Banged on Wedding Night


My Husband banged me on Wedding Night

Hey friends. My name is Rashi. This is my wedding night sex story. My husband’s name is Vivek. We are happily married for 2 years now.

We live in a village and our livelihood is farming and livestock.

I am 26 years old, have a chubby and curvy body.

Many people in the village wanted to marry me due to my hot figure, but I always liked Vivek.

I could see that he had a thing for me too.

He often stared at me and I enjoyed teasing him.

He approached me two years ago and asked for marriage straight.

My happiness knew no boundaries as it was the wish of my heart. I talked to my parents and after a lot of persuasions, they finally agreed.

Vivek is a muscular guy. He is 6’2. I had often seen him working hard in the fields. I always wanted this guy.

We married and then came the night of my dreams.

I was so excited. I wore a red hot saree with a deep cleavage cut and gold jewelry. My hot whitish brown skin was aligning beautifully with my red saree and jewelry.

I was wearing a red sizzling bikini underneath.

I reached his home after bidai and was directed towards a room.

As I entered, I found myself standing in a room full of flowers.

Everything was decorated with flowers. I couldn’t even see the floor. My bed was also full of flower petals. His sisters and cousins accompanied me for some time and started asking questions. I was trying to remember their names but I was so nervous.

After some time, Vivek entered the room with his mother and we fulfilled different traditions.

A ring was placed in a tub and we both were asked to find it.

We both were trying when his hand met mine.

A wave of current passed my spine. This was our first touch and it felt the rightest thing in the world.

He immediately started caressing my hand. I was so nervous and he was enjoying it. I tried to get away but he kept on holding my hand.

He then out of nowhere found the ring and his family started cheering for him.

He winked at me and I just smiled.

After dinner, I was escorted to my room and then everybody left except his bhabhi. She started asking me about my hobbies and interests. She made me comfortable before addressing the main issue.

She then said,

“What do you know about sex?”

I was stunned at her openness and found at that very moment about the bride’s counseling.

She was making sure that I knew what I was going to face.

“I have read about sex and I know what it is.”

I told her.

“Reading about sex and experiencing it are two different things Rashi” She replied.

“Ummmm yes I know,” I replied.

“No, you don’t.” She continued.

“This is your first time and you have no idea what you are going to face.” She was concerned.

“Then tell me bhabhi.” I was curious. Bhabhi took it seriously and said.

”This is your first time and it will hurt, but you will also feel pleasure. So I want you to focus on the pleasure and forget about the pain. Give pleasure to your man, and don’t act shy the whole night. A man also wants the spark in return. And don’t mind if he fucks you hard. Enjoy it with him.”

I was stunned at her words. Of course, I knew all this but her elaboration was making me even hornier. I was soo ready to be fucked and plowed hard by the man of my dreams.

She then handed me a piece of cloth and left.

I was finally at peace now and waiting patiently for my man.

I was wet even at that time. I wanted him to come soon.

I was getting restless now and then I saw the door opening and Vivek entering the room with two glasses of milk in his hands.

“Hey. Sweetheart!” He said to me very casually.

I just smiled.

His muscles were flexing from his white kurta.

He was a hulk, so powerful and majestic to watch.

I could sense the testosterone waving in the air.

I was assuming his cock size now. I was lost in my mad imagination when he handed me a gift.

“This is for you my wife.” He said to me.

I smiled again and took it from him.

“Thank you, my love,” I replied as I open it to be a ring.

It was a gold ring. He then kissed me on my forehead and handed me a glass of milk. I took it but I was never fond of milk.

“Aren’t you taking it?” He inquired.

“No, I just…..” I was finding the words when he hit back.

“Awww, why will you need milk? You have two factories of milk.” He said as he stared down at my cleavage.

He was looking at my cleavage and I wanted him to just attack it.

He paused and took the milk from me and started drinking it.

The milk was overflowing from his mouth and he was gulping.

He drank it and placed the other on the side table.

He then entered the washroom.

I was furious at him now. I wanted him to fuck me now and he was just ignoring my desires.

But I soon found out when he came outside wearing only a silk lungi and a golden chain around his broad neck.

His dark nipples over his cleanly shaved brown body were glowing. He came to me and make me stand on the floor from the bed.

He took me up in his arms and went straight to the dressing table.

“Let’s check my prize baby.” He said to me looking in the mirror.

I was standing in front of a dressing table with my husband standing on my back. He entered his hands around my navel on my naked skin.

His warm hands made me tremble a little. He started caressing my back and belly.

I was watching his lost face me in the mirror.

He put his lips on my shoulders and kissed me.

His hands were roaming over my belly and his grip from the back was becoming stronger and stronger.

My fat gaand was rubbing against his shaft and I was feeling something very hard.

I was lost in the feeling and he put my pallu on the ground.

My deep cleavage and naked navel were visible to him in the mirror and his mouth was open by looking at me.

My neck was decorated with a gold set and jewelry was hanging all over from me.

He started opening the bands of my blouse and started kissing on my back. His lips were licking me from the back.

He then took off my blouse and kissed me on my shoulders leading to kissing on my neck.

