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Bathroom Sex With Hot MILF Neighbour in Mumbai


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Let me introduce you to my next-door neighbor. Riya is 39 years old and is affectionately known as ‘Riya aunty’ in our community. She works as an IT engineer for a multinational corporation. The measurements of her vitals are 34-32-38. Her ass is her most enticing asset, in my opinion.

This year, she lost her husband to Covid, which was a heartbreaking period for her family. This was the period when we considered assisting her. As a result, my mother began to babysit her child. I used to assist my gorgeous milf neighbor with shopping and monthly groceries, among other things. She also used to come to our house to talk with mum. She used to cry when she thought about her loss, and I used to comfort her. Our friendship became stronger as the days and months went by. My next-door neighbor aunty began to speak to me more openly than before. My unintentional touches began to become intentional. Brushing her boobs and ass had become a habit, and she didn’t mind. She used to give a wry smile and that was it – a hint that she needed a lot of caressing.

My mother had made veg pulav one day and instructed me to give a portion to Riya aunty. I noticed her child stepping out to play while leaving the door open. I simply walked in and called Riya aunty. I could hear the door unlatching and the splashing of water. I simply took a step forward toward the restroom. The door had been purposely left open.

For the first time, I was astounded to see my next-door milf aunty fully naked, facing her back! She had a lovely body and a round, plump ass. Water was dripping from her asshole, and I could see it.

I went into the bathroom and grabbed Riya’s aunty and her ass from behind, and she said, “I knew you’d come in.” I was in seventh heaven, thinking to myself, ‘Who wouldn’t?’

I grabbed my widowed neighbor milf’s boobs and kissed her passionately at the same time. I pressed firmly on her melons, and she moaned, “AHHHH…Daksh… Mmmm… Oooooo..”

For almost ten minutes, we were in this position. When I heard her moan, I moved my active hands towards her pussy. I began rubbing my neighbor aunty’s pussy, and that was the end of it. As my actions became more aggressive, she became unmanageable.

We were kissing all the time, which got her completely turned on. I forced her to turn towards me. I sucked her nipples and began squeezing them firmly with my teeth to excite her nipples. I descended to suck her pussy.

My milf neighbor knelt so I could massage her boobs and suck her pussy at the same time. She was touching her hair and yelling, “Fuck me now!” But I still wanted to tease her a little more. I was massaging her pussy with my stubble shave when I began to deep-finger fuck her! Riya aunty began shaking her ass in ecstasy.

She lifted her legs so I could have a good look at her pussy. I began to surround my finger within the pussy’s walls. I began encircling her and gradually increasing my speed, and she went insane as a result. She began scratching her back on the restroom wall.


Bathroom Sex


I was sucking her pussy while trying to make eye contact with her. My next-door neighbor was pressing her boobs on her own, moaning and pleading with me to penetrate her.

“Baby aur nahi hore mujse control..plz fuck me.”

I could taste a different flavor of cum seeping out after a few minutes of finger fucking and stroking. “Ahhh, Daksh… You’re fantastic. “Please fuck me now…please,” she begged. But I knew this was just the start.

Now I’m including more fingers into this act. I slid my left-hand middle finger inside my milf neighbor aunty’s asshole. I encircled her pussy with my right-hand middle finger and rubbed her pussys with my stubble beard and mouth.

All of the motion was happening at the same time, and her cum was seeping out, which made me want to fuck her. I was still eating her pussy and tasting her sperm.

“Bas, Daksh, please.” Ho jau ab khade. I don’t have any more power.”

I stood up, and out of nowhere, she grabbed my dick. The sexy milf next door knelt and sucked my 6.5-inch cock. She began spitting on my dick and sucking like a professional. She was scrutinizing my expressions in the same manner that I was. She began caressing my dick several times. My dick was completely erect and ready to drill her from within.

Suddenly, my mother began calling me, and I had to break the spell! Riya aunty took a few seconds to come to her wits, and we were both left unsatisfied with a terrible expression on our faces.”Let’s make the main course unique, not now, but later,” I said quietly. She kissed my cheeks, exited her restroom, and dressed in her clothing. My mother was calling for me, and she had to lie and tell her that he hadn’t arrived. Since then, things have taken a new direction. She began to visit my house regularly, and the story progresses with more kinkiness, seductions, sex positions, and even ass fuck.It wasn’t only about regaining her mojo but also about redefining the term “sex” in general. Due to privacy concerns, I respectfully request that no photos be requested. One of the most valuable things in my opinion is gaining a woman’s trust. I’m not the type of man that will undoubtedly break it. Bring your creativity to the forefront and let your mind take care of the rest!

