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I and My Best Girl-Friend Samira

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

It was summer last year. Samira, my best friend since our time in kindergarten, and I finally wanted to go on vacation together and decided to go to Africa, more precisely to Mali. Money didn’t matter, because Samira had received the trip from her wealthy parents to the passed Abi and was allowed to take her best friend, that is me. I could never have afforded such a trip alone.

Samira had already had her first experiences with men or rather boys, like most girls in our class, but she didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I was a virgin, however, and there was a reason for that. At first I was shy, clear, and not necessarily the type of girl who turns the boys’ heads. But the real reason was: I don’t like guys. I feel a lot more attracted to girls, and especially Samira. Yes, exactly, for a few months now I have been certain: I have a crush on Samira.

But of course I haven’t found the courage to admit my love to her. Fearing rejection? Perhaps. But now our vacation together was imminent and I was sure that during our time together in Africa there would be an opportunity to reveal myself to her in the hope that she would not reject my feelings for her in the best vacation mood under the African sun.

Right at the beginning of our vacation we signed up for a safari, Samira wanted to see something from the country. I only had eyes for her.

After we were taken to the national park, we were changed to five-seaters. In addition to the driver, a jet-black local, and us, a German couple took a seat in our car. Tatjana and Achim from Cologne, both in their early thirties, very sociable and really personable. We did a lot with the two of them.

On the first evening after the safari, we visited the two at their hotel at Samira’s urging. After a delicious dinner, Achim suggested that we could have a drink together in her hotel room. I would rather go back to our hotel alone with Samira, but without asking me she immediately agreed. When we had taken a seat in the hotel room of the two, I noticed the strange look Achim Tatjana gave. Was I wrong?

I was sure that Tatjana had smiled and nodded to her husband, but I couldn’t make sense of it. Not yet.

Achim was already at my side.? Hey, are you all right? You look so funny !? I quickly regained my composure. Must have been due to alcohol? In response, Achim poured us more.

“Samira, would you like to dance?” The radio was hot rhythms and I just wanted to go home to our hotel room. But Samira jumped up enthusiastically and started to swear through the hotel room with Achim. At first it was a bit stiff, but for me it was Obviously Achim was drawing my Samira closer and closer as I danced bit by bit, and soon no sheet of paper would have fit between the dancing bodies. Both Achim and Tatiana were flirting with Samira.

Both were very funny and relaxed and played all of their experience towards us young chickens. Samira just giggled to herself as she floated across the room in Achim’s arms. In order not to stare too clearly at Samira and Achim during their dance with physical contact, I looked a little helplessly at Tatjana. When I looked back at the two dancers, I immediately noticed that Achim’s shirt buttons were suddenly no longer closed, except for the bottom two. Samira’s top was pulled down so far that even I could see her full breast flashing while sitting. I don’t want to be mean, but I felt as if Achim hardly looked in Samira’s face.

There! Did I fall in love? Achim’s hand was on her chest just before he turned with her. And now his paw is unabashedly resting on Samira’s shapely bottom. I got hot and cold, she didn’t stop it, on the contrary, her beam seemed to say “I like that!” The guy was more than 10 years older than us, married, and fondled my Samira in front of his wife’s eyes. And mine !

tears came into my eyes. Before anyone noticed something, I retreated into the toilet. When I had caught me again and came back, I could not believe my eyes.

Samira sat on Achim’s lap, he had slid under her top his hands .

I stood there rooted, nobody looked at me. Samira just opened Achim’s last shirt buttons and exposed his chest. Her mini skirt was no longer protective. Between her panties and Achim’s penis there was only the fabric of his jeans.

Shortly thereafter, Samira was framed by the two on the bed, Tatiana alternately sucked on Samira’s left, then on her right nipple, both nipples had straightened up hard, while Samira’s hands tenderly dug into Tatjana’s lion’s mane. Samira looked into my face, her skin already seemed to glow.

“Watch how I let an experienced couple eat me, honey!” “No Samira, I …”

“Don’t move from the spot! You like to watch, don’t you? “Samira turned back to Armin and gave him a long, moist kiss on the tongue while Tatiana continued to work on her nipples.

Then I went black. If someone had poured something into my drink?

When I woke up I was lying on my back on the bed, Tatjana licked my Kitty and fucked me with her fingers. Samira and Achim stood in the door frame. I gasped gently under Tatjana’s touch and licked my lips. How I wish it was Samira who spoiled me. Why didn’t I just ask her in my arms? I did not dare. For a short while I wondered if it touched her just as much, just as cool to watch another woman lick and finger me. But it seemed to leave her cold or amusing. She just stood there and giggled, leaning against Achim’s strong body, while his sperm ran down the inside of her thighs.