His hot breathing was sending waves of warm air on my neck and I was getting crazy.

My red bra was in sight in the mirror now and his hands started reaching out to them.

He grabbed both of my boobs in his hands and started caressing and rubbing on them. He then pinched them before leaving them.

He then unfolded my remaining saree and I was standing in the mirror in only my bikini and jewelry.

I was shining with the contrasting light of my body and gold.

My white skin was shining more due to gold.

I was looking like a goddess and my husband was holding me from the belly standing on my back with his long shaft ready to sink me.


He turned me around and our lips met instantly like they were dying for each other for a long time. We started kissing each other. Our tongues were intermingling and our mouths were wet.

He was licking on my lips and I was responding wildly.

He then grabbed me from the booty and took me closer.

His hands explored my fat gaand. He couldn’t just get enough of it.

He even took his hands inside my thong and rubbed my butt.

I was getting so horny by now.

I kissed on his neck and chest and made smaller and wilder licks.

He took me in his arms and went straight to bed.

He dropped me at the bed and came over to me.

His kisses started from my forehead and started traveling in the lower direction.

He kissed and licked on my neck and chest.

His hands were going all over me and his tongue was busy tasting my cleavage.


I fully excited took off my bra for him.

His eyes were locked on my brownish nipples as they were now free of any cloth and extended way beyond his lips were.

He took my left nipple in his mouth and started feeding on it.

He was like having tons of sweet milk from there.

He kept sucking it like a mad man. He even gave me a bite.

I moaned with pain.

His monster had come outside and he was having his bride now.

He kept sucking and sucking on my nipple and I was getting horny ad horny.

He then left it and sucked the other. My big boobs having a nipple tip were deep in his mouth.

His mouth was full of my purest flesh as it could contain.

He then moved to my belly and started making love to me. His tongue was traveling round and round on my belly and I was getting excited as hell.

I was laughing and moaning at the same time.

He licked my belly for half an hour and after that moved near to my thighs.

He was kissing on my upper thighs and I couldn’t take it.

I arched back to him and again placed his head on my chest and he again started licking my chest and breasts.

My skin was blushing and he also left marks on both of my boobies.

His long shaft had gone full active by now and was rubbing on my belly.

His breathing had increased.

I opened the knot of his lung and let it loose.

His silk satin quickly came away and he was on me fully naked.

I peaked at his cock rubbing at my belly and it was huge covering all of my bellies.

I was worried now. “His long cock will tear apart my virgin pussy” I told to myself.

He grabbed my panties and took them off.

My shaven pussy also joined the action.

He entered his fingers first to check the status and had his two fingers into me now.

He was moving them in and out and I was just dying.


He lifted my legs upward and looked quietly at my pussy.

My eyes couldn’t meet his eyes.

He was checking what he had gotten and he seemed happy. He came near to my pussy and kissed on my wet bossom.

I had become wild and forgotten the boundaries.

I grabbed him from his head and started moving him closer.

His tongue was doing the magic.

He was tasting my pussy and was enjoying it.

He was lost in my pussy now.

I couldn’t take it anymore so got up and grabbed his long cock.

It was so long and my hands were not able to cover it.

I moved towards his shaft and took it in my mouth.

I started giving him a blowjob and he started putting his cock deeper.

He was holding my hair in one hand.

My mouth was barely holding the tip in.

But he was so excited that his eyes were closed and his face had billions of feelings on it.

He then lay me down straight and lift my legs upward.

I was about to be fucked by this huge cock.

He entered his long cock inside me and the sound of it going in made me look at our lock.

His long cock had entered my vagina and my pussy lips were trying to expand. I had started feeling pain.

He stopped and as I looked the tip of his cock was covered in blood.

My seal had broken and I was officially a woman now.

He was breathing hard and his cock was jumping.

I went to the washroom and cleaned my pussy.

We kept cuddling after that and he asked me if I was okay with sex now.

I gave him a green signal and he again came on top of me.

Lifted my legs and went straight in.

My pussy was kind of welcoming him now. My pussy lips were expanding accordingly and his cock was going deep inside me.

He locked his lips on my neck now and was doing it in missionary.

I was grabbing him from his ass and he was dancing like a devil.

My Vivek was finally fucking my hungry pussy and I was getting wild.

I inserted my nails on his ass and left the marks.

He was so lost that didn’t even flinch.

My pussy was overflowing with fluids now and I was crying like a child.

Our new bed was making noises and I could hear the people laughing outside, but that turned me on more.

He then asked me to be in a doggy position and I quickly followed.

He slowly entered from behind and I made a low moan.

He was spanking my booty now.

His long cock was again in now and he was thrusting in and out. I came right there and wanted him to stop but my animal had just started. I came, came and came but he wasn’t having it.

He kept drilling me. My jewelry was making noises, my Kangana was colliding and my boobs were swaying in the air.

Vivek then firmly grabbed my pussy and came inside me.

He delivered hot loads of cum inside me and filled my pussy.

We were so exhausted and cuddled for some time. He then took my jewelry off and we slept kissing each other.

I can’t forget my first time. Can you?


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