I’m excited to share the next chapter of the narrative with you.

Hearing my mother’s voice, I crept out of Riya’s aunt’s house and joined my companions in the society grounds. When I returned home, my mother began grilling me with a slew of questions. For obvious reasons, I had to lie about it.

Days went by. Due to the presence of my mother and her child, we were unable to conduct our private sessions. We were constantly messaging and sexting on WhatsApp, seeing each other naked, and stimulating our genitals. Frustration was starting to sneak up on me. I had a lovely neighbor next door who invited me to fuck but I couldn’t do it. I was on the lookout for any opportunity to fuck my lovely neighbor. My door was unlocked. I kept a close check on my aunt Riya’s door. After a few minutes, I was relieved to see her son, Riyan, outside playing. I just said hello to Riyan, and he walked away. My mother was in the kitchen.


I shut my door and informed my mother that I was going to my friend’s place. Her door was unlocked. I crept entered her flat, quietly closing the door behind me. My gaze was drawn to Riya aunty as I entered her flat. I went into the kitchen, where she was busily cleaning kitchenware. She was dressed casually in a loose blouse and shorts. I grabbed her boobs from behind. She uttered a hoarse sigh. “I missed you,” I said quietly to her. “I’d been feeling you inside since morning,” she said. I was sensing her boobs from her top and pressed hard on them. I slid both of my hands inside her top, directly touching her boobs because she wasn’t wearing a bra. I completely removed her top to squeeze both of her melons, fusing them to bring them together. We kissed fiercely as she turned her face to the right. She leaned back slightly into me, her left hand caressing my back hairs and her right hand massaging my dick over the shorts. Our kiss was exceedingly private, with our tongues locked as deeply inside as we could. I started biting her lower lips, and she was responding to the kiss wonderfully. We kissed for 7 minutes, and I was slowly stroking her boobs the entire time. I broke the kiss and kissed her neck. Those kisses around the neck send thrills up and down the body. One of the most sensitive areas of the body is the neck and groin. I lowered the strength of my forceful pressing to soft touches for the time being. I was softly running my fingers across her boobs.

I lightly grazed her nipples with ice crystals from her refrigerator. My fingers on her boobs, combined with an ice cube, and my soft kisses around her neck and crotch area, had her howling with delight. I began blowing hot air around her neck, giving her chills all over her body.


I could sense them. She put her right hand directly inside my underpants, thoroughly feeling my dick. She started stroking me slowly. I was still not immediately touching her nipples. I was encircling her nipples and concentrating simply on her breast. Her nipples become overly erect.

I started pinching her nipples and softly twisting them. Using my index finger, I gently pressed the nipple. To make it harder, I rubbed the breasts in a circular motion. I had her turn towards me and began sucking on one of her nipples while resting my hand on the other breast and caressing it well. I slid a few of my teeth through her nipples. I was swapping boobs and doing reciprocal movements with the other boobs as well. She was becoming more sensitive, which made the deed more enjoyable for her. My erotic skills were driving her insane.

I was constantly making eye contact and experiencing it, while she had her eyes closed and biting her lips. I gradually slid my right hand inside her panty. The panty was already wet with sperm, and it was clear that nipple sexual techniques had soaked the entire panty.

I could feel the bush on her pussy, which I had asked her not to shave. I got down on my knees and cleared the bush. The perfume of the bush was driving me insane. I was searching for the delicious place that all guys seek within the bush. I drew her pussy lips apart. I could detect the pussy’s lovely inner and outer lips. I began by gently brushing her inner lips in a circular manner around the pussy with my two fingers. I caressed around her pussy, gradually increasing my pace. I was constantly observing her facial expressions. She was frantically pinching her nipples and cupping her boobs by herself, attempting to lick her nipples. I utilized the same method I did for nipple stimulation. I was constantly encircling and caressing her pussy, but without touching it.


I used gently back and forth motions, as well as little circular motions, around her pussy. I began tapping gently at first. My gradual tapping on her pussy gave her tiny groans, and her emotions changed. I forced her to stand on the kitchen platform. She opened her legs further, allowing me full access to her pussy. I began licking her pussy and then circled her pussy with my fingers. Her moaning became more intense after only a few licks on her pussy.

