position. Then, while still holding her face, I rested my brow on hers. We stayed like that for a long time, our breaths blending and my fingers playing with her earlobes.

Her entire body moved with each breath, and she was constantly peering into my eyes. Her lips moved suddenly, and some words came out of her mouth. “I love you, Ajay,” she said. Today is entirely yours.”

I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience while listening to these words. My cousin’s sister was claiming she loved me, but it wasn’t a sister’s love; it was something else.

I immediately spent no time putting my lips on hers and kissing her lightly. Even though we are cousins brother-sisters, she replied and we kissed. Knowing about our relationship made the atmosphere more romantic and lustful at the same time.

I kissed her bottom lip. I held it between my teeth and stretched it as far as I could without hurting her. She then opened her mouth and removed her tongue. I cupped my lips around her tongue and began sucking the juice off it.

We were completely in each other’s mouths and running out of air. But neither of us was ready to break the kiss just yet.

I then grasped her waist, hoisted her, and forced her to sit on my lap, facing me – all while maintaining the kiss.

I snatched the kiss and began licking my cousin’s sister’s neck. She drew her neck back, allowing me more room to lick her neck. My saliva was glistening over her face, and she was moaning, “Aahhhhh!! Aahh!! Mmmmmmm!!!!!”.

I put my hands on her waist and pushed my fingers inside her shirt. My fingers were now on her naked waist. She took my hands and took them out of her top, but I placed them back in.

We resumed our French kiss, and she moved her hands across my chest, touching my chest. I was then massaging her waist and touching her navel with one finger. My cousin’s sister let out a sigh at this, and I realized that this is her weak spot.

I began to press my fingers against her navel. The more I did it, the more out of control she became.

She then interrupted the kiss and moaned uncontrollably. Her moaning was like soft arousing music hitting me full force, “? Ohhhhh!! Mmmmmm! Yeahhhhhh!!?”

My hands began to move upwards inside her top. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, but as soon as my hands got beneath her breasts, she grabbed them with both hands and stopped me from going any farther.

“Not much further, Ajay,” my young cousin remarked softly.

I asked her if I could do this, but she flatly refused. “Please, baby,” I murmured as I looked her in the eyes. I’d like to touch you there. I’d like to feel you. “You already know how much I adore you.”My remarks caused her to lower her gaze, loosen her grip on my hands, and say, “I know you love me, and remember, I love you too.” You are free to touch me wherever you wish.”

I began to move forward after she let go of my hands. I took both of her boobs in my palms and gently pressed them. They felt like I was holding a soft cushion in my palms, but I knew they weren’t cushions, but rather my cousin sister’s boobs, which were making me hornier.

I pressed them a little more, and she closed her eyes tightly and rolled her lips within her mouth. Then I pinched her nipples, rolled them, pushed them, and did anything else I could think of at the time. She was becoming increasingly excited as she began to stretch her entire body backward, arching her back.

I let go of her boobs and removed my hands from her top. I grabbed her top from both sides and began to remove it. “Do you want to do this to your cousin’s sister?” she said. This sentence made me hornier, and I replied “yes” with my eyes only.

She, on the other hand, understood and lifted her arms to assist me. I began pushing her top upwards, and her figure gradually revealed itself in front of my eyes. Her navel, then her abdomen, and finally her magnificent melons bounced on her while she was taking out her top.

I removed her top entirely, and she instantly placed both of her hands on top of her boobs and lowered her face downwards, as if she didn’t want to look me in the eyes.

I grasped her arms and tried to part them, but she wouldn’t let me. “Please, no baby,” I pleaded. Let me have a look at you.”

My cousin’s sister let go of the force as she listened to this. When I opened her arms, there were two luscious melon fruits beneath her arms, waiting for me to devour them. She was not lifting her face and was not smiling much.

My cousin’s sister’s boobs were not particularly enormous, but they were also not particularly little. They were a perfect size, and my gaze was drawn to them for quite some time.

“You are damn lovely, Swati,” I said. God has taken several days to work on you.”

She giggled a little but didn’t say anything in response.

I pulled both of her arms behind her and kept them in position with my left hand while placing my right hand on her left boob. My cousin’s sister closed her eyes and bowed her back.

I began pinching her nipples, and she began moaning furiously, “Yessss…Yesss…”

I then kissed her nipple and began sucking it. I snatched her nipple between my teeth and drew it towards me. She was now out of control. “Ahhhh ahhhh!!” she yelled louder. “Hey, baby!”I sprayed her nipple with saliva and then blew some air on the wet nipple with my mouth. She shook like a fish out of water as a result of this deed. Then I let go of her arms and seized her in both of my arms, lifting her a little and forcing her to lie down on the bed. I took both of her hands and placed them over her head. I kissed her from the top down, beginning with her brow. I kissed my cousin’s sister’s eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, neck, and shoulders, then licked her neck and shoulders.

I then switched my attention to my cousin’s sister’s underarms. I kissed her armpits. I inhaled them. My goodness, these smelled like bliss to me!

I walked slowly towards her boobs. I kissed her both boobs one at a time and then began sucking her right boob. My teeth were biting her nipple, and my right hand was pushing her left boob. Every second, she threw her face from left to right. Her breathing was the heaviest it had been up to that point, and she was moaning the loudest.

I licked both of her boobs one by one for around 10 minutes before moving down to her tummy.

I kissed her stomach, followed by her navel. My cousin’s sister lifted herself and sat as soon as I kissed her navel. Oh my goodness! She was so sensitive on her navel that a kiss was all it took to elevate her.

I pressed my right hand against her chest and pulled her back into the bed. Then I began licking my cousin’s sister’s navel with my tongue and sucked the area around her navel into my mouth.

I stuck my tongue into her navel and began tongue-fucking her there. She was excitedly lifting her back towards me and fondling her boobs with both her hands.

My cousin’s sister had gone insane by this point, and we were both engulfed in the flames of want and lust. We couldn’t go back from where we were at the time.

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