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Life is in the restaurant business isn’t for everyone. It is stressful, the hours are long, and the pay is low. Liza loved it, however. She was the manager of a fancy New York restaurant, and she ruled it with an iron fist. The prices, per head, reached a couple of hundred dollars and the clients expected a certain amount of class. It was her job to make sure that everything ran smoothly. She welcomed people in the restaurant and seated them, she instructed and constantly supervised the waiters and was the only person that could talk some sense into the chef. Liza was older than most of the other people working in the restaurant, but she had more energy than her young waiters, bartenders, and busboys. At this point, she had accepted that this was going to be her career.

Of course, like most people in the business, she dreamed of saving up money and opening her restaurant one day, but as she got older and more mature, realized that it would probably be smarter to save the money for retirement. She was there every day and could see the stress and uncertainty a restaurant was faced with. The owner didn’t come by very often, but whenever he did, it was apparent that it wasn’t easy on him. There was constantly something going wrong, staff quitting, customers complaining, or some new government regulation that made everything more expensive for him. It was a tough business, and most people failed at it. Being a restaurant manager was extremely hard in itself.

“Ok, can everyone gather around?” – Liza assembled her staff. – “We have a big banquet tomorrow, as all of you should know. What that means is that you all need to show up on time and be ready to work hard. We do need all of the hands-on deck.”

“I had my day off tomorrow. We scheduled it a few weeks ago.” – one of the waiters said.


“Yeah, but I didn’t know that we would have this banquet then, so pick another date. Maybe the day after tomorrow, I don’t care, I need you tomorrow.” – Liza did need everyone. – “Now, the chef is making the specials that will be served tomorrow, I want you all to taste them, and be ready to describe it well to the guests. If you have any questions about how something was cooked, ask the chef. It is 300 dollars a person, so I expect everyone to be at their A-game.”


There wasn’t much more Liza could tell her waiters and bartenders. They were well trained and had experience and should have known all of that stuff, and yet she was sure that problems would arise. It was simply how it worked in the hospitality business, you had to work with people, so things went wrong all of the time. Either the customers would be dicks, or the waiters would fuck-up, or worst of all, the kitchen would mess up. A lot could go wrong, and something most certainly was going to go wrong, but it was just how things worked. A good restaurant manager knew how to handle the situation properly.

“Hi, I need to tell you something.” – one of the new waitresses approached Liza.

“What?” – she didn’t know the new girl too well, but it was obvious from the look on her face that she had messed something up.

“The couple at table 5, ordered the lunch menu, but I brought them different starters. They are eating them, so I don’t think they noticed.”

“God, how do you mess that up? They do look fine with it, but it is still a mistake on your end. If something like that happens tomorrow, I swear to god, I will fire you at the spot.” – Liza was stern to her waiters, especially the new ones.

“I promise, it was the first and last time.” – the young girl said. “Just get out of my sight and pay more attention.”

Small things like that went wrong all of the time. Waiters were often inexperienced, due to the high turnaround in the industry. Girls like the one that had just messed up the order showed up and then left in a few months, constantly. The truth was that the job was intense, the pay wasn’t the best and people often got disillusioned by working in the restaurant. Liza couldn’t relate, however. She had never actually been a waiter and got her job through connections, she didn’t know what it was like to be a waitress, but figured it wasn’t too complicated. She was good at managing, that involved things like shifts and reservations and well-fixing issues with the staff. It wasn’t up to her to do the actual serving. As she was running over everything regarding tomorrow’s banquet, the waiter that needed a day off approached her.

“Hey, I just wanted to talk to you in private. The thing is, I really can’t come tomorrow.”

“I understand, but we need you, just make it happen.”

“No, you don’t get it. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday and I have to go, I already promised her. She is going to break up with me, so I can’t come.” – he said.

“Oh, c’mon. Just wait another day, then take her out. Listen, if you don’t show up tomorrow, you are fired. I need everyone.”

“That’s not fair. I asked you in advance, and now you are going to fire me? Don’t you have significant other, or something, don’t you understand? If I am going to be treated this way, I don’t want to work here. It is a waiter job anyway.”