In spite of my jealousy, I couldn’t help but loll over Achim and Tatjana’s hotel bed. Achim and Samira now sat next to us on the double bed, Achim kneeling in front of Samira’s face.

Samira started to work with her hand right next to me Achims from her cunt juice and his cum shiny tail. In the meantime, she kept looking at me with a grin, which kept fueling me. After some time of handwork, Samira began to let the tip of her tongue wander over Achim’s tail, first carefully, then increasingly wildly. Samira’s lips, which I longed to touch, closed around Achim’s thick tip of the tail and Samira started to blow his smeared part hard again.

All the while, Tatiana hadn’t stopped fucking me with her fingers without touching my hymen. I gasped. I had started subconsciously stroking my breasts. I had to watch Achim open Samira’s thigh and gradually press the full length of his cock into her wet cleft. Samira gasped violently and looked deep into my eyes. I couldn’t hold her gaze for long. Achim fucked my Samira with strong deep thrusts. With every push, Samira gasped louder and the bed shook so much that I could almost feel Achim’s push myself. Tatjana had separated from me and left me horny but unsatisfied. She crouched over Samira’s face and let her lick her pussy while Samira let Achim fuck her.

Suddenly Achim stopped his thrusts. He turned Samira around, who was now kneeling on the hotel bed next to me and stretching her firm butt toward the much older man.

Achim knelt behind Samira and pressed his hard cock from behind into her cunt. Samira gasped again. Achim was very well stocked, as far as I could tell, inexperienced as I was. However, he obviously gave Samira great pleasure. Achim rammed her from behind and Tatiana had started massaging Samira’s big tits. Tatiana kneeled shortly before Samira’s head, which enabled her to lick the older woman’s cunt. During all the fucking of the three I rubbed my swollen lust pearl and was just about to peak. Achim now fucks my tender Samira vigorously, quickly and mercilessly. My best friend had stopped panting, her noises had almost become a screech.

I sincerely hoped that the hotel staff or other guests would not immediately demand that the night’s sleep be kept.

As soon as this thought shot into my head, there was a knock on the door to the hotel suite. But I seemed to be the only one who heard the knock, at least Achim didn’t stop pounding Samira, who came screaming shortly after, so loud that you could definitely hear her in the entire hotel complex. The knock continued unabated, yes it got louder, combined with the request to open the door, please.

Finally Tatiana put on a white bathrobe and opened the door. We could hear the conversation from the bed. Obviously, it was a hotel employee who asked to be a little quieter, after all there were hotel guests who wanted to sleep at this time. I almost had a heart attack when Tatyana asked the gentleman in instead of getting rid of him at the door as quickly as possible. A tall local in the uniform of the hotel staff suddenly stood in front of the double bed and the rapidly growing bulge of his uniform trousers made it clear that the situation he found here did not leave him at all cold.

Grinning wickedly, Samira looked back and forth between me and the black man’s trousers. I would never have believed what would happen then!

Samira said something to Achim that I couldn’t really understand. Then Achim spoke to the hotel employee in an unknown language. The result was that the black man leaned over me grinning and pulling on my right nipple. His touch struck me like a blow. “No, what falls …” I gasped.

He started to suck my nipples cravingly as his long black fingers trailed down my stomach. He stuck a finger into my cunt, still wet with Tatjana’s treatment, and began to rub over my lust bud. “Ohhhh mmhhhh, Samira, do something, oohhhh ?!”

And Samira did something. She dropped to her knees in front of the stranger and freed his black handle from the trousers of the hotel uniform. Full of anticipation, she wrapped her lips around him, let her tongue wander over the tip of his tail, and looked at him expectantly.

The black hotel guy started licking my cunt. He drank my cunt juice, I twisted back and forth in the struggle of my opposing feelings. When he worked my delicate bud with his white teeth, I shrieked. I could hardly believe what words Samira uttered hoarsely with excitement: “Go on, make her a woman at last, so that she stops staring at me so greedily! I’m not a fucking lesbian!”

“No!!!!” I screech again when he hit my pearl with his fat tube and Samira pressed my shoulders onto the hotel bed before he was the first man to press his hard cock into me. “Aaahh !!! No Samira, please, I …”

Then he tore my hymen. I screamed, screeched, groaned. He fucked and fucked. I couldn’t deny that after a while, well, it wasn’t too bad. Yes damn, it was cool, even though my blood was running out of me and Samira knows that I didn’t use contraception! So far I haven’t had to!

“Please Samira, he should pull him out first, please !!!”

“Yes, show it to our little Miss Touch-Me-Not! Pull her through Jamal, remember, double tip!” With these words Jamal pulled his cock out of my cunt and sprayed. He shot all his bag cream on my breasts, where Tatjana rubbed her fingers with a giggle.

I breathed a sigh of relief. The vacation was far from over. The End.

In the next story, I will share you another story named Friend’s Husband

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