To please her, I began to blend the action of my fingers and tongue. “You make me drenched. Don’t give up. Please keep going until I don’t slide down.” These words drove me insane. I inserted her pussy with my fingers. I began by rubbing three fingers back and forth while also stimulating her pussy with my tongue. I was looking for her G-spot. Finding the appropriate G-spot can be difficult at times and varies from woman to woman. I wrapped my fingers around the vaginal walls. I searched for a few minutes to find it, and eventually, I was able to hit it. Her facial expressions shifted. “Right there, sweetie, don’t leave that area,” she said, panting for air. “You irritate me.”Her voice was now echoing throughout the room. I made an effort to stimulate her G-spot (the most enjoyable portion of a woman) more frequently. When I saw her go wild, I started speaking foul. “I’d like to sample your cum. I was missing your body terribly. “Cucumber over me.”Hearing my remarks, she exclaimed joyfully, “I need your dick straight inside.” As she said this, she took off my shorts, softly stroking my dick over the underpants. With the foreplay, my dick was already erect. “What should I do to you, baby?” she said as she removed my briefs, holding my dick in her fingers. I responded with a flawless blowjob that could blow me out of proportion. She began kissing my groin and crotch, gently caressing my balls with her tongue. She tickled my testicles with her fingertips and kissed the tip of my dick. She pushed the foreskin back and began to deepen her throat, nearly drowning herself.

She began stroking my dick, quickly assessing my facial reactions. The lubrication from the cum and her saliva was enough to make me stroke it harder. She was sucking it with zeal, twisting her fingers off the dick and squeezing it into her mouth like a pornstar.

My tool was fully erect at around 6.2 in. She asked me to fuck her right now. “Enough of it, Daksh.” But I didn’t pay attention to her. I realized I hadn’t touched her most gorgeous feature, her enormous ass. I abruptly turned her back, forcing her to lean into the kitchen platform. I had a clear view of both holes since she kept her right leg on the platform. I began kissing her armpits and back, gradually progressing to her ass cheeks. I bit her ass cheeks and kissed her entire ass. I parted her ass cheeks before inserting my tongue into her hole. I was squeezing my tongue into her pussy. I inserted a few drops of coconut oil into her asshole.

I began with one finger and gradually increased to three fingers as the oil worked its magic. Her hole swelled in size after only a few minutes of finger fucking. I spat inside the hole, further lubricating it. I now finger fucked her pussy with my right hand.

My left-hand fingers were inserting themselves into the anus opening. I used both of my hands to hit her G-spot and the pleasure point of her anus hole perfectly. I began to speed up the finger fucking of both her pleasure centers. I was also biting her pussy in tandem with my lips.

With three stimuli, she was moaning in delight. She began to bounce her ass in excitement, becoming more in tune with each moan. I picked up the speed a notch.

“This is the nicest sensation ever, boy,” she exclaimed as she gasped for air. Fuck you. I’m drenched to the skin. Please do not tease me right now. Put your dick in there. Make me your babe. My cunt is wet, and I’m about to burst.”




Her moans were echoing, but I wasn’t going to stop. She had an orgasm and exploded all over my face within minutes. She was now exhaling heavily. She was taking her time coming to terms with what had just happened.

She knelt, squeezing her boobs, and began to massage my dick in between her boobs. She began to massage it with her cupped boobs. She was ratcheting up her tit fuck. My dick was feeling the strain. I grabbed her hair and drew her towards me, encouraging her for a hot and searing kiss. She was fucking me as quickly as she could. I gushed a lot of cum, and she asked me to put it all in her mouth. We simply sat on the floor. She and I kissed as we slumped on my top. She could sense my heartbeat. Out of desire, I gripped both her ass cheeks and separated and played with them.

“I want your ass first,” I said quietly. There was something about her ass that made her very appealing for sex. “Fuck me there, first,” she murmured in a lewd tone. Someone started hammering on her door as we were getting set for a fuck now. Out of terror, she made her way to the bathroom, collecting up all of her clothes.

I dressed up and peered through the peephole to see if it was my mother. I opened the door to see Riyan standing there. I snatched him up quickly, knowing that if Mom found me in her apartment, it would be a serious problem. I’ll continue with the section of the story where the widow Milf opened up after I sprayed her with sperm. The final section will involve a lot of fucking sessions, both detailed and anal.

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