The guy stormed off the restaurant. It was the last thing Liza needed today, more drama. The banquet was already overcrowded, and the service was going to be hell, and now this. During the entire evening, she was trying to figure out a way to fix the situation. She called previous waiters, friends, and companies that outsourced hospitality for events, but everyone was busy or didn’t want to do it. By the end of the night, on her way home, she had exhausted all of her options. There was nothing Liza could do, but one thing, be a waiter herself. That thought bummed her out, she took pride in never having done that, but it was the only way. When she got home, there was only one thing on her mind, she needed to take all of the stress off her mind.

As soon as she arrived home, Liza jumped on the bed and slid her pants right off. After that, the restaurant manager took off her panties and tossed them on the floor. Her pussy was out into the open and she could finally have some fun, after the stressful day she had had. She wasn’t shaved, but she was neatly trimmed, her vagina looked beautiful. Liza was very wet. Her moisture glistened as she began rubbing her slit vigorously. Something about a bad day at work just turned her on, she liked it hard. She was starting to get red in the face.

She didn’t even bother to set up the scene, play some music, or get comfortable. After a bad day, all that Liza wanted was to get fucked hard, but no one could do that for her. She was single and had been for a while. It was a shame for a sexy, horny, and gorgeous woman like her to be alone, but it was her reality. All that she could do to alleviate the stress, was to fuck herself.

Liza was getting sweaty now. She was working hard. With her free hand, she began unbuttoning her short shirt. In a few seconds she was naked, her large tits exposed. The breasts bounced as she rubbed herself. Her hard nipples poked out straight.

Now both hands went to work on her pussy, one working inside, the other on her clit. All of the anger, all of the frustration, it had to go somewhere. Liza needed to orgasm, and she was feeling it, creeping in. Her face and her upper chest were glowing red. Sweat was dripping from her head and body. Her fingers worked furiously. Her hips thrust and grind. Sweat and juices were accumulating on her bed. She didn’t always work that hard, but tonight she deserved it, she deserved a rough fuck.

Suddenly, there was a change in her rhythm. Her eyes were closed tight. Her fingers kept working, but the thrusting stopped. Liza arched her back. Spasms of ecstasy rippled up and down her body. She came hard, her body shaking and convulsing, but not making any sound. The puddle of sweat and juices was now soaking the bed. Her whole body tensed up. . . and then relaxed. It was over, finally, she was free.


Something was humbling about showing up to the restaurant and having to change into a waiter’s uniform. Usually, Liza wore fancy suits and pants. Her job wasn’t extremely well paid, but she still felt like a member of a higher class, compared to her lowly staff. She was well dressed, interacted with rich people all day, and got to boss around the staff. Liza enjoyed her job and she liked the position she was in. Now, she had to subjugate herself to the actual serving, the blue-collar aspect of the work. She went and changed, to the surprised looks of some of the waiters. This was the first, and hopefully the last time she was going to have to serve anyone. The entire staff was present, a few hours before the banquet even started. They had to set up the restaurant, but all of the decoration and go through the entire thing, a couple of times. It was awkward, but Liza had to go in front of them, in her waitress uniform, and brief everyone.

“Alright, I can see that everyone is here, that’s good. As you have all probably noticed, I am also going to help with the serving. It is going to be full, so any help is welcome. Now, let’s go over the entire even. The doors open at 6 pm. Guests will start coming in and they will receive a welcome drink…” – as she was going over the plan, the owner of the restaurant walked in.

“Liza, can I talk to you.” – That wasn’t a question. She simply nodded and started walking after her boss. He was a busy man, with the restaurant being his, overly stressful, side business. – “Listen, some people I work with are going to come tonight. I am currently negotiating a deal and I need them, to invest. If they do, I am going to open two more restaurants. As you can imagine, that is important to me, but it is also an opportunity for you. If it happens, I want you to be the general manager of all of my places, coordinate the work, the kitchen, all that managerial stuff. You are going to get a raise, and the hours will be better.”

“Oh my god, that sounds amazing.” – she exclaimed.

“It is, but it hasn’t happened yet. We need to nail tonight first. So, I hope everything goes smoothly and, in a few weeks, I will inform you if I am opening the new place or not.” “I won’t disappoint you, sir!”

That proposition sounded great. She had always dreamed of moving up the chain of command. Those General Manager gigs were known to be some of the best in the business. She wouldn’t have to sit around in the restaurant all day, and the money would be better. Liza was already in her forties and a nicer, easier job sounded like a dream. Now, all that was standing between her and her dream job was this banquet, it was all in her hands.

