Affair with Older Woman


Affair with an Older Woman

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A little about my characteristics: I am a 6 ft 1-inch tall man who is not very muscular, but I am fit and work out regularly. I have a dark brown complexion and I like how I handle myself.

I’m not going to tell you whether or not this story is true, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Because this is a lengthy sex story, I would appreciate your patience.

To get back to the topic, I met this lady on Facebook about 2 years ago. Although I was born and raised in Calcutta, I was working in Pune. To be honest, I was having a great time in Pune, and living independently offers a lot of advantages (you know what I mean).

On a Sunday morning, I spotted a woman on Facebook who was stunning and feminine. She was fair (just a note, I am myself extremely dark, and nowhere am I suggesting fair means beautiful). I couldn’t resist but sent her a friend request. Fortunately, she accepted my buddy request that night.

I couldn’t help myself and sent several texts right away, like a complete idiot. To my complete amazement, I received a very instant response!

We had a lengthy talk and exchanged phone numbers. In high school and college, I used to dance and perform stand-up comedy. She adored these characteristics. She inquired whether I had an issue with her already being married and being 12 years older than me.

To be completely honest, I have no problem with age, whether young or elderly. What is important to me is the chemistry (just that the lady has to be of legal age). Of course, I had no objections, and we agreed to meet up while I was in Calcutta.

I should emphasize that it wasn’t just her beauty that drew me in; she was also incredibly well-read and had a terrific sense of humor. We had intended to hook up and we’re also talking about things like a butt plug and other such things.

When we had our chats, we did them slowly. I learned a lot about her loving marriage and how she was diagnosed with cancer. Her husband was a bad person who physically mistreated her. She was unable to leave him because he was paying for her cancer treatment. I didn’t tell her, but I had a warm spot in my heart for her.

She was irritable and had a lot of mood swings, to name a few characteristics. I put up with them with grace, and she adored my reactions.

On leave, I went to Kolkata, and bingo, it was time. We planned to meet on a Saturday night, and Kolkata is lovely in December. We intended to meet near the salt lake and then make a decision. To my absolute sorrow, I was 45 minutes late due to a vexing never-ending traffic jam, and she threatened to leave the place if I didn’t hurry up. But, despite my heartfelt apologies, I managed to persuade her to stay.

I arrived at my destination, and guess what? My Facebook buddy was dressed casually in a t-shirt, trousers, and a jacket, with a hint of red lipstick. She was utterly radiant. I was speechless in front of her beauty and couldn’t help but blush. She was outraged, but when she saw my reaction, she burst out laughing like a baby.

We walked to a nearby restaurant and ordered beverages and appetizers. To be honest, seeing her made me lose all of my intelligence. I kissed her hands, and she burst out laughing once more. She grabbed my jacket collar and drew me close to her lips, and we kissed like a wild couple. It was becoming crazier, and our hands wouldn’t leave each other’s side.

I put my hands into her brassieres and underwear, pinching her breasts. Suddenly, a lady approached us and invited us to come to their restaurant/bar on the 31st because they were planning a wonderful celebration and would give us exceptional rates. We were uninterested.

Because she was a smoker, she went outdoors, and I followed her. While she was smoking, I gripped her by the waist from behind. She decided to go to the women’s restroom, so I followed her there. She was surprised to see me, but she liked my intentions and drew me inside the toilet.

I took her in my arms and we kissed like mad. I inserted my tongue into her lips, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

I inserted my hands into her pantyhose. I squatted down, opened her legs, and took her underwear all the way down to her knees before inserting my mouth and tongue into her pussy. She originally drew my head towards her pussy, but then pushed me away and told me we needed to do this somewhere other than a restaurant’s ladies’ room.

She first came out of the toilet to see whether anyone was present, and then she walked me out. I paid the bills as soon as possible.

Due to previous college experiences, I knew a motel that accepted unmarried couples. I went to the hotel and reserved a room for us. Let me introduce you to ‘Sneha,’ a Facebook friend. We entered the room without a second’s hesitation. I gripped her buttocks. I simply began yanking on her clothes one by one, as she quickly undressed me as well.

Oh my God, I couldn’t open her bra because of the excitement, but she just took it off instead of unhooking it.

Sneha: You can’t even open a woman’s bra, you moron. (grinning).

I was in no mood to wait, so I stretched her legs wide apart, elevated her legs, forced my tongue inside her pussy, and began licking her forcefully.