Things started smoothly. The guests began rolling in a bit after 6, and the staff was welcoming them. Everyone’s jacket was taken and put in the wardrobe, they were offered a welcome drink and hors d’oeuvres were being brought around the room. Everything looked great and Liza didn’t have to do much. She offered a couple of drinks, but that was it, she wasn’t needed yet. Once the guests sat, however, and the food was being brought out, things became more complex for the restaurant manager. The kitchen staff had already prepared hundreds of starters and it was up to the waiters to deliver them to the hungry guests. All of that was meant to be done with a certain amount of grace and choreography. Usually, Liza looked at the waiters doing that stuff and it didn’t seem all too hard, but once she held the tray with four plates on it, things began getting harder. She awkwardly made her way to the table and slowly dished out the plates. It was hard for her to keep a proper balance and she had to do her very best, not to drop anything. It was much harder than she had ever assumed it would be. Once the table was served, she had to go back to the kitchen and repeat the process, a few more times.

“Hey, do you want some tips on how to do that better?” – the new waitress asked Liza, once the starters are all served.

“Sure, but what is there to learn. You just bring the food and that’s it. I wasn’t that bad.”

“Well, you could have held the tray a bit better, there is a certain technique to do it. Also, your balance was off.” – the young girl showed her boss how to properly do things.

“Alright, that is good to know. I have to say, I underestimated this whole aspect of the work. I usually, only, concern myself with the managerial tasks, but this gets hard too.” – Liza admitted.

“Yeah, we have to be on our feet all day and deal with clients, it isn’t that easy. I think more people should have a go at serving, just to see what it is like. Then they will treat us better”

“I think you are right.” – Liza paused. – “This is a little awkward, but what was your name again, it just escaped my head.”

“It’s Rita.” – the young girl said.

“Ok, thanks for the tips, Rita. I, uh, I appreciate it. But I think it is time for us to take the plates back and serve the main course.”


It was grueling after a while. The guests were much more numerous than the waiting staff, so despite being able to hold multiple plates at a time, everyone had to walk back a forth a bunch of times. While that was happening, Liza had to take a look now and then, to make sure everything was running smoothly. The entertainment and the speakers were provided by the people throwing the banquet, but she was still the restaurant manager and had to make sure that everything was going well. The stakes were high, she wanted to succeed and potentially get that raise. Already, she could see herself going home after a hard day’s work and masturbating. The thought of getting fucked hard, after working so hard gave her the motivation necessary to make it. The banquet was grueling. Usually, as a restaurant manager, she could walk around, check on things, but also sit back and relax. Now, Liza was constantly on her feet, constantly carrying something, trying not to drop a bunch of plates or hot coffee on someone’s lap. It was tiring, both mentally and physically. No matter how hard she worked, there was constantly more and more work to be done. Being on the other side and seeing things being done put a lot of things into perspective. Being a waiter, or god forbid a cook, was a tough gig and the pay wasn’t good. For a banquet like this, there weren’t even tips, it was only the restaurant owner that benefitted from this whole thing.

It took two hours longer than expected, but by 1 am, the banquet was over, and the guests left. Usually, Liza would also leave at that point, but since she was a waitress for the day, she felt compelled to stay and help out. There was a lot of cleaning to be done. Plates, glasses, forks, and knives were just the things that could be thrown in the industrial-sized dishwasher. Some uniforms and tablecloths needed to be washed and the entire floor had to be cleaned. Once again, she understood that there was more to the job than simply walking around with a coffee on atray.

“Thanks a lot for helping out.” – Rita said, while Liza was vacuuming. “I never even imagined that things could get so dirty here. And let’s not forget how tough the banquet itself was. There was constantly something that had to be done, it was insane.”

“Welcome to our world. The servers, the kitchen staff, it is always like that. You do get used to it, however. You also need better shoes.” – Rita pointed to her Nikes. – “It makes a big difference if you need to be on your feet for 10hours.”

“Well, that’s good to know. But I hope I will never have to do that again.”

“I get it. By the way, we usually have a few drinks here, once everything is finished, you are welcome to join.” – the young waitress said.

“Really? That is the first time I hear about this.”

“Well, it is for waitresses and kitchen staff only. But we can make an exception for you. Just for today.”

It was a welcome surprise, Liza really could use a drink. Besides, she had heard of those staff parties but had never actually been to one. As a restaurant manager, she was supposed to know about everything that happened in the establishment, but there was still a boss/worker division between her and the rest. She didn’t usually feel like mingling too much with her underlings, but today was one of those days, she did feel like she was closer with the waiters, now that she knew what they went through. She had more respect for young girls like Rita, that chose to do that as a living and also understood why a lot of them quit after a few months. There was no denying that it was tough, and the pay was bad. As soon as everything was clean and ready for the next day, the restaurant staff began to converge around the bar. The bartender opened a couple of bottles of wine from the banquet, that no one was going to pay for, and poured everyone generously in a plastic cup. Stealing alcohol from the restaurant was a big no-no, but Liza was past the point of worrying about that sort of stuff.

“So, how often do these things happen?” – she asked Rita.

“Oh, it depends. And I haven’t worked here for too long. But I guess every time there is a particularly long night, we all gather around. I know that the cooks go out drinking very often, but we don’t always all come together like this.”

“Interesting, good to know that everyone is getting along. I don’t often get to see this side of the restaurant.” – Liza said.

“Well, you are not supposed to. I mean, you are our boss, so it is healthy for us to have a bit of a barrier. It is the first time I spent any meaningful time with you as well, which is a shame.”

“Well, I’m sure we can change that in the future.” – Liza said and took a sip of her wine.

There was something very rewarding about having a drink, after a long day of hard work. She was still looking forward to getting home and masturbating, maybe even grabbing her favorite dildo and fucking herself with it. It was one of those nights. But for now, the restaurant manager satisfied herself by just being there. Hanging out with Rita was quite fun. The young girl was intelligent and fun to be around. Liza felt bad for treating her badly before, now that she saw that she was cool, but also how hard the job was. It was humbling being a waitress, even for a day. About an hour into the party people began leaving, but the restaurant manager and her waitress were deep into a conversation and did not intend on stopping.


“I think everyone else left.” – Liza said, as she was looking around.

“We can stay, right? Just to finish our wine.” – the young waitress suggested.

“Yeah sure, no one is stopping us. I am the boss after all.” – Liza took a sip. – “So, tell me, why did you choose to work here? As a waitress and all.”

“Uhm, it wasn’t as much of a choice, as it was my only opportunity. Or, at least, that is how I saw it at the time. I needed a job and you were hiring, so I came. It wasn’t much of a decision.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 19.” – Rita answered.

“God, wow. You still have a lot of time to learn how the world works. If I were you, I would just enjoy my life, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You are a hard-working girl, I’m sure you will be able to carve something out for yourself in life.” – Liza encouraged her waitress.

“Thanks. I am not that worried, to be honest. What about you, what is your story?”

“Well, I’ve had a couple of jobs in the past. Before this, I worked in an office, owned by the owner of this restaurant. I guess he liked me, so he asked me to become the manager of this place. It pays a bit better, but the hours are long. I’m honestly looking to move up the ladder, get a better job.”

“Oh, that is a shame. I like working for you. And what about personally, do you have a husband or something.” – Rita asked.

“Well, no. I’m single. A bit sad, I know. For a woman my age.” “I don’t think you are old.” – the young waitress said. – “I like MILFs.”

The two women looked into each other’s eyes. All of a sudden, the energy in the room changed. They were all alone and a little spark in the waitress’s eyes suggested, that she wanted to fuck her older boss. They slowly put away the wine and embraced each other. It had been a while since Liza had kissed anyone and it had been even longer since she had been with a girl. The last time was probably in college. Their tongues were swirling over one another, and the young girl, who was more aggressive, liked to suck in the lips of her boss. She also likes to bite, establishing her dominance in the sexual act.

“I want to see what you have under that uniform.” – Rita told her boss.

Liza obeyed the younger girl and started taking off the dreaded waitress uniform. In a matter of seconds, her large tits and great body were in full display in the restaurant. It was very naughty that she was doing this at her workplace, with a person that worked for her, and at a place where people ate. But the MILF was too aroused to think, all that she wanted now was to get fucked.