Sneha: Author, you fuck me like a slut.

Me: No, baby, eat me first.

Sneha: No, I stopped doing this a long time ago.

Me: You have to try it, baby, you will love it, honey.

I rose, took out my semi-erect dick, and inserted it into Sneha’s mouth. Oh my goodness, she was amazing at this. She was becoming a little choked, and since it was her first day, I tried to pull her out. Sneha simply refused to let me pull out and continued sucking! Following that, I simply shoved big thrusts of my dick within her mouth.

I didn’t cum inside her mouth after about 15 minutes. I was concerned that I might cum rapidly, which would be a disappointment. So I removed my dick out of her mouth and made some small firm bites on her nipples, and there were red bites of my teeth on her nipples.

For about 20-30 seconds, I fingered her. I had regained my confidence, and I was now wearing the condom. I just stood up, dragged her down, and put my dick into her vagina in one motion.

Sneha (crying): Baby, take it slowly!!

But, to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for sluggishness. I began fucking my sexy Facebook friend hard, and the bed began to shake, and noises and screams emanated from the bed. She was moaning loudly, very loudly.

I got exhausted after about 25-30 minutes of fucking her and took my dick out. I jerked off the condom on her face and breasts. Then we went to the bathroom and cleaned, and she also gave me a fantastic blowjob and swallowed my sperm, which I never expected to happen, and believe me, it was heavenly.

We also had a quickie that day, inside the restroom. I quickly penetrated her while her legs were on the commode. We then fell asleep for about 30 minutes.

Sneha: You know, author, the contrast between your black complexion and my fair skin is like coffee and cream, and I love it.

Me (with a slightly different feeling): I kissed her hand and her brow.

Sneha: Do you notice the dark blotches on my hand? After arriving home drunk, my spouse hit me with a belt.

I was overcome with emotion and felt strong feelings for Sneha.

Sneha: Why can’t you just elope with me?

I had planned to say something.

Sneha: Don’t worry, don’t worry. I know you’d rather not be with an old lady like me. Haha, I’m only good for sex.

Sneha just gives me two years. Allow me to earn some more money. I will assume all of your healthcare responsibilities, and we will live together, if not married.

Sneha: Haha, you’re a good liar. We’re running late. I will never leave my spouse for a moron who doesn’t even know how to unhook a bra.

We both burst out laughing and checked out of the motel. We walked a long distance while holding each other’s hands. She was performing a song for me.

Despite being a Bengali, I was not particularly fond of songs and other forms of entertainment. I was more interested in dance numbers. I did, however, wrap my arms around her shoulders and walk long distances with her.

I told her twice that she was running late, but she still held my hand and we were strolling. Anyway, we left around 11:30 p.m., and she grabbed an Uber. I, too, used Uber.

When we arrived at our different homes, she expressed how much she admired my gentlemanly charm and declared her emotions for me. I confessed the same thing to her. We agreed to meet again in three days.

We had a brief talk the next day. She simply did not pick up my calls after that day and merely delivered this message,

Sneha is a writer. I just wanted a hookup with you, nothing more, nothing less, end of the story. But because of what transpired between us, I’ve begun to develop feelings for you, which I don’t want. I’ll need some time to get away from you, so please don’t call me. I am not blocking you, but please do not contact me again.

Guys, believe me when I say that it was one of the worst days of my life at the time. The next seven days were really difficult for me. However, I did not attempt to contact her.

45 days later. Sneha dialed my number.

Sneha: I’m feeling a lot of remorse. I am, certainly, experiencing a great deal of guilt.

Why do you ask?

Sneha: I had sex with a guy in my office, and I’m in a bad mood right now.

Me (honestly, I felt awful in my thoughts that she had sex with another guy): Yes, Sneha, you should feel guilty because you are cheating on your husband. That is something you should never have done.

Sneha: Do you think I’m resentful of my husband? Do you think I would have phoned you if I had felt bad about my husband?

These words rendered me deafeningly deaf I wanted to cuddle her, hug her tightly, and hold her near. I was crying a little, but I said,

Sneha, I have to go to the workplace now, so I’m hanging up.

We did talk after that, but it was simply normal conversation, and none of us held grudges against each other. But, sure, she hasn’t responded to me since last February, following her cancer treatment for chemo, and that’s great. I wish her a speedy recovery and good health.

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