As she was doing that, the waitress stepped back and began undressing. Rita had a great body, was younger and more fit than the MILF’s, and had smaller, perkier tits. She took her time, slowly unbuttoning the shirt, taking off the pants, and finally dropping her panties on the floor. Her pussy was waxed and gorgeous looking. The younger woman threw her clothes to the side and made her way back to her boss. She was more petite than Liza, but the one in control of the whole thing. Once the two women embraced again, they began making out once more. The waitress slowly maneuvered her boss to turn around and bend over to a table. The MILF obeyed, unsure what Rita was going to do with her. It soon became very clear.

“You were great today, but I think it is time for you to pay, for the way you treated me yesterday.”

As she said that, she spanked Liza’s ass with great strength. The MILF could not help herself and let out a shriek. After that, Liza knew what was coming and tried to prepare herself, but when the slap came again, she let out another cry. Rita was a surprisingly strong woman and she was determined to give it to the naughty MILF. The spanking continued.

“You fucking slut, do you think you can just make the rules!” – she slapped Liza a couple of times. – “You think you are the boss, huh?” – a few more slaps. – “I am the one that decides, what happens to your ass!”

She continued spanking her boss. The petite waitress enjoyed punishing the older woman very much. Not only did she find it hot, but she also had some anger to vent. Excluding tonight, Liza had always been a bitch, and this came as a great surprise. Rita wanted her boss to be in pain before the pleasure could come. The MILF also enjoyed it. Despite being strong, forceful, and independent, she did enjoy being dominated in bed.

Once it was all said and done, the restaurant manager’s ass was red and sore. She did not dare to complain, in fear of what their waitress could do. Once the spanking was over, the young girl grabbed the MILF and pulled her towards her, they were back to making out.

Soon a hand was roaming Liza’s sexy body, moving from her neck, to her lower back and then on her ass. It was sore and painful, but the MILF grew to enjoy the pain. They were fully embraced into one another, it was hot and steamy, both of them were dripping wet. The fact that they were doing it in the restaurant was the hottest thing.

Liza was so caught up in the moment, she almost did not notice, when Rita’s hand slid down her abdomen and entered her pussy. But she did feel the two fingers moving all along her slit. Liza did the same thing but did not bother with teasing, she slid her middle finger inside of Rita and began fingering her warm, wet pussy. They were both aroused and wet, eager to pleasure one another. It was awkward, standing and fingering one another, so they soon moved to the floor of the restaurant they had just cleaned. Their legs were entangled, and their fingers were inside one another. With their free hands, the girls were trying to keep balance. The whole thing was a mess, but they were so horny it was hard to think, all they wanted to do was fuck each.

They licked, bit, and sucked on one another. The young waitress was particularly fond of the MILF’s great tits. She liked to suck on the nipples, kiss the breasts and then move on to her neck. As this was happening, she never once stopped fingering the older woman, who was by now soaking wet. Liza couldn’t believe her luck. She planned to go home and fuck herself like she had done so many times before. And yet, here she was, fucking her waitress, her sexy, petite waitress.

Rita and Liza were fully into it, intent on pleasuring one another. They were both drenched in sweat, after a few minutes. Both of the girls were close to a climax and their legs that were entangled were moving. It was like they were wrestling to determine who was going to cum first. As she was fingering each other, the two did not stop making out. It was sloppy but erotic, and not before long, both of her was feeling the tingling of the incoming orgasm. It was unclear which girl came first, or if they really came at the same, but soon their bodies were twitching in unison and their sexy moans and groans could be heard. It was the hottest thing the MILF had ever done and surely an unforgettable moment for Rita as well.


The day after a wild night like that is always an awkward one. Once all of the hormones were gone, Liza could think of the situation more clearly. She had just fucked one of her waitresses, a girl she was going to work with, almost daily. That was bound to get weird when the young girl messed up on the job. Liza also got spanked by one of her workers, which put them in a weird position. As she was walking towards the restaurant, she could feel in her heart, that something had to be done. She had to confront Rita and make sure that this never got out.

“Hey, how are you doing?” – the young waitress asked her boss, something she never would have done before.

“I am doing great. I did some thinking.” – the restaurant manager said.

“Oh really, about what?” – Rita asked flirtatiously. “You are fired.”

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